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Citibank N.A., P.O. Box No. 4830, Anna Salai Post Office
Chennai District
Tamil Nadu
India - 600002

Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contacts

Phone:+91 79 2642 2484
 +91 79 2640 4653
 +91 240 663 2484
 +91 240 663 4653
Registered Post:
Citibank N.A.,
Mail Room,
No. 2, Club House Road,
Chennai - 600 002.

24x7 CitiPhone:
Ahmedabad: +91 79 2642 2484; +91 79 2640 4653
Akola: 1-800-1802484;1-800-1802484
Aurangabad: +91 240 663 2484; +91 240 663 4653

Citibank Complaints & Reviews

Citibank - Account activation

 rhanda on Aug 22, 2014
I had opened a savings account with the Citibank on 8th of august and was "Requested" to give them 4-7 working days for the activation.I happily obliged. Its more than 15 days now and the account is still not activated. It's already past my payday and I would not be getting this months salary thanks to citibank. I would like to specially register complaint against ROHIT NAIK, CITBANK, MG Road branch who is the agent who I contacted. He has not picked my calls for the enquiries since the day i filled the application nor does he respond to any messages....
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Citibank - Insurance Policy for Loan Approval

 ashokpatel30 on Aug 19, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam, Today at 11.00 a.m, I received call from mobile 7428265849 and caller (Priti Sharma) informed me that I am calling from citi bank head office new delhi. She inquired with me regarding any loan requirement. Once i shown interest in taking loan, she informed that i have to buy insurance policy for Rs. 50000/- (5% of Loan amount). After some time i again received call from same number and this time he arranged conversation with his senior Manager (Amit Goel) for confirmation of taking loan and policy. Post discussion I again received call from Mr. Sandeep Jain for verification purpose...
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Citibank - Credit card settlement pending

 krrish_chatterjee on Aug 15, 2014
my first complain to your nodal on 21st- Dear Sir, My name is Krishanu Chatterjee, my card no is 5441 7000 0525 6459.I have requested for settlement for almost 2 months back, have had negotiation and then got confirmation that you would settle at 24k.Last to last week only somebody called and I confirmed settlement at this amount.But after that no initiative taken from your end.I am not been using this card for more than an year, want to close by paying more than my uses, still no action taken.Pl arrange a call back and dedicate someone to take care of my settlement part, I cant...
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Citibank - Issue with the upgraded REWARDS CREDIT CARD

 Kshitij Dutta on Aug 13, 2014
Hi Last month my card was upgraded from Platinum to Rewards without any notice. The card was shipped to my registered address and I was notified by a SMS. When I received the latest credit card statement I found that I have 3500+ reward points. When I called the Customer care Number to redeem the points spoke with Aniket Ref. 1492. I was told that I can redeem the points for 40 Paisa each point however it used to be 1 point equivalent to 1 Rupee. And on top of it I was told that your card is upgraded as bank no longer serves the Platinum card. 125 Rupees spent on the card gives me 1 rewards point....
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Citibank - Credit Card Rejection

 Bairavharish Kv on Aug 12, 2014
Myself Bairav a software engineer in a private firm had applied for Citi Bank Credit Card, and subimtted all the required documents to representative. After waiting for 2 long weeks got an email saying my application got rejected. I was eligible in all the ways for getting a Credit Card with better Salary. The reason was unsaid by them....
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Citibank - noc related

 adersh1979 on Aug 9, 2014
Adersh raj v
S/o, n.Vasudevan pillai
Paloor puthen veedu
Kuzhimathicad post
Kollam 691509 ph +919886756533

Dear sir
My father taken car loan from citicrop maruti finance ltd. Vide loan no.:cea0370664839. On 2003.
The entire loan amount has been paid by my father. He was died on
27/07/2012. Now my problem is that i want to transfer my car to my mother name,
I want noc letter against my maruti 800 vehicle.
So kindly sent my noc & form 35
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Citibank - Indian Oil Credit Card Waiver of Surchage

User on Aug 9, 2014
Dear Sir or Mam, I have cleared my 2 monthly fuel due of Rs.40000/- as on 05th August 2014 with Hira Filing station Rewari which is Indian Oil Outlet and received SMS of Rs. 40000/- from citibank. But when I checked my online statement of citibank it is showing Rs.41123.60/-. I raise this point on phone with Gurgaon customer care of citibank they said that it is surcharge on purchase from unauthorised filing station. Waiver of surcharge is available only on selective filing station of Indian oil which against the consumer law. While selling credit card to us it is informed to us that no surcharge...
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Citibank - Pre-closing charges on Personal Loan

 amaresh samal on Aug 5, 2014
Hi, Why still pre-closures are applicable on Personal loan, when RBI has declared that there will be no pre-closures further. For more information visit the below URL.
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Citibank - Citi bank - A non trustworthy bank

 lokesh0786 on Jul 29, 2014
Hi, My name is Lokesh Rai, I am from Bhopal, n live and work in Delhi NCR, while I was working with IBM Daksh during year 2007-2011, I had my salary account with CITI bank Gurgaon, they issued me a credit card in 2008 or 2009 I don't have exact details with me, since I m not using citi bank ever since I had that dispute, I admit that I had a huge bill which I wasn't able to clear n finally I did settlement of my bill in 18000 rupees for the total bill of 80000, I never received any NOC after I did settlement, they never issued me any receipt as well for the cash that I paid as per d agreement...
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Citibank - Citibank Suvidha account deducted 550+ rupees every month since last 4 years

