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[Resolved]  Herbalife Ltd — The distributors of Herbalife are fraud in Kolkata

Please never respond to flyers of Herbalife specially if your point of contact is Mr.S.S.Roy (Mob :[protected]) .They promise that you have to pay initial charge of Rs.2800 only to get a licence and give you an invalid licence with product close to expiry date.
Flyers may be in the name of Dr.Juhi distributed in most part of kolkata.

I dont know about other distributors but the one I have mentioned above is cheater.
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Aug 14, 2020
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i have invested total money to become a international supervisor and spend much money myself & wife for attending every meetings but all in waste and no body came to become my down line. again my daughter who is a student paid also money to puja for starting business with herbalife but she failed and thereby we lost lacs of rupees. they should now refund my money or help me earn money but since 2 to 3 yrs over no response from puja madam. i think i will move to court now thr consumer redressal forum.
pl advise.
I am Distributor of HERBALIFE INTERNATIONAL. The Person who wants to be success in this business
they have to keep one line always in there mind, i.e " Company Pay to those who deserve not to those who need." - Said by none other then our founder Late Mark Hughes. Understand people so don't go on these people they hadn't concentrate on work at time and now blaming to company .They are fake Company is not...Thank You.! ! !
Herbalife in bangalore is spoiling the culture and cheated many low middle class people by taking their money and the some people who have made some money will vanish and open other club other places and again cheat people. someone control such things.
herbalife products and marketing experience is so bad . pls I personally advise to all dont join any of the herbalife marketing process. they are the cheater no.1.
I have loss a life becuase of these cheater. They cheated the person my making him as a superviousor and taken 2 lacks ruppees.

I fully agree with manish, these group of jockers are all around the major cities and this is a kind of day robbery.
I totally agree with Manish and Mohit, the reason being initally they promise a 25% discount on becoming a distributor and 50% on becoming a supervisor what they do not mention is the charges. If we minus the charges from the profit we receive on the product totals upto only 10% as a distributor and may be around 30% on being a supervisor plus the VAT and Service Tax of 10.3% ... Eg : if you take a formula one milkshake and 1 Afresh the total chages would be 1360 +506 = 1866 Now after discounting these product would cost you about 1011 and 376 ( ie 25% dicount) totals up to ..So we actually expect a profit of 479 on each product according to the the claims of the supervisor who believes he is minting money and wants you to take the advantage.. what he does not disclose is the fact that out of this 479 they deduct a pkg and handling charges and services charges + the service tax and VAT ...The company cleverly put all the marketing charges on you with tons of terms and condition, So all the physical and hardwork, is done by you, the company does not spend a rupee on marketing ...You also need to pay for the business meeting, So honestly you will end up with almost nothing... Take care sit and spend sometime and ask question before you take up something like this... It is worthy to have control on your appitite and lead a happy life rather than to tangle youself into a web of these international business men who fill their pocket ... There are lots of indian brands which are equally good and healthy, these product are good for consumption and economical...
This is Anand ([protected]) working with this company since last ten year before using this food I was overweight, Unhealthy and suffering from sinus since last 3 year - within 90 days I have lost 8 Kg. and 9 cm. Till today I have made a lot of Money as foreign travel and many good friends around the word.
For any suggestion you can call me or mail.

Mobile :- [protected]
Email : [protected]
They are a group of cheats. Three of them are in the team out to cheat people and show and sell fake dreams. Dr. Juhi's real name is Jaswinder/ Daizy. The third person, s name is sonali. One of them stay in belgachia milk colony and mob no. is [protected].

i agree to all the complaints above, but to my surprise why the hell people take up to these so called cheaters so easily, just because they show you their monthly earning comission checks...well first of all let me introduce my self...i am A.R.Saha, live in college street, having a mimimum educational qualification...i earn an average 40, 000 to 50, 000 thousand a month in a business which just charges you only Rs.25/- for a life time membership...and its not a small co. its bigger than, AMWAY, HERBALIFE, TIYANSI, AVON, ORIFLAME, ...ect...its just started in kolkata and need serious people who need or want extra money without compromising their current job or business...kindly mail me if you wish to be a part of this company, i assure you it wont be your waste of time...
Hi, this is Munawar
I have been in the networking profession for over 4 years, and prior to that, I have spend over 1 years just studying about the do's and dont's of networking.

