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I was taking a medication for skin disorder since 4 years at dr.Batra positive homeopathy clinic new delhi. Initially they told me that your problem will be cured within 2 yrs. But nothing happened even after four years. This fraud doctors just suppresses your disease but not cure them. The doctors appointed at that clinic (Rajouri garden) are mostly girls, just because of their beauty. The good thing about the clinic is that they will remind you for appointment, they will serve you water and tea but they will never cure you!!!!!
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Dr. Batra Homeopathy did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.
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Dr Batra's Customer Care's response, Jan 27, 2017
RE: Dr. Batra Homeopathy — Fraud doctors

Dear Anjali,

We are concerned to note your feedback. Please share your patient ID and clinic details, we will look into your concern.

Team Dr Batra’s™
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mr.bijendernegi's reply, Oct 16, 2017
Absolutely right..Dr batra is the india's biggest fraud health service provider...bosdike he sab...i woult not let you go. I know so many patients have filed the case agaist dr batra but they are so shameless and ###, it does not affect them wheather patient r dieing or suffering They want only money. Such a raskal.
Umesh07's reply, Feb 2, 2018
These company making new USP . Big advertising to make big fool a customer

Paladin Med — Paldin Med

Hi, there! Greetings from Europe. Paldin Med did the best for me – they prepared all my documents when I was applying for a job abroad. At the beginning I thought these documents were common. But then without them I would not cope with the British Embassy.
bilkul sahi, chor hai saala dr. batra
Indresh Verma Author's reply, Aug 6, 2017
Umesh07's reply, Feb 4, 2018
India bada choor saalee
Umesh07's reply, Feb 17, 2018
You have to go consumer Court . My problem also solve consumer court.
chor, , sala maha chor hain...his son suffers from psoriasis and treats self with allopathy as was said to me by one of their doctors..the doctors in their panel aare frustrated lot and ask for jobs outside that wretched place once u are pally with them..i have sympathy with the doctors but not the short fat maha chor.
mr.bijendernegi's reply, Oct 16, 2017
Sahi kaha...gand mara h saala..mene bhe usko court m kheecha h...gand marwaunga saale ki
I was being treated for Ulcerative Colitis. They gave me medicines for six months and my condition worsened. I had to switch over to steriods to survive. They are all jobless young doctors who are passing their time here at Batra's. Their marketing is good and nothing else.
They write mails to you but not from their official addresses. They send you copywrited material from the net. Even the mail of Dr. Batra is not working and bounce back. Interacting with them would let you know how illeterate they are. They ask you personal questions and then try to use that information for personal gains. I cant tell details over here.

It is better to avoid these people. Contact me for more details if you are thinking to fall in trap of these people.
Dr Batra's Customer Care's response, Jan 27, 2017
Verified Support

Dear Sefali,

We are concerned to note your feedback. Thank you for sharing your contact number and we will look into the concern.

Team Dr Batra’s™
Indresh Verma Author's reply, Aug 6, 2017
Correct I was also sending mail to feedback but it bounce back.
That only mean that I fround we are facing is tell by Dr batras only.
Thats why there mail are bouncing back
Umesh07's reply, Feb 2, 2018
I will take this number do not receive a call .02233671200. don't make fool
Umesh07's reply, Feb 17, 2018
Go to consumer Court easily solved this problem
Umesh07's reply, Feb 17, 2018
I have taken treatment for hair loss for 4 years at pune clinic, but of no use.They kept on telling me that my condition will improve when i have to renew for next year and after 4 years they told me that it is difficult to cure my condition and it is upto me whether i continue or not. They are such a fraudster.I would say those who have enough money & time to waste should go there
Dr Batra's Customer Care's response, Jan 27, 2017
Verified Support

Dear Anuj,

We are concerned to note your feedback. Please share your patient ID and clinic details and we will look into your concern.

