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I travelled from Trichur to Bangalore yesterday, 22/01/2008. I took a sleeper ticket and boarded the bus at 8:15 pm. I remember that buses usually stop at around 1 or 1:30 am at any petrol pump for filling and for the passengers to use the restroom. I felt the urge to use the bathroom around 12:00 am and hoped the bus would stop at some petrol station in an hour or two's time. But they didn't. Finally at around 3:30 am I went down to the driver's coach and asked them when they would stop as I wanted to use the bathroom. The driver very rudely told me that they would stop at some place called Kuthoor or Puthoor (Tamil Nadu) in half an hour's time. At around 4:00 am the bus finally stopped near some shops. I came down and saw the driver standing near the bus. When he saw me he told me to go some place to the left side. When I went to the place directed by him I found that it was just a barren place between 2 shops where guys were standing. He wanted me to go there!!! There was not even a covering. Seeing my plight, another passenger told me that there was a petrol pump a bit far on the other side of the road. I told the driver I was going there. He told me very rudely again to come back soon. I felt like slapping him. Didnt he know that there were woman passengers in the bus who would need atleast a proper bathroom. I am really pissed off with his behaviour.

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I had the worst experience while comming back from THEKKADY to banglore last week (07/11/2010), While getting in to the bus at 8pm i asked the driver by wat time will u stop for dinner, he said by 11:00pm so traveled with empty stomach. atlast it was 11:30pm he stopd at one hotel but der was no food except for the driver N cleaner.(those shameless people had nicely, They dint even bother for the lady passengers N childrens), along with me few more family's also struggled for the food with the small childrens but no use and except the driniking water option. i went N asked driver y u hv stoped where food is not available...lazily his reply was everyday we use to stop here..but if food is get over wat shld i do..somehow i manage to get food for the small child by fighting with the hotel staff...i asked the driver to stop somewere were at least snacks available the driver is agreed..and surpris'nly the next stop was banglore ...my question is wen the bus is regularly stoping at the hotel every night den y the hotel running out of food..passengers are getting punishment because they have chosen KALLADA transport ?
Guys never try to get in to this transport, and never trust ANUBAM travel or these agents (MUNAR or IDDUKI) you can expect this and worse than this...
When it is Kallada, you can expect this and worse. I always felt that Karnataka KSRTC always did a good job. The only problem is that they open for booking too very late. I try to avoid Kallada as much is possible...
This is exactly true.Becoz i also felt some bad events from the drivers.Most of the problem is they dont know the language.Atleast they should know English.Plese make sure the passengers safety,especially ladies.The reason why we are choosing this type of travels to avoide this type of problems and difficulties.So please do understand that.
I would say the restrooms around the Indian Highways are in depleted conditions and sometimes beyond recognition.

When travelling unless you have company or you are using your own vehicle, try to avoid drinking too much water. The old adage “8 glasses of water a day, is good for health” is not when you travel.

For women travellers, I would suggest that you ensure you have got company or make an acquintance in the BUS or Train you travel. Do take him/her along with you if you have to use a very secluded restroom or inform him/her that you are gonna use the restroom.

More than the inconvenience, I would be more concerened about the safety. Try to take a fellow passener along when you venture out in the night.

Even using the train restrooms not advisable if you haven't informed a fellow passenger. Make sure someone come looking for you if you are usually late in returning.

Be cautious and seek help from fellow passenger if your driver is RUDE... Dont go by this logic, if i take help from someone, I would be showing the GREEN SIGNAL for something else. There would be so many travelling along with you, who would genuinely help.

Better be safe than sorry.
Because of this type of behaviour from kallada most of time i tried to travel in train but we have to plan a bit earlier or check for tatkal . Once they forced us to travel in a volvo without A/C some people give some objection but they managed it with local support in trissur. That was my last exp with that group.
In India you dont need a cover to piss, where do you bought up ?
First of all the Travels like Kallada are the main culprits who pays politicians for not bringing up new trains between Bangalore and Kerala.

For travel between chennai and Kerala, majority of us prefer Railways since many trains are available. Add to it the convenience and the cost effectiveness of Train journey.

But just one daily train operating between Bangalore and Kerala, majority of us has no option but to pay for the over charged bus travel. Bus travel is totally inconvenient and add to that the stubborn attitude of staff there.

