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Karnataka, India
I am customer of ICICI bank and had availed a home loan for Rs 18.5L more than 4 yrs back and the original tenor was 240 months. The original EMI was close to 16,000 and in the last 4yrs rose to 19,500.
I am so frustrated with ICICI's home loan structure, just feel they are cheating customers in all possible ways.
The FUNNIEST part of this whole thing is, after having paid for more than 50 EMI's I am still left with 478 months, which I am not sure might increase again.
This means I never ever in my life would be able to close this loan because the TENOR just keeps increasing.
This is the craziest bank I ever would have Banked with, I have decided to put a very strong complaint against ICICI bank and ensure none of my peers, colleagues, friends and relatives bank ever with ICICI bank.

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Hi Saswati,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We have made a note of your mobile number and will contact you soon to address your concern.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Dear All,

This is to inform you that I had avail housing loan from
ICICI on dated 28/08/2006 wide loan # LBRPR[protected] &
LBRPR[protected] in the name of Piyass Das Gupta. I have
dispose the said property to Mr. Jayendra Bhandari on
Sep'07. Till Sep'07 i have paid the emi's on time through
ECS from ICICI bank itself. Mr. Jayandra Bhandra avail loan
from ICICI and it was mutually done with the concern of
ICICI. After getting confirmation from ICICI we did the
registration formalities and the loan got disbursed ON
04/01/2008in the name of Mr. Jayandra Bhandari (loan #
LBRPR[protected])on the same property.
But unfortunately my loan # LBRPR[protected] &
LBRPR[protected] was not closed on time and till date the
loan account is active. At present there was huge overdue
accrued in my loan account. Few months back i went to local
branch to settle the contract (although i am no where
wrong)but as per concern person my account is not appearing
in any bucket (delinquency) hence settlement will be done in
the full amount accrued at that time.
Iam not intentional defaulter but due to this iam facing
enough problem. I also have other loans (HL/PL/car loan) but
i have never delay in paying the emi's and all the payments
are cleared through ECS only. Secondly, i have another loan
from ICICI i.e. PL (Loan # LPRPR[protected]). I am paying
the emi's every month but due to said dispute i was never
keep amount in my ICICI bank to clear the emi's hence i pay
the emi's through cash to collection agencies. I am always
in fear if i deposit any amount in ICICI bank then due to HL
the amount can be debited hence i always paid the emi's of
PL in cash. At present Iam in Jamshedpur and paying the
emi's from here itself. Prior to this i have paid emi's from
Kolkatta (when I was transferred) for 2years.


Iam always in touch with ICICI and iam very thankful to the
bank for facilitate me the fund for HL.
Iam still agreeing to settle the contract with minimum
payment hence request your kind attention to resolve the
issue at the earliest.


We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please send us your contact details at [protected]@icicibank.com and we shall get in touch with you soon to resolve the issue. Kindly refer "1338157" in the subject line.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.

ICICI Bank — Third consecutive complaint against ICICI bank only

This is my third consecutive complain with ICICI bank, seems like they are willing to set some record.

Actually my problem is, I deposited a outstation cheque in ICICI Chennai, Ambattur branch with bellow details and still didn't get any satisfactory answer regarding the cheque status.

My ICICI bank account number:[protected]

Deposited cheque number: 311263

Bank name: State Bank of India, Varanasi Branch (ICICI bank also have branches in Varanasi)
Date of deposit: March, 29th 2011

Amount: 13860/-

I have followed up with the ICICI phone banking many times (spoke with Imtiaz,Radhika,Avatar Singh but all in vain).

I can provide previuso complains also. Please check and help me and try to do something so others could avoid such experience from any bank.

Thanks in advance,

Vikas Singh

ICICI House Loan — Not decreasing house loan interest for old customers

My father has ICICI housing loan #LBDEL[protected] with amount 5 lakh at 9.25% floating, sanctioned in 2002, also a top up loan with amount 1 lack #LBNOD[protected] at 9.75% floating, sanctioned in 2005.

