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Fast Track Call Taxi — Call Taxi Service

I booked taxi a day before for 20th morning and evening.

Morning i got the taxi on time and in mid near gemini taxi got broke down and no alternative is done i paid for the covered distance and took auto and went and i couldnt reach office on time

Evening i booked for 7pm (a day before),since taxi didnt come i called those they told taxi will come at 8.30 only.

Fast track is number one call taxi it seems....LOL...

They wont pick the phone immediately also if you call for a minute only they will take the receiver
Poor Indians,Have more Patients to pay and get insulted by this business heros.
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Fast Track — Poor service

No body is responding to the phone numbers. Their services are the poorest. Please do not register yourself for this service
chennai fast track call taxi very worst service
Its not Worst I need to find a worst word to explain their service in chennai.
I am 100% agree with this, Fast track service is worst. I am also faced the same problem with those . It is very difficult to reach no 1 in any business and very easy to lose that position.
Ya Absolutely Agreed... I faced a problem when I had to catch the Train to Bangalore at 11 PM. I booked the Taxi at about 8 PM, and waited from 9.45 till 10.15 but they never turned up... When I called them back, they said they would arrange at that time and would come by 10.45... What nonsense... Never take a risk with these guys... Be absolutely careful... Try a local cab service next to your house... Never use FAST TRACK again... Jagan
I would like to complaint about the excess fare charged for me today morning (Dec 6th) from Chennai central to Pallikaranai.

The actual kilometer from Central to Pallikaranai is 22 km which they should have charged only Rs.270 if we go by Meter reading [ 100 (5 km) + 170 (17 km) ], but i was charged Rs.410 which is highly unacceptable, i was charged Rs.140 additional. i was charged maximim of Rs.280 only in the past, but this time Rs.140 was charged excess.

I specifically asked for Non ac vehicle and i confirmed if it was meter charge and they told me that the package is fixed, and charged me Rs.410 which i am not alllll happy at all. Latter on i came to know that there is meter reading call taxi available, the person who billed me did not mention that and he charged excess amount.

I am totally disappointed with the service and the charges they have. i am not going to hire Fasttrack any more and would not recommend anyone.
I would like to complaint about their service,

I have booked call taxi on 18th Jan in the afternoon for next day (19th) morning pick up at 7.45AM from Tambaram railway station,
I have very clearly asked that guys to send Omni as I will carry luggage’s, they have also promised.
But next day morning I have received a call from one person and said that “Sir, All Omni is busy, hence we will send Indica in correct time”
I have very clearly told that person, I have luggage which indica will not enough, but I got reply from that person as “No problem sir, the car which is coming to pick you has luggage carrier on top, so you can load the luggage and will not be having any problem”
Car (Indica) has come around 8 o’clock, and that driver has helped to load the luggage in Car,
But after loading the luggage, driver has told to pay extra money for luggage,
I told very clear to that drive as “Boss, I haven’t asked this car, you guys only has sent this car”,
But that guy is very adamant and threw out the luggage outside from car and left that place (What a pathetic (non sense) service/drive they have).
You will not believe, I have called there customer care nearly 20 times, but none of them in ready to help the customer, that number which I received call, they never pick the call,
Finally I got very irate and asked call center lady to transfer the call to higher official, but she said that she is the manager and she will resolve the problem and send the another car ( again vain)
When I called again and asked that guys to transfer the call to that lady, but they have confirmed that no one available in the name (not remember the correct name) as a manage and they have agent on the name.

You know at last I got the car (Omni – which I requested) came around 9o’clock. I was waiting with my 1 year kid almost one and half hour at the railway station.

I used to book fast track only every time, but I had not faced any issues, but this time… 

Ram. +91 [protected]
We too faced the same problem twice at the edge of the moment...

They feel they are the king in that business!!!

watever the HELL...! No service, then why the hell they wana do ADVERTISEMENTS with NO.1 as captions, FAKING the public that they offer good service!!!