Team Dr Batra’s™
mr.bijendernegi's reply, Oct 16, 2017
Bro u were lucky that u have escaped but i came in their illision and after taking homeo pills for 1 year i made transplant...now i m crying bcoz no growth and even prior existed hair has gone. And big scare over back of head .. now i m in court.
Umesh07's reply, Feb 17, 2018
You have to consumer Court easily solved my problem also
Paramita chatterjer's reply, Jan 15, 2019
Yes dr.batras clinic is a fraud agency
Please dont create such image about homoeopathy.Bcause people know that homoeopathy is the safest way of treatment for holistic approach of treatment.DOCTOR CAN B WRONG BUT HOMOEOPATHY CAN NEVER.
Umesh07's reply, Feb 17, 2018
You have to go consumer Court easily solved the problem. They have full refund money.
I agree with Dr A K Jha that Homoeopathy is a scientific medical therapy that does not only help to heal disease but also the sick as a whole. I can not deny your experiences but with due respect from my experience I endorse views of Dr Jha that Homoeopathy can not be wrong. Hence without being prejuidice please continue to take advantage of homoeopathic treatment, may be from the suitable homoeopath, so that you do not miss your chance of getting cured.

You may call me at [protected] if you wish to discuss on this matter. I will be happy to provide required guidance.

