Lakme Beauty Salon — Destruction of Hair

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I had been to Lakme Beauty Salon on the 31st of August and had a horrifying experience with my hair. They gave me such a uneven cut that I had to go some other salon to atleast look decent.
In the bargain, my hair is cut so short that it has gone up to earlength from shoulder length.
The stylist was not even ready to listen to me or understand my needs as she hardly understood English.I came out and yelled at the manager who did not even lift her little finger to help me out and said it was done as per my needs.
Overall no professionalism and no different from any local salon.

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I visited the Lakme Beauty Salon on Bellary Road in Sahakarnagar on 29th April 2008 at 1:45 pm to get a hair care treatment called Refresh Indulgence done. At 3:00 pm, after the lady who attended to me had done the treatment she realised that she had my entire chunk of hair entangled so badly that she could not do anything to remove the same. The people at the Salon spent the next 2 hours trying to open up this huge mess which they had done in my hair. Finally I had no other choice but to actually cut my long hair to a very short size. This was as a result of both incompetent personnel as well as chemicals that are below standard which are being used. MY hair which I had groomed over the years had to be destroyed in such a manner that now I am also hindered from going out and meeting people because of the lack of confidence on the same. I still have got the huge ball of hair that was chopped off as a testament to the poor quality of the treatment being metted out. My only fear is to fathom what would have happened if such material and personnel messed up on a facial or other beauty treatments that are to be done on the skin. I would urge strong action to be taken to avoid any further untoward incidents.

I am complaining about the service at two Lakme parlors in Hyderabad.

Incident One: Banjara Hills
I went there at 4 pm on a Sunday for a facial. After the facial was completed, I asked if they would be able to also give me a haircut and they said yes. My hair was shampooed and I was told to wait for five minutes before my hair cut begun. There were several other women in the parlor, chief among whom was a pair of women who had come for wedding makeup and had everybody on their toes. Except one or two attendants who were doing facials, etc, for other customers, all the others were dancing to the tune of these two ladies for over an hour. none of the other customers were getting attended to and the owner of the parlor was running around in circles getting bullied by these two women. In the meantime more customers were coming in and the owner was giving them the "five minute" assurance as well.

So anyways, I sat with my wet hair in a towel, waiting for my hair cut for more than 30 minutes. Then I spoke sternly to the owner asking why she was putting all her effort to attending to just two customers while all of us others were kept awaiting. I also informed her that I have asthma and that the combination of the wet hair along with the air conditioning was already causing me some wheezing and breathing problems. It was only then that my hair was cut- horribly, if I may say so. When I tried to pay with my card I was informed that the card machine was not working, and when climbing down the steep steps I rolled down and fell because there was no light on the tiny landing in front of the parlor.

Incident Two: Begumpet
When the new Lakme parlor opened at Begumpet, I was hopeful that it would be better than the one on Banjara Hills. Accordingly I booked myself for a facial appointment for a weekend. I also took along with me a coupon that had appeared in the Hindu newspaper advertising a 15% discount at select Lakme parlors in Hyderabad if you took the coupon along. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when at the end of my facial I go to pay with the coupon only to be told, "that discount is not for weekends, madam, we only provide it during weekdays."

I was frustrated with the service of these two parlors and searched the internet for an e-mail id or phone number where I could lodge a complaint. I found an e-mail address right at the bottom of this page:
( and wrote to her twice (June 09 and June 18) and have not received any response.
well i have also complain tht is lakme salon kukatpally, hyderabad..
Owner of tht franchisee is very shrewed n nt agrreing to any complaints of customers. 1st time i went n did peppermint facial n hair touch up.ths is my 1st visit as jst shifted to hyderabad. trusting name if lakme i went blindly. i told him wht is my original hair color shade wth numbers n they did touch up wth different shade n thts also nt fully grey coverage. moreover i told them that my skin is sensitive so take care n they assured me n convinced me to go for peppermint evening i got reaction on my face. my cheeks got swelled n rashes on them. got tender n painful. morning it got ok. since i am new to this place n don't know any area i am depndent on my husband to go. so after a week i went there to show tht hair color n not full grey coverage. Staff was nice n tht gal who did admitted her mistake n asked me to caome again. since my husband gets off on weekends only i told them n they got agrreed to come at thah time. when i went again next weekend the staff who did asked me to wait. meanwhile owner of franchisee came n asked wht i want to do. i jst complained about my hir color n she was nt agreeing wth it keep on arguing tht u came after 2 weeks so grey hair will come. thn i told about wrong color applying tht she didnt take much seriously. then when i told about facial she started arguing that ot is impossible tht facial can not create any reaction n i am wromg.. is tht ur fanchisee people are??? people come blindly on your name and is this service. That staff gal said there some problem in hair color to her madam n she said tht to do this time, but nexttime dnt take anyone if nt coming next day. we are busy people and ready to throw money to save our time and good quality. ur salon guys do mistakes n to correct them we have to come at our leisures???? i wanted to launch a complain that time only but staff was good so i didnt do. but after owner's attitude i felt to sue her at that time only. now what action will u take regarding this????

