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I have the same experience about it. APX agent from Malaysia said i had a package send by my chat friend name Tom and my package been hold by the custom because they detected money inside it.. He said his name is Scott Thomson. His phone no. is 60-1697-91028 but last time he used another no.. 60-1669-37187.

When i call the custom officer .. they asked me about the parcel no.. but this guy refuse to give it to me.. he said for the good relation that he make with the department .. he can't give it to me.. He request from me RM3540.00

he give me the account no that i have to bank in the money ..

Name: Julianah Binti Jaleel
Bank Name: Hong Leong Bank
Account No: 05550132629

now .. he request me

now he request from me another RM 3950 because the APX UK have to settle it with UK government to get the Anti-Terrorist Certificate. Too bad .. Is this 2 guy is connected to each others?

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The reason that they place it in the opposite country because you can always check with post office or the forwarder in your country. It will hard to make detection from the other country. Anyway your packages would not be confiscated unless the authorities detected criminal items like drugs, bombs if not they will return to senders. Confiscation will also could happen in corrupt countries..Anyway, if he is rich enough, why don't they use Fedex or Ups than some unknown courier service..i m.glad that I never send the money..look at my fatty so called handsome hero — Terrible service! Lies and more lies!

Yeah FAP makes no sense, think about it. If everyone is downloading excess, THEN FAP kicks in, how did the satellite handle it in the first place? Wouldn't it be better to let the system strain under true bandwidth crunch by its users than force a virtual one? At least if you let the people slow it down themselves, then they know its thier own fault. Inciting riots with your customers is pretty bad business, it amazes me that a company can be so pompous an arrogant to force people through thier methods because some people have no choice how to hook up. AND then charge them 50-60$ or more a month?
I have Pro Plus and thinks its pretty stupid to limit my connection, hell, I'm the one paying for it, I should get what I need within reason. At bare minimum they should have FAP credits for people to collect if they incur no FAP every week. Kinda like download credits, like you can earn 1-2 credits for downlaoding a week, each point stands for 100 mb. At elast you give people hope and a reward to stay within your restrictions. But the way your doing it now, is straight out Tyranny.

Nico International UAE — False Offer letter

I got this offer letter from a company based in uk, ocean oil and gas. They offers me a job with all benefits and so on they are just false. This is a scam... Beware! Dont trust them at all

sea air clearing pvt ltd — PLAN & BILL QUERY

dear sir / madam

we apply for group plan good value 149/- however plan incl local call @.50/-ps. which not alloted to this plan & we are charge Rs.1/- for all local call

so, we request you to stop this service from now.

give below is airtel nos.


kindly do the needful at earliest
i have the same experience abaout it. my chat name WILLIAMS LEWIS as soldier in iraq ( he said single father of one son Jack 13 year old. send me parcel HP laptop and cam, bunch of roses and other things and 10000 pound sterling inside the laptop package.
few a day the agent APX send me email and request to send money Rm3120.00 for custom duty and tranfer the maney by bank adn western union.
RHB [protected]

2nd time, send email again and request for gov tax RM6850.00

AND now he request from another RM7499.00 be coz the APX have to settle it with UK goverment to get ANTI-TERRORIST CERTIFICATE.

CIMB [protected]

order no; APX 576543
REF no; APX: 11052006/21



very too much!
i think this the guys connected each other.

i will promise to send this guys go to JAIL!
Hi ujing,
I also have the same experience. Exactly same with you.Parcel no also same. HP laptop and cam, bunch of roses and other things and 10000 pound sterling inside the laptop package. also..i wish them die in jail. And it happen in Aug 08
David smith - air parcel express couriers are scammer and cheaters.

Dear all internet users pls be careful and beware of this person above name as i had same experienced with ur guys... I had met a guy claimed to be james brown ( whom i barely know from "tagged", obviously, he and david smith are liars and they have planned this together!

