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[Resolved]  Herbalife Done Phd In Cheating People In India Especially In Pune (PCMC) — bloody supervisors for fake comments

" if anyone o[censored] all r planning to join herbalife so plz. Join and ya one more thing which tells me that like my friends even u people r a biig foollll"
Let me share one of my friend xyz her experience with u guy's she has sold her jwellery, even taken money from some people. And now she is in a situation of commiting sucide just because of the bloody hell people who have cheated her. Even they won't live happy. Remember the one who cheated man god cheated him. Don't worry sooner i will declair their @ name also.

Humble request i[censored] want to join herbalife plz. U comitt a suicide...
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I agree with you dear. Herbalife is an MLM company and purely survives at the mercy of some obedient and innocent people. Herbalife says "Skip the breakfast and dinner and have our nutritional supplement powder in order to be thinner and thinner". The one who does not have the regular/ normal breakfast and the dinner and takes any kind of nutritional supplement from the medical store, automatically would lose fat within 3 to 6 months. Right? Please do not get deceived by these MLM companies who make the huge profits and distribute very little to very very few up line people. I am saying this with the personal experience I had with the Herbalife last year in kolkata. - Joshua Choppara.

om money world — cheating people

dear sir pls find the file attached below and find the company Name OM MONEY WORLD conducting insurance business with the name of LIC OF INDIA without any permission of LIC AND AS WELL AS IRDA. The proprietor Mr. P.S.Rawat is simply a LIC agent and he misusing his agent code and conducting MLM business ON the name of OM MONEY WORLD in Hladwani Uttrakhand Dist Nainital. they are trying to make people fool and destroy the image of LIC OF INDIA.
not ONLY Mr. P.S. Rawat the branch Manager of LIC HALDWANI KALADHUNGI ROAD BRANCH MANAGER Mr. Rana and hid D.O Mr. Naveen Chandra Srivastva also associated with this company and trying to cheet the people of HALDWANI and surrounding areas.
pls find the details of Mr. rawat
Name Mr. P.S.Rawat
Coad No. 1008-24 E
Licence No.3171129

so pls thke initial action against such type of company and save the prestige of LIC of india and also save the hard earned money of haldwani people
thanking you
do not agree all people are cheats--after all everything is cearly mentioned in the manuals in training kits-also trainings are live and you can ask before you get involved!all you do with herbalife is voluntary--i am sad that your friend has had a bad experience so i suggest she should write to the herbalife corporate and talk to them..action will be taken if the complaint is bonafide

best wishes

I want to know more fact about herbellife bussiness in pune my friend is asking me to goin herbellife as supervisor.

At present he is supervisor in herbellife and want me to take loan of 176000

Please guide me

Herbalife is cheating bunches of people and no body is taking any action on such low graded companies. Governments should ban such companies entering India.
My dear friends,
one or two your friends may have been cheated or may have been misguided by the Distributor or by the Supervisors or by th above rank also. I am from Kolkata and recently joined in the team of Mrs Reena Datta, who is taking classes regularly at rotary sadan, near Neheru museum. If you are from Kolkata I am requesting you to attend her class on SUNDAY at 1-30 pm.On the class you may ask her about any problem. The registration fees is rs 3500/- and you will be able to know very well about the product
You are right some how saying that Amway and Herbalife more or less is same. But it can not be said that The Herbalife is a a cheating MNC.If you like you may send me email at [protected] or may contact with me at mobile no -[protected]
With regards
Dhiraj Choudhury
Bangalore(at present)
I spent around 2800/- for 3 products. I followed instructions, A week later, after bouts of diaorrhea, headaches.. my stomach felt very light and sensitive. I missed my morning breakfast so badly.. I was disoriented and I decided I will stick to the regime. come what may. Then, I realised that the bottle was already empty and I had to cough up another 3000/- within a month. A fluid diet is not for me. Iam back to my normal eating habits.. Herba life is for folks who can stay at home leisurely and can drink gallons of water, //..
Dear Friend,

I totally agree with you...these cheaters should be sent to Jail...I was also in the same situation 8 yrs ago...but it was fortunate that I came out of that ...pls don't make urself a prey for this sucking company...
hi the unfortunate complainer. Herbalife products are excellent and promote a solution for todays adulterated food scenario. your guides have neither understood nor implemented the Mission of Herbalife India

Anju Mathur
yes, sure never join herbalife, as theyare selling protein powder, milkshake powder for exorbitant prices, in market these powders are avilable for apprx. 300 to 500 range per kilo and herbalife selling them for 2000 rs. kilo approx. range, so rest exorbitant profit goes to top level mutilevel marketing millionaries who give nice lectures on how to become millionaries, first buy 1.8 lakh rs. products powder, so u become supervisor etc., many bought on credit cards and fallen trap to credit card recovery agents in pune, some are in position to suicide, as their credit card interest is rising by 3 per cent per month on rs. 1.8 lakhs plus nobody purchasing such high cost protein and milkshake powders, so beware only major benefits goes to sweeet talking and luring people to buy products, so called millionaries.So spread the word among your all friends, how herbalife sure changing your life, as if you leave your job and fall trap to debt, so sure, you are begging on roads in 6 months sure, so never leave your job and and take in credit card loans to join, get supervisor ship of herbalife looters, so there are many multimarketing lavel so called chain marketing companies are coming in india, so never fall trap to any companies, who demand to pay money in accounts, one such companyis MVT, so never pay money to any company, spread the word in friends.
How can some Nobel Prize winners and top most scientist work with Herbalife. If it was a fake company.Herbalife is registered in Guiness World Book record 3 times.. If you still think that Herbalife has cheated than something is wrong with your friend. Same products same markrting Plan if your friend is not suceesful than she must have not worked on it.. We guys are just 20 and earning fantastic income .Being so small if we can do it then y cant she.Instead of blaming the company see what went wrong with your friend.You cant expect you Upline to help you bcoz its your business and not theirs.Herbalife is the Best and will always be the best. I AM PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH HERBALIFE.

