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Traffic Police, Vizag — car race, rash driving and use of abusive language on being questioned

 Nyayam on Feb 13, 2019
Sir, i would like to know from the visakhapatnam traffic police department that what action will be taken against a landlord's son who claims himself to be a lawyer and yet breaks traffic rules in place and uses very abusive and foul language on being questioned for indulging in car race (Suv's) and rash driving at night time. "na bandi na ishtam... Nuvvu naku emaina pettava chesava... Who the # are you to question me... Nuvvu evadivi ra nannu adaga daniki... Naku nachinnattuga nenu naduputanu... Dikku unna chotaki velli cheppuko ra... Nikemaina ainda... Avaledu kada... Moosukoni...
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Traffic Police, Vizag — rash driving

 sst updates on Feb 6, 2019
Sir, while am coming from simhachallam station one of the railway duty vechile hit my bike and he is driving rash he is used vulgar language, and i said i give a complaint on you and he said that do what you want even you dont touch my hair like that he said. Am attaching the pics of vechile and driver pic. Take the action on him.
Thanking you sir,...
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Traffic Police, Vizag — on auto rickshaw driver

 ramesh tirlangi on Jan 10, 2019
Auto rickshaw no:- ap31tt2397, this concernt auto rickshaw driver is fully consumed alcohol while in duty and driving out of control, i questioned regarding this matter, then he dropped me middle on road and quarreled doing rowdism on me, using unparlimantary language and try to physical handle on me, another traffic passengers stopped him.. He is unfit for driving and not safety to passengers, please take action on him.. And cancel his license....
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Traffic Police, Vizag — damage to my car by other car owner

 Anusha Potnuru on Nov 20, 2018
My car was damaged by other car owner who was driving the car when he crossed from right to left lane and inspite of that he was abusing me. I am enclosing the photo of car with which the fellow car owner damaged my car. The car owner also behaved with mw very rudely. He also took photo of my car and threatened me seriously. I thought of asking whether he knows the traffic rules or not but as traffic was heavy i coolex down though my car got damages but that fellow car owner came out of car and abused me inspite mistake being on his side...
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Traffic Police, Vizag — unable to use road due to cars bike auto parking on road

 rakesh2017 on Nov 6, 2018
While coming down from automotive from highway to krishna college road take 1 st left in jothi nursing home lane and then take immediate right. (When we take right there 24x7 road is getting blocked an unable to use the road as vechiles are parked. Facing problem from 2 months

Below google location

For more detials call on[protected]...
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Traffic Police, Vizag — parking on rk beach road on saturday and sunday

 jayakrishna k on Oct 1, 2018
I'm living in vizag since 5 years near rk beach, recenly the traffic rules on rk beach on weekends has changed. Because of that public was suffering like a lot, especially nonlocal who came to enjoy the vizag. Traffic police are looting them with fines.
I am a victim in one of them, i parked my car opp to vuda children park rk beach, where as no sign boards of "no parking" and no policemen to guide us. When we went to beach and on return my car was towed by traffic towing vehicle. I'm with my wife and two small kids with wet clothes.
When i contacted nearest traffic police, he is...
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Traffic Police, Vizag — rude behavior of auto

 kala sai charan on Sep 2, 2018
An auto driver was drunk when we are coming in his auto from railway station to hb colony. And talking non sense in the auto by giving rude answers and not at all following our instructions.. We also warned him that we would complain regarding your service and behavior and he was replying in a sarcastic way that what would police do and talking rubbish. Then we gave him money and went back home without any argument..
Kindly take charge an this auto driver, it may damage our visakhapatnam reputation when outers steps in his auto
I have attached an photo copy of the auto registration...
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Traffic Police, Vizag — using references

 siva prasad chandaka on Aug 7, 2018
Good evening sir this is siva prasad. When i was returning to my home from office at sheelanagar one police man stoped my byke and the cause is sound pollution. He dont have any measuring instrument. He charged challana 1000 rupees and same police man stopped another byke for same cause but police man didn't charge the challana because he used reference call from some one we have video evidence i am attaching challana photo copies...
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Traffic Police, Vizag — parking at beach road

 prankiee V on Jul 15, 2018
Hi i m a doctor working at visakhapatnam am writing this complaint as i m damn frustrated with the way the parking has been organised in beach road ..there is no separate parking slot for cars left as many of the citizens park their bikes in the slots for cars ..when the police impose fines for four wheelers parked on bike parking slot why dont they organise the parking system.and impose fines for bikes which are parked in cars slot ..just because people arent questioning does it mean they impose fines and do not care about the parking system ...i have also complained to the traffic police at beach...
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Traffic Police, Vizag — police cheating common people with unnecessary fines

 vishnu9054 on Jun 5, 2018
Sir, I'm driving in Beach road at a speed of 20-25 kmph on June 3 2018 at 5:00pm with my friends then traffic police stopped me n then he stopped all the bikes above 150cc and then one more police came and started writing fines...we didn't do anything for my bike they wrote 1135/- fine sir without doing anything if we ask reason they are saying yesterday one accident happened so cp orders they wt did we do...wt did common people? Why r traffic police catching normal people and writing fake fine? Is it what they can do?...
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