Few days ago james called said that he had sent a parcel, from uk. Then next day, i checked my email, stated that the package was being held in malaysia custom, content laptop, money 7000 pound sterling. Fortunately, god is great, I able to go tru internet with a friend, whom able to detect this scammer. Pls bare in mind. Their targeted only asians.
Hi .. My name is Andy and I am the CEO of Air Parcel Express, Inc. (USA) ... ther is a SCAM going on usingour good name and standing in the shipping industry ... they are using our name to defraud the public ... do not belive you won any lottery overseas and never pay anyone for someting you did no order ... ALSO please note the e-mail address from which the scam is being sent from is not a valid emal corresponding to our domains and or

Thank you!
well...i just receive email like this..
I also have the same experienced. The World Express Courier Service London/Malaysia company mailed me about the parcel from James Garry a guy that i met in Tagged. James Garry mailed me also that he sent me parcel which content GBP15, 000, 00, diamond and other jewelries stuff before he sailed to mexico. a few days ago a lady from Malaysia name Mrs. Norr called me about the parcel that i need to send $2000 for tranfer fee which i did sent them. after few hours when they recieved the money they called me again saying that my parcel was still on hold in custom malaysia because they are looking for the insurance certificate cost $6000 because of this big amount its seems not sounds good to me i called the malaysian custom to inform about this matter and they told me that this is fake and this people are scammer. until now they keep calling me to settle down my parcel.

ps. their mail

thank you
Similar to Delle I met a friend in 3 wks ago. He had emailed me daily saying he's a sports agent from London. on the 23rd of January just before he left for Scotland he had apparently sent me a parcel and had included a sum of money and had emailed me scanned the landing bill or receipt of the parcel going via Malaysia then to the final destination in New Zealand. The following week 27th of January I received an email from the delivery company Diplomatic Haulage & Hand Delivery Services advising me that my parcel had been withheld by the Malaysian Custom as they have detected money in the parcel. They are demanding $4450RM to clear, I later advised that this is ridiculous. They then emailed back to say they negotiated this to $1000RM. They had given me til friday 6th of February to send the money thru Western Union.
Here are the details of the people named on this scam:
Mr. Mike Johnson.
Delivery Officer

Diplomatic Haulage & Hand Delivery Services
Lot 20-7(H), Third Floor Front,
Beverly Hill Plaza,
Jalan Bundusan, Luyang,
Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: +[protected]
The money to be deposited under this name:
MACARTHY BARTLETT(diplomat incharge of the clearance and administration)


Dear Sir,

We booked on 18th of Jan 2009 @ Kurnool, Andhrapredesh.I hadn't received the courier.
Even though we have all the details, on one is responding properly for my item.

Address I am mentioning below :

8/3 RT, Opp Airport Road,
Prakashnagar Begumpet, Hyderabad-500 016.
Phone :[protected]/ 22/ 23
[protected]/ 05
Contact person :

Mr. Venktesh Rao
Cell.: [protected]
Hi all...after reading all the comments inside here...i wanted to shared my experience too. i think i'm the latest victim in this scam. Actually i just met two guys in tagged. I have no other intention just wanna to have more friends. But it just happen that one of my friend in this tagged his name is Scott
Travis from UK wanted to send me present. He said that i will receive the parcel on 17th February. Well i just forgotten all about it... until one day i received an email from Corporate Delivery International the and the add is at lot#224, 2nd Floor, Old Airport Road, 7th Mile, Kuching, Sarawak 93050 Malaysia. They were saying that the package has been placed on hold by the Malaysian Customs coz according to them the customs detected that currency were included in the parcel. So they requested me to pay for the Administrative : RM499.99, Clearance : RM2, 950.99 and the total amount RM3, 450.98. But i consult with my friend regarding this matters so she advise me not to pay for it. That the 1st case. The 2nd case that i face is i met this guy from tagged too and his name is Brian Graham...he claimed that he is captain in the army force. A divorcee with 2 children... one day suddenly i receive an email from him saying that he transfer some cash to me through a diplomat by the name of JAMES BROWN!!! When i read the email i thought he must be joking ... then he attach the airway bill consignment too. 2 days ago i received a call from this JAMES saying that he is in Kuching Airport and i need to pay for the Customs duty RM8, 700.00 but i told him i dun have that much money. Luckily i didn't pay for what he requested. But until today he still call my mobile even the agent keep on asking me if i can pay as soon as possible. I think this James & the agent have connection coz he asked me to bank in to this acc no :



