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I have followed ICICI Bank collection department for many times, but these guys don't know how to talk and don't stick to their words. I was making payment regular on EMI basis, 2-3 times i failed to pay amount, then suddenly they auto debited all my salary from my account and my account balance turned negative -52K. After that they tried to threat us in diff ways and dropped me following mail. Please guide me how to deal with this BANK, as i dont want to be in defualt..I'm very tensed in this regards,


Please guide me.. [protected]
Dear Mr. Singh,

We have registered your request regarding settlement of your credit card outstanding dues.

Please make note of the Service Request SR57131516.

One of our collection executive will contact you within 7 working days for further proceeds.

Looking forward to your co-operation.


Rasheejulla Baig Meerja

Account Manager

ICICI Bank Limited

If your contact details have changed, important letters, e-mails and other communication may never reach you. The easiest way to remain connected is by updating your contact details in our records online. To do this, log on to credit card Internet Banking, click 'Change of Address' under service request or download the Address Change form from our website, fill it and drop it at any ICICI Bank/ATM drop box.

Safe Tip: Remember your passwords and do not tell anyone else, be it your close relative, trusted friend or even your banker.

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Subject: Credit Card

Branch Id : 0002 Account Id :[protected]
Hi Sangram,

This is in reference to your mail i wish to inform you that i have
tried so many times to settle the dues with the collection department but they dont stick to there words,then how can you expect me to settle without any correct information.

Whenever my EMI was due i used to pay on time,it was only ones or twice that i was unable to pay whole EMI due to financial problem,even then i managed to pay minimum amount due.

They activated my auto debit functionality with out even informing me"How will one survive if
hie whole month salary is auto denited leaving him with nothing to
spend whole month.....what will you say on this...........?????????"

Secondly,my card limit was 50K abd though i payed 22K they are still sending 63K bill.

That time i was managing,i went in personnal to talk to the collection department people,gave my visiting card and mutually agreed on settlement....but the very next day i was told that it was not possible.

Now i dont have all that money to settle 63K more after paying 22K,how
will one afford 45K shopping for (63K+22K)=85K.

Due to there behaviour i was not interested in talking,i have all the converstions and mails.

I dont need to hide or feel glad in including my name in defaulter list even though i was paying fine.

Still all i can do is settle my principle amount.I was always ready to do that....because i think if bank facilitates me in shopping and in need....i also must pay the due amount ......................But please be genuine and tell finally if this is acceptable on knowing the whole scenario.

Thanks & regards,
This is regarding your ICICI Credit Card Payment which has an outstanding balance of Rs.65887/-.Its very disappointing to note that
Despite repeated reminders for the repayment of the above outstanding balance we have not received payment from you. We would like to bring to your
Attention that unless full payment is made within 06 days of this mail we would-be forwarding a legal procedure against you, further more a record of
Default will be made in the Defaulters list, which is being shared, by all Banks and Financial Institutions. This will adversely affect your Credit Facility in future. Rating
Now legal formalities are strong from 15th of January 08. So please clear your dues before 20th February.

Please call or revert the mail immediately to settle your account.

Action: An Nonbailable Warrant would be issued if there is no revert or any contact.

Option: To clear all the outstanding as soon as possible.

Sangram Bhakre
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Aug 13, 2020
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i have open my account in icici bank but it is not working from 3 month i give a complain of this problem to employee of icici bank .still i didn't get any solution.
Branch Id : 0266 Account Id :[protected]
I have recharge my phone through net banking but I have not received payment in my phone. I have request to customer care icici bank 25/02/08. My request no is SR57165471 Your executive says payment back in 5 working days but my payment not received in 01/02/08 please return my payment immidately in (priority base)I have request to customer care icici bank 06/03/08. i have again request to customer care. request no is SR58414142 please return my payment immidately in (priority base)

I have an outstanding towards the my credit card([protected]) of Rs.40086.28. I am paying monthly amount of Rs.2000 but instead of the outstanding amount to be decreased its increasing. and as per the statement the Bank has started and auto debit facility without informing me.

Currently I am going through a financial problems please help by transferring the current outstanding amount in EMI's. I can pay the monthly amount of Rs.3000 or make an auto debit facility of Rs.3000 from my account on 1st of every month.

Request yo to do please do the needful as I don't want to be a defaulter.
Dear Sir,

After receiving new credit card one year ago & useing of it upto six month i did not receive any statement of it but i make payment of Rs.7500/- against credit card after that i make payment of minimum amt. but after some bad time in my life i could make payment upto 3 to 4 months.

from last month's 26/05/2008 the lean of Rs.33, 000/- is mark on personal A/C which is with ICICI Bank. That time my account shows negative figure On 29/05/2008 Rs.9100/- is deposited to my account that was cut from lean.

