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sir, im srinivas and i know little bit english, my complaint:
im doing share trading with icicidirect sub broker(DBC). he is cheating me 20 lakhs in share trading. Mostly he is given falls promise and he lead me to face losses.I have strong evidence of his activities.,he will not give proper response regarding this,. i very wounded and my life tottaly turn into wrong way, and im standing blind to face my life.
I see this site and i have confident to teach great lesson to that ICICIDIRECT sub broker.pls helpme in this matter where should i make complaint and further proceedings?

with love
29/24 paygopuram 3rd street
my contact no:[protected]
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Aug 13, 2020
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UNDUE DELAY IN OPENING I-DIRECT ACCOUNT : REFERENCE FORM No [protected] by ICICI -Direct, Krishnajunj, S No 211 2E, Plot No 17, Kalyaninagar, Yerwad, Pune 411006 branck.
ICICI DIRECT WEBSITE the worst online created...

the amount of money people loosing ..because of this think....could be more then...the entire icici bank././ income...

for your reference and peoples..view on this site....

just sign in the orkut community...

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AjaySinghJpr's reply, Nov 27, 2016
fraud in icicibank and icicisecurities contact me at 9950321327.there is no trading happening in icicisecurities.its is not connected with nse terminal
ICICI DIRECT WEBSITE is very bad. i am not able to login to the website during crucial trading hours. The site simply doesnt get loaded. I lost my profits since i couldnt sell my shares on time because of the poor service provided by ICICI DIRECT WEBSITE..
ICICI Direct should be held accountable?
I believe people will support making ICICIDirect accountable for not been working in the hour when it is most needed....

There should be SLA ... otherwise these people will just keep sucking your money ...without improving the quality of service.... Oct 18 (3 days ago) ऱवि
any views? Oct 18 (3 days ago) ಭರತೆ Bharath
The server was down, it didn't allow me to add margin and in the meanwhile it squared off my Futures positions. I lost 60K today, becoz of this Oct 18 (3 days ago) sumeet
It is working only after market hours, I missed the buying opportunity today because of this stupid trading services of ICICI Oct 18 (3 days ago) lets rockkkkkkkk
i agree. when market started recovering i wanted to buy. but server was working till late. although i didn't loose out on money. but wat bout loss of profit of around 50K on ril alone Oct 18 (3 days ago) Amit
sucks bigtime... but most of the trading site got overloaded today after market reopened Oct 18 (3 days ago) Arjun
we should do something abt dis.. file a pil or something.. it was not gud 2 see.. d site not opening wen it was most reqd. plz lets do it.. Oct 18 (3 days ago) Ruchir
was this link working today also!!! not only opening home page... but was it takng orders as well? Oct 18 (3 days ago) Deepak दीपस?तंभ
I agree with u ऱवि 100%. There should be SLA.. if they charge for their service then they must deliver.. they just can't get away with it.. it is there responsibily to support huge volumes with good infrastructure.. can't we file a case agaisnt them??
I submitted the following complain a number of times to various possible locations. But there is no resolution. I am wondering any one can get compensation for such harassment happened?

Respected Sir,

I am Sandip Kothari. Since last couple of years I have a number of accounts and loans with ICICI bank and ICCI direct. But since last couple of weeks I am facing problem with your services. I want to make complains regarding my ICICI direct account (Account Number xxxxxxxxx).

Complain No. 1 : Last year the account contract documents went in the flood. Even though it is a fault of ICICI direct, I contacted your call centers a couple of time to send an executive to collect the required contract papers signed again. However no one has contacted me in last 1 year.

Complain No. 2 : Without any notice on 18th October they suspended my trading account and stopped my access of the account.

Complain No. 3 : In place of sending executive they told me to visit the nearest branch. (something like the documents re-submission is my requirement)

Complain No. 4 : I visited the suggested branch (Thanku complex, Kandivali east, Mumbai). The relation ship manager over there was Mr. Adesh Sharma. Firstly he hasn’t time for the customers because he was so much occupied with his personal trading account. In the branch no one has time for the customers. They were all busy with market talks and their personal trading stuff.

