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My Canon 100-400 lens was ruined by these guys i have sent it for basic cleanup and fungus removal and they totally replaced original components with damaged, I found the problem after I sent it for re check with CANON master service center, they gave me a quote of 40k and suggested me not to invest into it anymore because of the irreplaceable damage these guys have done to it. These guys lure us through google marketing along with just dail so dont fall prey to these unethical people and loose your valuable gear, as all the photography lovers have a great emotional connection with their gear be cautious while checking for service centers online and always take professional's advice when you are sending your expensive gadgets.
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    DO NOT GET CHEATED BY MR.VIJAY from MATA Electronics. He will initially say it will cost 1000 INR for alignment+ service charges and take the camera. later tell you that they need to change the parts. I just had a software issue but they charged INR 14, 350 by simply changing the parts which were in good condition. I even asked them to show my old parts. they said they usually don't return as they sent it to Cannon company.

    When I called him for an explanation, by mistake he told me on call that it was a software issue. he sent a message saying if they can't fix the issue within 3 days he will refund the amount. they took more time and didn't even refund. I asked me him to drop me an email on the same. he said he will not email and he spoke very rudely and asked me to do whatever I want.
    Aug 20, 2018
    Updated by srinikumar101
    I just realized many people who wrote negative review on google about this company had very similar issue:, 1, , ,

    I guess all positive reviews on it are paid or fake
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      The complaint is marked as resolved when a company has responded to the complainant, addressed his or her dissatisfaction, and came to an agreement where both parties agreed that the complaint is indeed resolved. However, a complaint can be automatically marked as resolved if a complainant isn't responding or updating a complaint for 30 days after the company has tried to reach the complainant.
      The complaint is marked as resolved when a company has responded to the complainant, addressed his or her dissatisfaction, and came to an agreement where both parties agreed that the complaint is indeed resolved. However, a complaint can be automatically marked as resolved if a complainant isn't responding or updating a complaint for 30 days after the company has tried to reach the complainant.

      Address:Bangalore, Karnataka

      Extremely poor service and very rude and arrogant behavior of Mr. Vijay of Mata Electronics towards customer. My camera was not repaired in 20 days since it was picked up and on calling vijay to enquire about the same vijay says very rudely why are u putting pressure on me.. i[censored] don't want it repaired take it back.... I have anyway decided to take it back without repair.... but extremely arrogant way of talking to customers... please refrain from giving your camera to Mata electronics....
      Aug 13, 2020
      Complaint marked as Resolved 
      Mata Electronics, S.P. Road
      -Very Poor service.
      -Not responsible.
      -Time waste (long delay)
      When I have enquired about Mata Electronics, I came to know some of the following.
      1. They were only TV and other remote control sellers.
      2. They have entered into camera service business recently i.e. only 10-11 months ago (as on today 05.11.2011).
      3. They are not authorized for any of the camera brands. ( Please check the relevant brand websites)
      4. They simply, daringly say that they are authorized for all the brands, through phone to customers.
      5. Lying to customers will not yield a long relationship.
      6. The above attitude shows that how cheap they are and how much we have to be careful.
      7. All have the right to do business but not in this cheating way.
      Last but not least,

      They circulate a SMS containing ISO certification. Note that they run a shop with out any parameters which ISO required and these people doesn't know what is ISO and cheating.
      You guys checked out the shop on ground floor? or the first floor one?
      After giving all the above points, don't you think that I have thoroughly checked your bad low grade business tactics?
      I was there when the authorized issue was going on @ your place, after you have wrongly claimed that you were the "Authorized Samsung Service". Then the clients gone to Upperpet Police Station through Commissioner of Police and you have been severely warned by police. But still you are cheating other clients by fraudulently claiming as authorized service center for all camera brands even though you are not even a proper camera service center.
      Don't fool clients by cheap tactics by fraudulently claiming 'authorized service' for all brands since it will not give long term relationship.
      Near future you will come to know the fact, what is basic business ethics.
      Why Rajiv proxy of Vijay himself appreciating his service centre.
      Good joke and keep going confusing people.
      And its nice changing your shops name for every year.

