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    I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


    I have multiple accounts i spent almost $1500 every year on reliance indiacall account.when i call customer care they are very rude and they are not even bother to listen to our problem.they say "sir" and talk very arrogantly.I tried to explain to reset my password but they hardly listen .I asked them to forward to manager or speciality dept who can do that they say its not possible. Customer care people showed their attitude towards customers and proved his attitude.After using for years iam planning to switch to some other service.

    After repetative mailing for my account closer i am not getting any responce rather my credit card ia getting charged with the monthly minimum charge for holding the account. till date i have 10time written mail to customer care.
    Dial *333 and you do not know or understand what the heck it is all about so many unwanted information is PUMPED into our ear drums for FREE.
    My point is why can't they connect us to OPERATIVES as all their Customers are taking COFFEE BREAK or CHIT CHATTING which we can't see.Over 20 minutes you have to shell out from your fixed 24X60= 1640 fixed minutes by GOD.
    My point is also the answer from any Customer Care Careless OFFICER is that their SERVER is down, WHAT SERVER, ?. COFFEE or TEA.!!!
    My problem is my Cell # [protected] is getting Unwanted MESSAGES every 5 mts all through the day and I have to spend 15 mts from my GOD GIVEN FIXED TIME.
    ( this is left out in a hurry in para 1)
    Another Mistake in a hurry as power may go off.
    ... Will I get my problem solved.?
    It's 4 hours that's 240 minutes no reply.
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

       Bhogilal Zaverdas Shah
      When I click the above website I can't get correct website. Phone no given to me is 1-999985-4822 pin given is 6268. Please tell me correct website. When I dial 1-866-373-5426 some body attending and tell to dial phone no given and pin no i do and I can talk to India. But I call customer service 1-888-673-5426 some guy attending but not talking with me please reply.

      Yours sincerely
      bhogilal tell mr correct website
      Company information:
      Reliance India Call
      Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
      Phone: [protected]

      Simple Reliance india call pay money but access number are not working. Very difficult to reach customer care, if lucky enough then, then rep will entertain you, " we will not be able to provide you any feedback" if you need feedback then send us a email. Use STD to different city to call .. they r providing very poor services. No no should go for them.
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        I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

        Reliance India Call calling cards services are going down day by day. Poor call quality high calling rates.........Who will buy.....???

        Reliance India Call — Rounding off to minute!

        we have to check my mobile data

        Reliance India Call — Fake offers, double talk time!

        Login into the

        Use Pramotion code:- 149700

        Logged in today and get the benifit..... get double talk value......enroll 10$,20$ talk value get 20$,40$ talk value......WOW what a offer.....
        very good sound quality, you will never be regret..... after enrolling it..... so go and get it....all Calling number are toll free number, you can enroll as many number as you want..
        Customer care
        Reliance India Mobile

        Subject : Atrocities committed Sigma Webworld Expresss G.T. Road, Near PNB Bank Purkazi Muzaffarnagar U.P. on subscriber

        There are many atrocities committed by the Sigma Web World Express on subscribers in this area. All the bills has been regularly submitted by the Naresh Kumar s/o Ramdutt Sharma but due to negligence and corruption of this web world subscriber suffering many problem. Subscriber has already submitted bill of month October (25.09.07 to 24.10.07) amount 1453/ (one thousands four hundred fifty three) but the web world denying the statement and excepting for amount1009 only, remaining amount 444.95 is being not considered. He treats to the consumer to cut down the line. The current no. [protected] was puten out of service again negligence and corruption of this web world. The total bill amount was submitted before the last date but the amount was send long after 14.12.07. Due to this the subscriber has been suffering with mental harassment. I am given full details the negligence and corruption of this web world express as follows-
        Phone No Bill of the Month Date of deposit by consumer Receipt No. Amount Bill amount posted by web world Bill date posted by web world Remain amount on web world
        [protected] 15.09.07 to 24.10.07 15.1.07 *On plane paper with signature and seal 1453/ 1009/ 16.11.07 444.95/
        [protected] 17.09.07 to 18.10.07 29.10.07
        8.11.07 52954
        52873 600/
        =1391/ Cut down the phone line on non payment due to negligence and corruption of web world till 14.12.07

        *scanning photo of receipt is attached as follows-

        Please take action against, so that the subscriber may get proper service and your help.
        Thanking you
        Your truly

        Naresh Kumar
        s/o Sh. Ramdutt Sharma
        Vill=Post- Khaikheri
        Muzaffarnagar (U.P.)
        Phone No-[protected], [protected]
        Buy reliance India Call calling cards for international calls and get busy with their customer care executives for solutions. I believe reliance india call customer support is operating from india thats why they take 5 days to sort out customers query.
        Dont buy reliance India call calling cards quality and services very poor
        Reliance India Call it is better to close your services rather then providing poor services. Come in the market when you have proper resources
        In addition to false advertising, and complex promotions, both AirTel and Reliance have hidden charges like taxes that they can't pay themselves so ask the customer to pay at the end of the call. All I can say is Chak De Very reliable service and excellent quality.
        I have an account in reliance india call.I am facing continues problem to recharge my account and there is no customer service number to have an option to recharge.

