Airtel DTH Services — Channels are not been shown as per the package

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Bardoli, Gujarat, India
Till yesterday night Star Cricket was shown by Airtel Digitel TV with a pacakge Super value advance pack of Rs. 275. per month. Surprisingly today morning without any notice Airtel Digitel TV has removed Star Cricket, Star Sports and ESPN channels from said package. Instead of that Airtel has added 233 and 234 new channels of no use.

On customer care we were responded after 3 hous that this is company policy that without informing customer they have rights to add or delete the channels from package.

is the kind of cheating is permitted by Indian pinal code?
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AIRTEL DIGITAL TV — i m not getting neocricket pack

i had activated neo pack 6 days before.but i m not getting yet.i talked to customer care 8 time.but they not responding sufficient.they only increasing time to wait. i m very bewilderd. plz do somthing. coustomer id-[protected]

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV — not getting neo cricket pack

complain no-1500414
complain no-1491899
order no-9932782
customer id-[protected]
plz resolve my no soon..i m very disagree about the service of digital tv.

Airtel Mobile Service — Unfair practice of informing changes to services not subscribed

Following are the details:

1. I have a pre-paid number ( [protected]) under AIRTELL servcie.
2. I got a message that certain stated servicves ( picture post gadgets / mee marathi portal) are active and rupee 1 will be charged on 07/01/2011 with info that if i dont want i have to send stop sms.
3. the sms does not work. this is a standard trick and i have received many times likwe this and i had to fight.
4. ivr team say i have to call from non-airtell service no / land line to [protected] to lodge my problem.
5. In the first place, why SMS should come this way when I did not opt? It is cheating on busy people who may not see the SMS. this is a 420 approach. Is there any rule that this practice is allowed to these servcie providers?
6. there is no e-mail of the company to write. It is only through stupid IVR system under 121 or as above.

Airtel DTH Services — NO Installation of connection


I purchased airtel dth connection through there customer care by paying through credit card on 19th feb 2011,The customer care offcier promised me to get it instaled within a day but even despite calling me again and again they are not responding and harassing me everytime by not giving the proper response and ask unnecessary questions...
Customer id is [protected]
Booking ID is 13649297

Airtel DTH Services — Unsatisfactory Customer Support

My name is Sanghmitra Kumar and I have written several emails to Airtel DTH. My account details are as below:
Customer ID: [protected]
Customer Name: (under my mother's name) Sharda Kumar
Registered Customer Phone Number: [protected]

I had called the Airtel customer service centre on the 31st of March,2011, 9:30 pm to register a complain that my stb had suddenly lost the signal with an error code B001. I was told that the problem is on part of Airtel and that it would be rectified in two hours time, i.e. 11:30 pm. Nothing happened. The problem wasn't rectified. On the 1st of April, 2011, I called back again at 11:30 a.m. to find out when exactly the problem will be sorted and I was told that it should have been done by 12 p.m. the same afternoon but as I had not recieved any calls from an Airtel engineer, the problem would rectified by 3:30 p.m. same day (1st of April, 2011).
Again,nothing happened. I cancelled work as I was expecting your engineer but that never happened. Again, I called back at 3:30p.m. only to find out that my problem would be fixed the next day, the 2nd of april, 2011 by 12 p.m.
I was furious at this. I don't think I need to explain why. But since, I have lost all faith in Airtel, I will still explain - the ICC cricket World Cup was to be aired from 2:30 p.m. the same day (2nd April, 2011). Team India being in the finals was a joyous moment for the entire nation, including me, but thanks to my DTH service provider, I didn't have the chance to watch it. Why? Because no engineer turned up by 12 p.m. on the 2nd of April, 2011.

Saturday (2nd April, 2011) onwards, I have come across three of your floor supervisors who had promised me that issues relating to my DTH services would be solved on the same day but that never happened. Not only that, they promised me that they will call back themselves to re-confirm if the issue has been resolved but not a single one called back. These supervisors were namely Ajay, Rajiv and Preeti. Madam Preeti even had the audacity to put me on hold for 46 minutes!!!

Initially, none of the customer service reps wanted to transfer the calls to their supervisors and they themselves don't have any problem solving skills. On sunday, 3rd of April, 2011, I was, thankfully, transferred to Ajay at 7:00pm who made vague promises and said that issue would be resolved by 12pm on 4th April, 2011 and that he himself will call to confirm at 12pm to find out if it has been done yet on it. When I questioned him that if he's already in a night shift, the how will he call me up at noon? He didnt have an answer to that instead he kept insisting he would call, which he, of course, never did. I would really like to ask now, does Airtel think that their customers are uneducated fools?

