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Tata Indica Xeta GLG

Tata Indica Xeta GLG Complaints & Reviews

We owened a Maruti 800 Car for 3 years. But we thought that the Tata Xeta was a better option with more features and less price which means value for money.. So we bought a Tata Xeta GLG model on the 18th of February 2008 from the Vistar motor outlet in Panajim-Goa as it is close to my father place before marrage. We thought ourselves to be proud owners of a brand new Tata Xeta, but our excitement soon turned into resentment. First of all we realised that the front left window glass had a problem and fog light was not working. First of all when I reach home I realize that my fog lights are not working. I tried my best to find out what the problem for my new car. We reported the problem to the outlet from where we had purchased the car. We were told the get the car to the outlet. When I was told that there were no wiring for the fog light inside. They request me as there is no spare part available in Goa this problem will be solve within five days and works manager (Mr babu) will contact me personally. But he never contacted but I had to remind him for my problem. So after 2 month my problem was solve for my new car. During 3rd month my car suddenly stopped inbetween the road in the night asignition fails to give fire. Very next morning I call vistar motor for my problem but they send man on the 2 nd day and found that fuse were gone. But for me my new car was laying side of road for 2 days was shame for me. In the 4th month the Speedometer was not working which take us to take the vehicle for more then 3 times to vistar motors which is nearing about 40 km from my home. But problem was not solve till 8th month. Vistar motors had order the new speedometer in the month of July 08 which is still pending as they say company is not supplying the parts.
Till then we had realised that either there are no trained Service Engineers at that outlet, or if at all they are there, they are not efficient enough to find and fix the problem. So we went to another outlet in Margao which is actually around 55 kms from my residence.
They examined the car. Then we were told that they have to replace some part. This part had to be ordered. It took around a month for the part to be delivered at the outlet. Then I had to take another leave to take the car to the Margao outlet. I had to leave it there since they said that it would take more than a day to fix the problem and check it. So I had go on another day to get the car. I thought that was the end of my problems. But that was not to be...
Again in September, one fine evenining when we were coming back from some function with my family, the car stopped all of a sudden. It just wouldn't start. We called a local mechanic who told us that there is some problem with the Ignition belt. We had to literally push and get the car back home. All my friends said "Why did u buy a Tata car. This is the quality of Tata cars. They are cheap but low quality. The car problems will never end". We were very demoralised hearing this and were literally repenting on our decision. We reported this to the vistar outlet. The next morning, their person came to check the car. He tried starting it and to his luck it started. But later again it wouldn't start. By now we had lost faith in the people from this outlet. So we contacted the Margao outlet. As usual we were told to get the car to the outlet. But I was not sure that I would reach there with the car. And as I expected, the car stopped once in between. Then after a while it started. And then finally it stopped right in front of the Margao outlet and just woudn't start. The service person from the outlet tried his best to start it, but he was not lucky enough. They had to push it once again to take it to the outlet. They then examined it and ...
That is still not the end of it. Now in December 2008, one night as I started the car to return home, it made some strange noise. I was a little nervous and checked the car from all sides. The minute I start the engine the noise starts and the minute I stop it, the noise stops. After my past experiences, I knew that anything can go wrong with this car. So I immediately called up the engineer from Margao. He asked me the details and told me that there seems to be no major problem with the car and that I can get the car to the outlet after a few days. I have to now take the car to the Margao outlet once again. Problem was of car AC RELAY sound.

So this is my experience with the Tata cars. And I would not suggest any of my friends to go for a Tata car. We never had any problems with my second hand Maruti 800 car after owning it for 3 years other than changing of tyres. We sold it thinking that since it was now 10 years old problems would start. But landed up in a bigger problem by buying a Tata car. The problems started from day one of the purchase. It has not even completed one year and we are just making trips to the service center. I feel that I have lost my hard earned money. I agree that it is very spacious and confortable car. But the problems we have faced with the car are enough to overshadow any of its good features. I feel my second hand Maruti 800 car was better than this problem making brand new Tata Xeta car.
I wonder what kind of a quality check the Tata cars go through, if so many problems remain unchecked. And by now I am fully convinced that what my friend had said was competely true, "They are cheap but low quality. The car problems will never end". If this is what I got for 3.8 lakhs, I wonder what the quality of the Nano car will be.
Now today though I had purchase car from vistar motors I have to go to Auto industries, Margaon for my car service.
Please get back the dealership for Vistar motors, Panajim before it too late for TaTA name.
They arte TATA ke naam kalang.
My details as follows
Name – Parinda Pundalik Mashelkar
Vehicle no- GA-04-C-0640
Mobile no-9423883841/9422057233
I am also one of the many frustrated owners of Tata Car (I know there are many out there who are not complaining) Read my account at I have strongly recommended my friends, colleagues and acquaintances NOT TO BUY A TATA CAR as the product is of cheap quality (naturally you get what you pay for) and the service is the worst kind!!!. The service personnel lack professionalism, their communication skills are extremely poor and at times they are rude to the customers. I dread going to the service station of Auto Industries Goa Ltd, situated at Fatorda Goa.

I repent buying the TATA INDICA XETA GLX (Deluxe model it seems, Ha Ha ha...!)
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     Dr. S.P. Bhardwaj
    dear sir,
    i purchased tata indica xeta glg car last month from dhingra motors, gurgaon, haryana. since first day car is having starting problem on petrol. then company adviced me to install CNG kit in my vehicle from their authorised fitment centre at okhla,newdelhi. after that also i m facing same problem of starting on both the fuels options. dealer is not responding to me properly. please forward my complaint for the needful.
    thank you,
    dr.S.P. bhardwaj
    house no.1010,sector-4
    gurgaon,haryana, india

    tata indica xeta glg — major complaint

    the car mfd in the year 2007.purchased in the month aug 2007.given for repairs on 25.10.07 to your local dealer pandit automobiles at sangli.unable to take proper action.look in to the matter and replace a new vehicle.
    i purchased tata indica xeta car(DL8CM 3826) last year from Pawa motors, Wazirpur, Delhi. since first day car is having starting problem on petrol. then company/dealer adviced me to install CNG kit(mixed fuel kit) in my vehicle from their authorised fitment centre at okhla, newdelhi. after that also i m facing same problem of starting on patrol options. dealer is not responding to me properly. please forward my complaint for the needful and advise me what type of CNG kit best of Indica xeta car and cost of change of CNG KIT.
    thank you
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      I want to submit Complaint Positive Review Neutral Comment

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