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I have the same experience about it. APX agent from Malaysia said i had a package send by my chat friend name Tom and my package been hold by the custom because they detected money inside it.. He said his name is Scott Thomson. His phone no. is 60-1697-91028 but last time he used another no.. 60-1669-37187.

When i call the custom officer .. they asked me about the parcel no.. but this guy refuse to give it to me.. he said for the good relation that he make with the department .. he can't give it to me.. He request from me RM3540.00

he give me the account no that i have to bank in the money ..

Name: Julianah Binti Jaleel
Bank Name: Hong Leong Bank
Account No: 05550132629

now .. he request me

now he request from me another RM 3950 because the APX UK have to settle it with UK government to get the Anti-Terrorist Certificate. Too bad .. Is this 2 guy is connected to each others?

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oh my ghosh! Justin Owen a cheater! the great swindler! thanks for you posting this comment..i am recently almost paid money to this malaysian people ZI JAD DEMIROVIC 4th floor, Wisma 2000, 11-12 Jalan Hang Lekir 50050, kuala lumpur, malaysia, according to certain pilipino woman named
grace has told me this man is their liason officer. That i my package sent by Justin Owen has been hold and about to be confiscated for it had undeclared item inside such as pound? It supposed to be delivered in my home here in Taguig City if only not been detected it has money inside which a policy violations tsu tsu as per written to their emails to me demanding for me to pay 850USD? Since i am the wife, (according to the woman Justin told her i am his wife?)hahaha!!!That they called Justin regarding the holding of the package and said Justin is at the middle of the sea working and he cannot attend to it. So, the speedexcor woman speaking in tagalog demanded me to send the money immediately coz the custom would confiscate the package. Wow! where can you find 850USD here in the Philippines of a simple citizen in that day? !! You'd better go to the mountain and plant camote Justin Owen. Whose that picture you are using? And all the people behind this fraud? You pilipina, what a shame of supporting this syndicated people! I assure you Justin Owen and others you'll be hell! HE'S YM: of this man.
Hi everyone! I have the same story right now and he still writes to me, but I know that it's a swindle!!! Now his name is Clard Taylor, he is an engineer and right now he working in Venezuela by project:
Hello my dear,
I've been really worried and even now i can't sleep, i have made every efforts to see how I can send money out of here but didn't work out and the delivery company sent me email, saying that if they don't hear from us, they will take legal action towards the situation, oh my goodness.
Dear i don't want lose that parcel and my hard earn money because of the small administrative fee. I am sorry I made a mistake by sending the package to you but you must understand that I am very excited about having you in my life and all I think and want is anything that will make our relationship stronger, like I always tell you I have had series of heartbreaks and bad relationship before I met you and this time I feel heavens have shown me the light of love through you and your family.
Please try your possible best to see what you can do because I told the cargo company to give us more time but the said no. i asked them if they will allow me to send the money by next month and they said no that they have already exceeded the given time in which they should confiscate my items oh my goodness.
it will kill me if my blood hard earn money should spoil my efforts and happiness this Year or at most cause me allots of pains I won't be able to live with myself if anything should make me loose those things I sent you. Its almost night here and I'm still awake worried...Let me know if you get this mail. I love you and will always do, help and clear that parcel out please.
You must understand that there is no means for me to send money from here at this moment, we busy at work here in jungle area in west Venezuela and we are very far from the city. Please if there is any one who can help us to get that parcel in the morning, i will pay back double to that person when I get back to London please. I & Laura including all my family love you and will always love you.
I will not be happy if you keep on confessing to me that you can not do anything about our parcel, I have good things for you in future but do not let this small parcel problem makes me think that your not a responsible woman or after we stay together you can not handle family issues when am not around.
I love you much, good night.