ICICI Bank is now charging him 14.75% rate. Which is above than the market rates.
They have increased interest rate immediately whenever market rate changed but when market rate is decreased they are not decreased it for old customers.
I don't understand how a professional company like ICICI can charge different interest rates to different customers.

Please let me know what legal tool I have at my disposal to protect him.
Any help on this matter will be highly appreciated.

ICICI Home Finance — Fixed deposit amount not credited

I am the victim customer of ICICI HOME FINANCE. My fd got matured on 02/03/2011 with fixed deposit receipt no.333h0045723 c30 amount of 18000 and matured amount to be 23,444. I have submitted my certificate at SMC but till date amount is not credited in my account. Kindly inform me the way out to get my money back.

I am in urgent need of money.

Sir, I applied housing loan in the month of Mar'11(Application no.[protected]) but sorry to say that till date i have not received any satisfactory answer from your green park (Delhi) branch.I am contacting Mr.Vivek, Mr.Abhishek & Mr.Ashutosh Tandon but every time they are creating new query.
You are requested to please look into the same on priority basis and resolve it at the earliest.Please note that i am your faithful customer since 2003 which you can confirm thru my following loan accounts - LBDEL[protected].

We are sorry to hear about your experience.We have made a note of your FD receipt number.We'll contact you and work to address your issue at the earliest.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.
Dear ICICI Bank,
I had applied for home loan property (Enkay Garden) in panvel New Mumbai
Thru infinity banking I received mail I am eligible for home loan.
I requested the builder to provide all legal documents, from the builder and I received 50 pages of legal documents from builder and it’s in my residence.
Without scrutinizing my legal documents icici bank representative ignoring my loan eligibility.
My NRE account with icici bank for 12 years and still I am not able to apply loan.
ICICI representatives.
Mr.Amit Barla
Mr.Shamit Shivalkar.(Vashi New Mumbai)
I am in Muscat how can I meet this representatives in India my family members are not much aware of the loan procedures, I require your opinion on property why my loan is delaying.

Bank Loan — Housing loan

I had taken a loan from Bank of Maharashtra for housing in 2005 at fixed term of EMI repayment in five years which expired in may 2011. But after expiry the bank has deducted with out intimating me a amount three times of EMI What shall I do?
Dear Sir,
I would like to bring few points to your knowledge..
I had made a home loan(LBBAL[protected]) from I bank through Utkal Syndicate, Balasore, (Ibank home loan franchise) on 2006 against my previous organizations salary slip. I bank issued a DD of SBI Mysore dt 10/05/2006 DD no-276244 on the name of Mrs Ahalya Das Andhra Bank acc. No-3306 of amount RS 6, 69, 252.The said amount had given to Ahalya Das by Utkal Syndicate without sale deed and registration of the house on my name on 29/08/2006. After getting the amount neither she did registration/sale deed on my name. After my repeated request She and her husband Hrushikesh Das(cell-[protected]) did not pay till the date, also I paid Rs 1, 46, 595 to bank against loan. As because of I could not get home, I did not pay EMI.
After harassed/ tortured by loan recovery people finally I filed a case in Balasore judicial court case no-714 of2008 against Mrs A.Das on 18/7/2008, where I kept Branch Manager, I bank-Balasore and General Manager I bank-Mumbai as one side, but nobody bothered to attain and solve it.

on my name loan has done, someone paid it to party, she/he enjoying the money since last 6 years. As on today my acc. closed and I am not able to get salary at the month end.

Why did not I bank take any steps to recovery the money from A.Das/H.Das who had taken it, because house details has deposited in bank at the time of loan sanction??

Instead of recovery the money from the person taken I bank closed my salary acc. As I am an employ of ICICI Prudentials.
on which my family livelihood is on stake .
Did I bank paid the said amount on my name??So how I become lonee ????

