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[Resolved]  Bajaj Avenger — Engine problem and High reparing cost


We have Avenger with my brother. We had purchased this bike last year . Due to lack of time we are using this bike very occassionaly. Two weeks back When we took it out for the ride, its piston got blocked suddenly. I had took it to the nearest showroom at Dombivli (E) to repair it but to my worst fate when it happened to see the quotation given by the showroom manager, it's around Rs. 8500 /- just for replacing the piston.
It seems they are charging Rs. 4.5 - 5 k just to have a look at the engine.
I need your help..
Just wanna understand from all of you, whether this amount is justifyible or not, otherwise i'll have to take it up to consumer court.
Complaint marked as Resolved May 9, 2017
Verified Support
Bajaj Auto Customer Care's response Feb 16, 2017 Hi Dheeraj,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Kindly call our customer care number at[protected] or register your complaint online by clicking and our team will provide necessary assistance. You can also mail your concern at [protected]

Team Avenger United
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I totally agree with the kind of problems associated after somone buy an avenger. I have purchased my avenger on july 26 2006 from Rahul Bajaj Begumpet. Since than the kind of problems i faced has been listed below:

1.In the beginning there is an utter confusion that where to give my bike for servicing.If i go to the rahul bajaj service center they tell me that servicing will be done at Tadband vinayaka bajaj.And at begumpet they are only doing the paid servicing of this higher CC bikes. I didnt understand what is the prime difference in paid and free servicing since the procedure and the steps are only same.

2. Once the servicing is over we will be loaded heavily wit the bill.

3.Suddenly one fine day when i went to service center begumpet i understand that from now onwards the servicing wil be done at tadbund only.

4.I have been to tadbund and understand that we need to take prior appointment before serviving our bikes. That is all fine but once it happen that my chain socket has got some problem and i need to replace it urgently in order to continue my day to day activities. When i approached the tadbund center i understand that they will be doing it after 2 days since appointment is not there. This was too painful and after a hard exchange of words finally they replaced it.

5.Now its the servicing time for me at the tadbund.My first servicing and i need to replace the following parts of the avenger bikes:

a.One way clutch
d.lock set
e.disk pad

when i have asked about the warranty of the silencer i understand that since i have not done two servicing at tadband service center so i will not be able to entertain the warranty on silencer.And finnaly i purchased it this is the height of frustration.Also this silencer problem is not only with my bike but i have seen almost will all the avenger models[protected]. For your ref my bill no is[protected] dated 16.04.2008.

2ndly when i have compalined about the lock set problem almost prevailing with every avenger bikes they replied that this happens. Is this the only answer acustomer wants to listen. Finally i have purchased that also on my cost.I could get the lock setbut the pin is not provided since it is not available.But the price taken is almost same.

3rd when i have asked about the replacement of my leg guard they keep on telling me next week, i keep visited but no response. Finally i went to a welder and did it by myself.

My final frustration is the lock set that i have replaced on 14.04.08 bearing same bill no has got some problem again. If this is the scenario within a span of 3 months that means yearly i need to replace it four times. i need an immediate solution from the seller regarding the same

Hoping that consumer forum will help me in solving this issues and also to other buyers


Rupjyoti Haloi
i buyed avenger in 2007 nvember in hyderabad...these are the problems i have faced .first day of my bike is not getting started...reason:battery is not working .i had replaced it...
after first servicing ...speedometer is not working...
after 3 to 4 months later break shoes has to be replaced...
after 9 months clutch plates has gone, horn s not working properly, battery is weak, for these problems he charged me 1900/- rs...for all these problems i had to pay the amount...even when it is under warrenty period...
for all these reasons...the manager at tadbund, vinayaka bajaj motors would say that.all these are wear and tear items and these are having no warrenty...i have got these problems even when i made servicing in last month he kept my bike for 3 days and he had not repaired it...even wen he repaired it got new problems...
for this i had to pay again... is it worth buying avenger 200 dts ...maintaining cost is touching stars...where is i other bikes even wen they have not went for single servicing...there bikes are working good with no problems...
Hoping that consumer forum will help me in solving this issues and also to other buyers

