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 Nalini B
On 4th May 09, I took an auto from T Nagar (Kumaran stores, Panagal park) to Chinmaya Nagar. The auto driver demanded Rs. 120 but I told him that I have always given Rs. 100/= for this distance. At first he refused, then he bargained for Rs. 110/ = and finally when I tried to hire another driver, he said that he will take us to Chinmaya nagar for Rs. 100/=. My mother, my daughter and I boarded the auto. He drove in a very rash manner and I cautioned him on this. My mother was also not happy with this. He did not pay any heed to our advice.

At Vadapalani, AVM theatre, I asked him to turn right and asked him to go through Saligramam because that is the common route that all auto drivers take. At this point, he started shouting and said, "You asked me to take you to Chinmaya Nagar and I will only come there". " You people cannot change it in the middle". We (both myself and my mother) tried to reason with him saying that this is the route that all auto wallas take and we have not asked anything different.

Then he started using foul language and hurled abuses at me and my mother who is a retired bank employee.We had no other option but to ask him to leave us at Saligramam itself because we found his language unbearable and I was close to tears. Even my mother was provoked and started shouting at him. After we got down from the auto at Saligramam, I handed him over the Rs. 100 note that I had promised. He took it and started giving me the change. I was so bugged by his behaviour that I did not accept the change.

The auto registration no is TN 07 AX 9437. I do not know the auto driver's name. He is lean with an bearded and unshaven face and was wearing a striped red T shirt.

I want the auto driver's licence to be immediately cancelled. He is not fit to drive any vehicle because of his rash driving and his reckless attitude towards passenger safety. I also want him to be booked for creating discomfort and inconvenience to me and my mother during the travel of 30 mts from T nagar to Saligramam.
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chinmaya — change of bank

PF NO.TN/48864/155 PPO TN/MAS/509294
Please let me know whether the bank change is effected. I have completed the formalities last month. Bank changed from ICICI to INDIAN BANK Kodambakkam.

There are lot of share autos plying from Ambattur Industrial Estate upto Ashok Pillar.Last year they charged Rs.7/- from Wavin Bus stop to Ashok Pillar.Now they have started charging Rs.15- 20/- from Wavin to Vadapalani.

On May 18th i took a share auto from Wavin to MMDA, a stop ahead of Vadapalani.While getting down i gave a 20 Rupees note.I asked Rs.5/- in return, he didn't give my 5 rupees.Moreover he said wherever you get into this auto, you will be charged an amount of Rupees 20.He said if u feel, you are at a loss of your Rs.5/- you can travel upto Vadapalani, which is not my intended stop.Then he started using abusive language against me.Unable to tolerate his filthy language, i gave up.

He was also driving the vehicle in a rash way and stuffing more number of people into his auto, his 4 seater auto had 5 people and two more were seated along his side i.e in the driver's seat.

The auto's number is TN-02 X 1556.
Requesting you to take the necessary action.

I had a bad experience with one of the auto driver today (3rd May 2010). I wanted to take an auto from Pondy bazar to Ramapuram. When I asked for an auto, he asked for 250, I said no and moved to check for someother mode. There was another auto driver who came and told he can take for 200. I said no and told I can give only 180. He was barging for 200 again and giving his usual rubbish reasons saying first customer, traffic, etc...

I still said no and tried to walk off. He then said ok, come on. Then we started and reached the place. Once we reached, I gave him 200. When I asked for remaining 20, he said he agreed only for 200. When told i never accepted for 200, he told I thought I accepted and started shouting at me and then left.

The auto number is TN07 BE 3948. Please take some action against this auto driver.
THERE IS NO POINT sending auto complaints to chennai govt
beacause, all auto drivers support stalin (cm's son)
in that courage also they are doing dirtiness in the city.
nobosy can ask them m because they have big unions.
they all vote and campaign for stalin a lot. most of them have stalins poster like god in their houses.

