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[Resolved]  Capital Hyundai — Poor Service and Misinformation

I own a Santro Xing XL. I have a complaint regarding poor service and wrong information given by CAPITAL Hyundai, Sector-62 Noida.Earlier i used to get my car serviced at Hyundai company showroom at mathura road but I got my 1st paid service done at this hyundai dealer as i was shifted to Indirapuram and my experinace is not very good.
First of all the engineer suggested me to get my engine flushed only at 15000 Km of engine run which is a complete cheatig as come to know later.
Second, on the very next day of service my from power window starting giving problem. They fixed it when i bring this to their notice.
Third, I got wheel balancing and alignment done for front wheels in my car on 14march 09 but withing 15 days its has started giving scratching sound on left front wheel.

I suggest you guys to stay away from these people.
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Aug 14, 2020
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even I had faced the same problem with the same Capital Hyundai, Sector-63. All staff member are disgusting. Poor staff and poor management.
They have replaced air filters without my permission and I have changed air filters one day before service only. Staff from work shop, they are not skilled workers even a local guy from a local shop better knows about servicing.

Please do not go to this service center. They even misbehave with female customers.
General manager is also disgusting.
I Agree on this. Capital Hyundai Noida are real thieves. They hold my car for 14 days without work, and on 15 days they gave it without proper work. My side mirror covers were stolen. They put a dent in my car and painted it so badly that I was feeling crying after seeing it.

No professional ethics..they lie, stole and cheat.


Capital Hyundai in Noida is the more unreliable and pathetic place to purchase your car and even get services from.

I bought a Hyundai verna from them without any paperwork by paying all cash upfront and they gave me a year old manufactured model.

Later when the RC came, i asked these guys and they said just pacified me and returned Rs.10000 back

Later within a next six months, i started facing lot of problems in the car and every time i go to them, they say - it will take 10 days and 20 days etc...

In last one and half years of the car being with me, it has visited to there workshop 4 times and alteast stayed there for more than a month.

They use our cars, they are theives - I will never buy a Hyundai car again, Maruti is the best!!!
I own a Santro Xing 2003 XL. I have a complaint regarding poor service and wrong information given by CAPITAL Hyundai, Sector-2 Noida.Earlier i used to get my car serviced at Hyundai company showroom at patpargand as i working in noida sec18 so that i was more convent to give my car in sec 2 my experinace is not very good.
First of all the engineer suggested me to go for ac serive witch is level 4 cost 1380/- +serivr tex total come to 1600 or sothey pic my car from my office after that when they R & D my car and said total bill for this is come to 35000/- i was shoked to hear that they sad in there technical language i hv no option to denie that so that i sad plz just send me my car back to my office with any work after i realy surprice to hear a complete cheatig as come to know l.

I am planning to go in consumer coart not becouse of 600/- but teach them a lossion

I suggest you guys to stay away from these people.
I also have the similar issue, I paid 13500 for servicing my Santro ZIP, and car is still knocking, when I asked to their so called service advisor, he told me there is some problem in clutch and need clutch work, so again it will take Rs. 5500, so you can see this service is costing me 19000, so don't know what the hell they did earlier. Think all people suffering from these thives, need to get organized and pull them to consumer court.
I totallly agree with you all. Capital Hyundai Sec 63 Noida is a real cheat. They told me that a major service is required at 20000 Kms and did engine decarbonizing, Engine Flushing, Injector Cleaning and other tech stuff and said they are all recommended by Hyundai. Then on next service on 27000 they again said its a major service and after this it will be done at 60000 Kms. They again did all these things and produced a hefty bill.
One of my friend who also owns i10 went to safdarjung gurgaon at 20000 KM reading.They did nothing except the paid service.
I am writing an official complaint to Hyundai for Capital Service. I request you all to place your consumer complaints so that hyundai can take action against these cheaters.
Capital Hyundai in Sec-62 are also complete cheats. They take your car and then call up and give a long list of issues. I get my car serviced every 6 mon and even then they come up with a hefty bill of Rs.[protected] every time. I think that's the minimum they charge to every customer. I think i would have paid the total value of the car to these people in 4-5 years. Their engineers just know how to replace - there is no concept of repair. I also had a major alignment problem after one of their repairs and three of my tyres got punctured in 2-3 days time. Still they say that there is no alignment problem and then ask me to leave the car for double checking. After double checking they say nothing was wrong - but then the tyres suddenly stop bursting. Big cheaters - DO NOT GO TO THEM.
Capital Hyundai in Sector 62 Noida is the worst service station of Hyundai I own a 2008 Model Santro, on 27 of Aug 2010, my car went for the 4th Paid service that was the worst Hell day for me . The Service guy suggested me to do a Break shoe checkup and clean, i also said this is okay as it was rainy season.In the evening time when i picked the car i was shocked to see that out of my 5 MRF tyres they have changed one tyre to BRIDGESTONE 2006 tyre which was in the worst conditions and is in end days... even that the tyre got flat in next 10 km .. when i complaint this to the Service guys and their managers they are not listening and stating that we are trying to track the tyre from last 5 days .. which is a complete !!

I owe 2 hyundai cars and from now onwards i will never ever move send my car to CAPITAL with the fear in mind that today they are changing tyre later might a complete engine can be changed i cant trust theses guys anymore .. also i will not suggest to any of my friend to go there ..