Again, on the 4th of April, 2011, 11:30 am, I called up because no technician ever bothered to call or turn up and I spoke to Rajiv and again the same story repeated. I was told that by 4pm the issue would be resolved and that he will call back. It never happened so I called up again only to find out that my call was taken up at the Indore call centre where Preeti is the supervisor and accordingly the call had been transferred. I don't understand that why don't you have statewise call centres? A call from Mumbai is being taken up at Indore, doesn't make any sense to me. I was told by Preeti to keep faith in her - which was her only way to pacify me and when I said that these kind of vague emotional statements do not give me a guarantee and I want this promise to be in written, she rudely told me to whatever I feel like then! What a wonderful way to treat your customers!! When I lost my cool, which was only natural, she said she will put me on a conference call with the technician and for that I would have to hold while she connects - I held the line for 46 minutes!!! FOURTY SIX MINUTES!!!

Finally, a techinician came and when he switched on the tv, it was on the usb mode. He fiddled with every remote he found around for a few minutes before I was forced to ask him if he actually was a technician and changed the tv mode for him. Even a child nowadays knows how to do this.
This is how under qualified Airtel empolyees are. What a shame!!

The first time when I had written a complain about my recharge issue, I got a call back from a complains officer after 6 days of my mail. Even then, he had no solution to my problem. I had told him to get a senior officer to call me but that also never happened.

For the duration of this harrassment, I kept skipping work as I was expecting Airtel engineers to grace me with their presence and being a freelancer - it was a huge loss!
Not just that, today being th 4th of May, 2011, I have sent several emails but not a single soul has got back to me - not even to apologise, forget a compensation!

Now enough is enough - I deserve a compensation, I demand a compensation and a written apology from Airtel.
Mr Rakesh Ranga,
I fail to understand exactly what resolution have you found for the issue? I haven't heard anything from your side at all.

Sanghmitra Kumar




Hi All,

I purchased the Airtel DTH on 1st june 2011, ([B][protected][/B]) through IVR mode from my mobile number.
I had made the payment of Rs. 1590 for South package about 2 days ago using Credit Card.
I was told that the connection will installed with next 24 Hrs.

Day 1:

No body responded from Airtel with regard to the installation.
I need to call the customer care, and I got the reply my payment is not done. While the same is shown in my Credit card statement.
But the person told, the customer Id is created in the application. (Without payment how will the application allow to create the customer Id) Making fool of the customers.

Day 2:

After continuous calling, the airtel customer care executives called and they enquired my address.
Atlast the installation got completed.
Now they are asking for a PIN number to activate the services.
I was provided only with the Transaction Id 12356011.

Kindly help me out in this situation. Many Thanks.

Best Regards,
Soundarararjan S
+91 [protected]

Airtel DTH — package which was offered not given feel cheated

Few days back I left my name and number on airtel's dth website for them to contact me back. Someone called Karan phoned me saying he is from airtel. I told him I need a package in which I get all english channels and all discovery n music channels and I hve seen a package for 360 a month. Karan told me i[censored] pay 1590 will give u all these I said will think about it. He called me three four times like this I kept making excuses on day he said will give u all the channels free for 5 months i[censored] pay 1490. I paid next day. And. Iwas suppose to get installation yesterday but no one turned up then I received a message that installation will be done by 9am today no one called no one turned up after calling airtel customer service 3-4 times they said some will be thr shortly and thr shorlty was 3 hours. My whole day got wasted thanks to airtel. Then when they installed every thing they cudnt get the box activated tried for almost an hour then they said we have to change box. Then after haf hour they got new box got it activated then surprise surprise package I received is south value. I am not southindian I don't understand those languages y wud I want that. when I called customer care they said we can't so anything so did thr supershiiter(supervisor). Then I called nodal officer I was speaking with her call got dropped then I called again they said it will take few days to sort out. We will call those guys and to my surprise that guy karan is not airtel employee he is some vriti infocomm noida employee . How can airtrl give my number to third party. Then noddal officer told me to email her the copy of receipt which I just did and I tried calling nodal office number again someone picks up and hangs up the phone really is this the way to treat your customer. I m really upset with airtel. From ur landline to dth u guys r full of [censored].

