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Citibank N.A., P.O. Box No. 4830, Anna Salai Post Office
Chennai District
Tamil Nadu
India - 600002

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Registered Post:
Citibank N.A., Mail Room, No. 2, Club House Road, Chennai - 600 002.

24x7 CitiPhone:
Ahmedabad: +91 79 2642 2484; +91 79 2640 4653
Akola: 1-800-1802484;1-800-1802484
Aurangabad: +91 240 663 2484; +91 240 663 4653
Baroda: +91 265 232 2484;+91 265 232 4653
Bengaluru: +91 80 2227 2484; +91 80 2229 4653
Bhopal: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Bhubaneshwar: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Chandigarh: +91 172 508 2484;+91 172 508 4653
Chennai: +91 44 2852 2484;+91 44 2858 4653
Coimbatore: +91 44 2852 2484; +91 44 2858 4653
Dehradun: 1-860-4257000; 1-860-4257000
Faridabad: +91 124 254 2484; +91 124 256 4653
Gurgaon: +91 124 254 2484; +91 124 256 4653
Hyderabad: +91 40 6666 2484; +91 40 6666 4653
Indore: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Jaipur: +91 141 237 2484; +91 141 511 4653
Jalandhar: +91 181 506 2484; +91 181 500 4653
Jamshedpur: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Kanpur: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Kochi: +91 484 404 2484; +91 484 660 2484; +91 484 402 4653; +91 484 660 4653
Kolkata: +91 33 2283 2484; +91 33 2288 4653
Lucknow: +91 522 220 1022; +91 522 223 1044
Ludhiana: +91 161 501 2484; +91 161 501 4653
Madurai: +91 44 2852 2484; +91 44 2858 4653
Mumbai: +91 22 2823 2484; +91 22 2834 4653
Nagpur: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Nanded: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
Nandyal: +91 40 6666 2484; +91 40 6666 4653
Nasik: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484
New Delhi: +91 124 254 2484; +91 124 256 4653
Noida: +91 124 254 2484; +91 124 256 4653
Pondicherry: +91 44 2852 2484; +91 44 2858 4653
Pune: +91 20 6601 2484; +91 20 6601 4653
Surat: +91 261 653 2484; +91 261 653 4653
Trichy: +91 44 2852 2484; +91 44 2858 4653
Trivandrum: +91 484 404 2484; +91 484 660 2484; +91 484 402 4653; +91 484 660 4653
Vapi:+91 265 232 2484; +91 265 232 4653
Visakhapatnam: 1-800-1802484; 1-800-1802484

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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Citibank — Unnecessary deduction of money since last two months

 ashok moza on May 27, 2016
Dear Sirs/Madam,
Appreciable service from CITI bank till last two months but unfortunately since last two months money is deducted from my account since the balance is < 1.0 lac. But I have never declared to maintain such balance anyway if there is any process to change it please do it since I have retired and would
not be possible to maintain such balance.
Please reply the mail since nobody is responding to calls.
Ashok moza...
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Citibank — Received credit card delivered message when i haven't received it

 sanketslunge on May 26, 2016
I am Sanket Lunge (8956852590)
Two weeks back your executive "Shruti" called me for citi bank corporate credit card.
I gave her my proofs and photo. As per our communication i was supposed to get credit card confirmation call from citi bank. But i didn't get any call. also on 25/05/16 suddenly i receive credit card delivered message which i haven't received. On 26-05-16 i blocked the card.

But here i want to bring your notice that it big security gap point.
1. No credit card confirmation call.
2.You delivered my card to wrong person.
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Citibank — Credit card overdue

 Raman Preet Singh Khurana on May 25, 2016
This issue is few years old as I was a customer with Citibank, due to some personal reasons I had to quit job and go back to my hometown, and due to the reason I could not afford it as well I sent request to cancel the card, but was not done for which I got to knew after 4 years when I came back to capital and tried applying for the new card.

I have been trying to contact them and get issue resolved as to what happen, due to the fact issue is quite old I am unable to find any correspondence for same.

I need serious help here....
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Citibank — Regarding the bill payment and charges [Resolved]

 sudhakar Reddy Nagolu on May 24, 2016
I have been using the citibank credit card for 5 years, I use to pay minimum bill on or before due date and rest use to clear before next bill generated.

