BSNL, Orissa Circle, Bhubaneswar Telecom District — Non receipt of Telephone Bill - excess bill claim

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I am a customer of BSNL, Orissa Circle under Bhubaneswar telecom district. My landline No. is[protected] under Jagamara Exchange, Bhubaneswar. My UID No. is [protected].

I have not received telephone bills for Feb and March 2010. When I collected a duplicate bill from Central Telegraph office, PMG, Bhubaneswar, I found a bill claim of Rs.1031/-!

My telephone bill never exceeded Rs.200-300/- per month for close to a year. So this sudden hike is perturbing. Without bills, I do not know the details of claim. I hardly use this land line as I have three mobile connections. Yet this huge bill claim!

I wrote an email to CGM, Telecom Orissa. The address was available in BSNL website ( Strangely, the mail bonced back! BSNL is creating a farce. This is why BSNL is losing business to private operators. BSNL's service quality, grievance handling, customer care have gone to dogs. No surprise, this organisation is fast getting obliterated!

I am enclosing the email sent to CGM(Tel), Orissa, which bounced back.

Can you help solve the problem?

B C Mazumdar
1080/2762, Jagamohan Nagar, Bhubaneswar-751030, Orissa

Copy of Email sent to CGM (tel), Orissa
Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

<>: Mailbox not found
Remote host said: 550 Recipient does not exist here

--- Enclosed is a copy of the message.
Dear CGM (Tel), Orissa Circle,

I am one of your customers for the last 25 years or so. At present I reside at Plot No.1080/2762, Jagamohan Nagar, Bhubaneswar-751 030. My land line phone number is[protected] under Jagamara Exchange. My UID Number is [protected].

I always make it a point to pay the phone bill on time. Whenever I get the bill on time, I clear it. My payment records will reveal this.

I have not received any bill Feb' 10 and Mar'10. Naturally, I have not been able to pay the same till date.

Meanwhile, my outgoing calls have been barred. I contacted Central Telecom Office, PMG Chowk. When asking for duplicate bill I was utterly surprised to find a claim of Rs1031/-. In this era of Mobile phones, I hardly use the landline. Besides, in Feb'10 I was at Bangalore for 12 days (17th-28th). My bills never exceed Rs 200-300/- for last 6 months. I don't know why this sudden jump in bill amt. In the absence of detailed bill, I am unable to know the reason.

Kindly, pass orders to concerned Officers to send me the detailed monthly bill for Feb & March 10 alongwith numbers called from my phone so that I can ascertain the reason of sudden hike in bill amt.

Kindly note that I shall not be able to make payment in absence of detailed bill. If the outgoing call facility is not resumed or phone service is disconnected, I shall be constrained to surrender it. I repeat, this facility is no more essential because of very negligent attitude of BSNL staff. A simple problem like setting right loose wires at DP box causing disruption in case of heavy wind has not been attended to for months in spite of written complaint.

BSNL is losing ground to private operators. But, still its service quality remains extremely poor. I hold on to this lanline just out of loyalty to BSNL. I don't want to severe 25 years relationship with BSNL and surrender the phone.

Kindly appreciate the issue and direct concerned people to do needful.

Thanks Sir.

B C Mazumdar
1080/2762, Jagamohan Nagar
Bhubaneswar-751 030

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Personal home phone — Phone has been blocked

My phone [protected] has been blocked since last six days. Kindly release the block. I have approached to your Reliance Web World, Shivranjni Char Rasta, Ahmedabad. They also could not extend any help.


As per demand I paid the FEB.2008 bill for Rs3506.Out of this excess payment of Rs600.not refunded so far. When short payment was raised by BSNL and paid by subscriber, the Amount less recovered in the previous bill will be raised in the next bill . If excess recovery also in same analogy to be refund in the next bill.Still I have NOT RECEIVED EXCESS AMOUNT PAID ON 29/3/2008. SO FAR.MY TELE PHONE No.IS[protected]

BSNL — BSNL phone connection not resumed

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Resume the connection back

Our landline[protected] phone BSNLconnection was disconnected a month back. We have cleared all dues given by the BSNL officials. Till date our connection has not resumed.

Kindly do the needful.

BSNL — non attending the consumer complaint

Landline phone in Himachal[protected] is out of order for quite a long time and complaints sent through email, telephonically as well as through telegrame and through sms.No body respond.

