[Resolved]  Citibank Credit Card — Credit Card Fraud


Date Merchant Amount

1) April 04, 2008 BHARTI CELLULAR LTD Rs. 1, 123.00
2) April 04, 2008 BHARTI CELLULAR LTD Rs. 9, 132.48
3) April 04, 2008 BHARTI CELLULAR LTD Rs. 3, 000.00
4) April 04, 2008 BHARTI CELLULAR LTD Rs. 10, 000.00

The AboveTrancation were not made by me. the Above transaction has been made by hakers with card No. [protected]. At that time It was Imeediately informed to me by Citi Bank Credit Card Dept. and also blocked the my Card No. [protected] and AboveTransaction at that time.

And Re -Issue the New Card No.[protected] to me.

After few days I had Complainted to Citi Bank Credit Card Dept. Regarding the above Transaction which dosen't belong to me.At that time they told me that you need no worry about that AboveTransaction and you need not pay for the Above transaction amount to Citi Bank Credit Card Dept. because Above transaction is made by Hakers and We blocked that Transaction as well as Card No. [protected].

And I don't hold any mobile or any card of Bharti Celluar LTd. company.

Nowadays Citibank Credit Card Dept. is calling me on Regular basis regarding the payment of above Transaction.

Kindly look into above matter and help me asap.

My Mob No : [protected]
Name : Pritesh Shah
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Aug 14, 2020
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I was recommended for a Citibank Credit Card as a part of the Autocard scheme launched by Maruti Suzuki along with Citibank.I have been duped of Rs.45000 on my credit card via online transactions that have been used to purchase air tickets(3 of them on the same day and 2 on the next).I am in a state of total shock, I wouldn t have even come to know that these transactions have already taken place on my card until the end of the month, when they send the credit statement and SMS, but for the fact that i swiped my card at a petrol bunk and came to know that there is no credit left!!I have never used this card for transactions of more than Rs.3000 and all of a sudden someone made online transactions worth Rs.45000, i feel that when such big transactions or any transaction takes place they must atleast send an SMS to your cel notifying you.I have raised the disputes with Citibank on these transactions and they have told me that they are going to investigate it, but after reading some of the posts on this forum i realise that they might not take any steps to help me.And on these Autocards of Citibank they have written the C V V number on the bank which can so easily be seen by any merchant and noted down and the rest of the number he can easily get from the charge slip.(i was told by someone that on their other cards they don t print the C V V number)Is it so easy for anyone to commit fraud and make such transactions on anyone s name online.There seems to be no security with these cards.How do i proceed from here and whom do i approach for justice?Please help me.
Ref: Credit card No.[protected].


Please refer to my previous letter to Citibank about cyber crime taking place in credit cards of citibank. I am writing this to you as official complaint.

On 1st November i had received a call from Citibank fraud detection department that "some fraud is taking place in your credit card. The payments are being made to Bharti Cellular Limited in installments." On my denying this expenses, he than asked me whether he should block cedit card and issue a new credit card. I instructed him to block my card and told him not to issue new card unless this issue is setteled.

I have even lodged complaint to citibank call centre(NO.[protected]) and on their advice i have even sent(Faxed to Citi Bank Fax No.[protected], Extn No.2222), a card member declaration form to disputed amount.
The following payments are debited in my card.

Date Merchant Amount

31/10/2008 Bharti Cellular Ltd. 6397.98
31/10/2008 Bharti Cellular Ltd. 5347.00
31/10/2008 Bharti Cellular Ltd. 5269.54
31/10/2008 Bharti Cellular Ltd. 3987.19
31/10/2008 Bharti Cellular Ltd. 3711.41

There are two more debits of which the charges are under review, to Bharti Airtel Ltd. and the amount is Rs.250.00 + Rs.250.00

On complainting to Citi Bank Officer( one MR.Sreejith) on this issue on telephone today i.e. 7th November 2008, he simply informed me that nothing can be done as ultimately liability of making payment is yours. He even was not assuring any action which will be taken by Citi Bank.

I am attaching similar complaint made by a customer of CitiBank and the issue is the same. His complaint is that the similar case of fraud in citibank card, similar merchants name( Bharti Cellular Limited) and similar way to debit amount on a single day( Four transactions).

From the above facts it appeares that a systematic fraud is taking place and the payments are going to Bharti Cellular LImited.There are all chances that similar modus operendi is used to do this crime. I will try and find out further similar fraud in citibank VS Bharti Cellular Limited nexus.

Mean while I request you to take my complaint.

Please also advise me if any further information is required in this matter.

Please update me with any and all developments.

Thanks & Regards,
Jayant Dave

I am facing the same problem. My Citibank card was debited with 2 payments of Rs 25000.00 each to M/s Bharti Airtel Ltd (MCHEK).

I have put it up with Citibank in a customer decleration form. But am a little wary, after reading your story, that they will do anything. Lets see
I am a holder of Citibank Credit Card No.[protected], with a Credit Limit of Rs.18, 000. I was having a credit of Rs.17, 631 as on 02.01.2009. On 02.01.2009, I tried to book a bus ticket on Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation website online. However, while doing the final stage of payment, the transaction became invalid. I tried the transaction twice and then left it, as no amount had been deducted from my credit card account. However, today when I checked my credit card account online, it was showing a debit balance of -164. When I called up Citibank Customer Care, they informed me that I had done three transactions on ezeego online and that the same had been credited to my account. When I informed them that I had done no such transaction, they immediately blocked my card. However, they have informed me that I have to wait for another three days, i.e., until the transaction is credited to my account by the concerned firm, i.e., ezeego, and then the same will be investigated. I am really scared and confused as to what step I have to take about this now. Please advise me about the step I have to take, whether I have to wait for three days, or should I take any further action immediately.
yeah same thing happened with me . i was being charged by the CITI bank for some unauthorised transaction that i never made.
i filled CDF form and faxed it to their mumbai office, then i called them after 2 days to confirm whether they received that form or not, they said that they have received the form and need 45 days to process the application and will contact me to give the updates, they also said that the concerned department will call me about the updates on the same. but i never received a call regarding that instead i end up calling them for more than 15 times and they fooled me around every time i talked to the citibanker or his supervisor. after 55 days when i called them they told me that they never recived the CDF form and instead shouted at me. they told me that they don't hve any recors of any of the form with them. NOW please tell me U guys is this right?? i mean if a citibanker told me that he has received the form then how would u know that he hasn't?
they tell the wrong info every time u call them and fool u around with the policies and all.
I think this was the worst experience with any bank ever.
Atleast i can tell u that CITI has lost one of its customers forever, thats me.

Citibank Credit Card — o/s amt.

Dear Sir
I was holding a citibank credit card 10 yrs back.Recently I got a call from Kolkata that some amt. is o/s against my name.
Please help me with my card no. as well as card statement.

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