      Mata Electronics — VERY GOOD SERVICE

      Strongly agree. Had given a digital camera A 1000IS (rare model priced around Rs.10, 500) for servicing in Mata Electronics service center (S.P Road) in bangalore through Celebration store in old airport road. When I went to collect my camera, I was denied an invoice(for charges amounting to Rs. 2550), was not facilitated in testing the fix, asked to pay in cash and was humiliated and yelled at for requesting the invoice and the damaged/replaced spare. The store forcibly snatched the camera and retained it while the service center(Mr Vijay, Mr. Kumar) promised door delivery of the camera post the incident. Its been 2.5 months since this incident and they have still not delivered my camera and are not responding to my notices either. I have lost the camera for good apart from being humiliated and yelled at by the service center personnel.
      Very very pathetic behaviour of Mr.Vijay at Mata Electronics. They are just a bunch of cheaters and nothing else. Took more than one month & gave an astronomical amount as quote. When I refused & demanded the camera back, used delaying tactics. very arrogant & pathetic. It is a cheating company. Please DO NOT GO to Mata Electronics. MATA ELECTRONICS ARE A BUNCH OF CHEATERS...BEWARE...
      Thanks everyone for creating awareness against these cheaters(MATA ELECTRINICS). They think that we people are fools and will not be able to identify their proxy identities with quotes favoring them. Indeed such a cheap tactics to do business.

      @Mr. Vijay- Instead of wasting time in posting fake comments on yourself, try to mend your ways and utilize this time to gain expertise on your work. I think this will lead to the betterment for your business.
      Mr.Vijay Baja is No1 fraud, he cheats all the customer is differ angle i have given a flash for servicing it was some problem to change the reflector he said with in 2day he will chage but enven after 1 month it's not ready when i checked he sad the spare is not avliable, when i cross checked with local service center it's very much avliable, So again i call them they are very roude not responding correctly, They are only to make money in wrong way by cheating the customers.
      Mata Electronics has given me customer service of the worst grade and yet stand their ground that it is not their responsibility to update the customer about delays in repairs. It has been a harrowing 15 days for me (Initial promise of 7 days), each time a lame telephone attendant who has no clue about anything says the technician will call me back in half an hour, which of course never happened. I advise people to stay away from Mata Electronics. Lesson learned the hard way - you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!
      Is there any way to take legal action against Mr. Vijay from Mata electronics? The crook has been fooling customers either by charging exorbitantly for servicing cameras or by forcibly retaining cameras of innocent customers. I have been a victim of forcible retainment of my digital camera and have been a target of his rude behavior.
      Anand Kapur's reply, Dec 30, 2020
      This crook replaced parts in my drone and tried to cheat me out of a lot of money.

      Terrible person and horrible behavior. Let's get together and take legal action against this fraud.
      These people steals your camera internal parts . I have given my sony camera for repair assessment . After 2 days they called me and said that 2 parts need to be replaced and that will cost 2800. I asked them to pack it as it is and I dont want to do that . Then they told me they can offer a price to buy my camera instead of repairing it . I said it is a bit awkward and i will come and collect camera on same day .

      when I am collecting it, They asked me to give back the order invoice, I said i need some proof for giving the camera for repair, in case if some parts are missing, i need an evidence for i have given it for repair at your shop . Then suddenly the shop staff captured my hand and taken the invoice forcefully and taken the camera back . They said my camera is not there and threatened me to leave the place else they will mandhandle me

      I started requesting to the crowd in sp road downstairs of the shop to help in getting my camera back, and some people called the police, after police arrived they asked the shop owner to give my camera back . But still i havnt received the invoice / order document . when I asked police to collect that from the shop, They said then they have to charge the case against the shop in that case and i need to spend time time for that . So I was reluctant and left with the camera.

      BTW before police comes, the shop owner was threatening me like they will chase me and attack my home etc .

