[Resolved]  Come2play gaming site: — Partial behaviour with different nations(Indians are the live example)

i wanna request you to pay your attention on the partial behavior of come2play owner towards the Indian culture and people amongst the rest of the world.
i have some questions for this site to answer .
1. Why did come2play owner has blocked Indian chat at this site and the games are still available for us to play?

2. Why don't they stop doing their business with Indian people if they don't like us to communicate with the rest of the world and our friends ?? !!
not only this but also there people like to abuse everybody and publishing erotic pictures (SEXUAL ABUSE).Admins, who have responsibility to maintain a friendly and peaceful atmosphere , abuse people themselves on this site.

3. The owner must be accused for this and Indian Government needs to take an action against this site.
It's an another case like "SAWITA BHABI"(one of the blocked site by Indian Government before)
and i am requesting you on the behalf of our "Ban .l. come2play gAMES" facebook community, to ban this site in India and restrict this site to the rest of the world except India.
Thanks !!
Partial behaviour with different nations(Indians are the live example)
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Aug 13, 2020
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Shall we be subject to this attitude without nothing to say?? I don't think so..All Have to react in front of this kind of descrimination.
without reason ip address of mp bsnl
come2play admins abuses also and this site is full of abuse.
I ask for help to close that place ... because the offense is allowed humiliating insult to steal and hurt others against whom we come to play! administrators are the main thieves and major players in abusing and offending stealing when we complain they simply disappear nustros id ... we can not reuse .. because they change the pasword for us not to use them more! let's stop this abuse! This page is only made money from fraud, because they sell tokens and if anyone ever help retrieve stolen and never answer our complaints! we are forced to buy chips again! themselves and the back of our ids disappear! they robbed me of tokns 30millones over ... at the time wrote more than 7 times to support complaining of theft and abuse of their managers but never respond! please help! We must help and support to change the strategy there and stop stealing! not only to steal away our tokns also id with our rewards they disappear that are also purchased at that site!
I want and ask for help because too many abuses in that place is a place that supports the ciberbullyn Starting @ with administrators who are in command in the game rooms that place they are abusive rude and never solve anything bad just punish without reason! helps to stop this situation legally demendar please wish all who commit abuses and theft information to help where I should sue the abuse to which that place is closed or at least what to do to stop abuse and theft
see my pics please and u you judge the quality of people who abuse there and as administrators are giving permission for such abuse and overlap each of the situations that are dñinas because cyberbullying is permitted by this site! just copy pate my link.[protected].23347.[protected]&type=...
COME2PLAY admins abuse us every day and steal points and mishandle the games to an extent that it's a criminal organization...they sent in bugs and after that destroyed my siftware with a virus, mostly the ITALIAN BRANCH heading at CA Tecnologies
the CA Tecnologies in Milan Italy has admins violating all consumers' rights and abuse us continously stealing from from our accounts and inputting bugs and for istance they took off the timer from my screen and let me there for hours till I quit and they rip my points...IT'S A SHAME ...
if you do not like the site then try this go to another site and play their because I find that all site have some bad people in them as they all have good people in then but to shut it down because you want to what save other from this site me as well then I say no I can figure out for my self what I want to do I DO NOT NEED YOU TO SAVE ME, I KNOW WHAT I LIKE AND WHAT I DO NOT LIKE AND DO NOT WANT YOUR HELP IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU BOX OF ROCKS LOL OMG CRY CRY BABY CRY CRY
Dear sir...I have been trying to purchase 90 day vip pass since august 2017...With every attempt to purchase all i get is this page cant be displayed...Can you help me...I enjoy playing pool on the come2play site very much.. But would appreciate vip status.
Awaiting your response, ronald e berry
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