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Pepperfry Customer Care

Office No 301, Kohinoor Complex, Kurla West
Mumbai City District
India - 400070

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1800 209 7379
+91 22 6157 6157

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Pepperfry Complaints & Reviews

Pepperfry — Product cancellation

 rathnarajm on Dec 1, 2015
I requested for Cancellation of my Order# 301854155 on Sat after following up couple days and now see the Order can be shipped. The portal doesn't show any info on when it will reach until we complete the order and after requesting also there has been no support. Worst Service. There is not even a single email after requesting for cancellation also....
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Pepperfry — Order no. 301601914

 pratiknagotra on Dec 1, 2015
Ordered 2 chairs. both damaged. Asked for return and refund. They have sent a carpenter to dismantle the chair but have not picked up the items for almost a month now. refund was initiated on the 9th of November. I have called them several times, they keep telling me that it will be resolved in 24 hours. order no. 301601914...
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Pepperfry — Furniture

 manifest6377 on Nov 30, 2015
I have bought a bed from Pepperfry during September 2015. The bed was delivered after a month of waiting period. the bed centre pillar ( which holds the entire support on the bed broke down. In spite of multiple communications with the Customer care, they have neither send anyone nor replaced my bed. The material used is very inferior quality. In total i would have a made of purchase of close to Rs 1 lacs(which includes this bed). however, i am still suffering as this bed has not been replaced. I paid close to 40, 000 for this bed. They have asked me to send a photo of the broken part and i have...
Complaint comments Read comments [1] Complaint category Furniture — Product not delivered yet on Nov 30, 2015
I had placed order(301687157) on Oct. 22nd but till now i have not received my order. I had called their customer care lots of time, every time they say that you will get your order within 24 to 48Hrs, lastly the give me tracking ID DELPFP295274, i found it invalid after chasing with courier company (GOJAVAS). It seems they are cheating with me. Kindly resolve my problem as soon as possible. Thanks Ajit Kumar 09910248809...
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Pepperfry — Regarding order 301762499. pepperfry wants to cancel my order after not delivering all the parts.

 Javeduser on Nov 29, 2015
Product after delivery are missing some parts now after complaint (01072354) they offer me to cancel the order and return the amount rater than replacing or sending missing parts..I hv selected emi option while odering and pepperfry will only return the actual order amount and I will have to bear 13 % interest.. After one month wait no product LOSS...
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Pepperfry — No resolution to my issue... .Cheated me and taken my money

 Ria007 on Nov 27, 2015
I paid for a product on 15th Nov. I have received the incorrect product. Everyday I am calling but nobody is bothered to solve the problem. When will I get my money back. I have been cheated by Pepper Fry. They are making money by taking money from customers. Order Confirmation 301816799 Case Number : 01063843 I want to know how to file a case against Pepper Fry in consumer court. They really lack a sense of customer service. Yesterday, somebody called me and asked for my card details. Not only are they cheating but also supporting fraud people who rip people off....
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Pepperfry — Incorrect delivery of goods and no return of money

 Ria007 on Nov 26, 2015
We had ordered for a double comforter . This was about 2 weeks ago. Last saturday I got the comforter but we had received single comforter. I immediately called Pepper Fry to tell them about this error. They asked me to fill the online form. I did that and also sent them picture. I have received two calls since then telling me they will take it back but nobody has bothered to come. My money is lost and I am sitting at home with a product that I don't want. Please help me get my money back....
Complaint comments Read comments [6] Complaint category Utility Services — Item received in defective condition

 sandeep kumar de on Nov 25, 2015
I had booked an item called ozone steel ironning board with order no. 301818547. The same item has been received in defective condition with the packet opened in one side and with the plastic cap of one foot of the iron stand broken and one of the other plastic cap completely missing. Moreover the main steel make stand of of the board is slightly tampered. Please do the needful so that the item gets rectified. Sandeep kumar de durgapur mobile - 8293843382 e mail id - sandeep9_de@rediffmail.Com...
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Pepperfry — Not refunding money

 Rajeev8620 on Nov 25, 2015
-I have ordered on peperfry with order no 301707314, on 25th of oct 2015, they have promise to deliver my product on or before 3rd of Nov, but they have not delivered on given time frame i gave 3 more days to deliver but they are fail to delivered then i have requested for return on 5th Nov, but they have not return my money after calling multiple times they are giving always one answer that it will initiate with in 24-48 hrs but till that 48 hrs have not over, please help me i have given 6520 rs and they are simply playing with me....
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Pepperfry — Product damaged and not made of mango wood as described

 Shreyasmrao on Nov 25, 2015
I had an order 301826854 for Sukshara Sideboard. My earlier order which I did during Diwali was cancelled stating some reason and asking me to reorder. I reordered and after again waiting for another two weeks they delivered a damaged side board. The draws wouldn't fit well and when he arrived I pointed to him edge damage as well and to my utter shock noticed that the top of the table is made of MDF and not Mango Wood. And when I cal to complain the customer support is rude and don't care and want proof of this when their own carpenter came, checked this and took pictures saying it is not hardwood....
Complaint comments Read comments Complaint category Furniture — Order # 301709630 reverse pickup not addressed since 20 days

