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ICICI Direct Customer Care

Raj Palace, A1/15 Sector H, Purania Chauraha, Aliganj Lucknow
Etah District
Uttar Pradesh
India - 226024

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Quick Access Numbers     

Ahmedabad: +91 6630 9897
Andhra Pradesh: +91 98 4957 7700
Assam : +91 99 5410 9898
Banglore : +91 4128 7700
Bihar & Jharkhand: +91 99 3403 7700
Chandigarh : +91 505 5701
Chattisgarh & MP : +91 98 9331 7700
Chennai : +91 4204 7700 
Coimbatore: +91 439 7700
Delhi BTNL : +91 4161 7200 
Delhi Mobile : +91 98 1817 7700 
Goa : +91 98 9044 7700
Gujrat : +91 98 9827 7700 
Haryana : +91 98 9617 7700 
Himachal Pradesh: +91 98 1669 7700
Hyderabad : +91 2312 8080 
Indore : +91 402 7700 
Jaipur : +91 98 29096545
Jharkhand : +91 99 3403 7700 
Karnataka : +91 98 4557 7700 
Kerala : +91 98 9547 7700
Kolkata : +91 98 3137 7700 
Maharashtra : +91 98 9044 7700 
Mumbai : +91 2830 7700
North East : +91 98 6240 7700 
Orissa : +91 99 3848 7700 
Punjab : +91 98 1597 7700
Tamilnadu : +91 98 9447 7700 
UP(E)-Lucknow : +91 99 3624 7700 
Uttranchal : +91 98 9730 7700
West Bengal : +91 99 3200 7700

Alternate Numbers    

Ahmedabad: +91 3366 7777  
Andhra Pradesh: +91 7306  667777
Assam: +91 99 5410 8000
Bengaluru: +91 3366 7777 
Bhubaneshwar:  +91 3366 7777
Bhopal: +91 3366 7777
Bihar: +91 81 0266 7777 
Chandigarh: +91 3366 7777
Chattisgarh: +91 98 9320 8000
Chennai: +91 3366 7777 
Dehradun: +91 3366 7777  
Delhi: +91 3366 7777
Ernakulam: +91 3366 7777  
Goa: +91 98 9617 8000  
Gujarat: +91 80 0066 7777
Gurgaon: +91 3366 7777  
Haryana: +91 90 1766 7777  
Himachal Pradesh: +91 98 1766 7777
Hyderabad: +91 3366 7777  
Jaipur: +91 3366 7777  
Jharkand: +91 99 3400 8000
Karnataka: +91 80 8866 7777
Kerala: +91 90 2066 7777  
Kolkata : +91 3366 7777
Lucknow: +91 3366 7777  
Madhya Pradesh: +91 90 9866 7777
Maharashtra: +91 90 2166 7777
Mumbai: +91 3366 7777   
Orissa: +91 96 9266 7777  
Other Location: +1 80 0022 8100
Panaji: +91 3366 7777  
Patna: +91 3366 7777   
Punjab: +91 73 0766 7777
Raipur: +91 3366 7777  
Rajasthan: +91 78 7766 7777
Ranchi: +91 3366 7777
Shimla: +91 3366 7777   
Tamil Nadu: +91 73 0566 7777
Uttar Pradesh: +91 80 8166 7777
Uttaranchal: +91 98 9730 8000
West Bengal: +91 81 0166 7777  


2nd Floor, Parth Complex, 
Swastik Char Rasta, 
Gujarat, India.


SCO-181-182, Near British Library, 
First Floor, Sector-9 C,
Madhya Marg,


No 2, 100Ft Ring Road,  
Katriguppa Circle, 
Banshankari III stage, 
Bangalore 560085  


First Floor T-1, 
Yesesi Supermarket Building Annanagar, 
Tamilnadu, India.


Third Floor, Community Centre, 
Above Hot Spot, Janakpuri 
New Delhi-110058, 
Delhi, India.


First Floor, D.NO.1-10-209, 
Kamala Towers, Ashok Nagar, 
Hyderabad, 500020


339, Canal Street, 
Lake Town, 
West Bengal, India.


