Tdi Infrastructures Ltd/taneja Developers — “beware” from tdi infrastructures ltd’s bad intentions - not refunding money of a dead customer

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I want to inform all of fellow allottees/investors who have invested with TDI and future investors of TDI/Taneja Builders about the unethical fad done by TDI Infrastructures Ltd. which clearly indicate that there is no difference Between a road side vendor and TDI.

My mother booked a residential Flat at Kingsbury, TDI City, Kundali, Sonepat in February 2006. She never signed
any agreement and deposited the amount against an application for Registration for allotment. She also paid another installment against their letter so that they can issue priority No.

In the month of January 2008, my mother passed away. I enquired through the Consumer Care of TDI and asked for the amount paid by my mother. They advised me to get property documents transferred in the name of her legal heirs by submitting necessary documents.

As per their advice, I applied for transfer and submitted all the necessary documents such as Death Certificate, Affidavit, Identity proof of me and my mother, Copy of our PAN Cards (me and my mother), No Objection Certificate from other dependent etc. and the property got transfer in my name.

Now, Since I don't wanted to continue with the property due to my personal problems, I asked TDI Infrastructures Ltd. to refund the money as her legal heirs, but they seem to be reluctant about the issue.

I have sent them my claim followed by 6 reminders in writing, each by Registered Post, UPC and By Courier and a Final Notice stating that if they failed to return the amount, I have to take Legal Action against them but they haven't replied any of my letters till date.

To add the agony, the executives at TDI Infrastructures Ltd. were reluctant to even meet when I tried to take up the issue face to face. And when they met they said that only 50% amount will be refunded. On top of this, they denied giving me written confirmation to even this.

Copies of all Letters/Reminders were also sent by Registered Post/By Courier to their Chairman/Managing Director Mr. Taneja.

This kind of unprofessional and irresponsible behavior by such a reputed builder was never expected. I need to ask them that if a customer is died and the legal heir do not want to continue with the project due to his financial position or due to bad reputation of the builder, how can they refuse to refund the money of a desised.

They have been using my mother’s money without paying any interest in their projects. It is so unethical and immoral for any reputed company like TDI Infrastructures Ltd. to play on the money of a dead customer. If they are doing this to me then it is very much possible that company would have been sitting on the money of many others like me.

I think it is my duty to inform my fellow allottees and others who wish to invest their hard earned money with TDI Infrastructures Ltd. about their bad intentions so that other do not get into their trap and deal them very cautiously.

Ajay Kumar Kaushik
M: 9810114096
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It is really shocking to know of the atti9tude of TDI auyhorities. In fact they have been doing the same with all the allotees/members whether dead or alive.They are like vultures who donot hesitate to prey upon even the dead. For their project at KUndli they have collected almost 90% of money from all the allotees and on an average they have sold the land about ten times their purchase price. By simple mathematics it can be caklculated that they have already received 8-10 times the money they have spent on the project. Where has all the money gone?.They have siphoned a huge amount of money from this project for their personel benefits and still shamelessly they are selling new projects in the region. There must be some concenterated effort on this issue and the govt. or legal authorities pressurised to step in and take care of the innocent investor. to take care of investor"s interest a TDI Kundli Allottees Welfare association has been formed by a group of harassed people. I urge all the allottees who read yhis t o become the member of the association by sending a mail to or contacting the President Mr. Vinay Bhasin at 9910662508
This is true. There are many people facing same issue and struggling with TDI. Please join

This is active group and they are also discussing same issue and have more than 95 members registered as of today (10-Oct-2009).
Dear Kalraji

You have taken a very good step. In my opionion we can move in High court and our case is very strong beause the possession wasdue in July 2007 and TDI taken from almost allottes 90% payment. When I visited TDI I found that many blocks land still not purchased by TDI from farmers(Where the showing the location of plots). Further when we paid the EDC Charges long back thesubsiquent increase should not leveied on us. I written more then 20 registerd letters to TDI to explain ECD charges and give the date for possession, but no reply. They are phoning for the payment only.

