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+91 12 4468 8500
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+91 12 4468 8500
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+91 12 4468 8514
(Repair & Service)
+91 22 4092 5555
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+91 33 4021 8500
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+91 80 4245 0500
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+91 12 4468 8527

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Registered & Corporate Office
Plot No.71, Sector 32, Institutional Area, Gurgaon 122001, Haryana
Tel: +91 12 4468 8500
Fax: +91 12 4468 8527

Branch Offices
New Delhi
Samyak Tower, 3rd Floor, TF1 & TF2, 39, Pusa Road, (Near Metro Pillar No. 120), New Delhi 110005
Tel: +91 11 4324 2700
Fax: +91 11 4324 2799

JNR City Center, 1st Floor, No-30, Rajaram Mohanroy Road, Sampangirama Nagar, Near IBIS Hotel, Bengaluru 560027, Karnataka
Tel: +91 80 4245 0500
Fax: +91 80 4245 0527

P.S Plus Building, 1st Floor, 238A, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata 700020, West Bengal
Tel: +91 33 4021 8500, +91 33 4021 8501
Fax: +91 33 4021 8599

Satellite Silver, Shop No. 6 & 7 Ground Floor, Opp. Star Plus office, Marol Naka, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400059, Maharashtra
Tel: +91 22 4092 5555
Fax: +91 22 4092 5599

Technical Support
North: +91 12 4468 8500
West: +91 22 4092 5555
South: +91 80 4245 0500
East: +91 33 4021 8500

Service & Repair
+91 12 4468 8514

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Nikon India — replace the defective camera

 naveen.jaiwant on Aug 23, 2017
I had purchased nikon 610 camera in december 2016 ref #
In a span of 7 months i have sent this camera three times for repair and error has been rectified.
Nikon is brand, we have our complete faith being professionals. But this camera has torn apart my faith.
I have suffered great loss, due to constant repairs. I had to stop my shooting in between the functions.
I am not in a condition to bear more loss due to the error that i constantly face.
Can i kindly request you to replace this camera and provide me with new or equivalent camera
As soon as possible.
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Nikon India — 55-300 vr nikkor lens

 Zainab Nasirabadi on Jun 11, 2017
My service request no. BHP 1685 &1686
I have admitted(using this word deliberately) my 55-300 Nikkor lens and D5300 body with Nikon service centre Bhopal, M.P. on 22nd May 2017.
The lens was giving problem while focussing and making noise. Body had no issue other than general cleaning and servicing. I got my body in 3 to 4 days, about lens they told that it has vr problem, it has to be changed, as ur product is under warranty we will send it to Indore service centre, and they will do it free within 3-4days. On 30th may I received a msg. that my lens have technical problem so it would...
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Nikon India — Nikon pune servicing

 sb.bnsl on May 30, 2017

I had recently got my nikon d5500 body and two lenses cleaned from nikon authorized service center - synergy camera center, pune, india

I had clearly mentioned that there is sand in my lenses and camera so they need to be cleaned accordingly. I had also been charged accordingly.

I got back my gadgets today and i noticed that the sand had not been removed from my lenses. I notice the hardness and the friction while rotating the zoom ring and the focus ring.

Though i am not sure about the internal cleaning, i have my doubts whether it...
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Nikon India — Nikon W100 battery not working

 Pulkit Tyagi on May 10, 2017
I have written this complaint to complain about the warranty given by Nikon India. I purchased a Camera Model Name Nikon W100. Its battery could not work properly from Day 1. I took it to the service centre in Karol Bagh Delhi. There they said that battery and other accessories are not under any warranty. They took my camera for checking and gave it back after one week. I lost much of my time and money because the service centre is very far from my house. They also spoiled my camera settings due to which the photo quality got very bad and I lost money because I use my camera for work....
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Nikon India — Supply of battery of Nikon camera Coolpix P520 Model no 11003243

 deepak bhowar on Apr 23, 2017
Sir, as mentioned above camera was purchased from ideal digital color lab panaji on 05-11-13. Battery expired in last month and was requested to above lab to indent it. Many time visited his shop, he is saying no battery in store except in pune. It is ridiculous that such type of big company selling cameras but not providing batteries to their camera. I request to provide batteries to this lab or in mapusa where i also visited many time.
Deepak bhowar 9421264660...
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Nikon India — Brand new camera nikon p900 was dead after taking few pic dead