Lakme is very popular for its quality. I use Lakme products always. I started visisting Lakme beauty parlour since past few months. I found the following problems:

1) Some of the franchisees of Lakme are not very professional compare to Lakme (Main).

2) We are working women and our office closes by 6 pm. We require min 1 hour to visit any parlours. I had taken an appointment at Lakme beauty parlour, Jayanagar, at 6:50 pm. I reached 5 min. late but I asked my mother to be present till I come. The staff there at Jayanagar Lakme Parlour were rushing to go home. No welcome or not even a mild smile when I entered. Instead they were upset as I reached at 6:55. They were not ready to do eyebrows for me. No body was interested to do any work after 7:00 pm. With great difficulty, one girl agreed and did eyebrows for me. I think this is not the right attitude of attending customers. My strong suggestion is that the timings must be increased atleast till 8 pm.

3) But I appreciate the Lakme parlour at Residency Road. They welcome us with smile and cares with great attention and give us a greater look. Keep it up.
yes i totally agree...i'm from b'lore and i too visited lakme parlour in j.p.nagar 2nd phase here at b'lore...and had them for a hair cut & the hair cut was a big disaster for i looked like a mad run away from mental hospital after the haircut...& i am still trying to get over it...i pity the people who spend so much money and get the disasterous effect...!!!
The Lakme parlour on Burdwan Road, Kolkata rips people off by not giving correct information or by not advising customers about charges. They suggest additional treatment without informing the customer about the product brand being used or the extra cost involved. I went for root touch-up but was advised to do a little more, with no information about the charges. Since the root touch up is Rs 600/- I presumed this could not be more than Rs. 1000/- but I was presented with a bill for Rs. 1800/- !!! So Lakme has ensured that I will never go back to them.

There were three customers this morning who were unsatisfied by the service.
They also always overcharge, like if I say I want a hair cut, they do and when they bill me they always charge extra saying they also did this that bcos my hair was like this, etc.LAKME, stop all the nonsense and pls earn money in a meaningful way and needless to say they are all very rude!PLS BAN LAKME BEAUTY SALONs, they are not special in any way and there are 100s of salons which are decent and do a good job too, not just the big branded ones!Price is also very high, three times than the normal ones.Usually I go for a haircut only after having headbath on that day but since I use only herbal powders they say they need to shampoo or else they cant do it properly, utterly rubbish speech, they always find ways to overcharge u!PLS BAN THIS SALON!
The matter reached the Karnataka State Commission in appeal where the matter is settled. Mrs.Fadhya Asif has withdrawn the original complaint along with all her allegations against Lakme.. The State Commission has accepted the settlement and disposed the appeal by the order dated 15:7:2009. The terms of the settlement are as hereunder: IN VIEW OF THIS, KINDLY DELETE THE ABOVE COMMENTS FROM THE WEBPAGE.

City Off: 4914, 10th Floor, High Point IV
Palace Road, Bangalore 560 001
Ph: +[protected]
Main Office: 44/4, 4th Main, 16th Cross,
Malleshwaram, Bangalore.
Ph: +[protected] & 41281353
Cel: [protected] & [protected]




1) M/s Lakme Beauty Salon,
Shop at No. 11-10, 1st Floor, Bellary
Main Road, Near Big Market,
Sahakaranagar, Bangalore – 560 092.
Represented by its Managing Director,
Smt. Suma,

2) M/s Hindustan Unilever Ltd.,
Represented by its Authorised Signatory,

3) M/s S.S.Salon Point Pvt Ltd.,
Represented by its Managing Director,
Smt. Suma,
At Shop No. 11 & 12, 1st Floor,
Bellary Main Road, Sahakaranagar,
Bangalore – 560 092. APPELLANTS.


Mrs. Fadhya Asif @ Dimpy
w/o Mohammad Asif,
aged about 32 years,
R/at No. 1303, Anriya Greinberg,
Allalsandra Layout, Judicial Colony,
Yelahanka, Bangalore– 560 065. RESPONDENT.