I would like to help to catch this swindler! How to do it? To who I can write andgive his details?
I met him on Tagged.
His e-mail:
His mobile: [protected] and [protected].
"Darling here is my personal information:
Name: Mr. Clark Taylor
Address: Blackpool Council, PO Box 50, Town Hall, FY11AD, 889 United Kingdom
Tel: [protected]. SMS me with this line

Such letters coming now:
American Express Courier!
Zonal Branch Office, South East Asia
No. 14, Ground Floor, Jln Suda, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia.
28 March, 2011.
Attn: Madam,
Further to our correspondence. We the American Express Courier service branch office Malaysia, we are pleased to inform you that your package is now at the possession of check point awaiting administrative fee before your parcel proceed to your destination today. Please reconfirm your address with us ones again before we precede coming to your country.
The Administrative fee is 1, 480 US Dollars only.
Please make this payment as early as possible this morning, immediately after payment is done, please call, send to this e-mail a scanned copy of the transfer slip for official recording purposes. Conclusion. As soon as we receive confirmation and evidence of payment of the payment, we will dispatch your parcel immediately within few hours from the time we received your payment direct to your destination. The expected time of delivery will be sent to you after we receive your payment. To expedite the process in other to deliver your package on time today please locate and do the payment of USD1480 through western union with our Accounts officer below:
Address: No. 14, Ground Floor, Jln Suda, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia

Kindly remit the said amount to our account information within today, late payment is not allowed to avoid confiscating of the parcel. Remittance by western union should be more fast and easy collection for quick delivery of your parcel after we confirm your payment.
Thank you for using AEC Cargo service for your delivery packages and for your business needs.
For more inquiry please call +[protected] +[protected]
Please present your tracking number when calling so that we will honor your calls. We are glad to be of service to you.
Yours Faithfully.
Mrs. Rashid Aaida
Regional Co-coordinator.
Note: This e-mail and any files Transmitted with it are confidential and legally privileged and be are solely for the individual or entity to which they are addressed. If you have received this email in error please delete this message and any attachment files. All business is transacted under our Standard Trading Terms and Conditions, a copy of which automobile is available under request. E. &. O. E. All liability for viruses is Excluded are the fullest Extent permitted by law Customers Satisfaction is our Business.
I also have the same issue here. My name is Celia Sacramento. I met a person named Clark Taylor. Same address and information above.
His e-mail:
His mobile: [protected] and [protected].
"Darling here is my personal information:
Name: Mr. Clark Taylor
Address: Blackpool Council, PO Box 50, Town Hall, FY11AD, 889 United Kingdom
Tel: [protected]. SMS me with this line

American Express Courier keep on sending me emails asking me for the administrative fee worth almost 38, 000 Phil peso. Good thing my son search the net ang type his number and we were forwarded to the link - Cached.

Until today, he is sending me emails, without him knowing that I already already find out his modus. HE stated in there that he include 38 thousand pounds inside the parcel.
I nearly fell into this scam.. mine is the similar story.. falls in love with me, widower, has an 8yr old daughter.. and profession is architect. Even his so called mom is involved and talked to me on the phone. Wants to come and visit me in kuala lumpur. His mom sent me a package and he included some money..GBP7, 000.. too good to be true, right? Luckily I checked around cos I felt it was absurd for the customs to hold my package that contains stuff plus cash..
even checked the courier service and guess I listing with our's the NEWPOST COURIER.. i met this guy on facebook. his name is MIKE SORIN and his mom is JULLIETA SORIN.. he even called me the same morning the courier lady by the name of SITI called to tell me about the parcel. Mike begged me to pay the charges so that the parcel shall be released cos it also contained some photos of him ( I suspect nude ones haha ).. I told him i dont have that amount of cash but he asked me to borrow from my sister or friend... wow

