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Electricity Meter — About meter is very fast and wrong meter

 Sahajjain55 on Jun 19, 2017
I want to drawn attention here that our meter running is very fast, in our building there are 3 family and bill is coming like 6000 and above and we checked daily reading of meter so it is coming very less compared to actual meter reading, and we also went to electricity office in indore but they ingnored every time and we requested to change the meter, we are ready to pay which ever the charges of new meter. I attched pics of acknowledgment of copy and electricity bill, so please see this mater as soon as possible...
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Electricity Meter

 पं. प्रभाकर पाण्डेय on Feb 18, 2016
प्रिय महोदय,
मैं लोहगाँव, पुणे (अष्टविनायक सोसाइटी, गली नंबर-1, डी.वाई.पाटिल रोड) में अपने निजी घर में रहता हूँ। मैंने 45 दिन पहले बिजली मीटर लगवाने के लिए अर्जी दी थी। बिजली कर्मचारी आकर मेरा घर-पता आदि चेक कर भी गए और बताया गया कि 10-15 दिन...
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 sanjay kaul on Jun 13, 2013
Dear sir

Last year in the month of june 2012 the bill showed the approved load of 4 kws crossed to 4.560 kws . This was purely a meter fault as we don't have that much consumption for a two bed room flat. The bill for june 2012 was Rs 2855/- which was paid on time. The next bill created was for Rs 9965/- which was beyond our expectation. we don't run a factory. We consulted the local office & we were informed that the approved load of 4 kws has been crossed so the new meter of 5 kws will be installed, the bill Rs 9965/- includes new meter installation charges. After...
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Electricity Meter — Electricity meter running very fast even it was switched -off

 ygnath on Mar 12, 2011

All of us are out of Visakhapatnam for complete last month. Even before to that my mother was alone for 30 days. When we went out of city, we have switched off the electricity meter. To my surpise I could see a bill of Rs. 3000 in this month. This has been haapening once in every quarter. Though we complained several times, no action has ben taken. Request the forum to suggest how to get rid of this prolem.

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Electricity Meter — Illegal Charges from Electricity Board People

 Astha Verma
Charging illegal Money against blame to fault in Meter-Slow Running.

Few months before our meter was running slow due to which we have received less amount bill under amount 100 for two months. We have been told by our neighbors that we should give application to changing our meter.However, the very next day we have given the application after few days few fellows from electricity board came for changing meter.And had changed the meter.

After few days they said this meter is old and working slowly.So we have to charge the amount from you. They gave us a notice against...
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Electricity Meter — Electricity Meter is not working

 Kailash Chand Modi
Respected Sir,

I m sorry to inform you that I have a commercial connection but my electricity meter is not working properly and for this I have been regularly complaining to the authorised officials through phone calls on[protected] and I was allotted the following complaint nos.
1. 640959 dated 17.09.2010
2. 645362 dated 21.09.2010
3. 646828 dated 22.09.2010
But I am not got the solution for my complaint which is a matter of concern.
I request you to very kindly take the necessary action against the defaulters and solve my problem as soon as...
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Electricity Meter — Old meter is not being taken off

 Saurabh Bansal
This is in regards to the K.No.[protected] under the name of Mrs. Vidyawati. A few days ago, we had some issues regarding the old meter that was not taken off by NDPL officers after being checked as the new meter was set up after a complaint was registered by me. Due to which we had to suffer a lot unnecessarily. Thinking not to involve in such legal issues due to lack of time, we paid the said amount of Rs. 7000/- by the High Court. We were advised that the old meter would be taken off in 3-4 days. We paid the amount on Mar. 20, 2010.
After 8-9 days, someone came from Vivekanand...
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Electricity Meter — Electricity Meter ownership change

 Mohd Daud
Dear Sir,
I have purchased a Flat in SriramNagar Colony Masab Tank, Last year, and i had submitted Application to change Meter to my Name to the concerend electricity Area Office
from last one year i am following the Person but still noboy paid the heed towards it.

Still My Electricity Bill is having ex Owner name,
Please Help me in this regards
SCNO - A4016677. AC. 100404
Owner: K, Manorma Devi
Address: F.No -301, SriramNagar Colony, Masab Tank

Please help me to change it to my name with same address,...
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Electricity Meter — Regarding Theft of Electricity

 Promila Dwivedi
Dear Sir/madam,
This is to bring to your notice that electricity is being stolen by certain resident of our buliding due to which the electricity meter's are being affected. The resident behind the theft, live in flat no-128-D & 128-E, Pocket-F, Mayur Vihar phase-II. The meters may kindly be checked and proper sealing should be done. The source of information may be kept secret. I informed you being a good citizen.
I hereby, request you to get the meter's properly checked & take a strict action against Flat No.128- D & 128-E. I'll be highly Obliged.
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Electricity Meter — Name on Bill

 Vishal Naik
it has been more than a year from the time i took possession of a flat in thane, still the electricity bill is on the builders name. when asked up front, that even after submitting all the papers and the money to the electricity department how much long will i have to wait, i was told these things take time.how long though?
hoping someone from the office actually checks this site, i hope the name on the bill is changed at the earliest.
my address is Shubharamb housing society, phase III
Tower D, flat 1502, 15th floor
Off pokhran road 2, near tikujiniwadi
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