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 Jayanthi P
Today(24/11/2008) I travelled on an auto from instersection of Swagath Road & East End Main Road to Shanthi Theatre-South End circle which is almost 3 kms(exactly 2.9 kms). The meter is showing Rs:22.50 where it is supposed to be Rs.20. When I asked the driver about the wrong meter reading, he started behaving badly.
The auto registration number is KA03 A 3124. Driver has some problem with his left eye(probably partial visibility).

This is not my first experience. I have numerous experience and everytime I send mail to [protected] providing the registration number. I do not see any response.

If a driver can make Rs.3 extra for every 3 Kms, imagine how much the driver cheats the public. Can traffic police at Bangalore take some action against these cheating/rude drivers.

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Autorickshaw — False Meter in auto rickshaw

As i heard ,

for forst 2 km 12 km and from 3rd km it is 5rs. but iam using auto rickshaw daily for office, They charge more, in few autos the meter runs faster than the auto .

for eg : i went 7 km , which is supposed to be 37 , but it is costing me 53rs..

could some to guide me how to launch a complaint , so that we can have to end point to these kind of cheating happening to the public.

Autorickshaw - Baner,PUNE — Overcharging Auto Rickshaw

Autorikchshaw in Baner overcharged much when we need to travel long distance.
Their meter dont gives correct reading.
These autowalas make a gang and fixed a price among themselves which is much more than that of according to meter.
It hardly matters us giving 10-20 rs extra.But why to give them extra money if they dnt deserve it.
My humble request to all people,plz donot give them extra money.

AUTO RICKSHAW Bangalore — Asking above meter fare+abusive behavior.

Respected sir/madam,
this is to bring to your notice about the auto rickshaws in bangalore who inspite of installing digital meters are asking for higher amount of money and disagree to use the meter. Kindly registor a complaint agianst Auto with reg No KA 05 A3285 and driver who refused to take our ride agianst meter and demanded higher on 18th july 2008 at Kormangala. rgds U

Autorickshaw(bangalore) — Auto Rickshaw fellow in Bangalore duped

I wanted to take an Auto from Jayadeva hospital in Bangalore to Indiranagar. I boarded an Auto and that fellow took me near Infantry road and then to Indiranagr. Usually the cot would have been 65-70 bucks. But this was 103 bucks. He refused to pay me the amount and duped me. Everybody is going through this everyday. Why are auto fellows let so loose to cheat people. Why is there any action not taken. Is police in Bangalore sleeping???
DL No of Auto:12028/08
Name : Mohan Kumar V.L
i am also this type of problem when i am coming from majestic to Silk Board.
auto riks number-KA-01-A-7949

Autorickshaw — Loss of Property

Hi All,

I took a rickshaw from Santacruz (W) on Jan 17th, Saturday at about 6.30 in the evening to go to Saki Naka where I got dropped at about 7.30 pm. I was accompanied by two more people. We were carrying my wedding album (new with orange cover & reddish bag) which we kept behind in the rick. Unfortunately, we missed collecting it due to haste.

We have lodged a complaint at Santacruz (W) and Saki Naka police station. It would be great if someone who might come across our album please inform us on [protected].

Do help, as its quite depresing to have happened to a newly wed!!:-(

Warm Regards,
As stated by Ms. P Jayanthi, it is very true that some of the Bangalore autorickshaws have tampered meters. Today again I had the same experience. Normally from 10th Banashankari I stage, the auto fare to BSK II Stage BDA complex is normally Rs.16 to Rs.17/-. However, the auto bearing no KA05 D5289 showed Rs.16/- at Channammanakere BBMP office itself (opposite to SSM School), which is nearly 3/4th of a km from BDA complex. On enquiry, the driver quarrelled with me and stopped the auto. I had to walk from there after paying the exhorbitant fare. It is necessary to randomly check the meters of autos by officers of the Department of Metrology, RTO and traffic police. That apart, action should be taken for installation of digital meters in all autos.
Today ie 12th March'09 I hired an auto Rikshaw No. KA 41 6466 and told the driver to go to Mysore bank quickly. On the way he parked at petrol pump and keep waiting for his turn. I adviced him to keep sufficient fuel before they offer services to customers instead of wasting their time. He sharted shouting with unparlimentory words at petrol pump. I complained to traffic police who was closeby. He cooly replied to produce written complaint to any police station. This is totally irresponsible.
Today ( 07/04/2009) myself and my inlaws are harrassed by an auto rickshaw driver. My parents live in j p nagar and hence i travel often through from vijaya bank layout (near bilkhalli) to j P nagar 6th phase. Normally am charged Rs. 38 to Rs. 40. Auto driver demanded Rs. 10/- extra on the meter before getting into the auto which was denied to pay. Finally he agreed to take us on meter charge. after a certain distance i noticed that the meter is not working and informed the driver about the same. he said the meter is not working... after reaching the destination i paid him 40/- and he demanded rs. 55/-. We had a major arguement and he was trying to push me. when my inlaws tried to save me and fought back he used abusive language and asked them to get out of the state just because they couldnt speak in kannada.