Mean time i logg complaint with customer care about it on 28/05/2008 & i recd. request no.67641807 & informed me that our (ICICI) officer will call you in 3 working days but till today nobody is calling me & from side i am in touch with your pune credit card branch officer about it they call me in the branch for meeting so that i meet them & talked about it but your people is behaving in very rough . & i request them to remove it i will settle it within 15 days but they are dening it & told me 1st you settle it then we will talk.

Now I need your help about lean (1)That it should be mark without informing to card holder to his saveing account?
(2) After lean mark some of the payment is made did it remove or not?
(3) I did not receive any settelment letter or call from your bank & also any limited days or perioud letter from your bank because your people are telling me that they are given me 3 month's perioud for it, is it a right way to take action?

Till today I did not receive Rs.9100/-. receipt of payment from your bank.
Pls. note this point.

SO pls. kindly advise me about it


I have been holding ICICI bank credit card since Jan 2008. After one month they are sending Health insurance premium at Credit card bill without taking my permission. I called up them at that time they told me it will automatically canceal after 3 months if you not make any payment for this. But after 3 months it did not canceal and till they are keep on sending a bill for Health Insurance premium and due close to Rs 5000. I have called up ICICI lombard help line and asked to canceal my health insurance policy they told me that I have to pay cancellation charge. But just two days ago I got another Creit Card statement with a ICICI Lombard Health Insurance bill as it was before.

I don't have any documents for health insurance and also they did not take my permission . I don't know how it is possible .

I am ready to give all details to concern person. Please advise me .
Manay many thanks in advance.
E mail- [protected]
My customer ID: 5351642. I tried to contact the Collections department regarding the settlement of dues, but in vain.

I had purchased worth of 4391.75 against my big bazar card in the month of November'07 and paid back Rs. 4400 during Jan'08 end. Now i am in switzerland. But i was shocked to hear last week that, i got a statement that there is a due of 3129. How is this possible...?

I never had such experience with ICICI. I have taken Personal Loan, House loan and Car loan from ICICI and cleared all for your kind information.

Can you please help me resolving this...without going into loop.

Please mail me back. waiting for your reply.

hemachandra k s
I am to activate my credit card no [protected] at your earliest I have not use it for long and have paid its anual charges .if there is still any outstanding i am ready to pay for it

ICICI — Article contained in letter box


I made a complaint today (29.10.08) at lunch hours stating that the article (no.[protected] not received.

In the evening, the letter was hanged in the letter box.

I want to mention another thing, my house was not locked and always somebody will be in my home.

I don't know why, the courier man kept the article in letter box and went of. Is this the way to deliver the article. The article has been delivered without any signature and kept in the letter box.

I am going to take legal action against yourself for delivering the article in the letter box.This is an important article.


This is kishore .I am holding ICICI credit card since 2007 dec. i have online banking facility to transefor funds to any other or own account.previously i used to pay the bill by seeing the due date in my online account.recently i puchased some articles and make it as EMI's .as soon as i made that EMI's facility in my online credit card i'm unable to find Due date to pay the amount.Please Ensure that Due date should be visible in my account other wise we may not pay the bill in a proper time due to hectic work schedules.pls make arrangements in my account accordingly as fast as you can.and iam asking you people dont offer any insurance policies through this ICICI credit cards .
Dear ICICI bank,
i have requested for the settlement of my EMI card 1003 and i got approval for the amount of rs, 10000/- and in the month of november one of your incharge came to my office and took the first payment of 5000/- from me in first week and i asked him if i need to pay the rest i need the letter from your end stating that i have settled the dues with ICICI bank so he told me next time he will come along with the letter in the last week of november but till now i have not see the person from your end but some call center guys are calling me and telling me some rubish words so i request you to take action ASAP and i am ready to pay 5000/- but i need the letter stated as above

I have three bank accounts with icici and i have never faced this kind of humiliation ever in my life regarding my name. Few days back i lost my debit card so I am making all transactions through my cheques regarding withdrawl of my money from my account and whenever I went to that bank to withdraw money from my account everytime they ask for my verification and my identity proof .what the hell is that if they have my account details and its clearly mentioned there that m male so why everytime they object on my cheques and this time it was so bad experience that the Branch operations manager objected on my cheque and asked for my identity proof when her colleague was continuously telling her that he is already verified 5 times in her previous visits to same branch. Is there any procedure to complain regrading branch official for her rude behaviour to her higher officials

her details :

Inderbir kaur
Branch operations manager
Icici bank
Rajinder agar Branch{ opp ganga ram hospital }
old rajinder nagar
new delhi 110060

Plz reply regarding the same as soon as possible.I realy want to complaint regarding her rude behaviour.