Cellone service of BSNL — No signal in Sardar nagar area

Dear Sir/Maam,
This is to inform you that there is no signal in Sardar nagar area of Cellone for the past 15 days. When i contacted their customer care service desk at 24365, I was told to lodge a complain at their Shahibaug office, and when I tried the same, I was told once again to cantact their Vastrapur office regarding this problem. I tried to contact them also and the response I got was to contact their Shahibaug office only and showed their helplessness in this regard.
I have been using their service for the 8 years now and its very difficult to change the service providers as whole business gets affected.
These people are treating customers like a cricket ball of IPL match and no one seems to be responsible.
you are requested to kindly look into the matter and get this problem sorted out.
Thanks & Regards,
Rajiv Juneja
Dear sir,
this is to inform you that my mobile no.[protected] message delivery was delayed .I had complaint many of times to coustmer care.But it was not satisfied.please solve this problem.I was not satisfied with coustmer care responce.
you are requested kindly to solve matter.


telephone by bsnl, bhubaneshwar — frequent breakdown of telephone

my landline (also with dataone broadband[protected]often has breakdown and remains such for long is difficult to contact bsnl nor are they helpful.i have decided to opt for mobile and ortel.hould be helpful and simplify the proceedure.
my telephone number is[protected], i have got excess bill for the month of jan&feb-10, i have asked for the call details of my bill but has not receivedyet,
bsnl ka kuch neya offer nikalta hain to mere mobile pe message nehin aa raha hain. mera no-[protected](ORISSA KA CONECTION) PLEASE SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.
bsnl mobile service at Jaleswar has out of order since 7 days . I am a regular customer with using voucher of Rs300/- per month. whose validity remain for 30 days. 3 to 4 days every month your net work fails regularly . But the validity ends in the stipulated (30 days) time period. Why should we the common people suffer like this. The problem is at your end and we are the sufferer. It is a regular one.Try to slove the problem as soon as possible and try to maintain the net work and make it ok always. And give a grace period of 7 days insted of 30 days.
Cell No. [protected]
My telephone number is[protected]. My phone is out of order since 4 days. My complain number is[protected] Dtd.[protected]. Till today there is no solve of my telephone problem. Please help me and I will be grateful to you.
My Land Line Telephone Number is[protected] now it is dead 13 days before.

I have lodged complaint at our local branch office at Badhal, Keonjhar.
on telephone no.[protected] but that time the receiver of the same replied that they have on strike due to their salary problem & they replied to call to [protected]. I have inform the same 3-4 times.
But till now the above said phone have no connection.

Today also I have call several times to [protected] & 258698 they did not respond.

What I w'll do in this problem. I also paid the all bills at our BSNL office, Keonjhar.


Hasibur Rahman


My telephone number is[protected]. My phone is out of order since last two months..I have registered several complaints during this period Till date the problem has not been resolved and i am not sure whether the problem will be rectified or not. Please help me and let me made aware of the status-how long will I have to suffer of having a telephone connection without any dial tone.

thanking you
K Ramesh,
Section Officer ( Finance & Accounts )
My mobile no.[protected]. On 14/07/2010, I received a call from [protected] at 04.08PM asking for subscribing some devotional mssgs. It asked to press 1 for mssgs from hindu...2 for Islam...3 for bible...4 for some others.
I was busy..I did not repeated the above mssg again..still I was silent. Then it said...we could not understand you. Pl. press 1 to sub scribe or press 2 if not interested.
Then I pressed I was not interested.. and what a cheating!.The voice said..Thanks for subscribing mssgs from ISLAM. Rs.20/- was deducted from my balance with in 10 minuits. It is clearly a cheating. Please take up the matter with the owner of [protected] and 12555 Please refund my Rs.20/- deducted just after the mssg.Don`t try to cheat others also. Reply in my mail ID

My telephone is not working since past 2 days.
I have already registered a complaint yesterday dated 19th Aug 2010.

Telephone No :[protected]

Kindly help.

