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PQWL is bogus and it doesn't move at all. I booked my ticket in Lalbagh express from Katpadi to K.R. Puram, 10 days before. The status of PQWL at the time of booking is WL 50/51 and the same status is shown today also.

So, what I understood is PQWL is bogus. I don't understand this concept, why do you need PQWL? There should be only one GNWL? general wait list and should be served based of FOFS (first come first served basis).

This is really pathetic, indian railways needs to think of this and change the system as soon as possible.

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yes all you re right ! PQWL is nothing but its fake.You don't go for the next time booking ticket like this. As i also had 2 tickets 1 from KLY(PQWL 3 for AC 3 Tier) and 1(PQWL 78 for SL from DADAR which i did wrong coz i was not aware of PQWL.
I don't thick my ticket will confirm from PQWL so i canclled both the ticket.

No one cares about others if you knew the problem so don't again do that mistake what i did and i can say i learnt what is PQWL and RNGL etc

Something has to be done form the end of RLY department to improve the problem.
they are cheating the common public,
I booked a ticket from Bangalore to Allahabad on 20th oct 2009 for the journey date 25th dec 2009
a well 65 days in advance. I got PQWL 3/ wl 3 and its 23rd today and still it has not moved a single position. While the general waitlist shown at my booking time was WL3/WL3. which as on today stands as WL128/WL88. Since there is huge difference of 40 seats between wl registration and actual wl number i guess my seat would have had got confirmed had it been in general wait list.

I see no point in these kind of quota if they are to just fool people cause it gives you a big pain in your neck. and you dont know how make last minute adjustment for your travel which you thought would be an easy one.

Thanks to Indian Railways the airlines and bus industry is minting lot of money for the last minute changed plan for the travel.
PQWL is pooled quota waitlist. This is the waitlist issued to passengers who book their seats from a station which is not the trains originating station, upto another intermediate station/destination station. A few seats are made available in this pooled quota for such travellers. When the seats are full, then PQWL waitlist begins. This waitlist status will not change till the charting is done. Normally, (in most cases), PQWL 1-2 clears for 2A and 3AC, and goes higher for sleeper reservations.

Hope this helps.
I am also facing same problem. I had booked ticket before a month in pqwl. Still it is showing same status as on 1st day of booking.
what is the mean of PQWL, I am also facing the same problem. I had booked my online ticket on[protected] from Dadar to Patna(5645, Guwahati exp)one month ago still showing the same PQWL 3. so it will confirm or i cancel it, tell me any solution.
I am unable to understand whether PQWL is for helping public of small station or to use them for clearing waiting list of passengers of Metro stations. Only if this is the main concern of Government then PQWL is good.
i am now confused for this type of reservation system

Irctc Indian Railways — Bad food and cheating in quantity

The food served in Rajdhani expresss 2423 A - down Guwahati Rajdhani, on[protected] was not only unhygeinc and inadequate as per the menu, but the behaviour of the catering staff anf TC was equally anguishing.
1. They refused to give us the complain book inspite of the fact that 6 people requested for it.
2. The lunch was not only unhygeinc but also served without soup. Curd was not given during lunch.
3. In the snacks chocolates/mints were not served. Juice was served normal and not chillled.
4. The quality of the hot water given for tea making had dust particles and the cups uncleaned.

The carering manager and the TC said eat whatever is given to you.

Please take appropriate action agaginst the IRCRC contractor of the train namely RK Caterers. This is a usual practice by RK to cheat. They never provide the complain books.

Best Regards
Sanjay K Gupta
C- 35 FF, JVTS Garden
Chhatterpur Extension
New Delhi - 1110074
M - [protected]
Indain Railway really cheating the public, This is one of the tool to raise the money from public ...I would like to aware everbody not to take PQWL tickets in any case...It will never cleared ...
First of tell me the full form of RLGN!
GNWL!---- And i am not able to understand that why these list not moving although you had booked ticket so much earlier...
Actully Government is forcing us to book the ticket from its Origin station and boarding you may do from whatever station!
Means Railway should be given full tkt money irrespective of your origin & Destination station

Indian Railway — taking more money than actual charge

this is about the demanding extra money by TTE in patna janshatabdi. in janshatabdi of any other route ticket is booked currently on demand. but in patna janshatabdi this is not possible and this lead TTE to take extra money. i faced this two times. they give receipt of Rs.30/- but charge Rs.60/-. this become general practice in this route. when i ask them why they are charging extra money they told lena hai to lo nahi to jao.
please do some action againt this curruption. which leads trouble to passengers.