2Nd Floor, Jaibhadra Villa, 
S.V Road, Borivali (W). 
Maharashtra, India.


Gayatri Enclave, 
2nd Floor (Rear Portoin) Bistupur, 
Jharkhand, India.


First Floor, Shop No.138 to 140, 
Shree Ram Shyam Towers, 
Nagpur, 440001


4th Floor, A-34, 
Prabhu Marg, Raja Park, 
Jaipur, 302001


1st Floor, Anjani Plaza, 
Ashok Nagar, 
Indore, 452001


Shop No. 35, 36 & 37, 2nd Floor, 
Shreeji Arcade Complex, 
Adajan Road, 


1st Floor, Gokulesh, II, 
96 Sampatrao Colony, 
R.C. Dutta Road, 
Vadodara, 390007


214 to 217, Second Floor, 
Krishna Apr Plaza, 
Sector 18, Plot 3, 
Noida, 201301


1st and 2nd Floor, 
Kondan Building, Plot No-36, 
Opp Maratha Chamber of Commerce, 
Tilak Road, Swargate, 
Pune, 411002


First Floor, Adonai Towers, 
S.A. Road, Kochi, 682016


Ground Floor, Plot No. 99, 
Janpath, Unit-3, 
Bhubaneshwar, 751001       

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Customer satisfaction rating
Bad news - Even though we've managed to contact the company, they're quite slow at resolving complaints.

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ICICI Direct Complaints & Reviews

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ICICI Direct — received no visa card

 ozzway on Jun 6, 2019
Icici Bank
11:50 AM (7 hours ago)
to me
Dear Sir
If you want us to resend the card in DHL then you have to pay $840 for new card and DHL fees, I f you agree and payed $850 Then we will issue new card and send by DHL
Thank You

I had made a payment of $950.00 for two things, one was to have Sophia to have a Visa to enter Australia, the other was to have my Visa Card to be shipped by DHL express. Instead they shipped by their local carrier. I asked then to send me another Visa Card this is their response to pay another $ 850.00....
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Unauthorized charges

ICICI Direct — change of address

 saswati1981 on May 14, 2019
After 2 visit to icici direct centre in GS Road, Guwahati my correspondence address couldn't get updated though it is already update with my icici savings account( linked to demat acct.)

Each time the officer in charge is asking me different document in different manner. Once they told account statement of axis bank with stamp when provided that again they asked for 3 month Statement + cancelled cheque + one photograph of account holder + self attested PAN card copy. Later I learned from customer care only statement was needed but later were not needed.
I wanted to change address...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Stock Market

ICICI Direct — I am complaining about icici only vimal vaatsalya bonds

 Subina Kar on May 6, 2019
Certificate no. 17468, 17469, 17470 issue date - 01.07.1999 and redemption date - 01.01.2018 with face value per bond rs. 1000/-. I am facing trouble to redeem the bonds from icici ltd. How to get the payment from icici; as i am not finding the exact way. The bonds were transferred by assam sales coorporation (Agent : reliance industries limited [ textile division]) to me on 22.08.1999...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Banks

ICICI Direct — reversal of credit card charges

 Ashok G Paun on May 3, 2019
A credit card is given to as free card as per discussion with icici marketing officials in sept 2018 card no 4374xxxx6211xxxx5000.in the same card bank threatening me to pay the charges otherwise you are defaulted. As i have not used the card and also not going for any loan why should pay any charges which was created wrongly. All knows the banks npa loan given to well known company they are yet not declared as defaulted. What is going in bank it is question. Why the bank is not processing for recovery. It is my humble request to reverse the charges if any and inform me accordingly.
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Unauthorized charges

ICICI Direct — charges for demat account without my knowledge

 Ramesh Tamanagari on Mar 12, 2019
Amount deducted from my savings account without being intimation and nowhere i agreed for demat maintenance then how the bank will deduct the amount from my savings account. I didn't sign anywhere or told the executive that i want demat. Without my concern no bank can charge the amount. Please tell how can get my refund by filing the complaint. It is a total fraud by the bank. It is against the rules and rbi guidelines no intimation. Transaction done without my knowledge. 812 inr. How can i get my refund??...
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Business & Finances

