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[Resolved]  Crossing Republik — Do not book flat as Dumping yard is coming very close to Crossings Republik

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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CR, you are right. Few montyhs back I paln to book flat in suopertech crossing republic but after computer internet research, I found there is aq issue of public waste ground near crossing republic by which life of my small kids will be hell. so i will wait or i will find somewhere else again after carrying out too much checking by internet.
CR, thank you for your valubale post so others get educated about current problem in crossing republic.
Keep it up.
CR has reported rightly. Do not waste your money.

We have formed a Yahoo Group and have started a blog too to fight against the decision of Dumping Ground near Crossings Republik. Please register to keep yoursel[censored]pdated -, (Crossings Republik Resident Welfare Association). Its an appeal to everyone to join the movement. Lets fight together to make a better future.
is it still there. crossing being such a big society will have minimum impact of it. not sure about it but looking forward to know more about it
Dear CR,
Please don't panic too much as such obstacles have been encountered in almost all major projects.
Crossings is a big big project, one of its kind in NCR. Every government department would like to get a piece of cake (if every piece is worth crores of rupees). We, the owners, have have started legal battle along with builders against this total non-sense project of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN), who is violating every norm to build a Dumping yard. As per rules they can't make a Dumping ground in 14 acres of land for whole of Ghaziabad waste, that too near residential land. Legally they have to provide 500 meters of buffer zone of no development around the dump yard, which itself eats up complete 14 acres.
Also GDA recently changed the land use from residential to dump yard on 21.10.2009, when possession of so many flats is near. It totally goes against the law.
GNN has no stand in court against this issue. So please relax as many o[censored]s are doing now!
Thanks Yogesh for posting positive comments... but we all know abt UP CM.. no one knows what will happen tomarow... i have already booked a flat there .. so fingure crossed .. :(
PLEASE VISIT for recents tweets about dumping ground issue.
Crossings Republik first global city with ultra modern city waste dumping open yard. This is residents of Crossings Republik and future buyers of this apartments will have.
I have booked in Crossing republick but now after hearing that news I am very scared. Is there any government guidelines that how much distance should be maintained between dumping yard and residential area? We should go to the court to stay it.
I have also booked one flat in crossing republic but can any bodu lel us know what builders is saying about the dumping issue? They are with us or not?

In these times of negative publicity we need people like you to spread words of wisdom so that people can get some education... Even I am of your opinion from Day 1 that this is purely a Collection stunt on part of GNN since they want a big piece from a successful project.

I am doing all I can to convince people in CSC ( we did a bulk deal of 200 + ), that we all should not panic and at the same time fully oppose this bull- by GNN legally.

Eventually the people who are spreading negative publicity are waiting for prices to hit rock-bottom then they can invest in Crossings... because almost every sensible guy would know that no-one neither Builders nor GNN can gain anything from allowing the Dumpyard to get into any shape...
I have booked a flat in Supertech Livingston. What I extract out of the situation is that it is not possible to have such a big land fill of solid waste in the vicinity.
However all who have booked the flats in the Crossings should come together and fight send the message to the related authority and builders.


Rajeev Bisht
Dear brothers, I am an NRI and living abroad.

I have booked a flat in Golden Height - Cosmos Builders and i am a littler worried about the news regarding dumping yard with crossing republic. I am frustrated with UP Goverment and GNN decision, how can they make a such mistake. How they can take life of thousands of its national to make a dump yard with a beutiful township. They should have shame.

We all are together for our cause and never will allow to happned it with us. Just be possitive.

I have also booked one flat in crossing republic but can any bodu lel us know what builders is saying about the dumping issue? They are with us or not????
Please join this group to get the latest updates on Crossings Republik and also the dumping ground issue.

According to govt. rules, a landfill site cannot come up this close to a residential setup. Also, GNN doesn't have enough land - what will they do with just 14acres.
Recently, a stay order has been granted, and for sure this issue will get properly solved in buyers' favor.

Members of Northeast Housing Society made 120+ flats bookings at Supertech Livingston happily. However, that happiness appeared shortlived. On learning that a Dumping Ground was to come, members started enquiries. Then to add salt to the injury, a new Tower called "GALAXY TOWER" is proposed in the complex of Supertech Livingston. Since meeting was difficult, this blog was creates to enable all members to air their grievances. This grievances will be taken to the Management of Supertech Limited in the near future. For details regarding the Society, please visit and
Its for authorities to take a decision duly recognizing the interest of future reisdents of the global city which will only enhance the status of Ghaziabad bringing it to next level rather than creating a mess of the whole situation. I understand that the builder community is trying their level best but unless all o[censored]s unite together things can't move & the stinking smell of dump yard will ruin the life of all

I am sure that whatever one hopes for or whatever one says, dumping ground is really an issue which has worried all the investors/buyors of Crossings and Ansal. Though they have been able to form an association and got a stay order as well, but still there is a long way before we all can say that the fear is over.

Morever, other than this, there are other questions which are still not solved. It was said that there will be PNG supply in Crossings apartment but I have not heard anything about that. Then, it was also advertised that there will be connectiving from Sector 62 Noida which has not come up as yet. The project was launched with a lot of fanfare that the Metro will reach there. But we all know that there is no truth in all these things. Then seriously all the builders are planning to build 25 storey towers and building one tower immediately next to the other one, leaving hardly any open spaces. I think, people should also fight that there should not be more than 18 story towers. This is another cause of worry. Lake has not come up, there are no hospitals, no living amentities. What people will do by getting possession? I think this was advertised in a big way but a lot desired to be done to make it really a place to live.
HI All,

After know each and every fact, i booked flat yesterday at crossing republic .
10 days ago there is news in jagranCityPlus that Ansal has got the Stay order from High Court for dumping issue . So be potivie and hope for the best. Once Posseation process will be start the things will be smooth.
Hi Ashish Saxena
The news posted by Ansal is incorrect. They once again cheating the public by making blatant wrong news in the media. There is no stay order as med by well known cheater called 'Ansals'. Always verify the facts before believing them. I feel pity for your deliberate blunder.
has anybody booked flat in crossing castle .i wanted to know about their project approval status.
Does anybody have any information on this project.I have booked flat in this in july but till now i havent
got any letter from them and construction hasnt started .I anyone else in same boat pls contact me
so that we can do something about it...

crossings republik flats — rumars of dumping ground

no no no not at all as if i know im going to shift in my flat next month at crossings republik and there are thausands of numbers of flats out there and its not practical court stay over dumping bodyf can make it over there....thanks a lot

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