Once he found time for me, he doesn’t know at all what form I should submit to re-execute my form. He has no such form available in the branch. He told me that I don’t have any other option, I should just wait for some executive come to me and collect the form. He promised me that in 2 hours executive will contact me to get the form signed. No one has come for the next 8 hours.

After that I made a couple of calls to the same branch and finally they send Mr. Santosh with required form. All these took 10 hours to finish and that is also after at least 10 calls to the concerned department and all.

Complain No. 5 : When I submitted the form, Mr. Santosh told me that in 48 hours I should get the account access. Also I called at your customer care center and Mr. Samir spoke to me with same words ( complain no. given at that time is SR[protected]. This promise was never met.

Complain No. 6 : After that since 5 working days I am daily calling to call centers. They are just giving me some new complain no. (Complain Nos. SR42512629 and SR[protected]. Before 3 days the executive told me that it will be solved in 24 hours and I will get the account access. It was never happen till now. They told me that they have not received the documents yet and I should contact the person to whom I submitted the documents. Is this right? A customer has to track the documents after they submit to ICICI executive or is it ICICI’s responsibility?

Complain No. 7 : Then also I called up Mr. Adesh Sharma, a relation ship manager at Thakur Complex, Kandivli East Mumbai branch. But his reply was quite strange that he has just sent an executive to collect the form. After that whether it will reach to the correct place or not is not his responsibility? I want to know is this correct that branch manager is not responsible for their executives? Then whom they are managing?

Complain NO. 8 : Finally I called your call centers. There I spoke to Miss. Sundari (team leader). She told me on 27th Oct. that my account will be activated on same day and she will call me before 5 o’clock on 27th Oct. None of this happened. After that I tried to reach her, but not available. The telephone executive replied me in 3 other consecutive calls that I don’t have any other option but just wait and watch.

I request you to kindly look into the issue. I would like to apply for the mental harassment and monitory loss compensation as well. Kindly guide me if I am wrong anywhere.

With regards,

AjaySinghJpr's reply, Nov 27, 2016
fraud in icicibank and icicisecurities contact me at 9950321327.
I am having my Demat Account with ICICI and holder of ICICI bank account since last few years.

1) My account is suspended on 22 th of Oct'07 for want of KYC documents without any proper notice. First of all ther is no proper intimation that i have to submit these documents. Earlier they have asked for PAN proof, which i have duly submitted in raipur branch. ICICI have lost documents due to their mistake, so it is binding on them to get new documents whatsoever required to be filled by customer. But they never bothered to make at least make one call, SMS whereas to market their products they keep making unnneccesary calls and disturb customers at unusual hours.

Why due care is not taken by ICICI by way of making call or SMS for filling up necessary documents.

2) I made a call to Call Centre on 22 th itself requesting to send their representative to get necessary docs filled up and after my persistent follow up , representative called on me only on 25th to get documents filled up. How come second largest bank in india respond so poorly & behave so insensitively to customers even when fault squauerly rests on ICICI. Is it sheer arrogance on part of ICICI???????

3) It was promised by that repesentative that account will be activiated within 48 hours.

4) When my account was not activiated on 29th again i called up Call Centre to verify the same, and it was promised that within 36 hours it will be activiated. I requested that i may be connected to somebody repsonsible who can give me proper clarificatioin as to when my account will activiated. I simply dont understand when i have submitted my documents on 25th itself, why does ICICI doesnt have provision to update customers as to at what satge is processing done and by what date account will be activiated. They are treating present customers in most insensitive and shabby manner as if our survival is dependant upon them.

5) When again i called up on 30th to Call centre, i was told that maximum of 7 days it will take to get my account activiated. I simply dont understand ICICI which claims to Professionally managed organisation , so badly managed.

6) They dont allow proper access to responsible person to get things clarified and on the other hand they staff posted at various branches who themselves dont have proper understanding & info about their products.

7) finally i had been a complaint no : 4035638, saying that it will done as soon as possible. God only knows when this is going to happen.

I have suffered huge loss during these 10 days when in fact i am deprived of profit booking during bull run.

8) I earnestly request that proper action to be taken in this regard and first of all my get account gets activiated and proper compensation may please warded to me.
AjaySinghJpr's reply, Nov 27, 2016
fraud in icicibank and icicisecurities contact me at 9950321327.