Finally i had no other choice left than paying him rs. 50/- but yes i am not ready to forget this incident. I am taking this up with the ACP and DCP of bangalore and the rto officer of bangalore south. As i firmly we all are indians and we dont need a passport to travel to different states. I am from karnataka and i am ashamed by the behaviour the auto driver.

name of the driver: lokesh
Auto no: KA-01 S 8345

Autorickshaw — Autorickshaw tampered meter

I took an auto from Vidyaranyapura (opposite to reliance fresh) to Bel circle (Bus stop) on 9th April 9.00 AM. The auto no is KA 05 7624. The distance from Vidyaranyapura to Bel circle is 4.7 kms. I travel everyday so I know certainly that it charges about 30 Rs in auto from Vidyaranyapura to Bel circle. But this autorickshaw (KA 05 7624) meter showed 50Rs. The meter is highly tampered. When I told the driver about it, he refused to accept and behaved very rudely. I request that strict action be taken against the auto driver, and protect citizen from such defrauders.
1 / km is understatement
I paid 150 for 15 km
(trust me I know it is 15 km because I have walked that distance...)

Autorickshaw — Tampered meter and overcharge

I took an auto from Residency Road (opp Gateway Hotel) where I work to Frazer Town. The driver asked me for double the meter and that should have told me something was wrong as they normally asked for a fixed amount, likely to be twice the normal fare coming to Rs.50.

The meter reading said Rs.89.00 and he took Rs.180 from me. I had no choice but to pay him as this was 10:20pm and I had no support around.

The auto number is KA02 D6054. Driver Venkatesh. He did laugh at me when I said I would complain and that really does show the complete lack of control the authorities have over the situation.
Dear readers

I take this oppurtunity to take out my anguish against the demented auto ricshaw drivers of Banaglore. Most os them have tampered meters, they misbehave and ask for exhorbitant fares for the smallest of distances. Inspite of having a meter they would alway ask for atleast a Rs 10 extra over what the fare should be. They will take passengers only if they feel like, and route suits them. Every commuter in Bangalore I feel is facing the same nonsense every day. But I dont know about any public forum where you can raise a protest against this. But I hope there will be some way to teach these people some good lesson.
I commute by auto to my office daily.I have had many such experiences where i am asked atleast 10 rs extra every time, be it in the morning or while returning back home.And also if there are rains some day the extra money raises upto 20 rs. This is just cheating.
Hi guys,
I agree that all this happens in Bangalore as this has happened to me several times too.
But isn't there any way out of the problem?
These autos are emitting smoke like hell, which is going to make the things worse.
Example of Delhi is in front of you, where autos has come to CNG.
We should boycott these autos not for personal shake but for Nature and environment.
If you are not going to do that now then we will be forced to do the same after 5 years or so.

I have started walking down to my office (3Kms) daily instead o[censored]sing these crooks. This will also reduce the attitude shown by these .
Suggestions and criticism is invited. Do tell me the place where complaints are entertained against these autowalas.

Thanks and regards,
Deepak Garg

Autorickshaw — Reckless driving and accident

Today morning one auto rickshaw driver banged into my car, broke my side view mirror and instead of stopping ran away. I tried to chase him up from Andheri to OShiwara but he still ran away. His no. is MH 02 Z 7181. I understand after speaking to some helpful rickshaw wallah he was from Oshiwara and stands near Anand Nagar, my family doesnt want me lodge a police complain. please help.

Auto Rickshaw Improper Meter — Auto Rickshaw Improper Meter

Auto bearing registration number- KA 04 2162 is having improper meter. I travel to and fro same place daily.
These auto meter broke all boundaries o[censored]niformity in meter reading. On asking the driver, he

Please take care of the above auto meter and save people from fraud.

Autorickshaw — Autorickshaw refuses to take to destination

I work in Malad west in Mindspace complex. The autorickshaw over there refuse to take us to Malad station. We waste 45 mins in hunting for one. When told we will complain they donot bother still.

Please look into this urgently as they are becoming very rude and it become highly inconvinient to us. We literally have to beg them to take us.
i read a comment on insisting to use digital meter. i always take digital meter auto from jp nagar 7th phase to btm layout 1st stage. it comes to 45 0r 46 rs in digital meter. today again i took a digital meter auto and can u believe even that was tampered. i had to give 60 rs.

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