        Reliance India Call — Pathetic Service

        I never understand when these boys grow up! In a tug of War between Reliance and BSNL they actually dont allow calls from one network to another network and thus causing inconvenience to customers..

        When contacted to customer service. .they ask all sort o[censored]nwanted questions like the number you called and your email info, phone no in usa

        finally they send an email only after i have contacted the customer service email that you cannot call the phone numbers that are registered to BSNL as we have a tug of war going on(they didnt say that ...)

        What a loser company they need to grow up...

        Reliance India Call — Poor call quality/Connecting time too long

        Reliance india call was good an year before and not now. The call quality is very poor and the connecting time is very long. You need to hear the initial instructions atleast 2 to 3 times repeatedly (kind of echo) and it is painful when you are dialing in someone very urgent. Overall reliance call is pain and i switched over to trueroots very recently and so far so good. Airtel is also another option.
        Ive purchased a data cable card for reliance and the download speed is very slow that it takes 30 minutes to download a 3mb song.. how can i get this resolved.. pls look into this before i look somewhere else for internet.

        Mr. francisco

        Reliance India Call — Reliance Poor Network Quality.

        I guess Reliance CallHome has become complacent in servicing their customers. I have been facing real problem in accessing local access numbers to call India. I guess that since they enjoy the market leader position they don’t want to take care of newer customer’s issues. I’m going to see if this issue is resolved within a week. Otherwise, I will switch to Airtel CallHome as my colleagues have recommended Airtel.
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          I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

          Hey Guys Reliance India call really sucks.

          I was getting billed for the number which was not a registered number of mine with for the period NOV 07 till FEB 08( current). I had drawn attention to this to its customer service agent on Feb 4th,2008. Intially i was told that my claim is false as billing is computerised and someone is using my pin number through that number which was not registered in my account of reliance.

          Since i was quite sure this cannot happen as i have never generated a pin number access or used anytime pin number access any time since i have registered with reliance india call from 2005. I requested to the customer service agent to transfer the line to his higher authority and i was told the line cannot get transfered to higher authority as per company guide line and if i have any complain then i have to contact them through email only. The customer service agent refused to give any correspondence address in USA or its corporate office in India.

          Since i was frustrated with all this i tried to search to get corporate office number of reliance were i can complain about this matter. After calling several number on the net i managed to get the number of Reliance chairman office and the number was 912230371391. I was able to contact Mr. V Shailendra on 2/5/08 who works in the chairman office. He was very nice and tried to understand my complain and i was assured by him that someone will contact me in next 48 hours and will address my complain.Nothing happened as stated so once again i contacted Mr. Shailendra on 2/8/08. I was informed by him that he was notified by concern department who was looking into my complain that matter is resolved. Infact that was not e the fact.I had questioned him that if matter got resolved as per your information then what was the outcome of my complain. He failed to answer or provide any information.He provided me emails to whom i should send email to look into my matter [email protected],[email protected]

          On same day i received an email from customer care department send by Ms. Mandakini Ghiya which i am quoting as under

          Dear Customer,

          Greetings of the day!

          This is in reference to your query sent to Reliance India Call, your calls have ben wrongly charged.

          This is to inform you that as per Clause II 8. of Customer Service Agreement the customer needs to notify regarding billing dispute within 45 days.

          We regret the delay in reply and the inconvenience caused to you.

          We hope that we have helped you resolve the query.

          In case you require any further details/clarifications, kindly contact us through our website at or by calling Customer Care at 1-888-673-5426 or email us at [email protected]

          Yours sincerely,

          Mandakini Ghiya
          Customer Care
          Reliance India Call


          Since i did not received any response to email of mine of 2/8/07 till 17th Feb,2008 i once again called the chairman office and told Mr. Shailendra i want now someone this time from the concern department who is dealing with my complain. Intially he said its company policy that they do not reply emails till matter is resolved and secondly he cannot give number out of any department whom i should contact other then customer service. This made me tell him i want stop calling chairman office till i get my matter resolved.We had conversation for more then 45 minutes and finally he said he would get some one on line and have conference call. After getting concern authority on line the person said common lines of corporate world that we regret,we apolozies....blabla.....but i told this is not going to help me as i need an answer either credit my account for wrong charges billed to me or prove me that my complain is baseless and wrong. The concern person assured me then in 3 hours time i will get a call from them and will inform the outcome. according to that commitment i did receive a call and an email stating my account has been credited for the wrong charges billed to me. I am quoting the email as under

          Dear Customer,

          Greetings of the day!