I am also sailing in the same boat .I am going to file a case against icici any one have the address or the legal department.
AjaySinghJpr's reply, Nov 27, 2016
fraud in icicibank and icicisecurities contact me at 9950321327.there is no trading happening in icicisecurities.its is not connected with nse terminal
my account is also deactivate by icici due to misplace the document by them in mumbai flood & every time customer care's people told me that i can access my account with 24 hrs. can we take the legal action against them.
AjaySinghJpr's reply, Nov 27, 2016
fraud in icicibank and icicisecurities contact me at 9950321327.there is no trading happening in icicisecurities.its is not connected with nse terminal.your documents removed to manipulate data.
i agree fully.same case with me.reactivation supposed to be done within 7-10 ddays.even after 11 days the customer relationship guy told me it will take 3 more 2lak money is lockedup.are customer redressal people are seniors or are they are the clerks.the supervisory staf at icici are utter callous,useless and not worth their salt because they cannot redress their own clients whose money they are eating as salaries.hope and pray god that they mend their ways.
ICICI DIRECT WEBSITE is very bad. i am not able to login to the website during crucial trading hours. ..



AjaySinghJpr's reply, Nov 27, 2016
fraud in icicibank and icicisecurities contact me at 9950321327.there is no trading happening in icicisecurities.its is not connected with nse terminal
ICICI and ICICIdirect and related ones are maadarchots.
I have similar complain. My demat account is suspended even though I resubmitted the papers in my Branch in Delhi. The bank branch says that they have received the papers and icicidirect branch says they have not received the papers. From bank branch computer they check and say that its OK but when it comes to reactivation they say that they have not recd the papers. Worse than a government department. I think ICICI has lost good staff to other banks and it is time to switch to new bank.
I am still struggling to get my account activated.
I donot think they would last like that.
Whenever I wanted to sell the options contracts, the site will be down... they wont make site up before business hours... I am losing more money because of this... the call center will not get connected atleast for one hour on phone... after connecting they will say that they will connect to someone else... issue will not be resolved... finally call will get disconnected....
When I complained, the reply i got is "ICICI Web Trade Limited provides services to its clients on a best effort basis, however, technical snags arising out of system related issues is something which cannot be controlled at all times".

That conveys "use what is available when it is available or get lost".
Email : customer.[protected]

The General Manager ( Damat )

Subject : Complaint against ICICI… reg.- Submission of Application of IPO of Reliance Power
Reference : Member of the Syndicate’s Stamp & Code – 20/1061/3
Broker’s Agents Stamp & Code : SEC 12345, Application form No. 47786115


It is to inform that the Bid cum Application form No. 47786115, Cheque no. 503945 dated 15.1.2008 of Rs. 96,750/- and Xerox copy of Pan Card has been submitted to your ICICI Directcom , Medical Branch, Nagpur on dated 15.1.2008 on 11.00 AM for submission of offline Application for IPO of Reliance Power for ( Bunch of 15/ 225 share ) and handed over to Sh. Pranesh Kumar, Senior Relationship Manager, ICICI Securities Limited, Dr. Agarwal Building, First Floor, Near State Bank of India, Medical Square, Nagpur-440 009. But the acknowledgment slip has not been received at time of submission of application or the same day from your Branch. When I asked to Sh. Pranesh on Mob No.[protected] dated 15.1.2007 on 4.00 PM for acknowledged receipt, they have requested to me for the application may be submitted on 16.1.2008 as our branch has been very busy. When I asked on 16.1.2008 on mobile on 11.45 am. Then your SRM said “ I have submitted the application in HSBC Branch ” but my application has not been submitted on dated 15-16.1.2008 from your side. And they have returned the application form on dated 16.1.2008 on 7.45 PM without any reason.

Thereafter, I have submitted my application form through Broker -Sharekhan Ltd, Dharmpeth Nagpur vide acknowledgement receipt no 45438103 dated 16.1.2007 on 8.30 PM. Therefore your Branch will be responsible for late submission of my application form of IPO of Reliance Power- if share not allotted to me.

This is for your kind information and necessary action on above.

