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Citibank N.A., P.O. Box No. 4830, Anna Salai Post Office
Chennai District
Tamil Nadu
India - 600002

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Registered Post:
Citibank N.A., Mail Room, No. 2, Club House Road, Chennai - 600 002.

24x7 CitiPhone:
Ahmedabad: +91 79 2642 2484; +91 79 2640 4653
Akola: 1-800-1802484;1-800-1802484
Aurangabad: +91 240 663 2484; +91 240 663 4653
Baroda: +91 265 232 2484;+91 265 232 4653
Bengaluru: +91 80 2227 2484; +91 80 2229 4653
Bhopal: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Bhubaneshwar: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Chandigarh: +91 172 508 2484;+91 172 508 4653
Chennai: +91 44 2852 2484;+91 44 2858 4653
Coimbatore: +91 44 2852 2484; +91 44 2858 4653
Dehradun: 1-860-4257000; 1-860-4257000
Faridabad: +91 124 254 2484; +91 124 256 4653
Gurgaon: +91 124 254 2484; +91 124 256 4653
Hyderabad: +91 40 6666 2484; +91 40 6666 4653
Indore: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Jaipur: +91 141 237 2484; +91 141 511 4653
Jalandhar: +91 181 506 2484; +91 181 500 4653
Jamshedpur: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Kanpur: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Kochi: +91 484 404 2484; +91 484 660 2484; +91 484 402 4653; +91 484 660 4653
Kolkata: +91 33 2283 2484; +91 33 2288 4653
Lucknow: +91 522 220 1022; +91 522 223 1044
Ludhiana: +91 161 501 2484; +91 161 501 4653
Madurai: +91 44 2852 2484; +91 44 2858 4653
Mumbai: +91 22 2823 2484; +91 22 2834 4653
Nagpur: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Nanded: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Nandyal: +91 40 6666 2484; +91 40 6666 4653
Nasik: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
New Delhi: +91 124 254 2484; +91 124 256 4653
Noida: +91 124 254 2484; +91 124 256 4653
Pondicherry: +91 44 2852 2484; +91 44 2858 4653
Pune: +91 20 6601 2484; +91 20 6601 4653
Surat: +91 261 653 2484; +91 261 653 4653
Trichy: +91 44 2852 2484; +91 44 2858 4653
Trivandrum: +91 484 404 2484; +91 484 660 2484; +91 484 402 4653; +91 484 660 4653
Vapi:+91 265 232 2484; +91 265 232 4653
Visakhapatnam: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Citibank — Consumer loans

 israel pojas on Sep 28, 2016
They offered me a consumer loan payable in 36 months postdated cheque and i accept it.they told me that the amount will be delivered by september 2. but upon calling the hotline, they told me that it will be process in 5 working days. i called again after 5 days they told me that it will be reprocess since they failed to delivered. they told me that they will inform the agent whom i have spoken with to call me and to reprocess the loan but unfotunately up to this day they were not calling me.i already prepare the cheques for payment and i already need the money to pay for the house renovation. can...
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Citibank — Amount 69.95 was withdrawn by your authorities through my old credit card without my permission

 bhadra.yerram on Sep 26, 2016
I would like to draw your attention to the reference No:74463666244, Dated:30.08.2016(Credit Card 4386XXXXXXXX3476). In the said reference in the transaction (SPIRIT AIRLI4870135397458MIRAMAR) USD FOREIGN AMOUNT 69.95 was withdrawn by your authorities through my old credit card without my permission. I obtain a new credit card and I am not using the old credit card. I could not understand by the amount was withdrawn from my old credit card. Please clarify my doubt at early date.
Thanking you,
Yours faith fully,
Y.V.Bhadra Reddy,
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Citibank — Credit card rejection reason

 Jinal shah777 on Sep 26, 2016
I have applied for credit card red 16082521619 but as per details it is rejected but I have submitted all documents necessary so I have right to know the reason of my rejection or want my all documents return reply me reason because they told that reason for rejecting is internal and sales person Mr b c kumawat has submitted all documents to Citi Bank property or not I want to sure that there should be no misuse of my documents so for that purpose I want reason for rejecting credit card...
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Citi Bank — Credit of claim amount settled by united india insurance co. ltd.