Irctc Indian Railways — Improper allotment of Berths

Respected Sir/Madam

Sir we have booked the E-Ticket , for the Train No 2995 /BDTS ALL UDZ Ex at 18:20 Hours on 26/07/2010 for the Month September dated 08/09/10 onLine , To our Surprise it was seen that our all 5 Berths were alloted Side Uppers, inculding Senior Citizens of Age 65 years and 61 years respectfully. It was not only Surprise but also shcoking for us . So had to cancell all our Tickets immediately, So we had to cancell our Trip, The Booking Availability showed was 25 Availble , So we were under the impression that atleast Senior Citizens might have got Lower Berths , We were at the time of Booking asked for the Choice if any, for Berth but to our Surprise it was Side Upper Berths for all as we all are from one family , then too we were alloted all the 5 side Berths. Please u make it note that our cancellation charges of Rs 300 were also shown deducted.

Indian Railway — berth allotment

On Nagpur Pune Garibrath train, while booking tickets , the available quota of berths was more than 500.
I requested to book two lower berths for two ladies aged 50.
To my surprise we were allotted most inconvinient berths in 3rd AC , numbered 4 and 5, which are side lower and side middle.
When quota of more than 500 berths is available, with what logic are we allotted these berths?

can anyone believe that in available 500 berths, 2 lower berths are not available to allot to ladies passanger?

is the preference not on first come first served basis?

authority should look in the issue.
Its a disgusting to take PQWL, even i dont understand the concept behind this. Why indian railway fooling we guys. We book ticket long time back, but still we got PQWL. There should be some action taken against them.

IRCTC of Govt. of India — Regular and similar problem in rail ticket booking

Whenever I try to book a railway ticket of Tatkal category or of general category for recent tickets (say, to book ticket after 1-3 days) I found that IRCTC booking service starts malfunctioning. After discussing with others I found that they had also the similar experience and they knew that there was something fishy in this booking events. Is not the repeated occurrence of the same event pointing to a nexus of touts and IRCTC?
The Indian Railways have found a good way to harress people by introducing PQWL to us..
It never ever gets confirmed or changed...WTF is this ??
I have booked my ticket on 10th of Nov last month and it WL 20 now I see the status is 16 PQWL and my date of journey is 23rd Dec, 2010 its almost 45days before but what is use of such booking where the status is not moving at from last 25 days,
I dont understand why this concept of making no usepassengers in indian railway! railway authorities requested to notice ...ASAP

Irctc Indian Railways — I am not satisfied with the system of allotment of berth

I had purchased one travelling tiket in the name of N.Maheswari and his family in 2423 DN Rajdhani Express leaving New Bongaigaon on 21/6/09. The ticket was issued under W/List No.29 to 34. At the time of preparation of chart berths were alloted in the following manner:

Passenegr No. Ages W/L/No. Status Coach No. Berth No.

1 M/39 29 CNF B/8 21
2 F/34 30 RAC B/8 63
3 F/10 31 RAC B/8 63
4 M/39 32 RAC B/8 71
5 F/34 33 RAC B/8 71
6 F/06 34 RAC B/1 63

If berths are alloted in the above manner,is it feasible on part of a girl of 6 Yrs. of age to be shifted from Coah No.B/8 to B/1 ? Is not it logical to allot berths even in RAC in the same coach ?

IRCTC Indian Railways — I am not stisfy with Indianrailway service.

I booked Online ticket for my parents with following details:- PNR no- [protected]; Train no-0401 Lucknow Shatabdi Spl; journey date[protected];Reservation from lucknow- delhi; seats 61,62 in C6, dept time 5.50 am. we reached on time. The seat and coach was displayed on reservation chart. Train came on plate form at 6.30 without coach C6. When we talked to TTI he told that he will confirm. He gone to office and told that there is possibility to add some coach but After about 1 hr it was declared that C6 coach will not be added. and passengers can take back their refunds from counter. At counter when I approach the tkt clerk told that due to IRCTC online tkt the refunds will come directly to your account in 1-2 days. But still it have not received.

Due to above carelessness of Indian railways, my parents was unable to reach to delhi. He was suppose to go to delhi for medical checkup. He is suffering from paralysis attack and age is 61 yrs. Not only our time and money gone waste even total 68 passengers time and money gone waste. So I did the ticket by Gomti express next day in 2nd seating due to non availability of seats in AC chaircar even in tatkal. In 2nd seating my parents face lots of problem due to high temperature as well as heavy rush.

In terms of relief concerns:- a) It should not repeat in future. If any coach have problem then there should be some alternate for adjustment in other coaches of inclusion of another coach. b)If it happen there should be prior information to make alternate arrangements. c)IRCTC should not have any rights to waste money and time of any of the passengers.d )If I calculate the relief that should be in monetary terms :- refund of train fair+ refund of alternate arrangement that have made due to above irregularity + Convance charges+ time loss. For me total will be aprox 10000/- ( ten thousands)

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