Wishing you all recovery - gentle, rapid and permenant - that is what homoeopathic treatment is meant for.
Umesh07's reply, Feb 17, 2018
You have to go consumer Court easily solved the problem.
Absolutely agree with everyone here ! These fraudsters ask personal questions ! I was actually impressed and thought, what versatile & 360 deg way of diagnosing a patient, really I swear. And then there was one Dr. ... dont feel it naming on public forum.. Such useless & irresponsible doctor. They just loot & loot. I also took treatment from them, paid 6500/- then I switched out of pune for job, they stopped responding to me. Pure eye-wash. Folks dont fall in their trap
Who the hell said marketing of Dr Batra is good.They are highly unprofessional. I live in a small town. I had my appointment Yesterday and I traveled 70 km in this summer to reach the goddamned clinic and all the time I was talking to the person and told me to reach there at 12:00 noon. I was there just at 12:00 but the clinic was closed even on Wednesday. then I returned back home and this spoiled my day I am totally disappointed for this highly unprofessional act. I don't instead of saying sorry later that should have informed me before I traveled that far while I was sick goddammit.
I am a homoeopathic doctor having bhms from a reputed university from India and practicing for the last 15 years. From my experience and my own experiments i can say simply about homoeopathy THERE IS NOTHING IN IT. Then you ask, why do you practice it? It's answer is also simple... for my livelihood. Not i, everyone who practice this should admit it, but no one say it openly. Its a fact... every homoeopath spent about their 6 valuable young energetic years to study this system, . no scope for more higher studies or getting jobs. Most of them get married and having children. Then how will these people survive? definitely they begin to practice homoeopathy and telling big lies (ie they will cure everything) though they knowing that they are cheating people. These poor homoeopaths have no further way for their livelihood. So my humble request to future generation is that, never study this useless (fraud) science, also to government that, they should thinking thoroughly and seriously about to abandon this course. Now i am almost give up my (good) practice and try my luck in agriculture... ONLY BECAUSE I CANT CHEAT PEOPLE...
I agree with Anuj Singh. I have gone with my wife in a Clinic at Pune for a checkup of her Digestion, Gastric problem.They have informed that consultancy fee will be 250, which is excluding the cost of medicine.
In the clinic the doctor just have registered our problem in her PC. She didn't look into the problem, only saying everything would be clarified by the Cashier only in the clinic. When we met with the cashier, he informed us about the package that we have to take in order to get treatment.
They are not ready to give us medicine even for a month.Is this the service they are doing for the mankind that they ought to do?the whole experience is very much frustrating.They are just a profitmaking organisation .They are there to make money not curing diseases.
homoeopathy is a good science.it is not a fraud science.thausend doctors are practice in pure homoeopathy and milion people are cured by homoeopathy.they do not claim the homoeopathy but 100% cure in any method of treatment is not possible...
Hi GuysI had undergone hair treatment for male pattern baldness and hair thinning for more than 1 year.I spent more than 12000 Rs. and countless visits to Dr. Batra's crap clinic.I dont know how these frauds have flourished.I guess they have political links.First of all the doctors are not at all qualified.Few of the doctors are straight from college who have almost 0 experience.When i started the treatment i was very excited as i saw brilliant ads in the newspaper which gave me hope.When i started for the few months i was quite patient and took medicines regularly.After 4-5 months there were no signs of improvement and my hair fall was same.When i complained they asked me to go and visit other clinic where they would arrange one to one talk with senior consultant.The senior doctor changed my medicines but still there was no improvement.After 1 year i stopped taking the medicines as there was no improvement.During the course of treatment i met and talked to so many other patient But not even a single person was satisfied.I even saw some of the patients got so angry they tried to even thrash the staff.I swear on GOD they are making fool out of people.These fraud people should be put behind the bars.I only wanted to share this because i don't want people to be fooled.Just think why they come up with a package deal.Have u ever seen a doctor saying i[censored] are suffering from fever/cough... take this package .. Absolutely non sense.Guys just don't throw your hard earned money because it can only lead in one direction that is loosing more hair.They have even opened hair transplant clinic.When i visited there and asked about the doctor and wanted to check live session they refused.Hair transplant is a highly skilled job and not freshers.Think rationally apply your brain.Apart from this richfeel ... etc are in the same league.Believe me or not for male pattern baldness you can slow down the process but can not reverse it.Its in the genes.I would also like to share if you are going to any hair transplant centre please take every thing in writing.Talk to the doctor.Ask him/her to make you see the live HT session.Ask rationally and google.Happy Hair
mr.bijendernegi's reply, Oct 16, 2017
Yaar i got HT by drbatra..now i m so fruatrated that sometime i think that i should kill drbatra. They have spoiled my life. My look has become worse than before. I m in court n waiting for justice
Nirun Sharma - Thanks for your feedback. Would you please share the diet plan they recommend for controlling hair loss?
Thanks for your valuable feedback, Even I was thinking to take the package for my Hair loss and for my son Cough/ cold. Can you please share the diet chart & exercise plan for controlling the Hair loss.
My treatment at Dr. Batra's started 5 months ago and i had consultation with actual doctor only once(when i went there for the first time). During rest of the 3 meetings, receptionist gave me medicines and told that Dr. Dinesh had just left.I was told that Dr. Dinesh would be handling my case but he was very least interested in giving advice consultation or even seeing his patientsBefore appointment i had to wait for 2 weeks because he was out of town, sick, on leave or doing some urgent work and on appointment day i met him in the hallway for 2 mins and that's all(that was their treatment).Feeling like a fool spending 15000 for hairfall treatment at Dr. Batra's.And about results, my hair fall and dandruff is same as before.
Indresh Verma Author's reply, Aug 6, 2017
Thank god u were able to meat correct doctor
Bec when visited for first time.
Doctor who have given medicine was ladies and name of slip written was of male doctor
Dear Anjali

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. This is highly uncharacteristic of our staff, as we pride ourselves on our services and diligently follow work ethics. We have already started an inquiry in our New Delhi health centre to extract more details. However, we would like to hear your problem out and correct the wrong from our end. Please provide us with your patient ID, our representative will hear you out and suggest a solution that satisfies you. In case you want to reach out to us, please email us at [protected]@drbatras.com.

At your service,

Team Dr. Batra’s
Hi friends dont go Dr Batra its waste of money and time. i went to the treatment last one year but there is no use. I lost around 13k please dont go. my id is 650336,
I am taking treatment from drbatra for last several years for vitiligo. They are fleeing me but the condition has only worsened, though I had started taking treatment since onset of the disease.

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