Prof Krutibas Patnaik

BSNL — non attending the complaint by tel operator

Dear Sir,
In spite of repeated reminder/complain no body is attending the call for tel no[protected]. my ailing parents are staying in HIG-433, KALINGA VIHAR, BHUBANESWAR, ORISSA. It is a sorry fact that though they have lodged a complain no body is attending in spite of regular payment. if any thing happens to my parents i will go to consumer court to get compainsation from bsnl. I am staying in chennai. I am working in MADRAS ATOMIC POWER STATION ,UNDER DEPARTMENT OF ATOMIC ENERGY INDIA AS HEAD FINANCE.. MY TEL NO-[protected].


My telephone no[protected] is not working since thursday(21.10.2010).Complain has been lodged and the status heard from your customised service is "Work In Progress"
Can we know when do I expect the telephone service to be resumed.?
29, Gajapatinagar
Dear Sir,
I am a Broadband customer of BSNL since July, 2010. My Land line No. is 0674 – 2585581 under Mancheswar Exchange. But it is very sad that I have not yet received a good service from your internet service. I have not yet received a good signal from your internet service. I have made several complaints to your Dept. through your Toll Free No. – 1500. A noisy sound can be heard from the receiver of your Land line. At that time, I came to know from one of your staffs that the problem is due to CABLE FAULTS. After several requests to SDO, Mancheswar Exchange, the problem was solved after one month of my complaint. At that time I gave thanks to Mr. SDO, Mancheswar Exchange. But now from 25.10.2010 again the same problem has been occurred. Now I repent that why am I go for BSNL Broadband? Again I came to know that the underground Cables are so old that it crossed the time limit of expiry of those cables. And also BMC in the name of development of roads & drainages, they have damaged the Cables. Now I think what the solution of poor customers like me is as I am paying approx. Rs.900/- per month towards your Broadband Bill. Your service is so poor that BSNL is losing business to private operators. BSNL’s service quality, grievance handling, customer care have gone to dogs. No surprise, such big public sector of India is fast getting obliterated. But, still its service quality remains extremely poor. I hold on to this BSNL Broadband just out of loyalty to BSNL & it is an indigenous public sector of India. But now I think I will surrender my connection which is full of problems & it gives headache to me because of negligent attitude of BSNL staffs. So it is clear that BSNL is losing its business & ground to private operators.
I have registered several complaints during this period Till date the problem has not been resolved and I am not sure whether the problem will be rectified or not. Please help me and let me made aware of the status-how long will I have to suffer of having a Broadband connection without any signal or very poor signal.
I came to know from your office that there is a severe cable problem in this area. They told me that, my Broadband connection should have the following volts/ohms.
L3 – should be 0, but it is 21.5,
L5 – should be 1016, but it is 40 only,
L6 – should be 1016, but it is 88 only,
L7 – should be 1016, but it is 120 only.
Now you can guess how my Broadband is running.
So I request you to be kind enough to take necessary immediate actions to change the Cables or which will be the best reason to solve my problems as soon as possible.
Thanking you sir.
Yours faithfully,
Rabindra Mohan Senapati
SCR – 9, V.S.S. Nagar,
Bhubaneswar – 751007
Tel. Ph. No. – 2585581, Mob: - [protected]
Email –

BSNL Broadband — non receipt of bills at given address

i am not getting my bills since installation ie may 2010 as such i couldn't claim reimbursement from bank.however i had to pay the entire amount on enquiry .but couldn't get monthwise detailed bills so as to claim phone 2384072.
my telephone no. is[protected], I stay at VIM-634, Sailashree Vihar, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneshwar-751021.

I had given application for change of my existing broadband plan from 500 Home combo to 900 UL combo. I had confirmed the change of my plan from BSNL Customer Care by dialing .1500. they gave the confirmed news of plan change to 900 UL . I had applied the "plan chane form", the Bhubaneshwar Telecom Head Office provided me the reciept of plan change. But the bill generated for the month of Oct 2010, bill no 25108936., is Rs.1, 975.24, which is impossible for usage under BSNL home 900 ULf. I have got no outstanding bill left before . The landline and broadband service is registered under my fathers' name ARUN KU. BOSE.

When I inquired about this with BSNl Customer Care, they said "we dont' know about this, refer to Bubaneshwar telecom Circle a/c section about this". If BSNl is not able to provide clear, transparent and satisfactory service, it shoul closed all its operations.


Sandeep Bose
S/o Arun Ku. Bose
VIM-634, Sailashree Vihar, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneshwar-751021

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