 cvsharibabu on Jul 21, 2014
I had a salaried Citibank suvidha account in Bangalore A/C No# 5941169807, I had changed my company and then my salary was not crediting into this account, since then the bank deducted service charges without informing me, In soo late I called them today (21 july, 2014) and asked regarding the amount i last for the service charges... one customer care lady said she can revert one month service charge, I asked for all the total money and questioned how can you deduct without informing the customer, she transferred the call to her manager ( she said call going to connect to manager), that manager...
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Citibank - cheating on credit card billing

 ynrajeev on Jul 18, 2014
Hi, I have been using Indian oil Citibank credit card since last 6 months because I have been told about surcharge Waiver across Indian oil outlets. But after purchasing fuel, I came to know that it applies to only selected Citibank outlets which was a violation of customer law due to hiding complete details against purchase. But still I kept quiet because all banks do this against credit cards as the banks think that credit card customers are fools. On 9th June 2014, I tried to close this credit card due to unavailability of Petrol pumps as per my convenience. But again offers explained by...
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Citibank - card settlement request

 krrish_chatterjee on Jul 18, 2014
Dear Customer Care,

I have requested for settlement of my card 2 months back, initiated call so many time.Last week also have confirmed customer care to initiate the process to close my card.Now again 2 months unnecessary charges got charged to me.I have requested when the amount was 28k, now it has been increased to more that 30k.I need my settlement calculation to happen on 28k when i have informed for a settlement.Pl initiate to close my card asap, i don't want further harassment.I am not been using this card for more than a year now, has been blocked already, am asking for...
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Citibank - Cheating

 janapras on Jul 14, 2014
I am using the Citibank credit card number 4386280017773403 from 2013 I missed my payments for 2 months due to some financial issues I made my minimum due payment in April I spoke to the executives and explained my problems I was getting calls by the collection department harassing for payment finally I made a payment of 40000 on 12th July and later I realized my card is closed. If that was the case I would have gone for a settlement. Please assist....
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Citibank - Citibank Credit Card Transaction

 ehmalik on Jul 9, 2014

I am using Citibank Credit Card from 2005 and till date I have never raised disputes for any transactions and I have being paying them what ever the Credit Card bill amount was. On 17th Feb 2014 at 10:30 PM India Standard Time, I was about to go to bed and got SMS on my mobile phone stating 2 transactions detailed below. At the same time I called Citibank Officer and gave a complaint that these transactions are happened and I have not done that and at that time I had my credit card with me.

Dispute Details :
1. 17 Feb - Ref No: 74063774048, Amount Rs: 24971.33,...
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Citibank - auto deduction of suraksha credit shield premium

 mukesh a shah on Jul 3, 2014
my credit card no. is 5546370226031307. since last so many years we are paying through auto deduction premiums for above mentioned subject. when i asked for the details to customer care they said contact caustomer care royal sunderam. after contacting them, their reply was we will get the details from citi bank. please help me out and provide me the following details: my policy no. coverage amount nature of the product. auto deduction reference no. 19999999984 amt. Rs.0.16 & Rs.141.00 regards, usha solanki 09320702429...
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Citibank - EMI Date - Thirdparty agents problem

 ksanjeevi on Jul 1, 2014
I have received welcome letter, Amount, etc., email from you before 2 days.
I signed the document after got the confirmation from the Bank representative that my EMI will fall on every 4-6th of every month and they promised on the same.
Today I am very much disappointed after seeing the welcome letter where it shows my EMI date is 1st of every month. This is not possible by anyone where my salary won’t credit on 1st of every month. This will slowly stop me to pay EMI regularly.
Also I am not getting any call from any of the direct citi bank associates regarding...
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Citi Bank - false statements while opening citibank account

 sunilss85 on Jun 26, 2014
While opening citi bank account, i was informed that citi bank has a tie up with bajaj allianz. I was asked to invest Rs 2000 /- every month. The terms specified were, i can stop this policy any time and there are no surrender charges. Instead, i was informed that minimum 10 % interest on principle amount will be given. But when I called up bajaj allianz, I was told that there is no mimimum garuantee. I have paid nearly Rs 1 lakh. After four years, they are telling that now my surrender value is only Rs 68000 /- Also, while taking the policy only a check box was required to be filled in the...
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Citibank - Uncleared Demand Draft

 mechandank on Jun 25, 2014
I am Chandan Kumar salary account 5075985225 in citi bank. The aforementioned account was closed by citi bank itself in September 2012.On September 2013 an account payee cheque was submitted by "SuperTech Group", since my account was already closed, the cheque was returned as "Demand Draft" to my address that was present in your database, that was the address where I was previously employed.They have the policy according to which all un-claimed "Demand Drafts/Cheques" are destroyed after three months. I was not intimated about the delivery of the demand draft, hence I was not able to collect it...
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Citibank - Credit Card Application Status

 Satyanarayana Reddy Gogulamudi on Jun 24, 2014
Dear Team, I have applied for CITI bank credit card Application No: 14052985354 for which I got confirmation that my application was rejected because the verification team was unable to locate the Address which I have provided. I was holding two Credit Cards from other banks with Same Address. If your verification team was unable to locate the address that I have provided in the application they would have given me a call to get the guidance to reach out to the address, but instead of that they have mentioned that the address was wrong which they were unable to locate. The address I was...
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Citibank - Not Received the Shipment

 sumit.123.k on Jun 17, 2014
Dear Sir, I have applied for citi bank credit card Application No, 14060485109 for which i got confirmation that my shipment has been sent to you. Instead to sending it at my preference address which i put in the application. it send it to 2nd address. Due to this shipment has returned back. ALso the preference address is wrong in citi bank list. the correct adrress is: E-6/18, Arjun Marg DLF Phase-1, Gurgaon-122002 Mob: 9654848180 kindly update the addresss and send back the shipment at above mentioned address thanks & regards Sumit Kochar # 9654848180...
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