this has to be brought to attantion of media and central govt.
otherwise no use compaining to chennai transport or chennai rto or chennai govt.
Chennai auto drivers are rogs. They should be punished severely. Chennai corporation should punish these auto and taxi drivers compulsorly. In Banglore city, all auto drivers are very kind and honest. They are taking only the money, which is present in the meter. But in Chennai, they are fixing one rate and cheating us. Some times they are accepting, but in the destination place they come to argue for extracharging. In Chennai, all auto drivers use vulgar words which cant be heared. They should be punished very, very severely. First of all, Chennai corporation should announce a rule that above 35 years of age should be an auto driver. Because, In Chennai, mostly auto drivers are 22, 26 aged. Their driving is rash.
There is no point in writting/going to the police station complaining against these uneducated, ill mannered, uncontrolable, ruff .
All the autos are owned by police inspector and some politician or some gang leader (side business). so they give a damn to people who have a problem with them. and no law is going to help you.
You will see a complete different attitude of auto drivers who own their own ride.
These fellows should be HOT RODDED inclucing the owners.
100% I agree with these points. Myself also had a very bad experience today. I usually take a share auto from loyala college to shastri bhavan back gate, usually auto walas they charge Rs 5. Today unfortunately I forgot my wallet and for safety purpose i always use to carry Rs 10 in my hand bag, So i had only 10 today in my hand. As usual I got a share auto and half the way gone, near the sterling road signal he asked to pay the amount, so I gave him 10 bugs and asked for change, he said it is 10 bugs, while getting into the share auto he asked for 5 then asking for 10, my bad time i was not having any change. i told him that all the auto walas are charging only 5 whats special in your share auto? I was standing all the way, i din't even had seat to sit. Asking that he started scolding me and started abusing me using bad words. No one scolded me in that way very local, very indecent words. His share auto registration number is TN 04 K 7805. I am very soft type, I easily get scared. He threatened me saying that I'll tare your face, daily you ll be coming in this way only right i'll show you who am I... I got really scared by listening to that kind of words. I got down from that share auto immediately.
After getting down at Kotturpuram MRTS coming from Velachery, i took an auto upto Billroth hospitals, they told me it is 100/-.I dont know the actual rate but i tried to bargain it to 80/-.When i tried to take a running auto, they shouted to him take 90/-.This fellow told me it was actually 120 but these people were taking only 100!.Later people told me it is a maximum of 60/-(some said even 40/-)!I kept on paying 90 or 100 for 20days!!They even gave me a discount of 10/- because i was a regular customer.I think police should seize autos whose meter is not working.
After crossing at the place where we can cross coming towards Mylapore side from MGR Guindy, I had to go to Greenways MRTS.They asked 130/-! Once the first time i have been i chennai, i have seen a meter working and the meter read 59.something for the same distance by the time we reached there.That fellow asked 70/- of course.All the autos i try to hire ask minimum 80/-!!When i say 70/-, they curse and go.
I had similar experiences. As I take the share autos frequently, I know the rates of the various stages. Guindy to Ashok Pillar-Rs.7, Pillar to Vadapalani-Rs.5 and if I get a direct auto from Guindy to Vadapalai, it is Rs.10.
I had this boarded into one auto last week. There were other passengers who boarded at Guindy(the same point from where I boarded). The stage from Guindy to Pillar is considered as one. So anyone who boards and gets down anywhere before Pillar has to pay Rs.7. There were 3 people who got down at the same stop. They asked how much ? The auto vala replied 8 each to two of them. The two people gave him the money and walked away. The third person did not notice this . He handed over a 20 rupee note to the auro vala and he got 10 Rs in return. He didnt complain either. I wondered what is wrong with the auto vala ad moreover, these people.They are not even arguing. I knew that my turn to get down would soon come. I took the chaneg of 10Rs and was ready to get down at my stop. On giving the 10 Rs, the auto vala told me tht its 15 Rs. i told him that I travel regularly and I know the price. He said that he charges Rs.15 everyday. I told him that he is not being honest, gave him the Rs.15 and walked off. He kept on following me to justify that his price is right. I didnt want to start an altercation. I silently noted down the auto number. TN02 AR 3954... Is there any law to prosecute such auto valas? This is not the first time I experienced such a situation.
Hi, I was trying to hire a auto from Thiruvanmiyur Railway station to Adyar Telephone exchange. I asked one of the driver to use meter, he rejected so went to another auto, but again I faced the same problem. No auto man is ready to use the meter especially the men who are in Thiruvanmiyur station.

Suggestion: Traffic police can randomly check the auto meters when they are travelling with the passengers, if the meter is not in use they should be fined and warned.

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