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Big Bazaar — Furniture not delivered

I have ordered a bunk bed from Furniture Bazaar at Big Bazaar, Kathriguppe Bangalore. The item is supposed to be delivered in 6 days but it is three weeks now and it is still not delivered. I have made several calls to the customer service but they make blind promises to deliver "by tomorrow!". They will never call you back updating the status of your order. For the mistake of buying from there I am hoping their tomorrow comes soon. Their customer service and handling complaints is pathetic to say the least. So beware of buying anything from Furniture Bazaar, you end up calling them daily to remind them of your order. There are many better places where you can buy the furnitures or any of the items available in Big Bazaar.
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Same case here, I recently purchased a dining table worth Rs 5000 (cash memo # T39/22363, Chalan # 2171) on 25th Jan and at the time of purchase I was told that since the volumes are high delivery will be madew on 27th Jan which was pretty fine with me. Delivery not done to 30th JAN. I am determined to cancell the order.


PHONE : [protected]
BSK 3rd stage bangalore : 85

email: [protected]
Same here. My bed was to be delivered in 3 weeks and now it is 5 weeks, no sign of delivery. Very Pathetic Customer Service. Heard a lot of lies as reasons for the delay. I wanted my money back and the Customer Service guy hung the phone up on me. STAY AWAY

Big Bazaar/Furniture — Worst Product and Customer Care

I got a cot from BigBazzar -T.Nagar branch, Chennai and within a month it get damaged. I complaint to concerned department in Bigbazzar and they responded nearly after a month. They informed me that the problem is due to initial fitment of the same and this will not get repeated. And again within a month the same problem occured and after repeated walking to the branch, still they have not responded. And if call them they will inform me that a person will come to my home within an hour but they will not and if call them to their Mobile number they will not pick up if its from my mobile or from my house number. But if call them from different Phone they will and if they hear my voice they will cut the call. I physically went to the Big bazzar and made a complaint about this to the customer care over there about the person Mr.Hari (Furniture section) and the great customer care people forwarded the complaint to same person to take action against him. How ingenious the custmer care!!!.
Dear Mr Suresh Biyani,
or I/C Complaints section,
I am very unhappy that you have put so many rude people in the baggage counters of BIG-BAZAAR as well as sales people in your electronics department. As a matter of fact I am very unhappy for the fact that the counter guys of the baggage section doesnot know how to respond to any querries. I do think that due to the buying habits of customers only BIG-B is thriving well in Guwahati also. I am just asking some question and those are:
1. Does BIG Bazaar give etiquette training to all the persons employed? And if yes why is the behaviour of the baggage counter guys very rude?
2. If Big-Bazaar doesnot intend to keep certain luggages then why dont you put up a board in the counter writing down the details?
3.Electronics department of Big Bazaar ..Why dont they have co-ordination with the sales. I recently bought a Koryo Microwave and the warranty card was missing from the brochure? Is this what selling is all about?
I know the complaints I wrote will be hardly replies to me. But if you dont reply I will definitely personally write it down to higher up of BIG-Bazaar.
Debajit Basumatari
@Dr Debajit,
I agree sir..their staff really needs training in each and all departments.
They cant even guide customer if asked where to find a particular product.

big bazaar (home bazaar) — poor and pathetic serive on furniture purchased

i had purchased dinning table and centre table on 13/08/09, invoice number
[protected] and got the iteam delivered on 15/08/09 at 5.30pm and promised
to send the guy to assemble the unit the next day. but till today no one turned up to fix the furniture. every time i try to call 40907318 number either its continously busy or they will put your call on hold. by chance if i happen to speak either to pradeep or some other guy there they promise sending someone by evening, but till today no one turned up.

i really regret buying product from big bazar. it made me to take a strong decison never to do any purchase with big bazar.
i hope you will take some action after seeing this mail, if not then i will
write to news paper about the service given by you. the email u have given does not work at all. [protected]

i forgot to add the address of big bazar from where i had purchased the furniture
its on old madras road, bangalore
Dear All, please be careful from Big Bazaar furniture department. We bought one bookshelf on January 26, 2010 in a condition that they have to deliver it on the same day and time according to our choice to Rajarhat as we are not staying there wholetime. Rajarhat is quite far from Garia. We were waiting there on Feb 14 from morning 10 till 8 pm , called two guys of big bazar- ganguly bagan named Sourav and Partha, they are telling that they have the email with them also that the furniture will be positively delivered today, they did not send it finally. Again we contacted them and tell them to deliver it on Feb 19, 2010 between 3 to 4 pm and called Debraj-[protected] at 11 am regarding the same, but at 4:15 pm they told us it is not possible to deliver today will try tomorrow. As we are telling them 1000 times that we are not staying there and only for their delivery purpose we are going there. Let me know what should be the proper punishment for all these troubles. Please, please never buy any furniture product from them if you really don't want to loose your peace of mind.