I proud to be an independent distibuter of Herbalife. I am associate this co. as part-time and working with a well known MNC and geting 35000/- but with herbalife I am earning 40-50k by doing it on ly 3-4hrs because all my customer is satisfiied and getting unbeliable result. these prodect are great. I lost 5kg in a month and for last one year I never visited to the docter. Thanks to HERBALIFE.
If anyone have doubt. call me on [protected]
I have been an independent distributor of herbalife for the past 6 months. I have used the products and found them to be amazing. I think people who complain about the price of the product prefer to spend on the doctor and on medicines. I just pity such people. If you wish to know more about the products and why they are ultimately much cheaper than what they appear to be contact [protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting        &...

If the MRP of product is Rs 100, then 50 % commision is there to supevisors.
Plus 10 % upward comission in chain.
Then the company makes 25 % profit on the product.
So the Herbalife purchase price of that product becomes Rs 15.
That product is been manufactured by the company from outside which sells it to Herbalife at Rs 15.
So if you directly purchase that product from the manufacturer, he will give at just 15 % of the MRP value.You can see the local manufacturers name on the packing as per Govt norms.
So are you crazy to buy the products ...Get it at 15 % of MRP
hi all, thanks for th eye opener, even i wasn't aware of the below issue there, thnks for letting me know, highly appreciated
i m alsooo agree wid my all my herbalife frdzs . all de produts are amazing... thanks 2 herbalife ... jai hind...
Herbalife products are pure vegetarian and herbal products. If any body feels some problem in the first 1-2 days, that is natural. When u stop eating bad food and start eating very good food, your system will start working and shunt out the bad material accumulated in your body. I have reduced my weight by 7 kg in two months time and still maintaining the same. Products are very energetic and healthy. People are getting benefits in Asthama, blood sugar and other several types of problems. If someone's biology was very much defective that does not mean that product is bad. Many well known doctors when go for surgery, they some times, could not succeed to get their patient survive it does not mean that that doctor is not a good doctor. Human biology is such a complicated subject that top most doctors still could not study it fully. Herbalife products are good one and effective. If you really want to enjoy it please keep control on your diet and take herbalife shake as per advise of your distributor/sponsore.

Ashok Maheshwari, Guwahati Mobile no. [protected]
hi pankaj kumar here. i just wanna share that ok weight loose is the best in herbalife. but outside herbalife also there is a big world of direct selling industries who gives different supplement for different diseases on which i m working from last 5 yrs.we are into 190 countries worldwide and UN official supplement supplier. FDA, NASA, many other organisations across the world have given the valuable words and certificate to Tiens.ALL COMPANIES GIVES SUPPLEMENTS BUT WE GIVE BOTH HEALTH EQUIPMENTS AND SUPPLEMENTS.Recently we came to india and did well in almost all the sectors. LIFE TIME REGISTRATION, NO RENEWAL, NO DEMOTION, NO MONTHLY TARGET, NO TIME TARGET FOR ANY ACHIEVEMENT, ACCUMULATIVE BUSINESS PLAN, DIRECT BONUS 20% TO 40%. REGISTRATION ONLY 1200 AND GET THE INTERNATIONAL ID AND PRODUCT WORTH 800 INR. OFFICES AND SUPPORT IN ALL PART OF THE COUNTRY. I M A LUXURY CAR ACHIEVER(TOYOTA COROLLA ALTIS) AND LIKE ME THERE ARE MORE THAN 100 CAR ACHIEVER, 30 YATCH ACHIEVER, 5 AIRCRAFT ACHIEVER AND 2 VILLA ACHIEVER IN INDIA ONLY DUE TO ITS ACCUMULATIVE PLAN AND BEST PRODUCT AND EQUIPMENT RESULTS. for more info and support in any part of the world mail me to [protected] or call at [protected]
hi, myself chandrashekhar from nagpur, i am using the products for weight gain, though the results are slow, but i am happy with the changes occuring in my health.
Thanks to Herbalife...

Herbalife — Money Issue

Dear sir,

I have received a massage on my mobile in last month(May) work at home TD-Earn extra income by working part time, and one female name Simran Kaur and his husband Amandeep Kaur called me to join his organization. They have taken from me Rs. 2100/- for Distributor charge so i have paid that amount. They have told me this is not a Chain Process or Marketing (sales) work, only work online, But after collecting money they told me give 50,000/- for success builder they you can work with us other wise your money will be laps, tomorrow they have to called me and i had to told with Simran i am unable to give you more money plz do'nt call me again, after that his husband called me again and abused me. i want to solve this problem as soon as possible and i want to return my money what am i expended money use for convinces etc. I think if i have'nt money to pay them 50,000 so it's not fair they are to abuse me.

Yogesh Tripathi
Mob# [protected]

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