In feb 2016 statement I got charged for that and then I called and informed they reversal the same and informed to clear total payment before or on due date.

After a month I have received a notification that interest charges can be levied on your account or card if you paid minimum due amount on or before due date. to test that I have paid minimum and clear remaining before next bill, In my next bill they charged...
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Citibank — Loan closing letter

 G B Thakor on May 20, 2016
I taken the personal loan in july 15 & i paid emi regularly up to may 16. And also i paid all oustanding amount rs.5752229.00 with tax & interest & also prepamnent charges on dated 10th may 2016. Citibank bank commited to me bank will be send a closing llatter after clear cheque & draft. As per my bank statement both are cleared & credited. But till date ciitibank not provide me a latter or no due certificate. Pls give the tell me why it is late. When we give the late payment bank is take the panulty. Pls i want my personal loan closing latter. Pls do the neccessory.
Card no. Is 7777703060903400
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Citibank — HDFC and CITI Bank are harassing me

 pdbehera1982 on May 18, 2016

This complaint is to address how hdfc bank and citi bank are harassing me.

I took personal loan of rs 55000 in 2014 from hdfc bank. The hdfc loan account number is rs 27867221. As agreed the emi rs 1266 was supposed to be deducted automatically under ecs from my salaried account which is citi bank. The ecs mendate was rejected due to signature mismatch. Due to my busy schedule i could not follow up with the bank until may 2015. But in the meanwhile i paid the emi via billdesk. With great difficulty i managed sometime and on 15th may 2015, i...
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Citibank — Their monthly charge of rs.700/- for non maintaining 1 lakh min balance

 preethianuroop on May 11, 2016
I am an Citi Bank a/c holder, while working in 3G - Malad Mumbai in Yr. 2010, I had started a Citi salary acct which aft leaving the org., was converted into savings acct, from last yr every month I am being charged Rs. 700/- for non maintaining a min balance of 1 Lakh p/m.
Today's Times of India - Business section carry's information saying that bank should not be charging such amounts. I already spoke to customer service without any help or reply on the same.
I would kindly like your help on this ridiculous charges getting scraped from my account.
Plz find the...
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Citibank — Amount debited but money does not withdraw [Resolved]

 Prashant_79 on May 10, 2016
I would like to inform that i used cti bank atm card to withdrawa amount inr 10, 000 from punjab national bank atm machine on 12 mar 2016. This atm is located in sector 51, hpcl petrol pump, noida (Gautam budh nagar). Due to some technical fault, machine could not withdraw money but at the same time amount got debited from my citi bank account. I called citi bank immediately and notified the event. They told me that amount will be credited back to your account as your transaction was not successful.

They also done the investigation and told me that transaction was successful.
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Citibank — Charges - irrelevant on May 10, 2016
This is the worst credit card i ever used. I tried to pay Minimum amount due on due date. Payment was rejected by CITI people and levied Rs.700 for unknow reason. When i contact for the same, i got irresponsible and irrelevant answer saying becoz of ICICI bank payment bounced. So i requested for reversal of charges as there is no mistake from my side. They denied for that. To avoid all this, i directly approach bank paid all the amount in cash form. Stupid thing is again they charge Rs.250 for cash processing charges. Don't use this card. They have less brances and less business and so maximum they...
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Citibank — Yet to receive atm

 Nidhi Sood on May 4, 2016
I have raised request for new ATM Card/Pin on 20 April 2016 since my existing card got tempered.
I received the ATM card via Blue dart. However didn't receive my ATM pin.Since i did not get any updates i called the citibank helpdesk
and they gave me reference num ex301914095in and told me that it was dispatched via speed post. I didn't any intimation from the post office.
On visting the same on 29 April(infotech hinjewadi post office, pune) i came to know that they have misplaced my document.
I already raised complaint with Indian Post (Complaint Num:10006915558). I...
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Citibank — Wrong bill

 Kamal Deep Sharma on Apr 29, 2016
Dear Officer,

I m only using credit card no. xxxx7186, which has already extra amount of Rs.2842.37 (statement date 25-12-2015) payed .