THEY PRIORITISE, on basis of
1. CUSTOMER FAMILIARITY-whether its a family or business booking, least priority to family booking;
2. DISTANCE- least priority to SHORT DISTANCE
3. CANCEL WITHOUT NOTICE- they cancel at the last moment 5min B4 on the basis of the above priority
they can better concentrate on business development rather than wasting money on ADVERTISEMENTS CLAIMING FAKE SERVICES & FACILITIES




We booked two tavera in fast track before one day for our colleague reception, we got the confirmation message, even i also call them and confirm. They said its confirm only and send confirmation message. But at Last min they canceled my Booking due to unavailable of vehicle. no alternative is Done. At last min we get any vehicle and we are not able to attend the reception.

This too bad service from Fast track...

It Last min we face more problem...Really Fast track very worst service...

Don't Go for Fast track in case of any emergency

My Booking No : 2086.

Booked a taxi to go to chennai central to catch a 10:00 PM train, Booked the taxi in the morning 10:00 AM & was promised that the taxi would arrive by 08:30 PM for pickup. Taxi never came after several calls. If there is a company award which is an example for poor service it has to go to Fast Track Call Taxi.
Today i have booked a call taxi from Fast track to pick up from Virugambakkam to Anna university to attend professional course admission.
We must be available in Anna university at
Fast track has confirmed the vehicle with reaching timing at 9.00 am (booking no. 4020). we did not receive vehicle till 9.30 am and try to contact them but, all the numbers are busy and no one picking the phone. After keep on trying, they have informed that due to non availablity of Indiga we are not able arrage the car. I asked them then why this was not information me or alternate car availability etc., . but there is no proper reply from them. finally we caught the auto and reach anna university by half an hour late.

Hence, please donot beleave this fast track call taxi people.

I'm a pregnant women and booked call taxi at 9 A.M to pick me up from office at 5:30 but i got a call at 6 P.M, that no cabs are available so your request got cancelled.

Drivers are behaving very harsh. Altogether, poor service...

From chennai...
I too agree. Their service is very poor. On 21st October 2012, i booked a cab at 10:45AM Hrs for boarding at 1:00 PM from ECR Panayur to central. My Train's scheduled departure was 3:00 PM. At 12:00 clock, I got a SMS informing me that the booking has been cancelled upon my request.

Then I called them several times saying that, i have not cancelled the booking. They have been telling the customer has cancelled the bookings. Then I requested to book another vehicle for at 1:00 PM. Then the said, the cab is not available.

This is happened to me couple of times. If you are in outskirts of the city or booking at odd hours, they book your request and will not turn up and inform us that we have cancelled the bookings.

Don't depend them during odd hours /for pick up from outskirts of city. Instead spend on reliable tour operator.

my booking id 9137
i booked a taxi around 12 noon for a pick up at 4.45 pm
i told them i need a taxi for central station and i have a train at 6 pm to hyderabad
they confirmed to send taxi at 4.45 pm and gave an id no. 9137 on[protected]
i was confirmed and given vehicle id - 319
taxi no. TN25AC7186
driver mobile no. [protected] was given to me

the taxi did not come on time. i called customer care and for 15 minutes i did not get the line through and when i got they confirmed to send taxi again and have patience.
at 5.15 pm, i again called up and after much tries, i got the customer care and they said the driver has already left and i can contact the driver directly

i called the driver at given number, but the number did not work at all. i called up customer care ad they have the same reply, have patience the car will come. i said im running out of time and my home is 6 kms away from central railway station. this was at 5.30 pm. they had the same reply. the car will come. i lost hope and took an auto and reached station just in time. it was tough to travel in an auto as my family is of 5 members. it was raining heavily and getting an auto by itself was a biog task as not many autos were ready to ply 5 people in one go and i could not take 2 autos as i have small kids.

finally i reached station on time, and as we settled the train moved. even if a minutes delay ahd happened, we would have missed the train. thanks to FAST TRACK call taxi. i shall never use this service again.

the customer service called me up at 6.00 pm, when im settled in train and ask me if they can send the taxi. i said you guys are a bunch of foolish people to call at 6.00 pm for a train of 6.00 pm and hung up the phone. They again sent an sms which read " sorry your booking is cancelled 06:02 -19/10/2012 reason - late assigning."