      This is not a single incident and I am seeing many such reviews online after a search
      They lost my handycam's hard drive, which had 2 years of videos of my kid and my late father. Instead they gave me some one else's hard drive and I found the actual owner of that after much difficulty without their help. They have been very insensitive in their discussions and never even apologized for this mistake. Agree with all others, Vijay is very very rude.
      hi, im sandeep from bangalore,
      i have had a similar issue with vijay of matha electronics,
      i had given my new canon 7D for repair and its been two years he has been cheating me by not returning the camera,
      one point of time
      *) he told that he sold my camera to some one in mumbai
      *) never responds properly

      its not just me. he has done this with most of the customers too, i have managed to get the details of the customers affected with similar treatment recieved by vijay of mata electronics . and they agreed to file a written complaint against vijay @ the police station,
      so its time to put an end for his customer fooling tactics,
      so with legal help & support from the local MLA & your precious support we can solve our issue, against this unfair business done by vijay

      please contact me

      Ph: [protected]
      Anand Kapur's reply, Dec 30, 2020
      Hi Sandeep,
      Do get in touch and let's take legal action.
      My email is [email protected]
      * note... i dont care evn if i dont get the camera which is worth 85, 000 Rs .which is really not a big deal for me .
      but i want to stop this ill treatment given to innocent customers falling into the trap of Mata Electronics (vijay bajaj)
      I’m one another victim of Vijay- SP Road “ so called Mata authorized service center Nikon, Canon, Sony center”, I should have done background check before going to him. Mr Vijay talks big lot about ethics 21 years of experience. But he is not more than a bugger. I’ve given my NIKON D200 "its one of the professional camera" for just for CCD cleaning, there isn't a rocket since in it, he made me to pay 3400 instead 550 and worst is he broke the cap of ISO, WB and Qual which is supposed to fixed on the camera, only ring should moves Left to right, when I asked him at the time of the delivery this cap should be in this direction, it shouldn't move, he said rudely sir I've 21 years of experience I’ll tell you it moves after arguing he changed his statement that he have not touched it, My hart sinked I realized at that time this man have done major [censored] up in my camera, when talked about it he become very rude and wiled, I think this bugger is just capable for repairing remotes only.
      only good thing with Mr Vijay is, he speaks good English...

      In my Kotak camera there was a display problem and I was not able to use
      it. So I contacted this service center and they rectified it
      efficiently. It took around 3days for this and I paid them 1, 500rs. Now
      my camera is working well and I am happy about it.
      This is Avinash from Bangalore. I gave my Canon 40D to Vijay at Mata Electronics, SP Road a month ago. The camera had started showing Error 99 after taking 10-15 pics and then I had to turn the camera off and on again and it'd start taking pics once again. I was charged Rs. 550 for camera alignment (as he called it) and was told the camera will be repaired within 3 days or I'll receive a call with further updates.

      I never received any call back after 3 days and when I called, I was told the repairing work is taking a bit longer than initially thought and I'll be contacted within 48 hours with an update. I again called after 72 hours had passed and Vijay made the same excuses again about the repairing work taking unusually long and I'll be contacted on Monday with an update. I received a call on Monday evening from Vijay telling me the camera's shutter was faulty and they need to replace it along with 2 other parts and I've to pay Rs. 5850/- for it. When I told him to go ahead and asked how many days will it take finish the repair work, he said it'll take 48-72 hours maximum.

      I call Vijay again after 72 hours, he says the Error 99 is almost gone but it's still coming occasionally due to a software issue which they are working on fixing which is supposed to take some time. More than 2 weeks have passed by now. He asks me to give more time. I call again after 4 days, he tells me to come to the shop to collect the camera. I go to the shop the same day around 5 PM. When I reach there, Vijay makes an excuse that just after I ended the call, they were doing a final check on the canon 40D camera and the error 99 started showing up again. (Why the hell wasn't I informed immediately about this?!). He makes me wait for 2 hours on his shop telling they'll sort out the issue and give the camera back if I wait for 2 hours. Even after that, he doesn't give me my camera. Instead, he came out with a naked shutter mechanism and started lecturing about how he replaced the shutter unit completely and now the sideboard has some issues.