 Saikiran V on Nov 25, 2015
I raised the request for reverse pickup for order # 301709630 on 9th Nov and I was promised that it would be done by 12th Nov. But it was never done even after umpteen calls to customer care. I was scheduled to go out of country from 13th Nov to 22nd Nov and hence I asked them to expedite the request as I wont be available after 13th for days. But it was never done. Next when I came back, I reinitiated the request on 23rd Nov and till now there is no status update. I am daily wasting my 1 hour time on this with the customer service agents but its proving to be useless as they keep me on hold for...
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Pepperfry — Wrong product delivered and no response from pepperfry even after 5 days of uploading image and request. [Resolved]

 Anshul Gulati on Nov 23, 2015
Pepperfry is the worst e commerce site I have observed till date. I ordered a Samsung fully automatic washing machine with capacity 6.5 kg but they delivered with 6.2 kg capacity. Same day I got product delivered and I raised the complaint with product image. From that day 5 days have been passed and I have not received any call from them and when ever I call then they just tell me some internal department who is taking care of that. As a customer I am least concerned about who xyz is taking care internally, what I am concerned is about solution to my complaint which they are unable to provide....
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Pepperfry — Completely frustrated and disappointed with unprofessional service

 Bijayalaxmi Samal on Nov 23, 2015
Worst experience ever in pepperfry - completely frustrated and disapointed.
Order no: 301702943, complaint no : 01045412
Repeated followups, unlimited calls, endless wait and no idea when i will get my product delivered.
Booked on 25th oct, delivery by 7th nov, ..Its been delayed by 15 days already...
A kind of joke is happening, every time i call/mail, somebody will pick the call and either will disconnect or will say will deliver you in 2 days or
Will say will give you response in 48 hrs or at best, telling we have forwarded your request to the concerned team...
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Pepperfry — No proper response from customer care regarding the return of a product - order number - 301757131

 Madhurirao786 on Nov 23, 2015
I initiated a return along with all the necessary pictures, reasons and my contact details but I haven't received a call instead I get an email that they tried reaching me, which is false, because I have the missed call alert activated on my phone in case my phone is not reachable. Anyway I still called them back, gave them alternative numbers and they kept promising me that they would have someone call me back by the end of the day but they didn't. I called them every alternate day and it's been almost 12 -15 days. The only way to return the product is to wait for them to call me up and...
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Pepperfry — Pepperfry not honoring 10% cashback

 tarananda on Nov 23, 2015
I placed two orders on Nov 10, 2015. One was a Solidwood Sofa-Cum_Bed Order No. 301794678 for Rs. 42, 079. Description is Leon Solid Wood Sofa Cum Bed in Passion Mahogany Finish by Amberville. On their website during the Diwali sale they had advertised very aggressively that for a net purchase above Rs. 40000 an additional 10% cashback will be paid into my credit card account. It is now two weeks and the credit payback has not happened. I reported this to Pepperfry on their customer service number 02216571657. To my surprise they are now denying me the 10% refund saying that this is not available...
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Pepperfry — Order 301742225 not delivered

 smjd on Nov 23, 2015
Order 301742225 was supposed to be delivered by 20-Nov but nothing was delivered. When I contacted customer support on 20-Nov, they committed to deliver it by Nov-23. Today when I again contact them, they are asking me to wait till this weekend (Nov-28). I doubt if it will ever be delivered. When asked for a refund, I was told it can only be processed after delivery and once I return the order. What a pathetic process...Crapfry...
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Pepperfry — Order not delivered and not taking refund request

 RISHU BHATEJA on Nov 23, 2015
Have made order of LG Washing Machine fully auto 10.5 kg on 5th Nov 2015.
Order No. 301764175 was committed to be delivered by 20th Nov. 2015.
they have provided bluedart tracking id 50362949641 which is wrong and now bluedart has also denied and tell its wrong tracking id.

Now Pepperfry team is not able to trace and provide product which has to ship from Gurgaon to Ghaziabad.

In this competitive e-commerce world they are taking 5-7 days to get back to the customer.

till now i have not received any satisfied answer and also they are not...
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Pepperfry — Product never ship and not refund my money

 wasim inamdar on Nov 23, 2015

This is first time i ordered from and i placed an order for Storage cabinet on 28th October it suppose to ship by 3rd November. but never got shipped following many times with pepperfry customer support dept. i cancelled the order but they never refund my money i have been calling to them and they always say they escalate that issue but no one actually helping me. i called and yelling at them to refund my money with i used from my credit card and always say it be solved in 24 to 48 hours 16th November i cancelled the order today is 23rd November and they still...
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Pepperfry — Very very bad service and very lazy and slow process

 kamleshilpi on Nov 23, 2015
Very very bad service

please guys don't order any thing from

this is bull- online shop .

I ordered my product 3rd of Nov. and upto 23 nov .

upto now I didn't get product deliver you know from 3rd nov to 23-nov. Can you count this, how many days?

This kind of service they are providing

and also I called at custumer care . they are not doing anything

very lazy and slow process

and also I am calling to your customer care . they are saying . just give
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Pepperfry — Non-delivery of product

 Kedar Potdar on Nov 22, 2015
This is regarding my first order on their website which has been a nightmare for me. While it started off promisingly, it turned into a bad experience very soon. I haven't received my product even after more than 3 weeks and 3 times of rescheduling. Every time I contact their support desk I am told it will happen surely this time, but it doesn't. The delivery guy never calls before delivery and I don't get the contact details of the delivery guy prior to delivery. They really need to have their logistics issues corrected. This is really frustrating! I am not surprised there are so many complaints...
Complaint comments Read comments [1] Complaint category Furniture

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