[Resolved]  Gati Home Packers & Movers — item missing,delayed & damaged delivery,

I booked my bike on Sep23,2009 by GATI HOME PACKERS & MOVERS in Delhi to move it to bangalore. They people told me i will get my bike within five days and it will be delievered without any damage. The mockery starts from the first day - the person whom they sent to collect the bike from my place didn't have any idea to ride the bullet. He was even not able to start it. Somehow my bike reached their godown in najafgarh. I came to bangalore and started waiting for delivery. it was already 8 days instead of 5 days and i didn't receive even a single call from them. when I tried to contact them they promised me they will get back to me within 20 mins and thereafter they stopped answering my calls. I t was very furstating you make a call hundred times and person simply having fun not to answer your call. In case you have paid them a lot to secure safe delivery. They just take the money and their responsiblity ends. Before booking they will appear damn polite and sweet.So don't let yourself to be fool like me. When I received a call after 10 days That my bike has reached the place they denied to get home delivery, they told me to come to their office to collect the bike. When i reached near to their godown they alredy switched off the mobile and not reachable. First day I simply came back travelling 30 kms. Next day they told me to come again, i scolded them but it made no difference to them. Again I went there this time I received my bike but in disastrous condition. The side mirrors and Helmet were lost, Mudguard and petrol tank were scratched and damaged. people in bangalore told me they are not responsible for that and they are not part of GATI HOME but they are PRAGATI. GATI DELHI stopped picking my call. When I called from other no. they told they will send my HELMET & SIDE MIRRORS by courier. The person Mr. Vikash Kumar [protected],25314504,[protected] told me small damages are not paid and it's quite natural so no need to worry. Friends I incurred loss of RS 5000/ almost due to their carelessness.

So beware of this Movers & Packers.I don't want to see any of you next victim. Please note the name of these persons -
Plot No. 408, Near Railway Crossing,
Najafgarh Road, Bijawasan,
New Delhi-45
E-mail : [protected]
Head Office Mr. Vikash Kumar [protected],25314504
Gurgawn Office Mr. Sanjay Kumar [protected]
Mumbai Office Mr. Sanjay Kumar [protected], [protected]
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Aug 14, 2020
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I completely agree...My case is a bit different becoz i havent received my byke and the other stuff in chennai.(I had shifted it from mumbai).. Its almost 15 days now and the numbers you qouted are the same.. I have interacted with Vikas Kumar, Baljit Kumar and Sanjay Kumar and they all seem to be polite the first time before shipping and just wen I paid and started following up for the byke they became irresponsible and indifferent..They are still repeating the same words.. Our drivers have gone for a diwali vacation and we will call u back in an hour after confirming the same.. Nothing has happened yet..
And after reading your response im really taken on my nerves. Dont know when is it that I would get my consignment..

Please suggest if there is any faster means to rescue my byke from these people.. and how can others be prevented by being victimised by unprofessional services of this courier..
They are a bunch of stupids and nerds. They were supposed to deliver my bike and a big carton to mumbai and they havent done it till now. They are not picking up my call or responding me back. Everybody is transferring my call to someone or the other. Please help me what should I do about it. I strongly recommend not using their services ever. They are big time [protected]@@@@@@@.

Gati Home Packaers and Movers — No delivery of my bike since 45 days.


I had sent my bike from Mumbai to Bhubaneswar on 19th November 2009 by Gati Home packers and Movers. They had promised to deliver my bike in 7 days. But already 45 days passed by but they had not delivered my bike in Bhubaneswar till now.


Guys I am letting you know the reality of GATI Home Packers & Movers. I am pasting a mail that I had sent to GATI Home Packers & Movers.

Sub- Consumer Exploitation- Complain against a GATI Home Packers & Movers franchisee for the violation of the norms and practicising unfair trade. And now I am seeking appropriate dispute redressal settlement mechanism from the head office.

With reference to the Consignment Note No- 016 (attached with mail), I Mahendra Thakre, would like to bring and unveil this shameful issue in your notice and allegation in writing stating that I have been cheated and suffered loss due to unfair trade practices adopted by one of your franchisee i.e., M/s Pavan & Balwan from Jaipur.

In brief, I had made a consignment (A Pulsar Bike and Helmet) from Jaipur to Gurgaon on 25/04/2010. As it was supposed that my bike will reach safely and be in good condition while reaching to Gurgaon, as it was a new bike and had no scratch on its body. But when I received the bike with full delayed in timing in Gurgaon, it was like full of scratches made by GATI Home Packers & Movers staff. My problem do not end here, I had also booked one helmet with this bike, which was supposed to come along with the bike because I had paid full charges for the both (Bike & Helmet). But till date 24/06/2010, the helmet has not reached to my place and when I spoke to the concern fellow Mr. Pavan & Mr. Balwan from Jaipur office they told me – “we will send it” but actually either they do not have any plan to send the helmet or have lost it.