Hey guys,

Dudes i too have avenger and its 2006 model... I have changed the silencer once... and its common in every Bajaj Bike... Not only evenger even pulsar has the tendancy of getting its silencer replaced.
And coming to Servicing part, I stay in Vanasthalipuram, its not easy for me to go all the way from Vanasthalipuram to Tadbund. So, after the free servicings are done... i never visited tadbund again, when ever i have to get it serviced i go to my area bike mechanic and get it serviced. Normal mechanics dont have much probs as avengers engine is basically a pulsar Engine...One more thing is you can get each and every spare part of Avenger at Ram Koti spares and they are genuine spares and are original spares from bajaj. I can say 2-3 shops for your info.. Rao Spares, Ratiwal Spares and Supreme Spares. U will get every part from these three shops.
i had kawasaki eliminator i wes so fool to sell dat good bike and to purchase the bajaj avenger that really sucks in performance and quality, , , ,
Guys can you tell me the price of one way clutch bearing for Eliminator. I asked the showroom people and they told the price is Rs. 4500, which I just don't believe because it's a small thing. I wonder if they are trying to cheat. :-( Kindly advice.
hi sir i bought the avenger bike frm vizag varun show room, asilmeta on march 21st 2008 and my bike colours are coming out and one side of silencer is rusted, the head light bottom plate is also rusted the frnt shockabsorber also been rusted, and the silencer also been rusted from innerside, some parts are good which is not rusted in free service they said me they wll be changing mudguard, front head light plate, silencer but aftr somany time i visited then they changed only mud guard only they also coloured my engine, wheel drum, discbreak oil container but no use of it it still colour removing, and the service people say ur staying in costal area thats why ur bike is rusted and colour removing.
but my question is one side shockabsober is nt rusted and iam nt staying near to coastal and after my first paid service i had a noise in my engine i visited many times they say its a normal noise but i can hear and my frends also say but iam disapoint with this paid service, and the spare parts are not availabel easily in vizag showroom they say it wll come after two week, after that again i asked they give the same reason i need the rare red light casing which has broken but iam not getting it, and my silencer and the rusted parts andengine noise and my rear wheel always make sound while applying break after cleaning it that day it will not make any noise but the next day again as before.

i hope that consumer forum will help me in solving my bike problems as well as me in driving as i bought it before
Can someone tell me whats the mileage of Avenger after a couple of years?, is it the same i.e. 40km/ltr or it decreases with time?
Hi All,

People understand you guys are riding Avenger! it need maintainance! its just not a bike its an attitude. i own one avenger 2006 model and had a lot of problems but i knew these problems will arise when i bought it and was ready for every problem right from rusting to average, yeah Ashis remind me a good thing here about milage its not 40! i get 45+ in city (its because i use Semi synthetic oil) or normally its around 42/45 KMPL
Tadbund service center people are pathetic and i have no hopes with them so i go to Baja Banjar @ Madhapur and i found them real good at servicing ( they wont provide parts though)

What i am looking for is a silence for my bike, if ny one has an idea as where to get it from and what would be the estimated cost and who can provide me a original one? i heard it cost somewhere around 4.5 to 5K

I can tell you the common problems with Avy:
1.Gear shifting is not smooth
2.Rusting at lot of places
4.Problem with Clutch wire
5. Yet to find :)
Hi All,
I am facing the same problem with my 2008 Avenger-200.In whole Jamshedpur there is only one servicing center, that two is 15 km away from my residence.I registered a complaint last year for dipper for which i am still waiting.Spares are not availible in any bajaj outlet, i have to use other bikes' or customize my own.
Can someone please tell Mr. Rahul Bajaj that service support like this will make Bajaj motorcycle gone like Bajaj Chetak.

I have a rear disc noise problem since the day one i purchased, and it starts misfireing 4rm 2nd day, , i took my bike to sri vinayaka bajaj probiking service center, regarding the problem which i rectified but the manager of sercvece center denied me by saying it may happen some time but not always, and continiously i have been visited there and asked them to replace it or make it repair properly, , on 1st servicing they gave my bike by just washing it, when i asked at the end of the day they ignore my words, , 4rm that day till now i have been over there more 15 times, , on 09/01/2010 i took my for 2nd servicing, , and they replaced the rear disc pad and charged me the amount of RS, 233/-, , i asked them my bike have 1 year warranty so what for u charging .. theyu arrgued with me and my friend, , , so there i paid the bill, , but now on 11/01/2010 im facing the same problem like, , , REAR DISC NOISE, MISFIREING, VEHICLE IMBALANCING, WITH FORKPLAY, , , i request to the authorised person's of SRI VINAYAKA BAJAJ PROBIKING look into the matter and plz solved out the problems, , ,
I would suggest all of you to lodge your complaints on the customer care section of bajajauto website.
I was benifitted twice by their customer care services. Believe me its transparent and really effective.
Atleast people in Bajaj Auto will know about these issues. Whats the need to get frustrated with service center guys. Some of them behave like layman. Better to get in touch with Bajaj directly. They are more responsible and very quick in responding.
Also, in case terms & conditions are not followed properly then no one can help. Proper servicing is always required.
Machines like Avenger are not performance bikes but rather leisure machines. These are not power stuff to boast off but designed to provide a comfortable ride for long distance ridding. So, understand the machine, the company terms & conditions and even then if the problem is there then get in touch with Bajajauto.
If the machine is in service period then lodge a complaint with bajajauto at this url :
People at Bajajauto are very responsile and quick to respond.
You can also cunsult with another service center just to cross check the problem and the suggested solution although it is better to consult to a pro biking dealer. Engines usually have two years warranty.
just get some persons for beating to manager and ast manager they will make all the corrections that is the only one thing you and everybody should doo
Hi all,
Even m riding my avy since 4 yrs..i think our avy takes it all, i managed all the maintenance, clutch wire, battery, silencer, rusting etc..
but u know guys It doesnt get too mch to ride your bike.. U can't prevent all Just RIDE, ,
Hi All,

I purchased the Bajaj Avenger 220cc 4 years back, yes I agree the servicing cost of Bajaj Avenger is pretty high.
I done servicing in Sai service kothrud, in every service i was charged around 2K - 3K my chain socket they replace every time.