Please do needful to reopen my salary, because no way I am related to this transition.

Unnecessary I bank harassing me to hide own fault as they had handed over the DD to the seller without sale-deed and house registration.

Thanks & Regards,

Biswa Ranjan Sarangi

Prashant Gopal Sonawane

The Branch Manager
ICICI Bank Ltd
Home Loans
Sharanpur Branch

Subject: Reschedulement of due dates of my Housing Loan.
Reference: Loan A/c No.LBNAS[protected]
Dear Sir,

This has reference to the subject matter.

Since I am a Tax consultant, my fees from my clients every month, are received only by the middle of the subsequent month. In the process I am unable to meet the due date for the housing loans.
I request you to please postpone the due date of my installments from the Tenth to the Twentieth of the month to enable me to pay my installments without inconvenience.

Hope you will accede to my request and oblige.

Thanking you

Aaradhya Accounting Services
Prashant G Sonawane
Dear Sir,
My Name is Edward Avil and i am from the Advertising/Media Industry and i want to file a case against ICICI Bank for their fraudulent Loan System.
I Had Taken a 31 lakh housing loan in the year 2008 for a property in Wadala-Bhakti park… the Tenure when the loan was sanctioned was 20 yrs with floating Interest rate of 10.50% I had received 100% loan and my first EMI was 30, 950/-

In a few Months i got an intimidation from ICICI saying the interest rate has been revised and due to its raise they raised my tenure from 20 to double of it 40 Years.

After a few months when the interest rate fell down they got the tenure down just by 3 yrs and the EMI down a tad bit. From 2008 to 2013 not just the tenure but also the EMI jumped from 30000/ odd- to 34000/- plus

In 2013 i realised after paying around 19 Lakh till date the base amount cut from my home loan was only 85000/-

Thats when i decided to move my housing loan from ICICI

To Close the loan I had to pay 30, 29, 799/- plus a full months EMI which was 34400/- odd So basically I have paid back ICICI 19 lakh as interest for a Loan of 27, 000/-Only

I want ICICI bank to realise that it cannot Con the Common people like this...The entire faith in the banking industry will collapse when they see my case.

Common people will stop taking housing loan from ICICI and all other banks if they learn about my case.

I want this Bank and its fraudulent rules/laws to be bought to the publics notice so that Common people will not be conned by these banks
I had applied Home loan at ICICI Ghatkoper branch. They have taken 10, 000 processing charges. and after declared area is in negative area. its been 1.5 month now. They had promised to return the money in 8 to 10 days. however its not happened and no one is replying to emails and phone calls.
ICICI bank is th worst kind of home loan giver; i applied on 15th mar'14 and today(16th may'14) is the 60th day; though i got sanction on 1st of may'14 for homeloan but still waiting for loan to get disbursed;
i have the contact nr of almost 8 people from loan agent to his boss, his super boss( who has valid icici email id and they call him sales department head) i dont know how powerful he is ..i met him and he is yound guy of around 26-28 age and homeloan unit (Sector -50) is nothing less than fish market, people going here and there and running and many customers when i wentr there were shouting also;
I couln;t imagine this kind of thing from icici as i have regular a/c and very well satisfied by their service for last 10 years.
but for homeloan they the bank may be thier NOIDA sec 50 branch only(i hope so) ...

Please let me know the emai id/contact nr of person whom i can contact or call

If bank resolves the issues, why it is not posted in this forum?We have to know whether customer have resolved it or bank have resolved it.& how they are resolved?

ICICI Bank — HOW TO OPEN Reimbursement account

hI ALL, HOW TO OPEN A Reimbursement account, Kindly help out Regards Santhosh P [protected]

Refund of DDA housing scheme for application# : 6026199

Hi, I filled a form zero for DDA housing scheme in oct 2014. I haven't received my refund till date. My application# : 6026199 ContACT EMAIL ADRESS: [protected]@GMAIL.COM

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