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Gold Biscuit Scam — Gold biscuit scam

I am resident of Calicut,

Today morning I received a call from a person speaking Hindi from [protected] roughly at 10 am. He said his name was Mr. Rathode, a poor person and a resident of Alwar. He was offering to sell me some gold biscuits which he claimed to have found when excavating as a labourer near the Taj Mahal in Agra. He said some pipe laying work is going on there, and he was operating a JCB at 10pm in the night when he found the stuff about 4-5 feet underground. He said he had about 6 gold biscuits which had some engravings on them and precious stones embedded. He wanted me to come over to Patela (near Delhi) to check on the items and buy them at 50% of the market rate.

He said he got my number from a truck driver named Pappu he befriended while travelling from Agra to Alwar. He did not remember the truck registration number.

It is important to note that the only thing he was sure about me was that I was in Kerala. He did not know my name (neither do I know any truck driver named Pappu). Please note I have not revealed by name to him as well.

He had a solid story to back up his claim, and also offered a complete address in Alwar which I did not write down. I did ask a lot of details for which he had answers, I think the call lasted more than 5 mins. He was persisting that I not share his number with anyone else.

I am sure this is a scam, and I would not be the first person to receive this call in Kerala.
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Hlo frns i m one of the latest victims of fake gold baars forgery case...the man named raju forge on me by asking for buy his gold baars at lowest prices...he looted 5lacs cash n my mobile fon yesterday. I have lots of information n proofs about That ##### and he will b exposed closEly...if any one o[censored] want can help me by sharing the information of your level best...if this man can Robb us y we can't expose this bloody rascal...if we unite we can do this...if any one intrested n hv gutts can call me on [protected]...i'll wait the guttsy peeson like me thanx guys
Ankur Gupta 8188040404's reply, May 18, 2018
i also recived a call from a person for gold biscuts and bro i have guts to arrest them.. u can contact me on ankur0404 @ gmail. com or contact me 8188-04-04-04
Rohit Bhadale's reply, Jun 16, 2018
yeah let's do it
Faiz Yousuff's reply, Oct 30, 2019
Hi there.. I am In talk with a Similar Guy in Rajasthan claiming to be Raju. And has given me same story. I had a feeling its a scam and I played along and offered to help him out. I also did a video call with him to see the gold bars and was fortunate enough to take a screenshot of it. I promised him I will come and take him with me to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu where I can get the work done . Today I clearly told him that if he wants he has to come along with a Minimum quantity and only then things can work out. He claims that his mother is sick and will not allow him to come and crap. I have strictly told him that if he is willing to travel, I will take care of his stay and food and also give him a one way flight ticket.
Me to received a call just now talking in Hindi telling One person from Rajastan (his name was Raju as he said) told that while he was digging soil, he got gold biscuits..and i stopped him and asked him to contact Police. haha..I am puzzled how he got my number in first place. !!!
I too received a call today morning by some raju with same story..asked where he got my number..he told friend of him gave..he did not know my name only that I leave in Karnataka..I knew it was some kind of ended the call..
I too recd. call like this with exactly same story. I am surprised what these people want to do ? Of course this looks like a fake and scam just like few years back we used to get emails from Nigeria or South Africa offering millions of dollors.
But I have never understood what these people do finally who get trapped in their story.

can any body share with me for my knowledge update.
Hello Am resident of Maharshtra, Yesterday My friend too received same call from ALWAR RAJSTAN, Calling person name is raju & his brother name golu...he lived a village near to Alwar ..Same story told us. He having four bisuits like KALAKAND (hindi -sweet mithai ). Am trying to get in details but he didnt ready to come in maharshtra. he called me to come at Rajstan ALWAR...As per two to three conversations am occuring they might be involve in fraud ..I will update you details after getting detail investigation ..
I too got a call from the same fake person Raju wirth same story. The person sounded very convincing but doubting in case if is true I have reported to the Archaeological Survey of India and Dist collector Agra and Alwar. These type of stupid scoundrels should be caught and put behind the bars. I have also mailed to the authorities that I am ready to trap him faking that I am in his trap.
i too received the same call from raju with no [protected] bhartpur rajyasthan.. he said he got our no from my dad about 3 months ago while asking for way from my dad. my dad said i dont remember all this.. but he said beleave me its true and i found gold in agra... i really surprised when i google all this and see all the above discussion.. plzz be careful all these people are totally fraud and god knows what they did whit people who beleave them
helloo sir i want to inform you about a scam of gold bar runnig . .
we were contacted by a person called raju from alwar rajasthan he said that
he had 22 k gold bar and want to sell it for low price so we went to alwar
to check wheather is it true or fake when we went ther he showed us the
real bar and gave us sample of it and we gave him some money we came to our
place and checked the sample and got the result that it was 89% pure so we
deposited money again to his bank accout after that he didnt responded to
us . . so if any of you interested in solving this scam or froud i have his
still running cell no, canara bank ac no, pics of gold bar we took and also
he sent mms of gold bars he had, we have lost almost 2 lacs he is also
calling to other persons so we want you to help us plz
my no [protected]
Arthur Fernandez's reply, Mar 13, 2017
I love help you. He's in touch with me. Please reply as soon as you see this.
Rohit Bhadale's reply, Jun 16, 2018
hey get in my contact.
9544124256.. I can help you.
I too have been contacted by a person by cell no. [protected] on 1st july at 1.00 pm and he asked whether i m in town, and when i enquired about his identity he said that he knows me and he is a civil works mistri, and said his name to be Shankar. He told me to listen him first, he said that he is Working in Tezpur University, Assam and another fellow laborer found a pot of gold bars nearing around 500-600 gms. He have verified a part of it from a jeweller and got Rs.3500. Since the laborer could not leave the place as he had taken advance for three months, he invited me to come to Tezpur and check the bars first and then make payments. I told that i will call him in the evening. Later in evening his call came, and tried to convince me that i sud come, as this is God wish that he got my number and sud not drop this offer. I being confirmed that this is something fishy, i told him that i can come only after 5 days, and hanged up the call. but even then he called me twice, to which i didnot responded. Again on 2nd July i recd back his call to which i replied that i have no money to buy, you can find any other person.
Im also getting such kind of calls...they talk like poor I booked tickets to and fro for which I lost Rs 2500/- which I cancelled after reading all this...It's better than loosing lacs...