In 99% of the cases, people join MLM companies as distributors, even without knowing the in and out of the products and services offered by the company JUST TO EARN, EARN & EARN. They just keep investing and recruiting without any learning. HOW CAN THERE BE ANY EARNING WITHOUT LEARNING? Then they start blaming the company, products, plan, and the people.

For a job that fetches about 20K to 30K, they spend years and years... how much time did they invest to learn about the business that could give them more than 10K per month??? THAT IS THE QUESTION.

In most of the MLM companies, people join as distributors and less than 1% of them actually as customers (they never even bother to know the value of what the product is)

In HERBALIFE it is the other way, it is the satisfied customers who turn into DISTIRBUTORS, after getting the desired results. They personally experience the change and they share that experience that makes them a great success.

If people go on investing lacs and thousands without experiencing any +ve chage, what tempts them to invest the thousands and lacs... it is only their lust for making money wthout undrstanding the value of the product. SO IS IT WISE TO BLAME THE COMPANY?

I, personally, started using the herbalife products only as a customer ... in 70 days I reduced 11 kgs and reduced my waistline by 5 inches... My 25-year-old sinus problem is solved. Simultaneouly, I started researching and learning more about the products and the ingredients... my belief started growing.

Now I can tell you that HERBALIFE IS ONE OF THE BEST businesses in the world. but first learn, experience, feel the change, and spread the word. YOU WILL NEVER FAIL

Hi, My Name is Sumit Kumar (jaipur). I am also working in Herbalife as a distributor.
This is good. If you want more information and want to do business or want to buy porducts of Herbalife . Then you can contact to me

Sumit Kumar(+91 [protected])
Want to sale Health products on 50% discount, Interested people can contact me, Sandeep [protected]

Herbalife International India Ltd — Garbage Accumulation

Dear Sir/Madam,

The accumulation of garbage is happing from past 15 days, in spite of several complaints gone to Mr. Srinivas the health inspector of our area.(Commissariat Road).
hiii frends i m sagar from nagpur i m student of engg college and distributer of herbalaife too.
the most emmportant qustion is "wat to do now wen pepole are allready now give mony to distrobuter?'
i m ressently give monny so i dont know my distributer are cheater or safer...?
what to do plz help me .{come on distributers telll me the answer.}
those persons who get cheated i want to say this only that before investing money to any such company on the word of a person u should collect information about the person and its my point of view that when u r investing in such a company u just think that u lost the money some where and then start work so that u will not fell cheated.
i know that those who r reading my view must be thinking that whether i am supporting or blaming the company on that point i want to say that the decision was made by u only to invest on that company.
Same Product to Loss weight and Gain Weight...
To loss weight take the shake and skip the meal ...
To gain the weight take the shake and meal ...

Ha Ha Ha ...Yes I agree ..there are foolish people in this world ...That's why Herbalife is still alive.

The fact is, , The inventor and owner of Herbalife Mark Hughes ..died with drug overdose at just 44.
The poor Guy ..although cud not keep fit himself with his own medicine and died so early...
I wish his followers HAPPY LONG LIFE