To change this, kerala bound passengers has to form an association and demand for new trains from Bangalore to Kerala.
I agree with this person... I book ticket through Karnataka RTC . It is very convenient and comfortable. I avoid private max .. since I have a bad experience in this.

Saneesh Raj
Kallada should be the last choice...in any case...
the main issue is related to the monopoly. you just think how difficult to get a ticket from Bangalore to kerala of vise versa in a week end. there is not enough public transport available. hence any body can behave rude to the passengers. They know what ever they do you have no other choice other than traveling in their bus.

Hence the customer care is not at all a big concern to Kallada or other bus operators doing this. Goverment should do see this type of issues and do the necessary arrangement for giving additional trains or Government buses.

You should also be aware that the government also can be get controlled by a big group by paying bribes. So just suffer like as usual thats only and a normal person can do here.

Or else you should be wealthy enough to purchase your own vehicle.

God save you all.
It doesnt mean if you own a car at home, everyone at home would be driving on the highway. You may prefer to drive by car, what if anyone in your family has to travel and doesnt prefer driving - end of the day we all depend on common transport system for most.
Definitely transport owners would not be approachable. Atleast lodging a complaint in consumer court is a viable attempt.
I Had a very worst experince in Kallada as well . I was in need to go to chennai from bangalore and I booked a seat in volvo. And I had a very bad experince in that.as soon as I enter inisde I saw the sound speaker above my seat is broken (or removed) and A/C was blowing like wind. I asked the driver to make some arrangements bcz I know, it will hurt me after some time. Driver just told that "yes it will be taken care" and I was hoping that they will do it.after all nothing happened and he took of the vehicle.I got too much angry, went and argued with him, and he said he is not resposible for that.And I asked who the hell is resposible then??. answer is "I dont know".So guys before booking this bus think twice.or on worst case pray to god for not getting a holo A/C or bug filled seats. I HATE KALLADA.
WHat do these guys think they're running, some ultra swank bus service eh?? ebooking and sleepers and all the useless frills are absolutely of no use if they cant get their basics right! ...beats me why these chaps always try to beat their own standards at being sub standard...once it was about a misbehaving driver, the second was a case of "invalid booking" plus puke on the side of the seat not cleaned up since the previous journey...and once it was a combination of all these "services". And hey how can i forget the bedbugs...oooh just luv the way they wait for you to settle down after quarelling with brickheaded drivers/conductors. 1-2 hrs into the journey they religiously get down to sucking away blood and disappeared inside the crevices between seats...or mabbe kallada as a company could be hard core animal lovers who get a kick out of breeding bed bugs and feedin them on travelers blood!! seriously couldn't this be a more than a theory...or is it just that all the bug biting has made my brains numb??
Kallda Travels means Bed Bugs
Kallada Travels means seat allocation goofups
Kallada Travels means smelly buses
Kallada Travels Agent mean con experts
Kallada Ticket Booking means confusion
Reading at the comments above, I wonder if there is any use of adding one more comment. I wonder even if anyone at Kallada ever read these. If you do, please send me a line acknowledging your seeing my mail.
I was passenger of Kallada last on September 8, 2009, from Bangalore to Thrissur bus no 7200, seat nos 31 and 32. It was scheduled to leave at 8.30pm and we were told to arrive at the office at 8pm. The bus came after 9pm and left by 9.30pm.
There after, it stopped at several places within the city for different lengths of time, without any apparent reason and without any explanation.
The bus was scheduled to reach Thrissur but reached at 9am, two hours late.
All those things probably could be explained away as incidental or whatever. But there were certain things that could probably be addressed and improved.
There were many women in the bus and some of them had become absolutely miserable by morning because of the absence of a toilet break. For more than 12 hours, they were suppposed to sit tight without attending to the nature's call!.
In fact, the bus did stop at a petrol station which indeed had a rest room, though its condition was pathetic. But the bus staff wouldn't tell the passengers who were ignorant of such a facility.
In fact, the attitude of the staff was pathetic. The driver and his helper would stop wherever they pleased and go off the bus. The sleeping passengers will not even know. Since I personally was very alert and did not trust my own bladder I was virtually awake most of the time and would finish off my job on the sly at road sides. Women obviously couldn't do such a thing.
In the morning, the bus stopped at Palakkad Kallada office for a long timeeven though it was running late. The driver went inside and leisurely freshened up himself and may be had breakfast as well! But, the passengers had no such facility. They simply sit inside without even knowing how long they will have to wait.
But the most important lapse I found was the design of the bus and the attitude of the cleaner. When the cleaner's seat is open the door to the passenger's cabin cannot be opened! it means that all the passengers are trapped inside the bus with no way to get out. Often, the driver and the boy would get out and go somewhere with the helper's seat open. When passengers try to open the cabin door, it will not.Imagine having an emergeny in the passenger cabin - like a fire or something else. God forbid, but everyone will be burnt alive. THIS MUST BE LOOKED INTO URGENTLY.
Then, the attitude of the staff. Why don't they tell the passengers where are they stopping, why are they stopping and for how long? The passengers are treated like cattle, as if they are not entitled to know anything. Even when you ask them something, they dont like it. One doesn't get a proper answer.
I even suspect (I am not sure) that some of them consume alcohol before taking the wheel (I overhead some discussion among drivers on the subject). I have nothing against drinking but they shouldn't do so before driving. So many lives are at stake.
Half way into the journey the driver changed. The attitude of both the drivers, particularly the second one, could do with a lot of improvement. They picked up arguments with other drivers all along the way. The second driver even had a tiff with the highway police (I don't know what the fault was) and I know the police was indeed very rude and abusive. But that is another story.
By the way, two days previously (Sept 6), when we were going to Bangalore from TCR, we had booked sleepers but were provided with reclining seats for half the journey. Not only the service paid for was not provided but the passengers was hugely inconvenienced because of the changeover in the middle of the night, with bag and baggage. We demand a refund of the ticket amount for services contracted but not provided. There was not even an apology from anyone. We intend to reach a logical conclusion to this issue. I am a journalist and I know where to go for solutions.
A satisfatory response is expected within a week.
Thanking you and with warm regards,
Arvind Nair
these bloody are a big cheaters, having big connections with the mafia ganga nd the management itself is a big spirit and hawala racket in kerala.they pay enought money to politicians and police and do all these kind of gunda activities