This is Ataur Rahman, from Ayanavaram area, Chennai
I booked fast track call taxi at 3 P.M on 28th to pick me up from chrompet at 9.00pm to airport but i got a call at 8.45P.M, that no cabs are available so your request got cancelled/to get another taxi.This too bad service from Fast track...
It Last min we face more problem...Really Fast track very worst service...Don't Go for Fast track in case of any emergency.

This is Sabari from chennai
Book this cab i[censored] don't want to reach your destination in Bangalore!!!

We suffered an extremely bitter experience with them yesterday. To board a train at 8:20 pm, I had booked a fastrack cab 24 hours in advance and it was scheduled to pick us up at 6pm from our home. At around 4pm, I called them to enquire about the driver details and their response was that they send the details 45 minutes before the scheduled pickup time. At 5:20pm, when we did not recieve any sms, we again began calling fastrack customer care (#[protected]) which became unreacable for the next 20-25 mins. With very little time to spare, we continuously kept calling them from all the mobiles in our home. At 5:55, when we were finally able to speak to them, they said that their servers were down and that they would schedule a cab now !! With only 5 minutes to 6pm, we were extremely worried. We got the driver details sms at 6:05 pm. When we called up the driver, he said that he needs atleast 35 minutes to reach at our place. The driver was extremely foolish and was not dislosing his current location and kept on repeating tht he would need 5 more minutes every time we called him.At 6:45pm, we finally gave up hope and requested one of our friend to drop us at the station. But unfortunately, it was too late ! We reached the station at 8:25pm and we missed the train.

I fail to understand why ..

1) Although the cab was booked 24 hrs in advance, a cab could not be scheduled for our pickup ?
2) Mr Javeed, so called customer care senior executive, with whom we interacted(apart from many others), failed to handle the situation although we had started reminding them about our pickup by 4pm ?
3) Fastrack Customer care can be so discourteous that they would just abruptly hangup or put the phone mute every time I enquired about the cab status.
4) The cab cab that was finally scheduled did not have the correct address that I had provided. (At 7pm, he was some 10 kms from my home, going in the opposite direction, God knows why !!)

My booking number was CM101948 and my complaint number is 50(lodged with fastrack on 8th Nov, 2012)

I am considering moving to consumer court in this regard as I faced a lot of mental harrassment and huge loss of money as I had to book current flight tickets.
I booked call taxi chennai to thanjuvur on[protected] sunday, came indigo non-ac while going to tanjore we met accident near villipuram major accident brokeout the non-experience driver. who has taken our mobile phone for not paying the money, telling somebody had stolen it sir while accident happpened.i called asst.manager of fast track chennai he has told will look into the matter but no response all cheaters
I had booked Fast Track Call taxi on Dec12th 2012 to go to Egmore station. Booking Id no 32 and my booking was made two days earlier and got confirmation SMS. But on the day of travel two drivers called me and said both are coming. I informed both of them about this and each of told me to call and cancel the other number and finally no call taxi turned up. I had to rush in an auto with my famil & lot baggage and nearly missed the train. I finally called the call centre and made an complaint. I work in a private Medical College as Senior specialist and was surprised to note that many many colleagues have had lot of similar problems with Fast Track. Hence I suggest to use other operators or options for transportation to your destination as Fast Track has outgrown itself and has become most unreliable & unfriendly & unprofessional.

Ph: [protected]
hi i too agree with the above posting, its the worst service i have come across...the distance was just 12km but the driver took around the long route and charged 400rs where as it was just 25o and upon that the driver did not have any manners and was arguing unnecessarily and was showing meter which was not reset..please dont get fooled and hence forth will never book fast track cab again...had a very bad experience

Fasttrack Call Taxi — (non) service call taxi

Fasttrack call taxi is useless. please do not use their services. They will ensure that you suffer, especially if it is an emergency. no use even discussing anything more about them.

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