Customer id [protected].
Contact [protected]

Thanks Mr Satish. If no resolution is met within next 24 hrs I will be putting a case against them for harrassment, false statement and damages.
Seriously I used to be a loyal customer of airtel last few wks changed it all. I have tata sky connection aswell for three years now. Never had to call customer care never ever. With airtel from first day I have been callin n getting no response. Yesterday got call from vriti infocom they said sorry for thr mistake and said will give 150 rs topup. I denied I simply said give me my moneY back that's all or give me all chaNnels. They said they will call back. Then when I called today to talk to thr manager the guy over the phone just cut my call. Getting airtel has been really a baaad mistalke. I wudnt ever recomen airtel to any one for anyo[censored]r services. I shud have taken tata sky only spend more but get way better customer service.
customer i d is [protected] error code 6 Acct. Balance 509.6

Airtel — Cheated Very Badly(Annoyed)

This Is The 6th Time Iam Posting Complaint.

My Airtel Connection Was Not Working For More Than A Month From May 12th To June 17th.
My Monthly Rental Plan Is 799+Tax.

I Was Given Waiver Only Rs 386. Mr. Oomen Said I Will Get Waiver For The Number Of Days If The Connection Is Not Working.

Monthy Bill Will Be 881 Including Tax. But The Waiver Will Not Reflect The Same Amount Even If The Connection Not Working For More Than A Month.

The Customer Care Pupil In My Case Did Not Provide Any Solution. They Gave Some Numbers Asking us To Call Those Number For Resolving The Issue.
Number Is [protected].when I Call This Number It Asks Me To Input Some Docket Number Or Some Nonsence Which Customer Care Excecutive Mr. Girish Did Not Provide.

So i Was Not Able To Talk To Any One.
How Will My Issue Get Resolved Iam Striving From The Month Of May

Very Much Annoyed With The Airtel Customer Care Pupil.
They Only Lie.

Will Post Complaint Till And When My Issue Is Resolved.

Uday Kumar

Airtel DTH Services — Non Activation of HD channels

Customer ID:[protected] Airtel DTH, submitted request for

1. In July made and selected HD alacarte list, made payment.

2. Followed up till september.

3. Relocated to Bangalore.

4. Come to know that settop box needs to be changed after 2 months of placing the request.

5. Paid additional Rs. 2250 and changed settop box.

6. Selected a new set of alacarte channels (previous money gone in
guter) again made the payment.

7. Still not able to see the HD channels.

Airtel Mobile Services — Cheating by starting services without intimating


My mobile of airtel which was not even in on state, I have seen that Airtel has started its paid services and kept deducting some amount from my Airtel prepaid card.

This is a sheer cheating done by Airte. Need to take strict action against airtel.

Thanks and Regards
Adarsh Rai

i m from chennai, since today morning they have removed the ess channels from ADTV. I have specifically selected super value pack(RS.209+25 OTHER ADDON CHANNELS) for these sports channels.. This is very unfair especially when Indian cricket season starts from today.They are forcing us to buy an 50rs addon ess channels.I think its time to change the digital operator...
Even i am facing the same problem.Airtel people are number one cheat not only in DTH even in mobile service thats why when number porting came i changed to Vodafone network.Now the are cheating in DTH.I had paid for south value plus package for on year which contains ESPN, Star cricket and Star sports but from yesterday onwards the removed this channel when i contacted their customer care they are not able to give any reason, more ever it is very difficult to get their CC number.The service is realy poor.They are just looting the people.
they are just cheats, focus is just on milking more money from customers, it makes me feel they are just begging for more money by removing these channels just before the real cricket action begins, its just plain back mailing, very very bad wish we could do something but as customer we have no where to go as they have covered for all these [censored]s in there terms and conditions, really feel like beeing cheated and very angry and helpless that i can't do anything other then getting the services disconnected.

but i think other operators are also no diffrent.
see, in the first place pls dont subscribe for more than 1 month whatever be the difficlty in recharging month after month. If we recharge for more than 1 month we ll sometimes be left stranded like the case of today. I am also a Airtel dth customer. I always charge for just 1 month and if i dont like the service then i could easily change the service provider..
I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat and I am having problem with Airtel DTH services. I have paid Rs. 3745 as an annual subscription for their Economy Sports 4 HD 12 Months package. At the time of taking this package no terms and conditions were discussed with me nor any documents were given to me for Terms and Conditions. Now from today that is 15th November 2012, they have suddenly stopped broadcasting all Sports Channels. When Contacted to Airtel Customer Service Centre they told me that the package is revised and if you want to see these sports channel you have to pay extra charges. I would like to know that why I should pay them extra amount when I have taken 1 year subscription(From 14/08/2012 to 13/08/2012).

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