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+91 22 3983 0000
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+91 22 3983 2413

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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever Customer Care related pictures (58)

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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — No respose from service person till now

 Gaurav vishwen on Jan 20, 2017
Raised a request on 19th Jan- 2017 to replace RO membrane for my Purit marvela RO. I was assured that service person will call me next day i.e. 20th Jan-2017. However till 12:00 noon when I didn, t get any call I again called to the customer care... They again assured that it will be serviced today i.e. 20Jan - 2017and I will receive a call. I waited till 6:00 PM but got no call or neither any service person called me. So again I called customer care, this time they assured that they are raising immediate followup ticket and I will receive a call in next 2 hr from the service person. By this time...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Candels problem within 6 month

 Prabhu2011 on Jan 18, 2017
Dear Team,
I have complaint about u r product pureit, am using since last 2 year I didn't get the proper service in your sides, Whith 6 month that candles is not working also redlight showing, why is happening always u r service department are not given proper guidelines so please look the matter resolved the issues as soon as possible.

Brand-Marvella Uv- 4 Ltr storage capacity

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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Vaseline healthy white

 Madhu Kasturi on Jan 11, 2017
Not only this product but nearly all the products from every company putting price tag and expiry dates separately at the top or bottom. And are written with ink that going to vanish after few days of purchasing. So it is not possible to know the exact expiry date of products and people using it and getting health issues. Please make this issue clear and price and dates must be written at product information so that it can't be vanishable....
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Hindustan Unilever Limited (Hul) — Worm in tea powder

 Vasamsetty Gangadhar on Jan 5, 2017
My name is Gangadhar, I have purchased red lable tea power from Reliance smart while changing into the container i found worm in the tea powder, it's recently manufactured on 02/12/2016, i have tried contacting HUL they told me they will new box and take it back, but i haven't returned it i would like to file a complaint regarding the Quality of the product....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Pureit Booster not working

 Kart Thik on Jan 5, 2017
I purchased the pureit ultimo UV RO, but completely not satisfied with the product.Because I'm having lot of issues for the past two years. I changed the booster on a two occasion which is costing me around Rs.2000. I got the new booster replaced on 17/3/2016, however its not working from December 2016.The pureit product is not even working for 1year.I raised a complaint with the support team Complaint number: C178240854.However the service person refused to change the booster which is not even completed 1year.Also I have attached the booster bill for your reference.I have two kids and fully dependent...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Working of Germ Kill indicator

 Raveendra Nayak on Jan 2, 2017
I have a pureit 23 of litres which is 3yrs but i found the uvgkk kit i.e. Germ kill indicator is not working as before such as previously i have to change after 7-10 months and lastly i changed it a 2 years back. Now pl depute one of your technical person at the earliest who can show me as to how to replace candles or whether it is working in our Purit or not .
Address: Ravindra Nayak, #2135, 16th B Main Road, Opp: Little flower English Medium School, HAL2nd stage, Bangalore.
contact No. 9035012342, email:raveendra64@gmail.com...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Pureit RO MF Classic machine stopped working

 Resilient on Dec 13, 2016
I installed Pureit Classic RO MF water purifier on 27-7-2016, but within 4 months machine stopped working the company claims a warranty of 12 months but I made many several complaints to HUL/PUREIT for repairing the machine but they are not working on my problem, they are not providing any further assistance they had provided extremely bad product. Product no. RCR14 00038500.Please try to sort it out....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — PureIT Ultima RO+UV gives too much noise from the inbuilt pump [Resolved]

 Jassu Pradip on Nov 30, 2016
PureIT Ultima RO+UV gives so much sounds that it became noise now a days. Though the servicing guy tried to solve the issue by changing the internal pump but still no improve. The servicing guy told it's a general sound and its normal where else i never agreed with because for me it's not a normal sound. My refrigerator and washing machine even gives less sound believe me. The technical told me its a manufacturing concern.

So i want to raise a suggestion to HUL that please improve your manufacturing quality. May be your water is more purified than other brands but what's the fun if...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Indulekha hair oil getting solid in bottle and increased hair loss [Resolved]

 Ram new1 on Nov 24, 2016
Dear concern,

I have purchased indulekha bringha oil 1 week before and started using facing lot of problem as listed below.

1- oil is becoming solid in the bottle and on tip of opening. After using oil if i close the cap and leave and open next day to use then after pressing a lot also oil is not coming out through provided comb and oil getting solid form on tip of bottle like ice.

2- after applying oil if i put my hand on head/hair then lots of hair are coming out in hand.

3- oil is becoming solid in bottle and not coming out side...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Fraudulent activity

 anurags313 on Nov 22, 2016
A person claiming to be from Hindustan Unilever's marketing department, having ID as well as letterheads and receipts came over with a scheme wherein the company is giving away gifts in exchange of a minor amount of money and an agreement deed stating that the customer has to buy Hindustan Unilever products for the next few years/months. There has been no sign of the person, the gifts promised and all means to contact have failed.

I have already posted this on the consumer forum and also informed local police.

If it is useful for tracking, the person's contact number...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Water leakage and no company response

 kruna27 on Nov 21, 2016
I must say that the company services are pathetic. I bought a pureit classic room + uv which got delivered on 18 and after lot of push and follow up with the service centre, it got installed yesterday morning.