 Vasanthi K Samethadka on Apr 12, 2017
Bought nikhon p900 camera from reliancedigital, on 1 4 17, and on monday camera was dead while working, tried to charge the battery and battery was dead, used spare nikhonen el 23 battery and camera was working, 11 4 17 same problem once again complained to reliance digital manglore they are not taking responsibility company says no guarantee for battery, fault is with camera...
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Nikon India — Worst service by Nikon

 pratapdoc on Mar 30, 2017
I agree with your views, i too found nikon too much arrogant as far as handling customer care is concerned. I purchased a nikon slr camera and had to pay heavy price for same. I gifted the same to my daughter on her birth day. Unfortunately the camera had problem for unknown reason (Malfunction with 2 buttons).
I immediately rushed to nearby service centre the person kept the camera for 3 weeks and did not do anything later he said that they no more provide service for nikon cameras. I had to contact nikon customer care and as they suggested delivered the camera to another service centre...
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Nikon India — Not sending the refund amount after completion of timeline on 21st february 2017 by ebay india private limited.

 sumit kumar sahu on Feb 21, 2017
Here i want to raise a serious issue, which is about an e-commerce company named as ebay india private limited who is cheating with customers after getting the money from customers.
I sumit kumar sahu, having paisapay id: 44579677813 purchased a mi4 mobile display on the date of 22nd january 2017 by using my debit card but it didn’t reach me so i called the seller but the seller misbehaved me and told me not to contact him so i called ebay india private limited but nobody responded. I called after the timeline completed and told him to refund the money on 3rd february, at the same time...
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Nikon India — Service needed

 ramacharir on Feb 19, 2017
​Hi Sir/ Madam,

I had bought a Nikon 610 ( Product AF-S 24-85/3.5-4.5G ED VR) Lens on 07/04/2016 and i have found focus problem in the lens, As i found the trouble i had taken to the service center JNR city center Bengaluru for four times and they could find no fault but the problem remains the same. The trouble has become more after the service and i am not able to use to the lens with a good quality....
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Nikon India — New b700 camera not compatible with snapbridge app in apple ipad. I

 Shamsher Dogra on Jan 17, 2017
I am unable to transfer photos from my B700 camera to my IPad through the SnapBridge app . The Nikon sales people at Vijay Sales in Hadapsar, Pune, India have not been able to solve this problem, so I had Nikon's technical adviser ( Siddharth ) take a look. He tried his best to make the SnapBridge connection work, but to no avail. Finally he told me that the current SnapBridge app in Apple IPads has not been updated, hence the problem.
As a result the main purpose of buying the B700 camera has been defeated & I am very disappointed. Please revert with a solution to this problem with the SnapBridge...
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Nikon India — Nikon camera

 Manoranjan Chouhan Chowhan on Jan 16, 2017
I purchased a Camera(Nikon d3330) for gifting to my daughter who developed interest in photography as gift on her birthday but buying a product at high price from a reputed manufacturer like Nikon proved most disappointing experience to me and my family.
The camera was hardly used by my daughter (that too for indoor photography)after couple of months its button (some buttons) started malfunctioning. We had ordered the camera online through Amazon portal so contacted them they told us to contact manufacturer as the same is under warranty.
We contacted the company and were advised to...
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Nikon India — Auto focus stopped after service

 EDITOR DIPAK SHAH on Dec 16, 2016
I service my nikon 5100 at ahmedabad nikon service centre paldi 13 14 sahjanad complex paldi i submitted my camera and lenses for free service camp second day they return after service when i checked next day auto focus system in my 18 to 55 mm lenses not working so immediately i reached to service center told the situation but they can't accept their fold they give me 2800 rs quatation i shocked. I have bill copy and attached here.....
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Nikon India — Complaint about Nikon Digital camera COOLPIX L31 SILVER

 drasims on Nov 30, 2016
I purchased the camera on 3.08.2015.
I had 2 complaints with this camera
Complaint No.1 :Right from the 2nd month, its press button for taking snaps got stuck.
Complaint No.2: More serious one - the camera will shut off by itself giving the message that " the batteries are exhausted".
This happened with fresh new batteries.