Keya Dutta
Very true.Even I tried mailing on the address provided for their pathetc service but the Domain Name doesnt exist, thats all it says
Very true.This people are Big time cheater.Kishore biyani should come to see what happening with their customers.

big bazaar/furniture bazaar — lack of service;not up to commitment

they are highly unproffessional,lack of service,ask us to make full payment before the order is issued and then make us run for their supply,never in time as per commitment...and evn the higher authorities involved are the same --careless..
unfortunately, i purchased modular kitchen and gave them this whole contract of setting up my kithen ..spending more than a lakh! (which they said shud b paid before the work startsand so we did) and then they made all their false promises and we were in their trap!!!!!! from feb till june still they havent finished their job and my house is a mess!! and they are not even feeling guilty .
and to my surprise they dont evn have the track of what goods they have ordered!!they have the order for kithen cabinets and then later they fine tht they hv not received the door for the same!!!and tht too they found this error after the a week when the goods were just lying idle in my house with not a single person to visit an check!!!after calling them again after a week then finally sent one carpenter..who went out for lunch at 1 and returned at 5pm to leave at 6pm!!

and for tht missing door we had to wait for another month or so(which they said will receive within a week or two) and to our another shock we received another wrong item which doesnt match with our decor!!!! and they are not at all paying any heed to this .nor did anyone bother from their end to ask abt the work!!

and when i contacted salim who happen to b manager(wonder wht he manages) he is just cool and said he was not aware and did not look much into our matter..and also said if i want i can go to higher authroties like reginonal mgr and evn said tht evn he wont do much abt this!!!
so wht an i going to do now...
can anybody spend lakhs of rupees and expect this type of behaviour???
i request to pls take action against this system and save peoples hard earned money..
This issue is from Pune-kothrud branch....home bazaar section. I suggest to be very careful while dealing with them..esp with Mahesh Erande,Bhimcharan and their manager Saleem...who are highly unprofessional and they dont hv their proper co-ordination,just push away their responsibilites to one another..

and their work is also not upto the mark..
i am still waiting for their carpenter to fix up their incomplete jobs..
I bought one queen size bed from Big Bazaar with mattress. I payed the amount on 25th July and they told me that it will be delivered by 3rd August. But I didn't get the delivery till date. I called them couple of times, but every time it is told that it will be delivered within two days.

I purchased it from Koramangala Big Bazaar. Cash Memo No is T18/4746 and Sl No is 2458.

So guys please don't buy any furniture from Big Bazaar.

Same case with me.

On 15-Aug-2010, I have paid the full amount for a Toshiba LCD TV (Cash Memo No: T[protected], which was supposed to be delivered on 21-Aug.

But everytime I call them they say 2 days - 3 days. Now they are telling it will be delivered on 30-Aug-2010. Dont know it will be delivered or not.

This is really unprofessional which big bazaar is doing it to its customer.

Its because we have paid the full amount on the sopt they are hardly bothered about the service to its customers.

Is there any procedure to cancel this order according to the law, I'm not at all satisfied with the service of Big Bazaar.

- Dharmendra Kumar Rai
I had purchased some Furniture from 'Big Bazaar = Nagpur'during their 'Independance day' sale event but out of the three item which I paid for they have only delivered one of them saying that they cannot give the other two items as they don't have any stock left with them. They are not ready to refund my money instead they want me to buy something else.I have no trust left in them and just want to finsih this matter soon. Please tell em what should I do? Thanks.

big bazaar dining table — not delivered the goods

Please note that I have purchased a Dining Table Item Code [protected] from Big Bazar VIP Road on 13th March 2011.I was told that due to heavy rush the dining table .Even after several enquiries and false promises the furniture is yet not delevered.Even today which is more than 1 month i have not been delevered the Furniture and no one can commit when it ill be delevered.
Please can anyone help in this regard?
First, the furnitures are all imported chinese stuffs and the street price is cheaper than BB's discounted rate.
they make huge profits by all those sales gimmicks. One furniture bought will take at least 7 to 10 days to deliver, just imagine the huge volume of sales they are making... and also the delay is also because they might be keeping operating cost down by not employing too many staff, thus affecting operations... Customer satisfaction will only come after they have met their profitability targets.

Dear Ms. Priya,

I have purchased a Star Bedroom Set comprising of a Queen size Bed, An almira, 2 storage and a side table from Furniture Bazaar at Big Bazaar, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi paying full amount of Rs. 18998/- through Bill number T-8/35512 Ad-460 DATED 20/01/13.

The items were supposed to be delivered in 3 days as told by the sales person and in return I got delivered the Queen size bed, An Almira only after 2 days of purchase telling that the side table and 2 storage will be delivered in next 3 days due to some internal indent problems but today it is 07/02/13 now and it is still not delivered even after repeated reminders from my side; every time I am being told that the delivery shall be made in couple of days. Now, I have to relocate to Ahmedabad as I changed my Job and supposed to join there by 10.02.13, I expect to get my goods delivered at any cost.

I have made several calls to the customer service but they make blind promises to deliver "by tomorrow!". They never called me back updating the status of my order. For the mistake of buying from there I am hoping their tomorrow comes soon. This customer service and handling complaints is pathetic to say the least.

A big giant like big bazaar should not trouble customer like this. I want my goods to be delivered tomorrow itself. A single day delay in delivery should compensate me for breach of trust and commitments to the customer which may lead to file a formal complain to consumer forum.

Hope you will understand my problem and help me to resolve the issue ASAP.

Thanks & Regards

Kunal Tiwari

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