 Shankar Lal Sethi on Sep 22, 2016
On 15-09-2016 united india conveyed massage that yous claim on poilcy number 1409003115p104234007 with insured name shankar sethi for vehicle number rj-14 cw 8089 is apporved for settlenment of rs. 56679/- which will be credited to your bank account shortly. Please check and confirm. Subsequently stop city bank on detail 16-09-2016 sent sms alert that citi has effected the payment to your a/c x8083, state bank of bikaner and jaipur, jaipur bapu nagar, inr56, 679/- 16-09-2016 ref# 2905001699347903, utr# citin16688352393. Till today 6 days have passed and amount has not been credited to my bank account....
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Citibank — Closure of credit card without intimating

 Yunus Mulla on Sep 21, 2016
Hi i've taken card 1 month before, and not did a transaction, when i tried to do a transaction today in coffee shop, the card was not working, thank god ive money and other cards, if these people hav believed then today would be in trouble. When i came back and called these people(Citibank customer executive), they are saying they hav closed the card, due to some mismatch, they should do investigation before issuing a card, and that too without intimating me, they close the card. if i believed these people and went to do something big transaction would be in trouble. for thsi some action needs to...
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Citibank — ComPlaint regarding Nonconversion of amount Rs Rs 19000 into equal 12 installements

 Shiv khanna on Sep 21, 2016
I purchased Samsung mobile from happy communication of Mohali for Rs 19000 by swapping my citibank credit no5291170701282715 on 8.09.2016(MID47000074042839 and TIC62543624)Rs19000 is to recovered in 12 equal installements @Rs1714pm. While issuing email statement as on 21.09.2016 amount of Rs 19000 has been shown to be paid in lump sum instead of 12 installements . This needs to be clarified by bank for not recovering amount in installements instead of lump sum payment...
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Citibank — Citibank card payment on Sep 20, 2016

I am an old customer of citi bank and using your card more than 10 years.

I have a serious concern of your bill. I am paying the minimum amount around rs. 30, 000 every month since more than 1 year. I accept that i am paying currently the minimum amount with 1 month delay. Actually, i have serious financial problem since last 1 years but i am not stopping your payment. Similar way, i am expecting cooperation from your side also. I think, it will be sorted out within next 2-3 months from my side.

I have paid the minimum due amount every month which...
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Citibank — Documents submission for credit card

 Pinturajat on Sep 19, 2016
I have submitted my documents 02 times to apply for a new credit card of citi bank.

Still I didnt get any card from thier side.
They are asking for the documents submission again (third time) .

I worry about the misuse of my personal documents.

They are not telling me the appropriate reason for asking for the documents submission again and again.

Citi bank representative cntct no is 91-9210544706 (Ms. RIYA/TISHA)...
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Citibank — Fraud transaction from citibank atm id 7595 noida

 astha6 on Sep 15, 2016
I have submitted a complaint to citibank several times but no response, an fir complaint lodged as well. There was a fraud transaction from my account on 24 aug 2016 at 22.04pm atm id 7595. Cash of 10, 000rs not disbursed to me but deducted from my account. The atm machine was hung up when i was trying to enter my details.
Please revert to me -mailtoasthabhagat@gmail.Com...
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Citibank — Fraud on cards

 Harpreet Mutneja on Sep 7, 2016
I have a credit card from Citibank used only at Indianoil Petrol pump. I paid through the card on 15th August at Indianoil petrol pump in Panchsheel New delhi (Rs1800/). On 18th August at 845pm I receive a sms alert regarding transaction on the card. I check the card, it was with me. The transaction happened at Mukharji Nagar while I was at Surajkund Faridabad that time. I called Citibank got my card blocked and got to know it was a cash transaction from an ATM. I am running from the police station to Citibank and it looks like a dead end. Citibank has not been very helpful. One of the Citibank...
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Citibank — I could not activate my card

 BIJOY Krishna Debnath on Sep 5, 2016
I am holding one citibank credit card no.4386280524497330 since one year. But could not use it at time when i needed it very much. Previously also i tried through this media and also through ivr. But your did not respond to help me to get rid of this problem. I failed to draw your support in the matter. Now i want to surrender my card. Please let me know my dues and procedure to surrender my card immediately.
Your prompt reply is solicited. If i do not receive any communication from you, it will be presumed that you have nothing to say and no payment is due to you and i will be discharged...
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Citibank — Your e-mail ids on your webs—ątes and online pages

 Balkishen Khanna on Sep 1, 2016
Several e-mail i.d. for eg.. of your nodal officers, head customer care etc... are either changed or invalid and e-mails send BOUNCE, putting customers to hardship. CANNOT EXPECT THIS FROM A BANK LIKE CITIBANK.