I submitted for repair in 2015, but the second complaint persisted.
I totally couldnt have any use with the thing.

Then, I again submitted recently for repair again at the Trivandrum Service centre,...
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Nikon India — Brand New Nikon D5200 Not Turning On

 Raju Kavhale on Nov 5, 2016
Dear sir/mam

i have purchased Brand New -- Nikon D5200
last week... while im taking pics its stop working...
its only 1 week brand new camera... n im getting big issues with your product..
now i'll never buy ur Nikon Products Anymore This is My 1st DSLR Camera..
now its Not Turning On... I have also visited Retailer Shop They Also Check... Camera n battery also check...
please i humble request to you please solve my issue...

I'll Appreciate if you can help for fast service...

Kailash Kavhale / Raju Kavhale
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Nikon India — Deficiency in Service

 Vinod Sohanlal on Nov 5, 2016
Ref Service Order BHP - 000612 dt 1st April 2016. I have visited the Nikon service centre at least 10 times during the last 7 months but the camera which was given for simple sensor cleaning was not delivered to me as the auto focusing was found to be out of sync. Then on one pretext or other the camera is not delivered to me. After company's SMS stating that the camera was ready on 21/10/2016 I again called to collect but was told that it had not arrived from Indore. I have already expended much money and time on the effort and will not visit the service centre yet again. If the camera not delivered...
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Nikon — Repai cost is too high

 sourav1234 on Oct 16, 2016
The repair cost of my nikon P600 is too high Rs 6400 by Capital electronics nikon auth service center at capital electronics at esplaned, 12, J.L Nehru road, Kol-13, The camera is very good but it suddently got defects and the cost estimated is rs 6400 by capital electronics . I am unable to pay this huge [link removed] consider my request for repairing of the camera in low cost JOB NO -KOL-021863...
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Nikon India — Re-occuring Autofocus issue with 3000 F4 Nikkor lens

 vinay5.m on Oct 3, 2016

I have submitted my Nikkor 300 F4 lens as it's autofocus has stopped working for 3rd time in a year. I was given a service sheet in which there was no mention of damage to lens. Now I am being charged mentioning there is a dent in lens. I provided them screenshot of the service reciept and there is no reply from Nikon since a week. My lens is with them for past one month,
Service order no is: THN-013371

I hope Nikon India resolves it early.

Vinay Mishra...
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Nikon India — Not getting wifi sd card and tripod against purchase camera d3300

 dutta96 on Oct 1, 2016
30th sep, 2016 am purchased a nikon dslr from great eastern trading co. Siliguri. Camera details - d 3300 slr still camera (Sl no -3547/7887/3281) tax invoice no - 29 / sa /1617 /07039. Invoice date - 30-09-2016 vat no - 19451500017. On nikon website and inside kit box i noticed i am supposed to get 16 gb wifi sd card and trypod. But while contacted representatives concerned said nikon is not providing these....
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Nikon India — Please solve autofocus problem in my Lance 55-200 . why you are destroying your goodwill

 arib salman on Sep 9, 2016
Ek he problem bar bar repeat ho rahe he service center me 3 time dikha dia or 10-12 din ke lie gurgoun b beja par kuch b thk ni hua .ab aap log he batao kya karu me ap logo se to itni se problem solve ni ho re he kesa service center he apka ap ke problem solve nahi karpare .. Ab to mere sare friends b bolne lage ki kabhi Nikon ka koi product nahi purchase karege Nikon se accha canon he .. Canon ki service Nikon se bhot zada accha he ap muje ye bata do ap ise thk karke doge ya me consumer ferm me complaint kare or mere friends because mere friends ke products me bhi problems arahe me ap plz...
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Nikon India — Poorly built nikon dslr d7200, service order so/16-17/005550

 Kaushik Shil on Jul 12, 2016
I bought this top of the line DSLR from Nikon DSLR Zone in Kolkata on 14/05/2016. In the subsequent trip in Africa, the camera goes through absolutely normal usage but I noticed the top LCD is broken and then observed the back cover seal is having hairline gap. When I took it to service centre they even refuse to take warranty card and without looking into it blatantly said its a problem due to user handling and warranty doesn't cover it. I have been using DSLR for last 24 years and using Nikon for 20 years and used it always with care and never faced such situation. Later Nikon sent me snaps that...
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