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Citibank N.A., P.O. Box No. 4830, Anna Salai Post Office
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Phone:+91 79 2642 2484
 +91 79 2640 4653
 +91 240 663 2484
 +91 240 663 4653
Registered Post:
Citibank N.A.,
Mail Room,
No. 2, Club House Road,
Chennai - 600 002.

24x7 CitiPhone:
Ahmedabad: +91 79 2642 2484; +91 79 2640 4653
Akola: 1-800-1802484;1-800-1802484
Aurangabad: +91 240 663 2484; +91 240 663 4653

Citibank Complaints & Reviews

Citibank - Issuance of cheque book

 bosopo on Mar 28, 2015
I am holding a current A/c Gautam Promoters Pvt Ltd # 0414414006, with your bank from last 15y years, besides my father who is a ex banker with Commercial Bank of Kuwait, has been your costumer from almost 25years and at present is your Gold Club Customer .A major complaint against citi bank services. I went to the bank today for my new cheque book, I gave them the requisition slip which they did not accept instead gave me a form to fill or told me to call up the customer care to apply for the cheque book. Since I was not carrying the Co stamp I went home filled up the form sent my driver to summit...
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Citibank - Applying for credit card - misbehavioral representative

 vinothrajb on Mar 25, 2015
Hi AllI have applied for credit card through online in the first week of March and in the same week a representative from your bank has got all my documents required for application.He noticed there is no seal in bank statement and he told me to give it back by next day. After that I called him about 5 times and he told that he will come by evening or morning etc., . Last two weeks, I called him about 50 times but he didnt pick the call. If i call from the other number then he is attending the call and when I tell the name then he cuts the call. I didnt ask any loan or anything...
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Citibank - Unsolicited Calls offering Personal Loans

 Dinesh Narayana on Mar 23, 2015
I get close to 3 calls a day from Citibank, offering me Personal Loans. I have enrolled in DoNotDisturb service, yet I get them in vernacular languages. It is most annoying as I travel abroad and I carry my India SIM for my convenience. This would mean, I get calls from India at odd hours (1 AM upwards and goes on to 4:00 AM my local time). I have mentioned to the callers that I am NOT INTERESTED, yet they call incessantly....
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Citibank - First Citizen Citibank Credit Card

 yashmehta15 on Mar 23, 2015
Dear sir, I am in the receipt of your Credit Card Statement in which you have charged me for credit card which i have never applied for or Nor i have received any Credit card from your end. I therefore shall not be able to make any such payments as i am not holding any card from your bank. Kindly verify the facts at your end & do not cause us any inconvenience in the above matter. thanks & Regards Manish Mehta 9920727236...
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Citibank - Reimbursement of deduction from savings acc --**TOP PRIORITY**

 Siva_2605 on Mar 20, 2015
Dear Team, I am a customer using Citibank Credit card since 08/13 Today, I see there is sudden deduction of Rs.4135 from my Citibank Savings account without my approval to do so. When I checked with customer care team, mentioned this is due to some technical issue. This is totally unacceptable as this is an unplanned deduction to us and causes to imbalance in our expenditure Note: I have been maintaining the credit limit every month. Bill date 22 Feb'15 due date is 17th Mar'15 but the deduction is on 20th Mar'15 Request to understand this as consider as top priority to refund the...
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Citibank - Issuing debit cards and PIN numbers

 ssundaram on Mar 17, 2015
I have an NRI savings account with Citibank. I had planned on a trip to India this March and 3 mnths prior to travel had requested that Citibank issue a new IPIn number. 1 month after request nothing came in the mail. I submiited a query asking for the status of my PIN number and they said that they had to issue a new one and promised it would reach me within 7-10 days. 2 days prior to travel no mail as yet Call to customer service in India was the worst experience. No help and completely rude. Said I had to check with my post office. Have already done it and they tracked it and said it...
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Citi Bank - Pre closure charge forced by Citibank

 ramesh1974_1 on Mar 17, 2015
I had taken a personal loan for emergency with Citi bank - Personal Loan - L1P- USF-4518379 (Customer id - 7777701069557402) I had requested multiple time not to impose penalty charges / Preclosure, The bank is giving all sort of answers in delaying the process. Please let me know if 3% Pre closure Charges is as per RBI NORMS. 1) As a loyal customer for 12 yrs+ and I duly paid my dues around 32 month on date. I would request for a reversal of this penalty charges ( Rs . 19, 579.00) 2) as the penalty being reversed - I request for Service tax reversal as well ( Rs. 2420.00) 3) I had made...
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Citibank - Atm passward issue.

 om500 on Mar 10, 2015
Dear Sir, I am facing the citi bank atm password issue.I am unable to withdraw the money. I am the new customer of your bank and I used the same password and successfully transacted and I am unable to use the same password for new transaction but showing password invalid.I am facing so much problem. so I need your help to resolve this problem. Thank you . 07795630014...
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Citibank - Balance Has Been deducted

 Abhisheknlud on Mar 9, 2015
On 4 th of march I paid ORA fees of Rs 25 but due to slow connectivity balance has been deducted, but ORA fees could not be submitted, please check it and refund Rs 25 accordingly. SBIPG Ref: 030412425499 Ref No:-04MAR0412 Purchase Subject:MCUPOS 04 MAR0412 Card No:5497772214120100 04MAR UPSC ORA....
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Citibank - Credit card additional charges

 Rameanil on Mar 8, 2015
Hi team, This is with regards to the additional late payment charges incurred in my citi bank credit card. Its been more than a year I am having this card and have been using it, but since I am unable to access the details online I have send the required details to the head office in Chennai, after long conversations with citi bank phone advisors which is not even a toll free line. After all these I stay in Bangalore within 5 to 6km radius within the citi bank branch in MG road Bangalore. After sending my address details the citi bank advisors never bothered to verify my address. And the...
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Citibank - Citibank - Full of frauds!!!!