      He said the sideboard is available with one of his allied shops and he'll be getting it this week so I should give him a week of time to work on the issue peacefully. I gave him 9 days and then called again. He said I should call the shop's status enquiry number instead. I tried that number but nobody picked up the call. The next afternoon, I receive a call that the camera can't be repaired because the required parts weren't available anywhere in Bangalore or India for that matter. I get told that I won't be charged anything for the new shutter mechanism that they replaced and I should take the camera back and I'll be contacted when the part is available again.

      I got that call 2 weeks ago from the date of this comment. Today I managed to take some time out of my busy schedule to visit the shop to collect the camera. When I reach there, I'm told by one of the staffs to have a seat and I'll be attended when other customers have left. I wait there for 10 minutes and then I get called inside into Vijay's chamber/cabin. I find the camera wrapped with its neck strap and the camera's sensor/main cap missing. I'm given the cap AFTER asking for it. When I start testing the camera, it immediately throws Err 99, EVERY SINGLE TIME no matter how many times I turn it off and on (like I used to do before). When I ask Vijay what's this? Instead of repairing the camera, you completely killed it. Previously it used to take 10-15 pics (sometimes more) before showing that error and now it can't take a single picture. At this, he immediately stands up and starts shouting "DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!! NOBODY TALKS TO ME LIKE THAT! YOU'RE BLAMING ME FOR YOUR CAMERA'S FAULT WHICH I CAN'T ACCEPT! Your camera was throwing Err 99 and we're returning the camera with Err 99."

      I thought what the hell? Believe me, nobody has ever dared to talk to me like that EVER in my life and this freaking that Vijay is, he immediately started shouting and behaving like he'd kick me out of the shop if I argued a word more about my Canon 40D which was working before with the only problem that it used to throw Err 99 AFTER taking 10-15 (or sometimes more) pics and now, it doesn't take a single picture. He started talking utter nonsense like he was some kind of prime minister and I was a beggar asking for a penny.

      In the end, he didn't let me leave the shop without taking the receipt back, showing a bunch of other receipts that all cutomers are required to comply with the shop rules and return the receipt when the camera is delivered.

      P.S. At one point during the argument about him killing the camera, he also asked to leave the camera for a month and then they'll deliver it to my door step after fully repairing it. He also started showing expensive cameras like Canon EOS 5D Mark III and telling customers trust him with such expensive cameras and my 40D was a peanut to him. Such a clod! He humiliated me as much as he could before his other staffs for the one line of truth that I said that he killed my camera because it was at least taking pictures before and now it was completely dead.

      Believe me and others who have complained about him, this guy, Vijay, is a , a fraud and the most pathetic liar that I've ever met in my life (and I've had my share of encounters with terrible people). This deserves to be shot dead or spend the rest of his life in a prison. He's stealing camera parts from working cameras and then threatening camera owners and talking crap in their faces. If any government authority is reading this, it's my sincere request that please, please look into this matter and punish this guy for fooling innocent people and stealing their camera parts.

      I bet that all other positive comments left here have been left by Vijay himself and his staffs. I swear to God, Mata Electronics is the worst place in the universe and it's the last place where you'd want to take your camera if you have any sanity left.
      Beware of Mata Electronics and Mr. Vijay