Today as well, for clutch plates and chain socket they have given estimate of 5800/-
Maintenance of this bike is very high

But ride quality of this bike is unmatched compared to other bikes in this segment

Amit B
Major fault in gear box
I am sangam upadhyay residing andheri east, mumbai..

I have purchased bajaj avenger street 220 from sai service, andheri east on 14 december 2015..

I got delivery by 8 pm and couldn't go for a taste drive coz i was already late... After taking delivery, i realised that there is some problem in gear assembly..

The problem is that first of all it hardly go in 1st gear and if it did, it instantly comes back to neutral again..
Now on road it wasnt go in 2nd or 3rd gear and again come back to nutral..

Now i want answer from your side that when i purchase a new bike the dealer or company have to give me tasted bike then why it happened??

I have already complained to sai sevice and they assured to reply asap but its been a week now, i dint got any reply/sms/email from the company nor sai service..

This is my first and last conversation with you regarding this matter,
If you dont take any fast action, then unwillingly have to go to consumer forum.

This mail i sent to company and sai service... After this i have sent mail 3 times again that im going to consumer forum for this but they didnt reply/call/mail till today... Now wot to do??? Because of this product fault my life is in danger while ride on road...

not auto cut

Not auto cut

I had purchased the bike last year, fuel is getting leaked frequently and there is a major problem with the gears.

While on a ride, gear automatically down-shifts to neutral, which caused me much trouble in the traffic.

Despite giving many complaints to the service center, they're telling lame excuses and not servicing properly.


i have purchased bajaj avenger street in august 2016 i have done 18000km in 10 mnth very bad engine sound timing chain seezer gear or chain set after run 10 km bike engine sound tottaly changed tomarrow i will going in bajaj service station after service engine sound same machenic response is negtive he says this is bike normal sound more viberation more painfull bike my experience with bajaj very bad
Bajaj Auto Customer Care's response, Jul 13, 2017
Verified Support
Hi Sachin,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Kindly call our customer care number at 1800 233 2453 or register your complaint online by clicking You can also write to us at [email protected], our team will provide the required assistance.

Team Avenger United

I purchased Avenger 150 cc In July, 2017 in Bajarang Motors, Amberpet, Hyderabad. after that i felt very bad because of purchasing such Model Bike and Purchased and in worst and worst service levels providing show room. In my experience i faced problems with Avenger 150 cc bike and utterly Failed (worst service levels providing show room) to give service.

Hera i am sharing my Experience with the GREAT SHOW ROOM " BAJARANG MOTORS, AMBERPET, HYDERABAD. and Avenger 150 cc Model.

1.I purchased after 30 days of my bike is not starting, when i approached the Show room they charged the battery and given to me. after riding of my bike just 90 kms I recognized that engine was become too heat, if we drive 5 to 6 km also. still after completion of my 2nd service also it very very remarkable sign in this model bike. there is no solution for this problem with technicians still.

2. Bike starting trouble ( very poor Battery) and not provided kick rod.
3. Chain making so much noice
4. Free servicing not at all satisfaction. (even though they charging some what 1000/-) in this case Show room service levels are very poor.

5. One fine Night at 11.30 pm i was in Emergency time Bike is not at all starting ( at that time my bike just 10 months old). next day when i approached customer care number at[protected] they are stating that within 24 hr i will get a call. but its not happen another 48 hrs also. again i called they allotted my compliant to Sri Siddi Vinayaka Show room, Kachiguda. when i approached to this people they are assign this compliant to Bajarang Motors, Amberpet. when i approached this people they are not at all willing to give service they are stating that its Sri Siddi Vinayaka show room compliant they will resolve it. again i approached SiddiVinayaka show room they are not responding, again i called customer care same replay i received that with 24 hrs i am going to get a call but it never happen still.

With great difficult i hand over my bike to Bajarang motors, after 3 days also i didn't receive any response neither customer care or show room people. when i questioned show room management simply stating that its not our duty, its siddid vinayak show room work. Go and compliant where ever you want. such type of great response from show room. In this total issue from customer care not at all giving any answer except " you are going to get a call with in 24 hrs.

I never expect such great a response from a repute tad company.


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