Pls beware of this phone number his name (he calls himself) Pappu...[protected]...
Did you buy gold a few days before receiving the call ?? Just curious as I got the same call within 3-4 days of buying a gold earring
Guys, If someone is interested to know the latest working number of this Impostor ([protected]). He has been calling me since a week now and have whats app me some pictures of those Gold Biscuits as well. We must report this to Police.

Call me if you need some more information.

kapil, [protected].

In morning I got call from phone no.+[protected] Name pappu bhai and he said my brother operation job in night and got 6 gold bricks and I want to sell to u in 50 -50 . And come to Delhi fir deal this kind of calls r fake Soo plz avoid them.
I got a call on 20th March 2015. Their latest number is [protected]. Calls himself Papu Sharma.
even my friend also got call from Rajasthan, he sent one gold biscuit image asking my friend to come rajasthan to take sample, if sample is genuine then give me money later, friends please inform police if any such calls you get. this is big fraud, don't become victim of such frauds. thank you all for sharing your experience's

my friend to0 received calls from Rajasthan, he is asking my friend to visit Rajasthan to collect sample, he is asking not to inform anyone while coming to rajasthan. he acting to be innocent, he introduced himself as a labour, he found 7 gold biscuit's weighing 850 grams each it seems, even he sent whats app image. Friends please inform police if any one receive such calls, it seems to be big fraud. don't become a victim of this fraud

I just got same call, person calling from one of the village near Alwar, Rajsthan. He mentioned his name as Raju and calling from[protected] and even I checked this is the Vodafone number from Rajsthan. He was ready to share his identity card, Photography and address with me. He sent me same gold bar photograph thru Wahts Up with another number[protected]. He claimed that while digging in Gujarat he got this gold bars and now wanted to sell off... I am completely surprised not because of this fellow and his fraud style...but specially when since 2013 this fraud is committed and so many complaints registered even with mobile numbers and evidence not A Single complaints registered nor Police traced this person... i dont know anybody from authority are listening to us or not... Bhaiya ye Desh hai RAM Bharose... Everyone wrote "please inform Police" have anyone checked after that ??? Oh god please save to those people who believe them and follow them...
[protected] and [protected] these two numbers also from the same person saying name rahul sharma . but his original name is Mohammad Salim Khan (25) . there is a gang in rajasthan called ‘Tatlu Gang’ . this gang hase many members, some of them are arested in 2013 but how they are continuing the same scam by telling the same story icould not understand. there maybe some police backsupporters behind these gangs.

i have recorded the conversations of that rahul sharma and asked to send some pics of gold bricks, he did so, i have the gold brick pics but the bricks are fake gold. iam attaching the pics also pls take a look

pls read the news below. or watch the link ...

Friday, 13 December 2013 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

The Crime Branch of Delhi Police have arrested a member of the ‘Tatlu Gang’ who used to loot people from Jammu & Kashmir and Odisha by luring them on the pretext of selling them gold bricks of Mughal era found during excavations behind Taj Mahal. The accused, identified as Mohammad Salim Khan (25), was arrested near Rajokari flyover on Tuesday.

Khan (25) is a resident of Bharatpur, Rajasthan and was arrested following a tip-off. The police have also recovered a .315 bore pistol with two live cartridges from his possession. Information was received that Khan, the leader of ‘Tatlu Gang’ is involved in inducing and luring innocent people of Odisha, J&K and other States on phone for selling fake gold bricks/biscuits at half rates, after projecting the same as genuine gold.

“Once their victims approached them with money, the accused person and his associates would rob them at gun point. Following the information, a trap was laid at near Rajokari Flyover, NH-8 and he was apprehended, ” said Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ravindra Yadav.

Khan used to make numerous random phone calls to Odisha, J&K and other such relatively remote States of India posing himself as Rahul Sharma, an extremely poor labourer of Rajasthan engaged in digging work on different lands acquired by the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) near Yamuna river behind Taj Mahal.

The accused used to lure his targets by saying that during the course of digging in the ruins near Yamuna, behind Taj Mahal in Agra. He had discovered some very ancient gold bricks of Mughal Emperor Akbar’s era and he was willing to sell the same at half rates compared to the market. Khan claims to have five such bricks, each of which is weighing approx. 800 gm.

“When the innocent victim used to come to meet him, he used to cut a minuscule part of the fake gold brick in the presence of victim and by trick of hand, he used to change the fake gold piece with an original one and handover it to the victim as a sample to get it checked, ” said Yadav.

As the sample happens to be genuine, the victim becomes confident after getting it checked from a jeweller and returned to conclude the deal.

“For delivery of gold bricks, he then called the victims in Mewat region and used to loot all the money and belongings of the victims at gunpoint. In this way, the innocent persons of remote States of India, unaware about the intentions of these criminals, got looted of their hard earned money, ”

said Yadav.

for forther details, call recordings of rahul sharma pls contact [protected]

Friends I sufring from Same Case. A Mobile No. [protected] is called name Mr. Raju & repeat some story. Friend i pay some huge amount. Please help me how i contact this person. i attach his photo.

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