1. The appellants have filed the above named this First Appeal against the order dated 16:12:2008 passed in Complaint No. 1289/2008 on the file of the III Additional Bangalore Urban District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Bangalore. The statement of facts in brief and the grounds in support of the appeal stated in the memorandum of appeal my kindly be read as part of this compromise memorandum.

2. This Hon’ble Authority admitted the appeal and stayed the order under challenge. The matter was heard on two occasions. In the meanwhile, the parties to the appeal have reached a settlement of all the issues and arrived at the following consensus.

I. The respondent prays leave of this Hon’ble Authority to withdraw the Consumer Complaint 1289/2008 filed by her before the III Additional Bangalore Urban District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Bangalore.

II. Without prejudice to their contentions, the appellant hereby pays a sum of Rs. 60, 000/- (rupees sixty thousand only) to the respondent as one-time non-committal gesticulation.

II. The respondent hereby withdraws all the allegations made by her against the appellants in the Consumer Complaint 1289/2008; the affidavit of evidence & other documents filed by her before the III Additional Bangalore Urban District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Bangalore.

III. Similarly, the appellants hereby withdraw all the allegations made by them against the respondent in the Consumer Complaint 1289/2008; the affidavit of evidence before the III Additional Bangalore Urban District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Bangalore & also in the present appeal.

IV. Both the appellants and the respondents hereby declare that they have no issues or disputes between them & hereby close the entire subject matter of the Consumer Complaint 1289/2008 and the present appeal everlastingly.

V. The appellants and the respondent pray that this Hon’ble Authority to dispose the present appeal in terms of the compromise arrived at between the parties as indicated in clause I to IV above. Consequently, the parties pray that this Hon’ble Authority be pleased to set aside the order dated 16:12:2008 passed in Complaint No. 1289/2008 on the file of the III Additional Bangalore Urban District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Bangalore, in the interest of justice & equity.





Honestly, I think the person above me is acting stupid. Yada, yada. It's not ILLEGAL. But, mister, how would you like it if your wife was exposed to bad service. While it's not illegal, it surely is bad service, and harassment of the customer. Whatever, you blokes are weird.
I visited Lakme beauty Salon in kukatpally, that was the worst experience i ever had . The staff is so unprofessional and untrained . Its high time lakme needs to do something about it before they spoil their reputation further . Pathetic services .
Dear Kat,
as a Lawyer for Lakme it was my duty to inform the Hon'ble Court order to all concerned. There was absolutely no reason to use such words as 'stupid' 'bloke' 'weird'. Please mind your language else I can surely render my legal assistance there...!
I completely disagree. I have patronised their services for the last 17 yrs and dont find any problems. I used to visit their outlet in Bombay earlier.
Particularly the outlet on Bellary road, I am a customer for the last 2 yrs and I am a very happy customer of LAKME..Its indeed a professionaly run place...

Jp service kolkata — misleading students

This company promises to educate(software skills) and give placements,but neither is providing good knowledge about the subject matter nor providing any interview oppurtunities.In the name of providing best training and projects taking huge amount and just conducting fake interviews.some action must be taken regarding this company,also it does not have any experienced trainer.Is just misguiding the aspirants.
Iam surprised, as the Lakme Salon at Sahakarnagar is a great place to be in. The staff there are very polite, cordial and hospitable. I've been their client for the last 2 yrs and i've never had a chance for any complaints.. This is an effort by the competitor to defame the salon and nothing else..

BEAUTY ON THE ROAD — client injury

This company came to my house to give spa services for a group of friends. During the pedicures each woman received pain. One woman acutally bled from cutting the toenail too short. It was a very unprofessional service and when feedback was given a few days later to the owner about her worker she called me a liar. The massage was ok for most but one girl was in pain from the pressure for 3 days afterwards. She was very unprofessional in handling it.

Lakme Fundamentals — poor/irritating packing

the packing bottle of lakme fundamentals peach milk moisturizer is very poor , excessive amount of liquid comes out when use just because of bottle design , i think this is the strategy of the manufacture so that more wastage more sale
I visited lakme salon on bannerghatta road the front office manager by name ROOPA THARA is so unproffessional she hardly smile or greets the customer, she is very rude to her own staff or other beauticians and operators there then how can she be good with us she goes on talking with them in local language where as i am from north India.finally when my bill came around Rs 5000/she did not gave me the service bill.WHAT KIND OF SERVICE ARE THEY is a serious matter some action has to be taken.
lakme used to manufacture lakme fair perfect creme. suddenly it stopped that.what was the reason for that. that was a very good one . will lakme start it manufacturing again.

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