Please update your e-mail i.d... and show all such contacts directly on every web page link... CITIBANK

THE INFORMATION ON CITIBANK WEBLINKS ARE THROUGH PASSWORDS OR THRU HELPLINES NOS WHICH AGAIN TAKE LOT OF TIME, so all websites of CITIBANK must display the e-mail i.d. of the customer care clearly .....
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Citibank — Indian oil credit card

 Prasad B.V. on Sep 1, 2016
Unfortunately i made a cash withdrawal from the credit card on June and i settled down the bill for the moth of Jun-Jul 2016 (balance nil, except the outstanding purchases). And, i received the bill for the month of July and i found around 48 rupees extra as interest and Service tax.
When i called the customer care, they said that there was 3 rupees which was not adjusted and as a result it took all the unbilled purchases were taken into account along with the 3 Rupees and resulted in 48 Rs. extra.

The bill was not clear enough stating there was an outstanding...
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Citibank — Debit card expired and online account deactivated too

 riteshnanda on Aug 29, 2016
I have my salary savings account with Citibank, and the debit card for this expired in Jul'16. There was no re-issuance of new debit card automatically. I raised a complaint with them on 20th Aug'16 and, they said that they would immediately process the card which would be delivered within 4 working days. They even took a confirmation telling that would be required to deactivate the online account accessibility in order to process the new debit card, and the account would be reactivated within 24 hours. It is been more than a week that my online account is still not active and not received the card...
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Citibank — Non compliance on customer instructions

 dipu2310 on Aug 27, 2016
I had 11000 in my account and had kept it for a transfer to be made today. When I wanted to make a transfer today it shows that they have earmarked 7800 leaving only 3300 as withdrawable.Hence I will not be able to transfer the amount and there will be a penalty, a dishonour and a cibil hit. Called the call center and they said that earmarking was for the ready credit account that I have. According to the terms which I agreed, the amount is supposed to be deducted on the day which my salary is supposed to be credited(31st wednesday). they have incorrectly blocked the amount on the 27th. This is...
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Citibank — Complaint against CITIBANK for account opening [Resolved]

 agarwalamitcas on Aug 26, 2016
Hello Sir,

My name is Amit Agarwal and I gave my documents to one of Citibank executive to open a salary suvidha account in Citibank on last week i.e, Tuesday(16th August 2016) and I was informed that it will take maximum 7 working days to activate your account and also got the instant kit in which my account number was mentioned as 5372735816. I also told at that time to the executive that my salary is going to credit in this account for this month so if you are very much sure that it will be activated on time then only I will give you the document else I am not interested. At that...
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Citibank — Interest on part payment

 harjitnotey on Aug 21, 2016
I am holding credit card of various bank and have been regularly paying the tital amount due every month, recently due to dome commitment i could make fulk payment due as per ststement generated, i am shocked to know that i will be charged interest on total amount due that too at 2.5/ 3%.
Even members payment history is overlooked.
And also many banks give 1 point on every rs.100/- spend but while redeemin for gift voucher of rs.500/- one has to redeem more than 2000 points. Why? Banks must charge only equal points for same amount as we have spend rs.100/- for 1 point...
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Citibank — Not able to transfer funds to and from citibank savings account

 surekumar on Aug 20, 2016
Hi team,

I have raised a request for change of address in citi bank online banking for which later i have submitted address proof also. Received a reply from them stating that the as the address proof was not valid the account was put on hold to do transactions. As i don't have another address proof with me i have requested them to keep the old address details as it is and to unlock the account to do my regular transactions.

I have been writing mails, raised requests and calling them to get the issue resolved but still they are not resolving the issue. I am reaching...
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Citibank — Imps transfer fraud by citibank

 sumitp16 on Aug 20, 2016
This is sumit made an imps transfer with citibank for an amount of 15000-/ to sbi account on dated 2nd aug 2016, i am calling customer care everyday and getting no help.

citibank saying amount is settled by the benificiary bank and benificiary bank is saying we have not received any payment.

i will also file RTI against citibank and sbi for the same...
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Citibank — I'm complaining about customer care executive who hung up the call

 Anusha Pattanshetty on Aug 16, 2016
I called in regarding my credit card bills, for charging 500 on withdrawal of 200rs and so on. I wanted to know why there is no intimation of the 500rs when we withdraw amount from credit card. But there is a message intimation for every credit and debit. How horrible is the service cheating customers. Plus no complete statement of transactions available to see what is going on.. Transactions are generated once lot of interest and money is charged on customer. Transaction what i made on saturday i'm not able to see today i.e tuesday. Worst service ever!!! Just pulling money from customers in the...
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