 Reetam on Feb 26, 2015
Good Day All, Let me be very clear that I am disgusted and very much in shock that a bank of such a repute can be so fraud and negligent. I will give you all a brief track details of my CITI BANK CREDIT CARD APPLICATION: 1) I applied for a Citibank Credit Card in the month of August, 2014 online ( Date I dont remember). 2) I received a call from your Sales representative that I need to submit my documents for further processing and also an e-mail stating the same on 25/08/2014. She said she will be sending a collection guy to my residence. 3) After that a complete period of silence...
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Citibank - New CITI Credit Card Not working as Expected

 raheem.sarb on Feb 26, 2015
Whom So Ever Concern, I have applied CITI bank Credit Card long time back and it got reached finally to me on this month. Here one complaint is, the card was re-dispatched 4 time through Blue Dart Courrier by stating the reason (Department was not correct), Finally I did followup wiht Blue Dart then got the Card. When I verified the Post Card 1) Contact number was not properly updated to reach me the Card 2) When I opend card inside the cover, My name is not correct I had a call with Customer Card and they said that without Tpin they cannot change the Phone number, I requested what ever...
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Citibank - Issue of No-dues Certificate

 Sneha2015 on Feb 24, 2015
Sir, I had a credit card issued from your Bank which has been closed since 2009. I have no documents to support the fact that there are no dues standing against my name. So I may kindly be issued one no-dues certificate in my favour from your bank at an early date. I would request you to kindly take necessary action in this regard. Thanking you. Yours Sincerely Snehalata Das The relevant information for the said reason is as follows: Name: Snehalata Das Registered Mob. No. 9338008454 Date of Birth: 25th April 1970. Previous Address: Quarter No. 6/4 D – Type Flat Post...
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Citibank - Subject: kindly update data of citibank credit card and personal loan from sbi

 rhs1295 on Feb 23, 2015
Dear Sir,

Please kind attention of my CIBIL report generated as 17/12/2014 vide control number is 772326159.The following data is given by your office which is not related to me and some data is very old kindly update the all old record in my CIBIL report as I am given in below of present status of the data related to credit card and personal loan as Jan 2015.

Sl No Nature of Facility. Limit as per CIBIL report dt 17.12.14.Present Outstanding as per CIBIL Report dt 17.12.14.
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Citibank - Customer care is very bad

 Baljeet Muchhal on Feb 23, 2015
The customer care representatives are really arrogant and not ready to listen to view point of customers they will go on talking continously without listening and then put of the phone when they can't justify their view point. It was pathetic experience talking to them...
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Citibank - Over Limit transaction

 Baljeet Muchhal on Feb 23, 2015
I was surprised to see my bill for FEB 15 was came over the limit of transaction i set explicitly to avoid any misuse, and while i utliised the limit i didn't get informed for the over limit use and then I am being charged for over limit fees for 500 Rs. This is really a big flaw in your system. I will not use this card in future, which i am using for last 10 years....
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Citibank - Fraud international transaction on credit card

 Manohar1 on Feb 18, 2015
I am holding Citi bank credit card with chip. I have 11 seen international transactions made on my card on 18th Feb'15. I had very hard time to reach your customer care, when i given a call on 080 2227 2484 it took around 5min to reach your representative. None of the transactions on 18th Feb'15 are performed by me. When i given a call customer care people told me they raise a dispute once amount is paid to dealer. What is the point of raising a complaint immediately, when it dispute will be raised after amount is paid for fraud transactions....
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Citibank - I am unable to pay latepayment and intrest charges due to lots of personal problems

 mens006 on Feb 16, 2015
Mahindra R.V. of the credit card ending with 4564 0701 4990 3000 of citi business card. I had no fund being a old customer of the Citibank not got reversal of late payment and interest charges not let to talk to higher official in the customer care. As a old customer of the bank I want to have and had good relations with the bank. So they gave loan to me. But know they are not even considering my prospective as a forgive or as an excuse they have to give the reversal of late payment and interest charges. If it was one thousand I would pay it is more i.e., it is near to ten thousand. I find it difficult...
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Citibank - withdrawal of conversion approval [Resolved]

 rakeshbssavarajan on Feb 11, 2015
I Basavarajan citibank card holder (5546 3702 2250 7011) called citibank customer care on 03/02/2015 evening and requested to convert the purchases made on the add on card used by my son into emi and they informed me that they would arrange a call back from the concerned department, then the next day i got a call from the bank and i disscussed the conversion of purchases with them and they gave me all details like processing fee, rate of intrest, loan tenure and before confirming they ask for personal details like date of birth, residence address that was when they told me they have an issue with...
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Citibank - Fraudulent Transaction

 nazira on Feb 5, 2015
Dear team

I went to one of the atm (Probably union bank of india atm) in cannaught place (Near to palika bazar) almost 2 months before (I.E., on 08/08/2014) to withdraw rs. 500. After inserting the card in the machine, i entered the pin. Right after, the machine got hanged. I waited for a response, and later tried to cancel the same. After receiving no response from the machine, i took the card and left the atm room.

After that i went to another atm to withdraw the same amount (Rs. 500). After taking the amount, i got 2 sms messages stating that rs. 10, 000 and rs....
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