Why i know they have connection coz i have to bank in the cash in the same acc as given from James Brown too which is in Faridah Kassim. Thank to god coz i have a friend which is aware abt this...they such an angel.

And my advise to all of u out there please be carefull with all this things & really hope that if there any customs department, immigration department people who read my complaints please take action on this case, which is i think this is a serious case. As a person like me who is a very careful and alert esp if it's got to do with a governtment law almost become one of the victim by those pirates. And please dun trust people which we might think is a nice people but actually they are really a devil.

Thank u for reading my email...and let all of us take this as a lesson & experience in our live and remember to learn from the lesson and experiece that wut we've been through.
thank you for the information...hope this scam could be stop and people should be inform about this.
hi i'm porn
my friend at taggad tell me sead jewellery, gold. perfumes and moeny 4, ooo pound
sterling i received telephone by parcel, but i'm not sure and i payment for about it RM2000 malaysia. ( western union money name LIN HUI LI )Please confirm to me is that ture.and have gift to me from my friend and nave LIN HUI LI within tomorrowi will payment if you confrim to me, please i want to confrim urgent

i agree with you. i already sent them money. this malaysian girl have a cooperation with uk man.
even they have website of the courier service company -
Hope everyone wont do the same thing like me
I am in a similar situation with Hughes ripping us off in a blatant manner. . Since now about 8 years we have been using most of the Satellite Internet Providers that one can find in India. We started with HCL: a disaster with a speed not exceeding 6 Kbps, then I took Barthi: yet another disaster which was the basic one and paying with a blazing speed not exceeding 6 Kbps. Both had of course promised us 256 Kbps! Then, we heard about Hughes and we tried them thinking that a "foreign" supplier would be more trustworthy!!! No way!!! we were given a connection that was supposed to be 125 Kbps at around Rs 6000 per month (about US$120/month) and despite their promises downloading speed varies from 0Kbps to 25 Kbps and this after having changed their router and paying the double amount about Indian rupees 12000 (roughly US$240)!!!

Imagine the situation: They are telling a similar story as yours of excessive download as the reason of a slow download/upload when Yahoo and Skype do not even connect when I open the laptop. They even came up with the story that my laptop was having a virus. How can it be when I use only Mac to which I also have added and anti-virus in the unlikely event that one of the rare Mac virus were to come in.

Our Hermitage were our Hughes Satellite Internet Connection is installed is far away from human habitations and because of the distance to the nearest village we cannot get a landline telephone, hence the only way to communicate with the outside World is Satellite Internet Connection. I am really fed up with this situation even more so that being the CEO of a Company, I cannot stay away from communicating with my Executives and Customers. But, how long can I put up with their nonsense? Surely, I will make such a racket that they will remember that they cannot take customers with such a disdain. If I were to have a similar attitude with our customers I would have gone bankrupt for lack of business...How come Hughes is still alive and kicking and yet continuing treating its customers like powerless cow to milk at will?
Hi all,