This is not a matter of lost of a helmet; it’s a matter of Consumer Exploitation. Now I would like to know, after acknowledging this whole issue what would be the action from GATI Home Movers & Packers, Head Office otherwise I will be forced to take some harder action against GATI Home Movers & Packers.

Please find the supporting documents attached.

Mahendra Thakre

Safe packers & movers, bangalore — harrasement & delay

Safe packers & movers took all my valuables on 30th june, 2010 & committeed to deliver in kolkata residence from bangaore one within 7 days. Today is 19th july, 2010 and they have not yet delivered my valuables. Each & every day they are committing for dliverying my valuables.

All the time I call them, They are misleading me giving wrong deadline of time to deliver my valuables.

I want safe packers & movers cant cheat others like I have been cheated by them.

the address of safe packers & movers are as;

Bangalore Office:

No-158, Ist Floor, DDUTL Industrial Suburb, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore
Contact Person: Mr. Mange Lal
Mobile No: [protected], [protected]
I am the consumer of safe packers & movers.
I am withdrawing the complaint against them on the terms that they will be delivering my valuables today dated 19th july, 2010.
I completely agree with this. Gati Home Packers are the packers with bad reputation & without any business ethics. I had given advance of Rs 1000 to Gati Home Packers - Sanjay Kumar of Mumbai to move my house hold items from Mumbai to Pune on 31 July 2010. This person didn't turn up on this date and on giving him repeated calls this person promised to come on 1 Aug 2010 morning 7 AM. Inspite of this he turned on 10 AM but without any packing material. The person at the time of quotation had promised me to pack with the best standard material but this was not the case when he came. I had no options but to deny him to process with my goods. Those person inspite of not fulfilling there commitment didn't have any courtesy to return my Rs. 1000 advance given to them. These are shameless creatures.
I completely agree with this. I had shifted from Mumbai to Chennai. I took Gati Packers and Movers as its is a good brand and a reputed one. I had talked to Sanjay Kumar, Mumbai, he was very polite on the first day and gave us the consignment. He came late on the day of packing. He promised me to finish the packing before 5PM and continued the packing till morning 5 PM. He had promised that the household items will reach in 3 days at Kalpakkam. The items reached on the 5th day in Chennai. Sanjay asked me to pay more if I want my things back. I had no other option, when I reached there, I paid the double money and got my things back out of which 6 main items were missing and 16 were highly damaged. My computer table has cracked into 2 parts. None of the things has reached safely and 5 carton boxes are missing. I have suffered a lot. I have paid double the amount. The total expenditure came upto Rs 58, 000. They even dont answer my calls
Gati Home PnM is a complete cheat I am surprised how it is operating from the Capital. They take money politly and after then they intimidate you if you call them to enquire about your belongings.

Beware the BIGGEST THUG in the capital!
Big Cheaters: Gati Home Packers and Movers

This is in regards to the items which were sent from Delhi for Bangalore . Items Details are mentioned below:

1) Scooty
2) Carton Box

These items were sent from Gati Home Packers and Movers considering it GATI but was never been told it's not Gati instead its some company with the name of GATI running with GATI terms that i need to pay the entire amount from the place were the loading is done. I trust GATI so i made it, if i would be aware of it i would have never contacted them. Contact person Mr. Vikas, Ph: [protected] and was given the assurance that the items will be picked from door with packing and loding and likewise will get delivered to door with the unloading, unpacking for which they initially asked Rs 3500 and extra Rs 300 for the corton box which i asked them to reduce and the deal was finalized for Rs 3600 in total. They came to pack and load the items on 3rd Feb 2013 and the behavior of the person was very rude, they were not packing the scooty properly when asked them to do it in a decent manner they started shouting. I kind of managed it, they confirmed me that the delivery will be done in 7 days (Which never happened).

After 2 days (5th Feb 2013) unexpectedly i received a call from TCIXPS office (Kalkaji) from Mr Anoop Ph: [protected] that i need to give them the copy of RC which was not given to them, i was surprised why i have to give the copy to them when i have sent it from Gati Home Packers and Movers then i met with Mr Anoop and came to know that Gati have outsourced this to TCIXPS and the delivery will be door to door with unloading and unpacking within 5 days.

I have not been informed from Gati Home Packers and Movers about it.

My Items were expected to arrive at home on Monday (11th Feb 2013) as per the commitment of Mr Anoop, as a result i didn't go to the office and was waiting for the items to receive. When called him he said he is very overloaded and will get back to me in the afternoon between 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM. i waited for his call but failed to receive then in the evening i tried calling his number which he didnt pick, again after an hour i tried calling him which he dint pick. Today morning (12th Feb 2013) at 11:05 AM i received a call from TCIXPS office KR Puram that my items are their in Godown which i need to collect, for my surprise i was expecting it to be delivered at home as i have paid for it. So i called Mr Anoop and he said he will do the needful.