I am writing an official complaint to Hyundai for Capital Service. I request you all to place your consumer complaints so that hyundai can take action against these cheaters.

I also had many bad experiences with Capital Hyundai Noida, ( Its in Sector 63, not sector 62) .
Their showroom is OK but service they provide is pathetic.

-Many times I waited hours for getting small things done, around 2-3 hrs waiting time, if you reach on time to get your car after service

-Almost everytime I revisited the service station for some after service issues

-Service executives try to put lots of extra & not required items during service evaluation.

- If you are getting any of the first 3 free services done, Don't pay anything extra for interior cleaning. They may ask Rs. 600 extra for drycleaning. As per my personal experience you'll get same cleaning done even if you don't pay Rs. 600 for drycleaning

- Check each and every item what ever is charged in the service bill, They tried to cheat me for that.

- BODY SHOP section is realy bad @ Capital, Never on time, bad quality work, unprofessional people to deal with, always some extra cost.

Over all ratings from my side

Showroom - 3/5
Service - 1/5
Bodyshop - 0/5
I had given my new car for scheduled second servicing on 31st October 2010 at Capital Hyundai Service Center, D-48, Sector -63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301. During servicing, my car was brought to more than 15 feet height on a lift, lift broke and my car fell down from the same height. There is huge impact on my car due to collision after falling from more than 15feet height.

There are lots of distinct and non-distinct damages to my car and it is hard for me to believe that this car can be repaired again. They are telling me to get it repaired from your insurance claim.
Capital hyundai is a cheter company, hyudai take some serious action otherwise because of capital hyundai service, hyundai reputation will effect
If you are facing any problem with Capital Hyundai then you can send the compliant regarding any issue to [protected]
Yes I am agreed on this I have also faced same problem as well as In Insurance also, he has cheated me. I have taken the insurance from him against paying the cash later I came to know he deposited the cheqe with insufficient fund and my policy is discontinued. When I enquired TATA AIG then came to know all things. When I contacted Capital Hyundai, he told me by mistake it has happened It will be corrected. But from the last one month it is not corrected and my car is running without insurance. So please don't take any body to any insurance from Capital Hyundai Motors.
Capital Hyundai is out to extract the maximum amount when it comes Paid service. They keep suggesting a long list of highly prices operations which are not necessarily needed.

- Engine Flush (1500/-)
- Fuel Line Flush (1700/-)
- Engine Oil Lubricant(500/-)..Now I wonder what are Engine Oils meant for!!!
- Radiator cleaning (450/-)...Never heard about this in any other brand of car I have driven.

The service advisors are trained to push a whole bunch services that would spike your service bill before u realize it. Adding to the joke, they thrust a feedback form into your hand asking u to rate their service on different parameters.

Their defense, its as per manufacturer's recommendations. Does this mean that the manufacturer (Hyundai) is producing poor quality cars.

Overall I was satisfied by their cleaning and washing job, but mind u they are running a money minting racket, so carefully evaluate the services you would like to get done.
I own a Santro car and in March I gave my car for AC servicing and heating issues related.. first they calculated the amout and it was somewhere around 2500 and by EOD I got the call that there are few more issues to be corrected and also the AC coil is spoiled.. I agreed to replace the part and I am damn sure there was no such issue with the part... as the coil never gets damged unless and until any accident occurs.. the cost for the servicing and gas filling including the coil now got to 7000... and after few hours I again received a call stating the compressor has got some damage... now the point comes here if it was damaged what was the need for servicing and filling the gas as it would get leaked..


INVOICE NUMBER :- B[protected], R/O No:- R[protected]...

Once I reached home the car even got worse and it spoiled the heat chamber and AC gas was completey gone... the technician told me that it will work for a month and need to get the compressor reparied and as work for a BPO I was not able to afford the part... then I approached my local mechanic and he got my car compressor corrected for 1000 and also did the AC servicing and gas filling and costed around 4000 in total... THE MONEY WHICH I SPENT AT THE SERVICE STATION WAS OF NO USE AND THE SERVICE ADVISOR IN ORDER TO EARN INCENTIVES FORCED PARTS TO REPLACE AND DAMGED THE WHOLE BUDGET FOR ME...
Please Post your complaint on Hyundai website at the following link

I had submitted my feedback. Hyundai Motors initiates an inquiry ticket for every complaint and the service center has to send a formal report on the complaint to Hyundai mentioning whether customer was satisfied or not with the response.

I had also posted my feedback and G.M., Service of Capital Hyundai had called up to discuss issues.
I really feel that Capital Hyundai - Sec-63 Noida is worst, cheater, carelessness and no proper customer satisfaction, no professional ethics.

DK Verma
I am not agree with the information cited above, I am really satisfied with the service of Capital Hyundai earlier there were some problems but now every thing ok.
Service complete satify by the customer and customer handling i realy appreciate .

Thanks & Regards
Dinesh Singh
This is inform to Hundai or Capital hundai motor, i had come this only and i whould rate the service once i know the drive more then 5000 km, however the front end and imidiate intration given by capital hundai is good.

The person who has inform me or guide me is fantastic name :- Mr Naveen Sharma.

Thanks and i would come once again.

Rajnish Pathania.

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