Immediately after it got installed the water started continuously leaking from the device and it is still leaking. The service centre guy stopped taking my calls.

I called thrice today on company toll free number, put a mail on company website. But i have still not received the complaint no or a call from pureit side. When i insisted to speak to senior they are...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Pureit gkk-1 (order rfs/18681391 9/11/2016) not delivered in 9 days and no reply to emails (dealer trying to push opened box)

 chnrakesh on Nov 18, 2016
I am cursing the day when i purchased pureit ultima which was much costlier than other products in the market. I could not expect any worse service than this.
Ro is not giving any water as gkk1 is requiring replacement and nobody responding to my emails (5 reminder emails already sent and called customer care also).

1) i purchased this product in jan2016. To start with i had a bad experience when pcb was found defective in the brand new product (Reference: feedback#c167330818 complaint: c167327684 customerid: 1933350514).
2) pre-sediment filter was leaking in new installation...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — The Worst Mistake By Buying Your filter - Opportunity of Being Heard - NON REPLACEMENT of Purifier

 arpan92 on Nov 17, 2016
Dear Sir/Mam,

This is the to inform you and to bring to your notice about the worst service received from your end(ComPanY).

This is the worst responce received from the well reputed company, owing to which i was ready to pay such a high price for the goodwill and after sale service. The only material difference which differentiate your company from the peers, is the Quality and After Sale Service.

But this time you "Hurted the sentiments" from the benchmarK - proving the incapability and your lower mission and vision for the longrun.

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Unilever — Delay in service

 Avdhut Yande-Kasar on Nov 16, 2016
Dear sir/mdam,

I have requested repair of pureit classic ro+uv purifier for non working of purifier on 11-11-16 bearing complaint no. C168108593 but up-till now no one has visited for repair from pureit,

O kindly look into the matter as soon as possible,


Avdhut yandekasar
Kolgaon, sawantwadi,
Cell-9960076369, 8275851824...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Water purifier pureit

 Milee Ramraika Agrawal on Nov 14, 2016
Please teach ur employees how to behave with customers ..
I am very disappointed with pure it representative who called and visited to change germ kill kit ..
Firstly he was rude on telephonic conversation, next his service and attitude was very rude..
He told us repeatedly that ur area is not corporation area, , and behaved and talked very rudely with us, his name was shrikant .
Please don't send him further to ur reputated customers or u will loose ur customers gradually if such representative will come from ur side...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Leakage of water from Pureit Marvella RO 10 ltr.system

 Sharma mocherla on Nov 8, 2016
I have lodged a complaint No. C168095372/22626165 on 7.11.16 with Customer care/Pureit HUL regarding leakage of water from my Pureit Marvella RO 10 ltr. unit. Nobody took care of my compalint till now but surprisingly I have received a mobile message stating that '' Ur compalint has been attended on 7.11.16'' . This is totally false and nobody visited my place and inspected the Unit till now (8.11.16 3.45pm)

TIRUPATHI (AP) 517507...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Purifier stopped working - Extremely disappointed with service - Extra money being asked

 rohitjain1987 on Nov 6, 2016

I am writing this mail after getting extremely frustrated with the kind of service that I experienced from service centres of HUL Pureit over last several days.

Let me explain you the problem which I am facing, as this would give you the context because of which I am escalating:

My details:
Name : Rohit Jain
Pureit Device : Marvella RO+UV
Mobile number : 9820751987

Problem with my purifier started in last week of Sept 2016, when suddenly all 4 indicators on the purifier turned Red.

So I called the...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Marvella --- Water is leaking

 farooq_ali on Nov 5, 2016
I purchased the Marvell Pureit water purifier and it was installed 04-Nov-16, unfortunately water has been leaking very badly on day-1 and I have risen the request to customer care but those people are keep on bluffing and stating that they will send now and then and yet to land the technician and I regret using this company service, its bad....
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Service request from mob no. 8762300813, for water purifier registerd on 02/10/16 not yet attended.

 Amitt Kumar on Nov 13, 2016
1. I had registerd a service request from mobil no. 8762300813 on 02/10/2016 to change the water tap of my marvella RO water filter. Four to five times i have followd up, but my work is not yet attended.

2. I feel that even in these many words the complain was complete and was giving proper understanding of the problem. However, I like to add further movement in this regard.

3. Today, at 09:32 PM, I have received two sms from "BZ-PURIT". I am posting it as received:
i. "Pureit: Ur Complain No. C167985415 has been attended. If NOT satisfied - SMS "SER 0" to 09223200200...
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PureIT / Hindustan Unilever — Pureit Service

 genvee on Nov 4, 2016
I registered a complaint on october 11... Which was resolved on 26th october after continuous follow up. I asked the technician to check all the filters but he changed smps and said there would be no problem. He refused to do a thorough check. On nov 2nd again a problem cropped up water was not coming from the purifier. I called the agency directly... Since it was only a week since the technician had visited. But they asked me to call the call centre and register the complaint. I registered a complaint immediately on 2nd nov. Got an sms that a technician will visit within 1 working day. But it's...
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