If you feel we can talk over phone in deatil or meet, I amin Pitampura and we are 3-4 allottes.

Subhash Garg/Sheetal Garg
# 98-711-45666
Email :

I am also one of the sufferers who have booked a flat in TDI Kingsbury Apartments. Please advise me the contact details of association so that i can also become a member to it and stand against unethical activities being done by TDI Infrastructures Ltd
They have taken 100% payments from us. All development work in K block has been stopped. they not signed plot buyere agreement with us. It appeare that they do not have a clear title to the land of K block, may be, It is still disputed and under litigation. When I served a notice for summitting the required documents and complition certificate from T&CP Haryana, they cancelled my plot. I have submitted two complaints to EOW for cheating and fraud. mr Kaushik is advised to make a complaint to EOW. They will have to refund his money in full with interest.
Yes TDI is behaving as goons towards customer. Their way of dealing with customer is totally objectionable. They are openely harassing to customer and playing with money. Only in India a builder can fraud with customer. Now they are demanding the price for 200 sq.ft extra for three bed room flat along with mondlees secuirty charges and club memebership.
I booked a plot in TDI City Agra in 2010 and gave them the booking amount and now the company has cancelled the project asking to take the refund back.They utilized the money for 2 years taken at the time of booking for almost 2 years and now aksing for the refund...i am also not sure if they will give the intrest on that is very difficult for the middle class to go for the legal case but the company like TDI should get the lesson...We are calling every day to MR. Gambhir but he never talks to us.
Facts about TDI group

I am writing this letter with a caution to everyone intending to invest with TDI group. I am stepping ahead to communicate so we can expose and stop the dominance of these builders. On 21/02/2006 I invested into TDI kingfisher project where I was quoted a figure of Rs1650@sq. ft. and I had opted for 1110 sq. ft. for a 2 bedroom flat in Kingsbury Town, Kundli. I was promised for the possession of my flat within 2 years of time of first enrollment. Ironically, the possession of flat was handed way too late which is recently in July 2012.

Since the time of first enrollment till the time of possession i.e. more than 6 years the communication from the organization (TDI Infrastructure Ltd) was awfully bad, whenever I tried to communicate to someone in person at head office at Connaught place New-Delhi, I was always handball from one person to another. Now, at the time of possession the payout figures turned out completely different from what we had been explained and agreed upon. I have been charged certain amount, which I feel is completely a swindle to me and to everyone dealing with TDI group for example –

• Interest on the pending amount (where communication from company was severely lacking for example letter either used to be very late or I have to find out on my own regarding the next due date or incase I need extension.

• Car park charges, which in agreement were stated for Rs- 100, 000 for covered but instead we were given uncovered for the same amount.

• A club membership charge for which there was no clause stating that membership is mandatory. I am quite sure it’s an optional and I was not interested in it but I have still been charged forcefully for it.

• Extension of sq. ft. area of non-carpeted area, which was never notified to me and was never mentioned in an agreement that the area could extend. It was only discovered at a very short notice during the time of possession that my area (which is not even carpet area) had been increased and I have to pay extra money for it that is completely double-crossing.

• Servicetax, I have been charged substantial amount of around Rs 60982 for substandard services provided by your organization.

• Refurbishment charges, after certain calls and follow-up with your customer support team regarding progress of possession. On 21st June I had to collect the offer of possession letter in person from your head office Connaught Place. Now, to my astonishment I was told without explanation of charges that I have to deposit more than Rs 10lacs in a span of 3 weeks of time otherwise I would be bearing refurbishment charges + late payment interest@1.75 per day which I would certainly say is an unethical.

• Final payment request, it was a unexpected disclosure to me that I have to pay additional Rs 9lac and when I was compelled by your head office for the submission of the final payment instantly, I requested the support team explaining my current situation being retired person living on pension with limited resources and rare chances of getting loan for an hefty amount at such a short notice, I was completely over-turned with just an option either pay instantly or bear refurbishment + late payment interest as mentioned above.