He is from Liverpool.. I chat with him on yahoo messenger and emails too.. Oh dear god...such a relief that I am not that blind to just trust him..I had a instincts told me to be careful and I did... I never even called him, I let him called me..
a very similar experience for me too. His name is MIKE SORIN and his mom is JULLIETA SORIN. I met him on facebook.. yeah, I kind of knew something was wrong.. Luckily I didnt pay any money.. I checked and checked and made a lot of phone calls with the help of my best friend and also my other best friend who later became my boyfriend. Thank God, I didnt fall for the scam but I did like this Mike guy though it wasnt to the extend of paying RM2670 for the charges..that was the most ridiculous thing ever.. I may not be well educated..didnt graduate from any university but I'm not stupid. Plus I also have friends whom I always refer to whenever I have any doubts on any sort of thing..
I just hope no other girls will fall for this scam. be careful.. He may think that i was desperaate enough to be married as I am in my late 30s and Im not beautiful so he thought I fell into the desperate category..
Hi all

i am also trapped by this scam. My chat name is Elliot Lucas from UK. He sent me picture along with his 10 year old daughter stating that he is a marine engineer working in south america. also he sent a parcel in the name of website with air cargo no. bq[protected]ns. i traced in the that No. i found the status that it is lying in Malasia Kaula Lampur Airport. After 2 days one lady named nazirah called me and asked for Rs. 65, 500/- for air cargo srvice charges i paid it, after that again Mr. Daniel stating that he is a courier company manager asked for Rs. 1, 77, 500 for service charges and custom duty. after once again he called me asked from 9900 usdollars stating that custom officer asking for the money to release the parcel . even the sender of the parcel insisting me to send the money repeatedly. after paying 9900 dollars once again one mr. Mohammed introduced himself as a custom boss asking for 14000 us dollars for releasing the parcel. then i have got doubt and i consulted many of my friends then i told one of m y friend to call mr. daniel regarding this. same day the sender of the parcell Mr. Elliot called me and said it is a big scam and many are involved in this scandal, told me to not pay any further money. and he came out from that troop. now his telephone is switched off. and nobody from that troop is contacting me. already i have sent Rs. 8, 00, 000/-. i borrowed from others and the people who gave me money is torchuring me to repay the amount. I dont know what to do.

if the custom authority or police commissioners are reading this mail, please dont leave this who are playing with our lives. his no. is [protected]. and please advice me how to catch hold of this theieves and whom whom i will get judgement. i am poor lady widow with 2 children i have no way to repay the loan the lender which i sent to this man. i have all the bank deposited slip and their email records. please help me in this matter. they are devils, criminals all should be under the bars.
I met this guy name andre wellinton from uk told me he sent me a package that he bought me a chain and a bracelet and also had put money becos supposeofly he will be coming to see me here in the states.
he asked me if I had recieved the package I told him no then he gave me the parcel number it showed first that it was in singapore then 4/14/11 show that it was in Malaysia.I sent an email to find out when the package was going to be sent to the states.I recieved an email from a Mr Johnson Ato telling me that my package is on hold for scanning thourgh security check because theres money and that I had to pay a fee of $7000.00.I spoke with the person that sent me the package and he told me to see if they can lower the fee down to $5000.00 and for me to pay for it and he will give it back to me when he comes to the state. this Mr Ato calls me and tells me that it is $7000.00 dollars to relize the package but that he spoke to his manager and said they will take $5200.well you know what I googled and found out that this is a scam I even sent an email to the correct company to let them know about this .this guy Mr Ato told me to send the money western union to a Mr Denis Christopher Mlolwa as I see it never send money to someone if any money if you do not know that person . have the person who sent the package pay for it cos I sure am not about to send nothing to nobody unless I know personally who they are and I do not know neither of them they are nothing but scammers in UK they are nothing but rip offs I do not trust no guys from there I was ripped of by am Marc Kelvin so please watch out for this guy to and a Michael Wilson these are scammers
2 weeks ago i have be their victim. a man from washington dc, his name Jassy jerry. He told sent parcel include a lot of money 10, 000 usd by air parcel courier express from macedonia.This money for buying house in my country when we after get married. But when this parcel transit in malaysia. they call me.i must make payment for administration about 145 usd or 435 Ringgit malaysia. And i made this payment.. But after that they call me again..They told me i must make payment again for money loundry about RM 1, 500.But i didn't make payment again.i search about air parcel courier express and i found this page.i found some complaint... then i just scam and cheating.he make me be fool...they break my heart..make me crazy...hope there is not girl as their victim again...BE CAREFUL...