Service — abusive Behavior & Demand for extra money to issue tatkal ticket

Dear Sir ,

On Pilani Ticket reservation Counter Head Mr. K.L.meena taking Extra money before Tatkal reservation Oping of Sunday (25/10/09). He Also Demand 4 Hundred Rs. to me to issue tatkal ticket of Train no. 2956. I am one no. position in Costumer Queue for reservation. but he not take my reservation form.
I object for this .he conduct with me was very abusive and I felt very much like insulted.
When I tried to question him, he said "Do not talk much, Otherwise I will make it worst for you. I will handover you to police and they will keep over night. give the fine and get lost".

for all of this i call to Chief Executive on his mobile no.-[protected] to take Action & he suggest me to write Complaint to him.
finely they will not help any costumer . he take only extra money for issue tickets for all costumer.

Please do needfully & take seriously this complaint & Reply Response of my Complaint.

Amit Sharma
Purani Basti
Ward no-11,
Dist Jhunjhunu
Mobile no.- [protected] / [protected]

this Issue is happened several times with me on pilani reservation counter.

Plz take Action Against Pilani reservation Counter.

Pradeep Sharma
Divya.. I like your last sentence..taht you got pissed off... so ur issue got resolved rt?
You wanted to piss and Kallada ensured that you did it...heeeheee..haaa
Kallada id famous for bed bugs. Twice I had the same experience. ‘Kallada travels’ is a good example for the problems that can cause if there is Monopoly. Since they are the major travel operators to Kerala, they are not at all concerned about the customer satisfaction. Their attitude towards the customers is very bad. If you go to Bangalore Madiwala office, you will feel the same. Its long time since I traveled in Kallada(Almost 1 year), so not sure there is any change in the attitude. My friend had twice the issue of Bus breakdown, and they didn’t provide alternate arrangements. Nowadays I will either book train or will go for any other bus operators.

Food in CMBT Bus Terminus — Food quality and Price

In CMBT Bus Terminus Food quality is not good and Price are HIgh , Food corpration :. Kindly involve in this mater

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