Yours faithfully,

( Nitin B. Mankar)
DP –ID No. IN303028
Beneficiary Account No. 54709090
(Mob. [protected])
Dated : 17.1.2008
Copy to : SEBI, Head Office, Mittal Court, “A” Wing 1st floor 224, Nariman Point, Mumbai ( Email – [protected] )
Dear sir,

I would also like to bring to your notice the pathetic quality of service that ICICIDirect provides to its customers. They charge exorbidant rates for F&O and cash segments amongst all the existing brokers, they don't allow margin trading before 10:20, give lot of WRONG CALLSs in i-clickToGain delibrately so that the clients suffer loss, their system is so slow that the first quotes do not arrive before 10:05 AM, logs out the users frequently in the midst of a transaction and during crucial hours the software is unable to take loads saying either " the webserver is too busy" or "( 2) : Site is not available due to some technical reason. Please contact site administrator". When we call up the helpline, they would just not pick up the phone or even when they come online after we hold for a minimum of 1/2 an hour, they would say "please be online, we are checking" and they would disappear and get us disconnected.A very poor quality of service which we can never find anywhere else in the world. I have suffered huge losses becauce of their incompetent software , wrong Calls, slowness in the system, frequest log offs and wrong calculations in brokerages.I would request the SEBI or concerned authority to look into this and punish ICICI for the losses they have given to their customers.
Agree completely with you Paavani, I lost 35k today because of "( 4) : Site is not available due to some technical reason. Please contact site administrator
Couldn't update the stop loss in my margin plus before it hit the bottom and squared off by itself.
I spoke to ICICIDirect to refund atleast the brokerage charges during the downtime and they said "No, we do not have a policy and we cannot take your loss" - verbatim.
I asked "What is the purpose of bloody brokerage?"
she said "Sir, I am disconnecting the call because o[censored]r abuse"
*** BEEP
- I call up again in panic and ask "are you guys not able to access the site and change my SLTP Please".. he says "let me check .. hold on".. 5 minutes no answer, 8 minutes "no sir the system is still down"..
- I ask "why does this happen so frequently?".. he says "sir this is only during the trading hours we face difficulty, please try after sometime"
- I ask "is this an offline trading account?"..
- he says "no sir, please try after half an hour"
- hmm, can you refund my brokerage charage? - no sir
- I say == "Ur company stinks"
- he say = "can i place u on hold and disappears"
extremes of service..

Can you belive NDTV Profit(I follow CNBC18-100% better) gave ICICIDirect the best online trading portal award for 2008!

No wonder why NDTV sucks too..
Dear Sir,
I have got trading a/c with since 12.05.2004 and I had been trading using this a/c. On 24.10.2007 I found this to be blocked. After placing a query I came to know that the bank requires me to submit my KYC with address and identity proofs which I submitted in the Chowringhee Road branch of the ICICI Bank in Kolkata on 02.11.2007. They acknowledged receipt of the documents and asked me to wait for few days (sometimes 4 and sometimes 10 days) but nothing materialised. On 29.01.2008, losing patience, I resubmitted the documents to the Lake Market branch of in Kolkata as Bhowanipore branch of ICICI bank could not understand what I was supposed to submit and it was that branch personnel who directed me to office saying that they do not know anything about KYC form which ICICI Bank has asked me to submit !More than two months have elapsed since then and still nothing has happened. The ICICI Bank is now asking me to resubmit the documents a third time. I can not rely on them any further.The specific complaints are
1. The bank never bothered to let me know why the a/c was blocked.
2. They never communicate with me about the status
3. They have never clarified about the problem and why they are not activating my a/c
4. I have already incurred heavy loss because of their callous attitude and why they should not be held responsible? If there is any fault in submission of the KYC form it is solely due to the bank's own staff and why should I suffer for that?
5. When I went to the two different branches of the ICICI Bank the staff of both the branches wre found to be unsure about what is meant by KYC form
N.B. Both the Chowringhee and the Bhowanipore branches have got demat sections and ICICI Bank asked me to go to any branch offering demat services

That's all from my end . I want to pay heed to your advice so that I can sell the shares held by me and purchased with my money and not by ICICI Bank's money.

With regards,

i have given my documents 3 weeks back for demat account..
it had been verified also...but yet i have not received any feed back from u...kindly be in active

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