ICICI Direct — dp charges deduction

 hiren kanetiya on Feb 21, 2019
I am hiran kanetiya. 508.04 rupees has been deducted from my account as[protected] dp chgs till dec-18) dp charges on

19/02/2019. I have activated and used my demat account but i am not doing any transaction recently. There was no prior notice. I haven't received any deduction message to my mobile. I need justice and my money back immediately. My account number is[protected]....
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Banks

ICICI Direct — deduction of money from account

 Alka Rajput on Feb 6, 2019
I have raised complete twice from there website they never gave me sr number neither via text nor email. There is deduction of 500 rupees every month from my account on the name of sip which i have never requested for. I have clearly said no for all the calls related to these services. First of all they are deducting money from my account and secondly there is no direct number to contact the customer care, all the number available never leads me to speak to customer care. The complaint form available online never gave me sr number because of which i'm unable to track my complaint. I never expected...
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Banks

ICICI Direct — losing physical share certificates

 rohit panjiar on Jan 15, 2019
Dear sir/mam, veena panjiar would like to inform you that i have sent the shares to icici bank on 29th september for dematerialization but it is not deposited in my demat account till date. Please look into the matter.

I have raised sr for the same sr[protected]Which has been escalated to 2nd level) but the cpc-dmat services is not doing anything regarding it. The branch (Darbhanga branch) had sent the physical shares to cpc dmat services along with pod number u[protected], also the soft copies had benn sent regarding what had been sent to cpc services regarding pod, details of shares,...
Complaint comments  Read comments [2]Complaint category Banks

ICICI Direct — brokerage

 Shankar Goutham on Jan 11, 2019
Dey high brokerage rates. Going forward can nse and bse have a standard website where the stocks can be sold and bought with a standard brokerage rate with a brokerage and stamp duty not exceeding 0.01%for any kind of trade. There should be a regulation for the stock brokers and their brokerage charges. Also getting a lot of notorious calls from indore claiming sebi registers companies which i believe are doing insider trading. Nearly lost around 1.5 lacks in brokerage charges. And 1 lack in share trade. Also any brokerage company should release the financial trading vedios open to public for them...
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Stock Market

ICICI Direct — closure of account and charges levied incorrectly even after submitting the closure

 Srikant R on Jan 10, 2019
I have been struggling with the icici dircet team for almost a year now. I had submitted the closure letter to the direct office in nalalkunta in hyderabad in 2010 june. The manager there said he will close the account but never did and i got debited for the annual charges which i noticed only in dec, 2017.

How do i know, a disoriented manager will not close my account. The idirect team is asking me for a prroof. Who in the world will keeo a receipt from 8 years ago? Well i gave up on that.

I had a series our emails from the idirect folks who seem to be good for nothing...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Stock Market

ICICI Direct — change of address in my 3 in 1 icici direct account - - anuj kumar saxena huf in303028-53707910-8501081713

 anujsaxena2002 on Dec 29, 2018
> from: anuj saxena
> to: [email protected],
> [email protected]
> cc: pritamdutta. [email protected]
> sent: wednesday, december 19, 2018 9:34:01 am
> gmt
> subject: fw: change of address in my,
> anuj kumar saxena huf icici direct 3 in 1 account
> >dear sir,
> > please see the thread mail to sri pritam
> ji branch manager which is regarding change of address in
> my trading and demat account in[protected]
> [protected] in the name of anuj kumar saxena huf.
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Stock Market

ICICI Direct — dp charges

 Sree1995 on Dec 29, 2018
I never know about that icic direct account. I have never used that. I see deduction of rs.826 from my icic account on dec 28 (Stating that dp charges till november 2018).
I didn't get any message alert to see also. Just casually i went through my statement and found money deducted.
I want this issue to be resolved.. Close the demat account which was opened by your agent saying which is free of cost and refund the amount....
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Banks