• Remaining outstanding balance, On 13 July 2012 somehow I arranged and paid all the payments and dues outstanding as accounted by your team and when NOC was handed over I was told due to some miscalculation I was charged Rs38871 in excess and that would be refunded to me soon, but since today 03/09/2012 I have not heard anything from their accounts department.

• Handover of the dream flat, the keys were handed over on 18th July2012, as per the claims and expectations given by TDI kingfisher regarding the quality and comforts of the dream flat, it is completely different. The quality of the wood used through out on doors and windows are very inferior, where door locks and latches, handles are very low-grade. Glasses are very mediocre Bathroom roof is too low, balcony external railings joints are broken and wooden flooring is not properly pasted.

• In a conclusion, I want people to come together, get together and make sure that these builders not simply walk away with our hard earned money and live on promises they give it to us.
Can anyone tell me the status of TDI City agra. Is it scrapped ?
My cousin has invested in it in 2011 and i read here that this project is scrapped

is it true

pls inform
hello everyone
please advise i have invested in the TDI project, ESPANIA ROYALE HEIGHTS APPARTMENTS in sonepat. is it a good idea to continue with the project or discontinue. its a 3BHK around 1390sqft@2115/- plus other charges.
hello everone how are you, if anyone wanna sell ur own property in TDI city AGRA plz contact me
ASIF GAURI... 08755543281 OR MAIL ME
I am a NRE person based in Dubai, whatever small saving I have, I remit
this in India and invest in real estate .
I have booked a House with TDI Kundli in
Kingsburry Project in 2006 in Haryana. I belong to Sonipat .
Last time they asked me payment for floor completion and I paid
that in 2013 .Then they offered me possession and ask me to take possession on April
4, 2014 after paying some close to 7 Lakh. came to India and visited the site, the house was no where near to
completion, Even for the floor for which they have collectedmoney from me was not done . There
is a buyers agreement, as per that they need to send me certificate of occupation for offer of possession, inspite of several emails and reminders, they don’t send it as they don’t have it .. TDI keep on sending me
reminders and threatening with various charges and actions, instead of
completion the obligation as per contact, finish the house, offer the
possession and take the balance money . This house was delayed for over 5 years, they don’t pay any
compensation . If Indian Builders do like this then NRE customers will be running away from
Development projects in India they also increase the
area in the name of supper area and asked 4.5 Lakh extra.

Looking forward to hear from you, and a strong action so as Builders help in national building
not to harm the direct investment in real estate.
TDI like builder is big nuisance of the society. Numerous civil and criminal cases are pending against this builder.A consumer can at the most approach the court- consumer court or otherwise or file FIR but what else when every agency takes years together in finalising the matter. The builder has huge money amashed by illegal means and can spend in hushing up the matters. Consumers plight remains unabated. Own money cannot be used at the point of need or builder deprives of own roof for years or for ever till the house becomes unaffordable. By all means it is ruin for the consumers but fattening of builders. Govt to have a policy in place for builders, their cheating made a cognisable offence and non bailable with hefty fines.Nexus of Govt authorities and even courts need to be unearthed. Let there be a consumers association at NCR level.

NC Gupta
Anybody Pl. forward the verdict of the Session Court Delhi convicting TDI Infra. Ltd. for malpractice and ordered not to collect any amount not part of the Agreement and awarded cost for delayed possession.
I purchased a plot in TDI Kundli in 2006. Payment made 90% plus EDC and PLC charges. Not received possession as yet. The TDI staff is stone-walling me. I'm told that on actual ground, some farmer has a plantation, implying that TDI has not taken possession of the land from farmer as yet !
This group has professional lawyers, can we fought only if we join hands together.
Would like to join existing TDI customer groups. Please contact me.
Sanjay Arora

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    Tdi Infrastructures Ltd/taneja Developers - “beware” from tdi infrastructures ltd’s bad intentions - not refunding money of a dead customer

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