Parul Khanna
Dear Sir/madam,

my icici credit card no: [protected].

i do not know what is my outstanding, i want to settle my account very badly. please help me. kindly mail me with your settlement amount.
I am Rakesh from Gujarat .I read your complain in consumer .I also have been cheated by ICICI Lombard Health Policy they have been given me two Policy by Phone only .I did not sign any documents .How can they start policy ? Can I claim against Co.? What you did ? And then what happen ? My Mob No is [protected].call me please .
I saw many are cheated by ICICI Lombard health co I am going to mail all of them . If we all together fight with co. bank will be finished .All Indian should know how ICICI bank is cheater !

This is on behalf of Mr, Lal N Thakur, Credit card no [protected].
He recd the Credit Card statement on 19th Feb2009 well and his due of the crdit card is on 12th Feb 2009. Every mth he receives the statement very late and has to pay the Late charges, for no reason.
Last month he paid Rs. 468/-. Since he is a very prompt customer.
And sorry to say that you have block his credit card as well he has a credit limit of Rs. 93, 000/-.
Please look into this matter on a URGENT Basis.
We request you to kindly revert the LATE PAYMENT & relize the card which is BLOCK by you'll.
As we are making the due credit card payment today itself.

On Behalf
Lal N. Thakur
I have followed ICICI Bank collection department for many times, but these guys don't know how to talk and don't stick to their words. I was making payment regular on EMI basis, 2-3 times i failed to pay amount, then suddenly they have sent me a letter stating that they will auto debit all my salary from my account and right now they have turn my account in negative -50K. And they are trying to threaten me in diff ways and dropped me following mail. Please guide me how to deal with this BANK, as i dont want to be in default..I'm very tensed in this regards,


please guide me @ [protected]
My credit card No.[protected]. I made all payment in month of August by cheque No. 214414of Rs.4, 555/- But again by icici bank charge late payment charges etc. and collection department always call me .I face many problems and given a Cheque of Rs. 500/- to Mr. Abhisek Kumar for Full and final payment for statellment in month of Dec 2008.But icici bank not issue me statellment letter . again icici bank harss me and call me, exicutive came to my house for for payment only late payment charges interset charge tc I have not use this card from July 2008. and made all payment in August .
my cridit card no [protected] after paying actul amount the icici bank continuosly send statement of increased amount when i asked from phone they are not giving my actul purchase detail
only i m reciving service tax + late payment fees.
every time they send their excecutive to collect cash amount &the excicutive say this yr last payment
after that u statement would be 0 but next time i get increased amount statement without any purchace.

this is the height of fraudness

Rohit Tarar
This is the complaint regarding the double standard policy of ICICI Bank officials who are just unwilling to settle my account or respond to my letters or complaints or provide any acount realared information.
I was using the ICICI credit card and was remitin to minimu amount of paymejt every mont regulrly for 2 .The card was sent to me along with the personal loan that I had taken from the bank.I lost my job due to recession and hence couldnt pay any further.however my calculation shows tha I have paid more that 50000 to the bank and what surprises me is that instead of reducing my debts it has just increased.
The Bank Collection Official are too bad and the phone banking is pathetic.I m surprised that even after writing to head Quality services and Mr.KV Kamath, nothing is being done.To add to this the Collection agents claim that it is Mr, Kamath and others in the senior designation have given them the authority to harras and abuse and threaten the customers with dire consequences.
Kindly guide as I am really sick and tired dealing with these people who are just resoting to taking criminal means to extract money from the customers.

To whomsoever it may concern,
This is regarding the credit card of my relative. One of the employees or say agents of ICICI credit card collection department whose name is Abhishek Sharma who is employed with Delhi's Rohini branch, SD Tower. The person has literally harassed by calling on my mobile phone and has threatened me that if the payment is not made, he will come with some people at my residence for that card which my cousin is ought to pay, not me.
My cousin is ready to settle his account with dues but still teh bloody agent has called up around three colleagues of my cousin's office at their personal mobile numbers which is a major securirty breach. Also he tried to threat my cousin.
The bank must teach some courtesy to its agents. Just wearing ties and sitting at counter office and the women with nice dress and lipsticks does not mean a person is educated. For this, one has to learn soem ethics which every bank needs to teach their bloody less educated agents.
ICICI is one of the worst banks I have ever seen. However I am a journalist and going to take this matter till last level.
Sharbani Banerjee
give a comp in ombudsman in reservebank this will be free


give comp in consumer cort

icici bank down as a thrid rate fraud bank now, so go through cort to solve
the prob

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