Waited for 2 hours but didnt get his call, then finally called TCIXPS office KRPuram so that i can go and collect my items. Went there and came to know that TCIXPS do not deliver the bikes and actually they do not deal in bikes movement. Tried calling Mr Anoop continuously but he didnt pick up the call. If that is the case then why my order was given to TCIXPS and why was i given the assurance from both the companies. Is this the Customer service you do even if the customer is paying you the amount whatever is been asked ??

I was been asked with the copy of docket which i received at the time of loading in KRPuram TCIXPS office and they were surprised to see the docket copy from Gati Home Packers and Movers as they were expecting it to be from me and even i was shocked to see the amount what TCIXPS has charged from Gati Home Packers and Movers it was Rs 1152, for which i paid Rs 3600. Where is the account of Rs 2448 (which i paid extra ?)Attached is both the copies.

I had to unpack my items myself to check if everything was ok and was not damage in transit, but there also i found they have broke my scooty's front part. I lost my patience and this made me write this email, considering there would be some one in the company who can assist me in all this.

My concerns are:

1) I paid more for the service but i didnt get, instead i got mental torcher and pain in return.
2) Gati Home Packers and Movers hide the fact that they are not GATI instead running the company by the name GATI
3) No information was passed that the delivery was outsourced to third party.
4) Why the delivery was not done at door as committed at the time of deal and unpacking as well.
5) Where is the Account of Rs 2448 which is still missing?
6) Felt like cheated by both the companies.

I am expecting a reply back, and will surely reach consumer court for the above points mentioned if not got cleared

TCIXPS is a big company and i guess there should be someone who should take care of this, This is just my experience i don't want there should be many more instances like this which can hamper the customers.


I should have checked these reviews earlier i would have not sent my things through Gati from Delhi to Chennai... untill and unless i started follow up with them things did not even started from delhi to Chennai in spite the delivery was promised with in 7-8 working days.

Continuous calling and then these people will not even pick up the call to respond. Funniest thing they booked my stuff through Blue Dart and For days tracking no was not active. After 10 days from the committed days finally they delivered things and that too in very bad shape. none of the cartoon was intact.

Be aware of these people. Better to go for lil expensive bt reliable service providers.
These guys are big cheat they dont stick to there terms at all. They were suppose to deliver my stuff from within 3 days but it has been 8 days still haven't got it.
Please don't deal with these people.
These guys are big cheat they dont stick to there terms at all. They were suppose to deliver my stuff from within 3 days but it has been 8 days still haven't got it.
Please don't deal with these people.
Gati packers n movers are big cheat. Pls dont trust them or make any deal. All the comments above are absolutely right.
gati cargo packers & movers are big cheat ...I am still waiting for the delivery of my goods. No idea where it has reached, they dont provide with tracking id or any messages. its 20 days and I dont kno how long they will take.

Please do not hire them for the relocation even for the smallest of your need. These are worst people on earth who will cheat you once your goods are taken by them.No commitment.

I hired them for relocation from Ghaziabad to Bangalore due to job change.

My most of the items were damaged and missing. I lost not less than 15000 Rs.

They will do insurance but will not commit and refund.

They are pretty sweet before moving your goods and finally once your goods are on way they will not hear you.

My humble request - don't see their low prices.IT WOULD COST YOU MORE


Ravi Shekhar

Senior Manager - IT MNC( don't want to disclose name of my company)
thanks for all your review, recently i am in need of shifting my luggage from mumbai to nagpur due to my transefer, i was just looking for booking the gati buts thanks to all you guys for this review.i will not book it from gati now.
I have transferred my household stuff through Gati on 9th June from New Delhi to Lucknow.

My stuff was delivered on 11th June at night 1 am. Packages were given without unpacking and assembling so I complaint to Gati Agent Mr. Deepak but Gati Agent is very abusively behaving with me, he is using all type of vulgur language and refusing to listen to me also disconnecting my phone everytime.

I have got unpacking and assembling from outside but behaviour by Gati staff was very unprofessional.

I have raised same complaint to Gati customer care but they seems very careless, they don't care about it.

Gati Agent: Deepak - +[protected] very rude in nature, payment given to him)
Anil bhati[protected] Anil did the initial booking)

Piyush Yadav
I have transferred my house hold goods and my car through Gati home relocation on 18th September from Hyderabad to Bharuch Gujarat.
This was the biggest mistake of my life so far.

1st the 4 people came to my house were all daily labourers not professionals.. they handled my household stuffs very carelessly...packing was horrible.
2nd they charged me the price for a closed container which will deliver only my goods., But they deliver my things on a boarded truck, which have already been booked to Rajkot.

These people are big cheats, all are same frauds.
Don't hire these cheats.

Gati mover packer, Gati home relocation, Gati cargo.. all are same

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