      First of all this is not an official Canon Service center. I gave my lens which had focusing problem, the issue was with flex cable which costs around 250Rs. and needed to be replaced. They fixed the problem and charged 2850+550 (service charge), I paid because I wasn't aware of the pricing. After discussing with few fellow photographers who had the same issue and with the Genuine CanonCare, it should cost not more than 1500Rs. Then I read all the reviews I found that this place has been charging customers a lot more which is not reasonable. Moreover they told they have changed A[censored]nit, which doesn't exist in that lens. The person was welcoming at first & the second time I went, he was all rude and didn't want to explain anything and refused to show the spare part also. Moreover there are fake reviews posted all over.
      .Very professional. Got my issue fixes done within an hour inspite of visiting on an Sunday.
      Mata Electronics camera service center gave me very good service and my camera problem is solved at a very reasonable price. Thank you Mr Vijay.
      Mata electronics and they happen to fix the problem in a day and i should say I am impressed my dslr is working fine. I even got my 70-300 lens cleant as it had fungus . Thank you mata electronics, truly appreciate your efforts.
      My camera had a problem and I went to a center, they guided me to Mata electronics at SP road and I got my camera repaired in one day.. Thank you very much for a wonderful service provided. Thank you guys.
      My Olympus sp600uz camera, was dropped into sea water, by my child, this is a very expensive and high end camera. We came back to Bangalore after 8 days, by the time the damage done to the camera was high, and it had developed a lot of corrosion due to the saltiness of the water.. I decided to give my camera to a service center close to my house, a so called authorized centre, but the they charged me 8 thousand for the same, and also said this would take about a month to repair. Then I called up Just Dial and asked for other service centre, and came across Mata camera repair, what a wonderful service, I would say. Excellence and precision. They took my camera and cleaned it up, and repaired it in 3 days, and at less than half the cost of what the 1st guy had said, my camera is as good as new, and working perfectly.
      I gave my very expensive digital camera for repairing to Mata Electronics, and I am very satisfied with the service. Must say the diagnosis was accurate. Perfect and economical solutions were given, wish we had such organized services centers across the nation.
      I got my camera repaired in 1 day as my DSLR auto fpcousing was not working. Now after they have repaired its working perfectly fine and my DSLR is in good shape and it was ready in just a single day. This is so satisfying and I appreciate the service. They also charged me very reasonable price with an extraordinary service. Thank you to the technical team of Mata Electronics.
      Mata is good in services.. I am fully satisfied.. Good and thanks.. EXCELLENT SERVICES.
      These above review are posted by competitors and just to bring down the reputation of one doing good in the field of service from the last 20 years. Believe ur eyes not the words check the credibility of service by ur own eyes as I am satisfied I am sure every customer will b satisfied

      Mata Electronics offering Digital camera services in Bangalore

      i am very satisfied in this company
      Very good service. I got my Olympus camera repaired in Mata electronics with in 3days which was fallen in water. Other service centers told its not repairable. But they repaired and gave it to me. Very kind people with good service. Very very much happy with their service.
      I got my camera repaired in 1 day as my dslr auto fpcousing was not working now after they have repaired its working perfectly fine, my dslr is in good shape and it was ready in just a single day, this is so satisfying and I appreciate the service. they also charged me very reasonable price with extraordinary service .thank u to the technical team of Mata Electronics.
      mata electronics are good services. he presentation of my Polaroid was broken.. As we are working individuals we are not ready to come to administration focus. We identifies with Mata and they sent their official to our spot to get the Polaroid and they returned it inside 4 days in meeting expectations condition. Exceptionally fulfilled by the work .
      Horrible guys. Of-let they are writing fake reviews in many places. Never trust them with your camera. I gave a canon camera for servicing. They asked me to replace some power supply broad inside. When I decide not to replace it, they returned the camera in completely dead condition. Later I figured out they have taken out many boards from inside. Even LCD connector was cut. The camera is completely useless now. Never trust your camera with this guys.
      No Guarantee that your Camera gets repaired. But they definitely won't return the service charge taken before the service. Better ask him to check it in front your eyes and tell the cost of repair.Or else go for some other good shop..
      Terrible service! Mis-represented themselves to be the official Canon Service Centre over phone.

      I had complaints of focus issues with my Canon 550D. 8 months and 3 return services later, the issue still persists. And, they have charged me 7k! Each time I’ve gone back, they take pictures of buildings around them and say, it’s working fine! If that’s how they try to detect a camera internal problem, you can imagine what they are capable of.

      My photographer friend finally took me to the official service centre and they quoted only 2K + TAX for servicing! And within 15 minutes they were able to detect the issue! I have been severely duped. PLEASE BEWARE!

      Please go to the official service centre. If you want to go to an unofficial one, there are many, many better ones.
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