dont believe his love word...
ANJING tu c JASSY JERRY budug sa awak awak sia goblog. modal benget siga tai doang gawena ngan NIPUAN batur. be aware to this guy hes liar
his name jassy jerry from washington dc and work in holland... i pay 185 ringgit malaysia or 187.8 usd.then they want me to make payment 1500 RM or 505.49 by western union and i pay it to.he told me will give 220.000 usd for buy house in indonesia after we get married.and then they wont me to pay 1.750 RM i think he lie to, Oh my God

ANJING sia goblog modal benget doang gawena ngan nipuan batur . budug saawak awak sia goblog

his YM : jassy_jerry

his liar
be carefull all
Oh my dear friends!

There is another named Lambert Powell pretending to be Swede, living in LIVERPOOL England, doing his business who is playing the same game. The money you must pay through Western Union to

Adress: Lot 2.33 Taman Tunku Reza
99000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

They use SPEED EXPRESS COURIER, email: or

Phone from Malaysia is +[protected],

The phone for that Lambert from England are +[protected], +[protected]
Beware to lambert powell pretending to be swede, living in LIVERPOOL, England UK, he use SPEED EXPRESS COURIER, EMAIL: or

doing is businnes and play the same game and the money must send from WESTERN UNION BANK TO:



AND LAMBERT POWELL FROM ENGLAND ARE [protected], [protected].

can anyone help me to send me phone no. of custom in malaysia kuala lumpur? i just want to check if there´s really a cost to pay for the pkge that has been detected as a facefook fren of mine, in the imigration, hes been holding n stocked there last 16 july 2011 ´till now. He`s asking me help him out there. He just picked up his pkge for me as i did not finish pay it and so he flew byhimself there n now av that problem in the imigration as they found big amount of money in his pkge, i just want to trace how true is it
I met a facebook friend named ricky joe from UK a civil engnr. He went to Malaysia for 2 weeks contract n as he arrive there i rcv call from him informing me that some group of guy robbed his all belongings, n that he need help for him to get out there, i even not blv him n told him he has to leave me alone but he not stop asking help like begging n so after weeks i decided to give him help financially for him to come home. As he arrive in UK he told me that he will pay me back for the help i gave him, he told me that he will send me pkge n that i av to track it online, tru website since i not take it seriously a man from Malaysia working in a company AIRPARK CARGO COURIER SERVICE MALAYSIA his name MOHAMMED ALI tellin me that my pkge has been there in that they will sent to me if i pay for 2.500. euro. But since i not sure of it i refuse to rcv it n pay due of i don´t av money but they reduce the money into half price for me into 1.250. euro. I told Ricky that i dont want his pkge bec. since he told me that it has a contain of 10.000. pounds and some gift stuff for my kids he want me to reward and that i av to do everything for me to rcv his pkge. He sounds real tellin me all that he just did that way as a gratitude but he need my help since hes not home that time he went to east London a work contract in CHEVRON OIL COMPANY TEL NO: [protected] address CHEVRON LIMITED 60 WINDSOR AVE. MERTON LONDON SW19 2RR UK. He got worried abt it as i never want to do with it, n so the next following day Mr. Ali phoned me again n i asked them to just keep the pkge until Ricky Joe comeback home but they don´t want it stocked there long n he told me if it unclaimed the Director will keep it n confiscate, and that i was obligue to rcv it. So finally i decided to send the amount required, then next i rcv call again and tellin that the pkge has been sent and it is in my place already in that in imigration