I m not using credit card xxxx1500 credit card but I m getting its bill of annual charges. Why I pay for this card . I don’t want to pay u any wrong bill of any wrong card. Please remove this wrong out standing from your record . and inform me ASAP.

Kamal deep,
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Citi Bank — Worst citi bank service - 'citibank=026-324-336'

 utpal786 on Apr 21, 2016
My salary account has been locked the day before i was traveling to other state. I went to withdraw money from atm and got error: temporary failure. I checked my mail to understand the issue. And found a mail in last 17 hrs stating that my account has been locked as mail was undelivered to preferred mailing address. My address was still valid and not sure why it did not reach to me. I called customer care help desk. What a customer care service from citibank!! He keep me on hold many times stating that he is transferring the call to manager and later after 5/10 min he informed that there is no manager...
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Citibank — Payment deducted from account

 Raju759 on Apr 16, 2016
Application reference number 16-0004869288
Given name Raju
Service type fresh
Type of application normal
Fee (Rs.) 1500.00
Payment status (Internet banking) failed

My payment has been deducted from my account but this is showing failed.
Its been 3-4 days no service is being provided to contact to Citibank and we try to contact them they are not giving good response.
'Please Email me how to go ahead...
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Citibank — OTP not generated

 Raju759 on Apr 16, 2016
I have changed my mobile number. It is got updated in bank records. I am not receiving the OTP on my new mobile number . This has been pending from last 6 months. It is very disappointing as this has been pending from last 6 months. I have tried all the possible options with no luck. Please help on the priority. I am getting all the messages on my mobile other OTP... kindly email me how to go forward with this...
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Citibank — Escalation regarding account number 5017135815

 vamshidhara on Apr 15, 2016
Dear sir,

this is vamshi, my suvidha savings account number is 5017135815 and this is active since 6 years,

I recently travelled to Lagos Nigeria and update my mobile number +2348106210585 to the bank .

the issue is I got an sms on 13th April that Citibank has blocked my account on security reasons . I called the support and updated that iam travelling on 14th April back to banglore to India and had to pay my bills so they raised a request to unblock it ( RFC161013831) and assured me that I will be supported . I had to wait for around...
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Citibank — Attention: unauthorized fraudulent transaction

 SarmaCHVSS on Apr 14, 2016
Today 28 unauthorized transactions have happened with my citi debit card number at gurgaon. I am only holding the debit card and not shared with anyone else, but all these below unauthorized transactions have happened at gurgaon near delhi, india.
Below are the lists of transactions. Amount of rs 71999/- got deducted from my debit card. I got my card deactivated by calling citi toll free number. This deactivation happened only after the amount of rs 71999/- got wiped from my card.
I checked online and to my surprise complete amount got wiped out from savings account. I am much tensed...
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Citibank — Cheap service

 Alistair Gomes on Apr 13, 2016
I set up a standing order on my citibank credit card for it to be automatically paid through my bank account on the due date which did not happen, because of which i was charged a late fee of 700 and my CIBIL report was also impacted...
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Citibank — Amount transferred

 aksh11 on Apr 9, 2016
I tried to transfer amount of 20K to my own ICICI account. However, from citibank account it got transferred to the account which is not mine, due to typo error in account number. Account name is not verified & got transferred.
I am taking followup since 17th November 14, however I didnt received amount back to me....
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Citibank — Regarding failure of transaction from my account during payment for application fee of iit madras for pg

 pramodh maddala on Apr 8, 2016
Myself, m. Pamodh kumar, applied online through citibank payment gateway. Amount of rs.211.45 have been debited from my account, but transaction have failed. Date of incident is 08/04/2016. I request for the company to credit the amount as soon as possible....
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Citibank — Clear case of fraudulent transactions of citibank world debit card

 Worms on Apr 6, 2016
Subject: expectation of early resolution of clear case of fradulent use of secure citigold world debit card with dispute reference no -sreff15046784 against complaint no.-2215108603

To all senior case managers citibank greivance cell department i am a respected doctor from india and my name is dr sanjeev varma i hold a citigold account together with my wife dr sunita varma (Prime holder) and sanchit varma with account no.-5035510225 my citigold world card no.Is-ending 5307, i am a frequent traveller and am in canada and usa since 01oct2015 the debitcardending 5307 was used...
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