ICICI Direct — unprofessional

 sandip halpati on Dec 15, 2018
Dear team,

I am having non pleasant experience with your bank... My mother took loan from icici bank
I got call from your bank [protected] introduce himself as sales manager calling me "yaar" "baka" and calling me that i am not son of manujaben etc which not professional do that action against this person and i am shutting loan account down.
Branch - udvada
Bank icici...
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Loans

ICICI Direct — deposit

RESPECTED SIR, iam icic bank acount opening[protected].MI regular custmer iam workin online spdl bills&recharge, last 3month TO MUCH charges sir, mi close to acocnt, other bank think ing sir, plg request gst chargers...any have mi acount amonnt less sir plz help me sir.ICIC BANK.DR NO 6-6-2, 3&4 GBC ROAD BAPATLA, GUNTUR, AP.mi dought bank manger sir....
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Tax Services

ICICI Direct — deposit

RESPECTED SIR, iam icic bank acount opening[protected].MI regular custmer iam workin online spdl bills&recharge, last 3month to much charges sir, mi close to acocnt, other bank think ing sir, plg request gst chargers...any have mi acount amonnt less sir plz help me sir.ICIC BANK.DR NO 6-6-2, 3&4 GBC ROAD BAPATLA, GUNTUR, AP.mi dought bank manger sir....
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Tax Services

ICICI Direct — option order did not square off over icici direct app, instead ended after contract end date

 Dudhaneta on Dec 2, 2018
Myself, tushar duhdane, icici direct trading a/c number : [protected] :

Contract description: opt-arvlim-28-jun[protected]ce-s

As per the reference above, i bought an option contract of "arvind limited" on 6th june, 2018. Observing the market condition for few days, at an opt time, i decided to square off my open position. So i square off my position 25th or 26th of june 2018 over the icici direct app. After submitting the order at market, i got the message: the order has successfully executed, so closed the app.

But later on 29th june, i noticed the funds...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Stock Market

ICICI Direct — cheating on me for a credit card

 ash444 on Nov 30, 2018
Dear nikita,

Thanks for responding. But my question is why you are taking that much of time. Icici is always like this only. You enjoy it when your customers suffered and never gave any solution to them. I want resolution of my query within 3 working days. That you have taken if not then please ready to face in court.

Ashutosh verma

On thu, 22 nov 2018, 17:36 nikita sawant, wrote:
Dear mr. Verma,

We refer to your e-mail with regards to credit card account.

We wish to inform you that we are looking...
Complaint comments  Read comments [1]Complaint category Credit Cards

ICICI Direct — dp charges from icici account

 ShubhamGupta682 on Nov 3, 2018
Amount of 550.67 has been deducted from my account. With entry o f "dmc/inxxxxxxxxxxx dp chgs till s
Ep-18". I tried to contact customer care of icici bank and they told me to contact demat account customer care. I tried but not able to connect. I was told that it's a free account and i haven't used demat account even for once. Also, i haven't received any update regarding deduction.

I want a proper explanation for this....
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Banks

ICICI Direct — regarding money debit

 Suroju Bharath on Oct 31, 2018
I have a demat account in icici. When i checked my bank transactions and i found that there is one debit transaction 'dp chgs till sep 18' — inr 728. When i created the demat account, i was not told about the dp charges, it was told me by the icici representative that it is free of cost and it will never be charged and also i did not get any message alert in my mobile which is registered with mobile banking with icici. My icici account number is[protected]. This is completely unacceptable and please refund my amount. My phone number is [protected]....
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Stock Market

ICICI Direct — request for change in account, mapping to different advisor

 atulrai on Sep 28, 2018
Dear sir,
I have been trying to get some help from anywhere for my trading account with icici direct somehow.
Unfortunately, i am not able to get any help despite trying all the possible options as part of customer care.
Request you to please change my equity adviser as current one is not helping me, which i guess is not a big request from customer.

But, your customer care services are pathetic and bad.
Please try to help customers and improve a bit

Atul rai...
Complaint comments  Read comments Complaint category Stock Market

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