Can some one dare to Prove ...If single world in my post is wrong ...challange.
Dear Preeti
Following are the particulars of our conversation held through HERBALIFE TOLLFREE NUMBER H eadquatered at BANGALORE (INDIA) : Number=: [protected]
Date=: 13/08/2010
Time=: 12:15
Duration = 00:17:47
Style = Audio call
Sim No = sim 1
Sim 1 = 4 times
My personal mobile no = [protected]
As per above dates had contacted Madam Akila with are gest to record our conversed Voice Audio Call vide which I could communication partially the fraudulent style of carrying the HERBALIFE Business betraying the branded Licensed user in India, HERBALIFE INTERNATIONAL INDIA PVT. LTD.BY some of our senior distributors of HERBALIFE especially in Pune area, she felt better to divert my call to Ethics & Complains Dept. and therefore, as per your advise I am depieting some of the fact related to above subject for immediate termination & deactivation of their Herbalife I. D. number allotted to them for using with proper sense of honesty & integrity (1) one of the Sr. Distributor shri Rakesh Patel bearing ID No= W1357527 (M) [protected] recruited directly Shri Sukumar Kobalkar as new distributor bearing ID No = W1440826 (M) [protected]/[protected] and by collecting a sum of Rs = 35060.00 from him by cash Mr. Rakesh Patel defying his downline Mr. Sukumar Kobalkar placed the Order No= W[protected]dtd05 Sep 2009 against his own ID No to make purchase to earn additional volume points of 913.50 for his own business career of Herbalife . Though the shipment of the product were made to Mr. Rakesh Patel address, The same were personally delivered to his downline Distributor along with the Original TAX INVOICE No =[protected]dtd 05 Sep 2009. The new Distributor unware of any anwarranted incident which took place with hime is now victimized not knowing what to do with those products and the Original TAX INVOICE which is in the name of Mr. Rakesh Patel .
Belated another case is worse than the above breaking all the ethics of HERBALIFE is the case of Mr. Kamlesh Puran Satdeve who was recruited as a HERBALIFE DISTRIBUTOR bearing I.D. No = W1467266 (M) [protected] being Mr. Akshay Kumar Tyagi as his sponsor bearing I.D. No = W1430376 (M) =[protected] Mr. Akshay Kumar Tyagi in co-ordination with his own Brother-in-law Shri Vishal Parashar (M) = [protected] bearing I.D. No = W1402971 placed the purpose Order No = J[protected] dtd . 28 Jan 2010 against his own I.D. with tactful action shipment to Mr. Kamlesh Puran Satdeve address. If is shocking to acknowledge the victimized Distributor had managed the said amount of Rs. = 86877, 00 by swapping his own HDFC Bank Credit Card to earn 1992.75 valume point.
Remaining amount of Rs. = 49437, 00 against managed from his own HDFC Credit Card making to create only 1136.60 valume point placed the purchase Order No = J[protected] dtd. 20 Jan 2010 against Mr. Kamlesh Puran Satdeve I.D. against with their family relation co-ordination and making Mr. Kamlesh Puran Satdeve to remain as only as senior consultant instead of fully qualified supervisor till May 2010 for no fault of his own.
In the same manner as referred above Mr. Kamlesh Puran Satdeve is boarding both the Original TAX INVOICES along with with the Herbalife Products purchased out of them and as in a victimized position.
It is thankful to the notorious above senioralis for but who could think of Mr. Kamlesh Puran Satdeve to gnality him as a line SUPERVISOR in May 2010 after persuance of constant follow-up from his end like a beggar. But still he is in not in receipt of his own WELCOME FALICITATION KIT from the company.
Thus, I concoclude as per your assurance to take all feasible necessary leagal action including deactivations of their I.D. Number against them who are detaming & degrading the Name of this Internationally recognized for their Integrity and Products.
Thanks From
(Narendra K. Mukund)
Fully Qualified Supervisor
I.D. No = W1469194
Address = Sangita Apartment, Flat No=12, Vikasnagar,
Dehu Road, Pune – 412101, Maharastra (India)
M = [protected]/[protected]/[protected]
E-Mail ID = [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]
I disagree with all complaints, these people who are complaining about Herbalife are really losers and will never succeed in their life because they are looking for an escalator for success. There is no escalator way for success and there is no overnight success business in the entire world. To success in Herbalife or any business you need to devote your time, money and brain. Yes you can become millionaire if you follow the Herbalife marketing plan but not over night you need to be patience learn and keep doing things on continuous basis. 3 keys to success in Herbalife Business i.e. Use, Wear and Talk and this is the best tool for success. The World is built by people who took action and not by people who just thought of it...

So if you were in action with Herbalife you wont complain or blame Herbalife. These people blaming were never in Action.

There are people in Herbalife who started their business from Streets and now own Private Airplanes and Islands, including the founder of Herbalife Late Mark Hughes.

Just follow the Herbalife marketing plan and you will earn what is promised.

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