got problem coz there r some documents missing vat n insurance, n to continue process them the documents i av to pay 850. euro i was upset n brulled them for i told they av to stop better f this is not real, but of course the man told me that theres a pkge n that i need only to follow the requirements, somehow i did send the money after 2 days later. A man named JOHN MORRISON workin same company a dlvry man called me from Spain tellin me that theres error occured, bec of late payment the procedure has been change he cannot stay longer n my place n that he need to flew to Holland then Madrid n that for me to rcv my pkge i av to pay 5.000. euro i was so angry for how it happened? Mr. MORRISON promised me to dlvr the pkge if i could raise half of the price bec he stayed n wait long n Madrid his hotel bills n plain ticket should be cover, somehow i just agree to pay it all in the hope that all will be ok n be finished. But the next day he call me n inform me that the custom did not release the pakge bec they want open it n know the content of it, but Ricky Joe didn´t allow them to open it for he know that once it will be open his money will be gone, so f i can pay the remaining bills it will be no problem but i did not pay anymore. I av reported it to police already n i told Ricky Joe abt it n that Mr. Ali want to help him out his money by sending to me tru online banking but i refuse it n so he decide Ricky Joe to go by himself to Malaysia n piked up his pkge, for it is not only 10.000. pounds he put nside but 100.000. pounds, that i scared!! I told him how could just a person put big amount in so a pkge for a person he may even not know personally but because he said it was a reward n a surprise for me he just got to it without knowing it will result like so. I feel scared only since my man not know what i pay for this, Ricky Joe often called me in phone n discussing abt it, but i just don´t blv simply on everything though i av put my money for him bec of the help hes asking. So this last 16 of JUly i heard that he was there n piked his pkge n that he got problem in a imigration bec of that big amnt of money they had been detected, n so he has to show a money laundry papers but he don´t av it with him so they want fine for 5.000.euro less he will be caught n will put him prison. Iasked Mr. Ali to send me info details of the position of Ricky the address n tel no. where i can contact him but he did not send it to me, after week a comission officer from Malaysia called me n told me abt Ricky and again he cannot give me details info abt his position n name coz he said he don´t like to send his identity to a person he not know. So i told them better they should stop them for i already passed it to police n that it is now processed. Lately Ricky Joe called me n asked mew help to pay that 5.000. euro but i told him i cannot make it n that the only help he can get is from UK embassy, but he said it´s they don´t av nothing to do with it his case. Till this day Ricky asking me help abt it but certain i cannot send money anymore, i want to know only truth how it really exist? If there´s a way how to trace it? If there´s a help from people who proffessionally workin it? Hard n fact for all d victims is that most of people around n most of the time people whom we know r called to be friends r sometimes the one who let u down n blame but remember yes it is a lesson, but blaming is not a help. Ever all those people who do scamming they r poor for they may even get lot money from d victims but they r loser!!! They got nothing!!! They may may gain this world but they lost their life n identity as person they r nothing but just loser!! But i forgive all these persons...i pray for them that they may realize that this kind of life style they r doin is not that worth for living.