I have the same experience too about this. I met this guy from We exchanging emails for about 2 months and he said one day, he wants to send me gifts to show that he is really serious with me. his name is peterson tatcher douglas.His address is like this : -

i hv received an email from british high commission delivery service on 16/3/2009. said that i will receive my package on 18/3/2009. On 19/3/2009, i received a call from a lady name nazirah from Kota Kinabalu, said that my package already arrived in KK and i have to pay RM3880 to release them from airport. It was really suprised me. when i asked the lady to give me details of the courier company, sounds to me she hesitate and always tried not to answer my question.
n when i called the guy in uk, then only he told me tht he also sent me cash which he hide between the laptop. i really dont believe it, how can to collect a parcel need to pay such big money!
till now, they keep calling me to pay

hi.. all. I think i have same like all of you.. my friend Chris Andrew he stay in London Hp.[protected] he said he want send me laptop and he give a money in the laptop he say he already send the laptop with He give me a track number to know where the parcel arrived...this morning i open my com and i track the number i saw the parcel still in malaysia... then i call him to let him know about this... then after 1 hour some one from malaysia (nama jaleel...) she asking me about the money...around RM3800 for take the parcel... then i said i dont have money to and i said if i accept the parcel i will pay. but 1 time she said she cant call Chris... but after i told her about the situation...Chris told me i have to pay 1st the parcel then i can take the money from the laptop... because Mrs. Jaleel call him in Lodon. I thank's to God because im not send the money...God...Help me to see this web. And I hope God will be Funish Them all.
hi every chat name is ajid...i also a same experience with u all..i met this f***ing lady from tagged..actually she sent me the message that want to become my friend & lastly she told me that she fall in love with me..about 3 weeks we chatting...her name in tagged profile is yati m(yati mohad).she also tell me that she posted to me HPlaptop, a gold wristwatch, set model nokia communicator, flowers, pictures & liverpool jersey.the also told me the tracking code of the parcel .first time checked the parcel still in transit .2nd day checked the website (www. maintenance(untill now)..then i made a call to the sabah branch courier service.this english man siad the parcel will arrive to malaysia by tuesday.on thursday, i received a call from courier service agent stated in sabah.her name is norliza .she told me that i need to made a some amount(rm3550.98) because the parcel that was sent to me by yati mohad had been held by custom.anyway...i'm lucky ...after i checked the name account that she sent to me named maheran bt shariff..i saw the airparcel complaints...from that, i knew that ihad been .i do not bank in the money...ACTUALLY, THEY HAVE MANY LINK IN THIS f***ING ACTIVITY..SO I HOPE PLEASE MAKE A POLICE REPORT IF U FACING WITH THE SAME CASE...ALSO PLEASE REMIND ALL OF YOUR FRIEND ABOUT THIS...ALSO DONT FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE YATI M PROFILE IN TAGGGED(her profile still exist)...if can, please send the f***ing word to her..& for who staying in sabah, please urge a police so that make an investigation as soon as possible..their hotline contact number is [protected](lawrence wood),[protected]jason moore), [protected](f***ing lady).i'm sorry because my english are very2 bad...
I likewise just have a very recent experience like this. I met a guy in named Bruce Woodgate claiming that he is a Manager of Shell Company. A widower with an 8 year old daughter. After chatting for 3 weeks, he made declarations of love and told me that he sent a package containing 1hp computer, 2 wristwatches, necklaces, nokia cellphone, undies and lingeries and 9, 500 pounds sterling. I was likewise given a tracking number to determine the location of the parcel which was shipped through Oversea World Express. There is even a so called website. When I checked it after a couple of days, it was said that the parcel had arrived in Malaysia and that its being held because of the money detected inside. This Bruce guy called me up telling me that I need to pay the clearance fee anyway, I can get a refund from the money he sent. With this, I became suspicious. I consulted a friend about this just now. In fact Im writing this using her computer and she exerted effort till we found this website a few minutes ago and realized that I am almost victimized by a world wide scam. Im sad that people as evil as they are, are playing with our emotions. Sucking on our vulnerability and hopes of meeting someone good and special across the globe. So, to all of u out there, be careful and always remember that "if something is too good to be true, then IT ISNT true at all!" And to all the Bruces that comprise this scam, may all of you burn in hell!"

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