          As we understand from your mail, your call were wrongly charged.

          This is to inform you that we have passed a waiver of $ 30.23 towards wrong billing.
          We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and also regret the delay in reply.

          We hope that we have helped you resolve the query.

          In case you require any further details/clarifications, kindly contact us through our website at or by calling Customer Care at 1-888-673-5426 or email us at [email protected]

          Yours sincerely,

          Kirti Mudaliar
          Customer Care
          Reliance India Call

          Since now the credit is issued dont you guys thing Reliance India call should be held liable to pay compensation for all this hassle i had to go through?

          My strong suggestion check your bills on regular basis other this company will steal our hard earn money by charging us wrong and pay back only if someone complain and persive to this extend.....

          Hope we learn from this episode that we cannot trust Reliance India call.
          We should make sure we thoroughly check our bills from RelianceIndiaCall.This seems to be happening quite often with a lot of people using this service.
          Respected Sir, Here with i have a complain that we are not getting proper signal in our town BHADRAN TA : BORSAD, DIST : ANAND. PIN 388530. so please do need for us because we are not getting the range at all. so there is no us of our internet connection. we are simply paying the bill. sir this is my third complain to you and now i am going to take support of consumer care.
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            I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment


            I had signed up for a Reliance India Call on 24th Jan-08 for $10 denomination with $0.72 taxes, but I did not receive the PIN on my email id on that day.

            On calling the customer care and explaining everything for 30 mins, he was not able to find out the transaction. He was not able to find the e-mail id in the database. And he said that, I should drop a mail and will surely get a reply within 24 hours.

            I checked my bank transaction and found that $10.72 has been deducted from my account and still I had not received the pin.

            So I dropped a mail to the customer care as discussed by the customer care executive with the form which I submitted as well as the bank transaction details.

            On calling on 25th Jan-08 to the customer care, since I have not received a reply since already 20 hours had passed. On discussion for 45 mins, he said in the transactions details it is pending and since the transaction is completed properly since I had not received the pin. The transaction would rollback and I will surely get my money back. If not kindly get back to us. Hearing this, I bought a $10 calling card on 25 Jan-08.

            After buying the transaction, I get a mail reply from the customer care that you have already got an account which he meant about the one I bought just a while ago. Inspite of stating the questions and details properly I just got an improper reply.

            I again mailed my concerns, which was about the transaction dated 24th Jan 08 which was incomplete.

            Again, I got a mail reply on 26th Jan 08. That you have got two registrations done with the company dated 24 Jan 08 and 25th Jan 08 respectively and they stated for which the pin has already sent. It also stated "If you have forgotten the pin, kindly visit the website."

            On getting the mail, I called the customer care on 26th Jan 08 and again explaining the same thing for the 3rd time which took my 45 mins. On discussion, we found that there was some issue in there website and the transaction was not registered properly and it was done later. Also, the transaction was done for $5 instead of $10. The executive said that I should call up and get the account cancelled by calling the customer care on working day.

            On following up again on 29th Jan 08 with the customer care, I explained the problem again for 30 mins. They were able to cancel my transaction for which I would get my money back in 4 - 5 business days into my account.

            On discussion with senior executive Deepak Naik, I explained my problem and the harassment for 20 mins which I faced with the incomplete transaction. He was sorry about that. I asked about the compensation due to the inconvenience caused by spending time, energy and money behind it. He was not able to provide any compensation.

            I asked him to provide me the contact details of the senior manager from whom I could have asked for compensation. He was not able to provide that. So asked him to reply mail with the issue due to which I had faced the inconvenience. He said he was not able to do that, but he can forward the feedback to the senior in the department. The most funniest part was that I said I want a apology for the inconvenience caused since it was a full mistake from the side of the Reliance India Call, he replied me saying "Drop us a mail at [email protected] and we will surely reply to that". After laughing at that part, he said we will surely reply you within 24 to 48 hours time.

            So I would like a compensation for the inconvenience and the trouble caused to me in terms of time, energy and money I spent behind fixing a problem which was caused due to Reliance India Call.

            Kindly look into this and help me get my compensation.

            Paresh Jain
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