For all scammers...i tell u this u eat the bread n drink the water of others and enjoying it while knowing u av cost their own life, av heart n turn back into good, repent n av fear in Gods judgement for all our work here n doin in this world av reward...God is love for u to rcv His forgiveness n grace
With reference to the delivery of your package From MR. JEBRIL WILLIAMS. We wish to bring to your notice (Receiver) that your package has been placed on hold by the Malaysian customs for some reasons which happened to violate the shipping policies.
As the goods were brought on transit point at KLIA MALAYSIA then for further
destination VIETNAM, at the transit check point, they detected that currency
were included in your parcel. Thereby, certain commissions must be paid as
customs duty via us which is for the immediate clearance of your package. This
is in accordance to the mode of operations in the Courier sector for financial
delivery. We have already taken order number for this package from the custom.

Outstanding Charges:
Administrative -- $ 600
Clearance -- $ 550
TOTAL == $ 950

A total of US$1, 150 (One Thousand One Hundred and Fifty US Dollars) has been charge. In acknowledgment to this email, account details shall be provided to you for the payment as stated above for the release of your package.


ADDRESS: ... Lot 2.33 Taman Tunku Reza
99000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Thank you, as we hope we have made ourselves clear to you by this notice as
directed by the management.

For more enquiry Email: OR
For enquiry Call: +[protected]
Oh my God, scam and cheating
With reference to the sending of your package, it is our duty to your notice.
>> Now you are required by the CORRUPTION AGENCY department to provide an Anti-Terrorist Certificate from UK to prove that the funds detected in your package is not meant for the sponsor of Terrorism or Drug.
>> As at this moment, We have contacted of office in UK to help get copy of the Anti-Terrorist Certificate to us here in Malaysia with immediate effect to enable us get your package released.
>> Please, note that you are required to pay the sum of $2, 500USD(TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED US DOLLARS). As soon as we receive and confirm the payment from you madam, we are required to forward it to our office in UK to enable them obtain and send the Anti-Terrorist Certificate to us for its purpose.
> You are advised to do this without further delay as we sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused for the late delivery of your package to you.
>> Please do not hesitate to call or email us, should you need any further information and clarifications. Looking forward to hearing from you.
>> Staffed by friendly customer service professionals, Speed Express Courier is ready to assist you with any request or query about our range of on demand international and nationwide door to door express delivery services.
>> Please pay in the money immediately and inform us quickly, for the process of your parcel to be release immediately and send to your destination, Thanks for your co_operation .
We are glad to be of service to you 24 hours and Happy Celebrations from Speed Express Courier!
it is happening to me as I write< Its a scam. please people dont be fooled. the Guy Name is Edmund Geoffraie. He want to get married to me. He also sent a package that is now stuck in malysia. I was too harp for him. be warned.
sweetie i try to call the courier company they told me that you say that you wont make any payment to them and they will confiscate the package why are you doing this to me i told you that we have alot in the package and you dont want settle them so that they will deliver the are maing me worried again.only God knows how i feel now.
Edmund Geoffarie


Phone: +[protected]
Fax: - +[protected]

Tracking Number: [protected]

Madam your package is on hold in Malaysia

With reference to the delivery of your package, I wish to bring to your Notice that your package has been placed on hold by the Authority for some Reasons which happened to violate the shipping policies. As the goods were brought on transit point Malaysia, at the transit check point, the Authority detected that currency were included in your parcel.Thereby, certain commissions must be paid as a duty via us which is for the immediate clearance of your package .For the main time refer on the "status" of your package during tracking, this is in accordance to the mode of operations in the Courier sector for financial delivery. We have already taken order number for this package from the Authority.You are required to follow all instructions giving to you to facilitate the Release of your package. To do this, you are required to pay the required Charges listed below for the immediate release of your package. Upon Confirmation of payment, your package will be delivered to your destination Address under some hours from the time we confirm your payment. Outstanding Charges:

Administrative: $350USD
Clearance: $400USD

A total of $750 (UNITED STATE DOLLARS) has been charge. In acknowledgment to this email, account details shall be provided to you for the payment as stated above for the Release of your package.

Thank you, as I hope I have made my self clear to you by this notice as Directed by the management.

Thank you for using Word Air Park Cargo Courier Services for your delivery packages and for your business needs

For more enquiry call: +[protected]

Present your order number when calling so that we may honor your calls.
We are glad to be of service to you.

Yours Faithfully.
Mrs Hellena Williams
South. East Asia Regional Coordinator
Courier Services in Malaysia.
Tel: +[protected]

Dear Madam

To expedite the process of releasing your package please locate and do Payment through Western Union Money Transfer with the name And information appears below.

NAME OF ACCOUNT'S OFFICER / RECEIVER to the sum of $750 United State Dollars only.
Name:Johnson Allen
Country: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
Phone Number:+[protected]
Go and send the money now

1. Name of Sender...
2. Address of sender...
3. Western Union MTCN (10-digit)...
4. Test question and answer (if any)...
5. Amount sent immediately after payment is done, please call or send to this e-mail:

If possible Fax a copy of the transfer slip, for office documentation

For more enquiry call: +[protected]

Present your order number when calling so that we may honor your calls.
We are glad to be of service to you.

I thank God for proctecting from all this evil men. the persons name is:
Oh my goodness!!! this company name and people above is d name said in my this is more horrible!! who can help to stop this men? they are not fear doin this as long nothing action been done by the authority...Hellena Williams n this website s same ...INNO8 u n me av same

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