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Chennai Traffic Police — Bribery

Chennai Traffic Police just stops 2-wheelers randomly and despite maintaining a perfectly well-conditioned 2-wheeler, they create a fake 'emissions' test. They distract you and before you can see what is happening they tell you that your 'test' is 'rejected' which is supposed to mean that it failed the test. Aren't they supposed to give you the measurements? How can a 'test' fail without measurements? They threaten to confiscate the bike and tell you that unless you pay a fine of Rs.1100, they cannot let you go. When I asked them that they had no right to confiscate the bike they told me that unless I paid Rs.500 as bribe, they will not let me go. This happened at the Adyar junction near the Aavin Park roundabout where a police van with so-called testing equipment is parked. The date was 31-January 2009. Being a salaried person, this is too much to pay and I feel helpless against such corruption. But I had no choice and when 3 policemen threaten you, there is nothing one can do. I am ashamed to live in Chennai. The Chennai Traffic Police has to be the most corrupt in the world.
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Yes I agree, they are not only corrupt but crude and rude mouthing expletives on many innocent people except when you mention a high ranking person. They care a hoot even if you are educated and law abiding citizen - they care much less.As long as the"ayyah" is there around you have no alternatives, except to pay and flee from the site.
Most of the Traffic Polices(95%) like this method.They are cheating to public. I am also seeing regularly at Ponds company to thiruneermalai Junction (Pallavaram ) They are collection bribery.

our police police officers of chennai collecting bribe. other higher officials should warn this. i used to see traffic police collecting bribe in vijaynagar signal.
You and I are not born to correct the corrupt system. Most policemen join the force to make bribe and no matter what you do, they will milk you at some point of time. So do your part and be dutiful by paying what they demand. Tirupati undiyal equivalent. You get blessings from god for making the day of a poor policeman
My name is Selvan. This incident took place near Ashok Pillar signal chennai at 4.20 P.M 17/07/2011. While i was crossing the signal a group of police caught me and verified my licence and insurance. Everything was perfect with me. Then he asked 1500 rs. I asked why sir everything is perfect with me. Then he said "if you are not going to give money i will book you under not obeying signal, i know whome to get money. I had only 500 rs in my purse. I showed my purse to him. He took that money and gave my bike key.
Please someone stop these kind of illeagel activities by chennai police.
Police personal now take new idea. Now they have handheld device. They catch two wheelers and threaten by telling huge amount of fine. They may give bill for towing even your bike did not undergo it eventhough towing charge is only for 4 wheelers. The towing charge is to driver and an internal expense and they do something with it and take that money.

There were 4 policemen around me and threatened and abuse etc. when I questioned, they are even handling physically and thereaten I will suffer later. They collected 475 (100 fine for crossing signal and 375 for towing!!!). Then I give Rs.500 and they are not ready to give back 25. Then start abuse. Then when I argued he gives 30 rupess by telling take it. If it is legal, a 5 rupee loss to them

There was an old policeman who stood apologistically there and eventhough he is a beneficiary. I wish I had a gun to kill them.
Chennai Traffic police are so ARROGANT and INSANE.. Even when they are paid good salary and after getting so many facilities from Government, still they beg like anything. Even Beggars are far more superior than these Traffic cops. I hope they don't lead a peaceful life. They're ruining the name of POLICE like anything. At least they shouldn't be given the uniform to wear. Shame on them. :(

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    Chennai Traffic Police - Bribery

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