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A few frieends and I have booked a flat in the CASA Bella dombivilli project.

We had today went to the Lodha Builders Site Office at Dombivilli to see the progress of the
constuction of my flat that we had booked in their CASA BELLA Gold project.

However, to our dismay and shock, we were informed that we are not permitted to see the site and the progress of the project for a month atleast due to certain safety reasons.
questions that arise are:
1. when we have invested money in the flat, how can they prevent us from monitoring the rpogress
2. As owners of the flat, we have the right to see if the demand note we receive statting certain progress level, if correct or not- afterall it is our money in question
3.As far as safety is concerned, it is the builders responsibility to ensure that the customers visiting the site are are adequetely protected(they say some bricks might fall on our head!!!)
4. Had this been a management decision, why was this not communciated to us earlier?

We had taken so much of time and effort and energy and with lot of expectation to see the progress of the flat- which they claim has been largely progressed well... but we were extremely disappointed and this has caused mental and physical hardship and at the end of all this feel cheated.

This made us wonder if really construction is really happening or the builder is trying to hide something from the customers.

most aggrieved customer
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This is Lodha Builders. I am knowing him since last 4 years and suffering in his hands. You all are just outcomes of slaps he has received from me and still receiving.

He is giving obstacles on seeing site may be due to he has collected some money for completion work (say 3rd Slab or 5th Slab) and actually slab is lesser by one or two (!!!)

He will delay possession minimum by 1 year as promised in agreement.

If u demand losses for late possession he will ask you take u r money away with 9% interest (!!!). That means he used u r money to build a flat and then will return with 9% and will sell at appreciated price at least 25% !!!

He is a customer hell and god is watching him from above. God will return all these things back to him with double trouble. Believe god he is still there
by: bmshetty1@yahoo.co.uk
I have booked 2bhk optima in Casa Rio on 23/11/10 and paid token money 27000/=
and they have issued the original receipt on 25/11/10. First and second installment being
20% advance was tobe due in 21/21=42 days. I have calculated 21 days from 25/11/10 from the original receipt date and issued the cheque 241k dt 15/12/10.

They started to chase penal interest for 2 days delay i.e from 13/12 to 15/12. When I hear the penalty/interest news from them, my faith with them was lost and suspicion multiplied. To my utter dismay, I have noticed 100 of complaints against Lodha builder from various projects in Mumbai in various web sites.

Therefore, to have more transparency, I have demanded some documents/approvals. Mr. Kamath- customer care divison-confirmed that over the phone on 15/12/2010 that all the approvals were available but he refused to show to me till the payment of all 20% and their bloody allotment letter.

Now my suspicion was turned into truth supported by various complaints from other poor
buyers who were already entrapped in Lodha Builder’s clutches. When I fully understood their modus operandi, I have stopped the payment of 241421/= from the bank at the last moment.

According to Lodha, all the terms and conditions were written in the reverse side of the application. They never upraise the forfeiture of booking amount or penalty etc unless some intelligent asks and they keep all hidden clauses to trap the buyers.. Application form is the binding authority with 100% builder favourable clauses/conditions where they tactfully trap the buyers. Generally most of the buyers do not digests/grasp at the time of booking as they are in good faith. In my case salesman (Abhijith) agree to collect all the cheque from my Thane residence. Finally on the due date he did not
come and he knows if the cheque delays, they charge interest per day basis.

It proved beyond doubt that Lodha builder is professional cheater to poor flat buyers and
Following are their traps:

1) They take the signature in the application form which consist all tiny terms and conditions which are 100 % favourable to them. They tell all goody-goody things and impress the customer for which they are well trained.
2)They take booking amount ( in my case 27000/=)

3)They take 20% within 42 days from booking as laid down in the application form.( in my case 5.5 lakh)

4) They issue allotment letter, then only one can has the right to talk to them, and they drag this allotment letter for unknown period. It is entirely left to their mercy to allot or not.
For many buyers they have not allotted and finally return the money before going to the court.

5)Even after allotment letter, they drag it for another unknown period for agreement.

6) Finally one day, they insist agreement and now the possession date start from this agreement date with the option to extend another 12 months.

7) If we cancel the deal after the allotment, they forfeit the booking amount and deduct 10% of the contract valued( in my case around 2.75 lakh).If we cancel before the allotment, they forfeit the booking amount( in my case 27000/). Either way they are the winner and we are in their trap.

Most of the people may not have the time to run after this builder, therefore, better desist from dealing with such builder.
They put tall claims in newspapers . anywaz its very risky to put your hard earned money in underconstruction projects . I have myself booked in casa ultima and its takin forever to complete the project
This builder is big DADA. Till date I buyed a couple of flats but this is ahorrible and terrible experience with Lodha Builder.
I lost my mental peace while dealing with this builder
I agree with these commments made about the Builder.

Can we all come together and fight against this Lodha Builder ??

Please get in touch with me on [protected] / sonali.shelar@accenture.com
completely agree. Lodha builder is a shame. Don't go by brand name (as I did and repenting now), they are cheater and deceitful.
I had booked a 1 BHK flat No.102 in Suprema D Wing in Lodha's Casa Bella Project at Dombivali (E) on 25th Aug 2009. As per our terms of agreement I paid Rs 27000 on booking and Rs 105220 within 21 days of booking by cheque and cash of Rs 35000 for two wheeler parking of the total consideration value of Rs 1335555. I was issued a letter of allotment on 23rd Sept. 2009 after payment of 1st instalment. A second instalment of Rs 133556 was paid by us on 8th Nov 2009.
As per our allotment letter date of possession was Sept 2010 with grace period of 6 months. I registered our flat in Jan 2010 where they changed the date of allotment to Dec 2010. I applied for a housing loan from SBI which had approved the project . A loan of Rs 11.33 lac was sanctioned on 31st March 2010. I made a small drawing of Rs 1.10 lac of access registry amount. A couple of months later I was sent a photo and a letter demanding Rs 4 lac for the competed work. When I enquired for payment and was told that due to some clearance issue I am required to pay later the amount. This kept on going for a long time and I was given some or other excuses. After almost a year I came to know that the building which was shown to us and was registered by had not started construction and I was shown a wrong building . When I enquired they told there was some layout planning mistake so they had wrongly name the buildings. When I pressurised them after a year on our possession they came with the idea of transfer of the flat to some other building. They have lingered on giving the transfer till now. Our possession date has now exceeded by almost 1 year.
I want to explore what legal action can be taken against the company.
please get in touch to fight back : kumar_naren82@rediffmail.com, [protected]
Hi, I have booked 2BHK Ultima in Nautica Casa Rio in Nov 2010. The registration of the flat has been done in July 2011. But till date they are not issuing the plint letter which is required for the loan disbursement. I have completed my contribution of 15% (10% to Lodha and 5% towards the registration). Now they are harassing me for the 10% (42 day) payment. They are now going to send me a termination letter. From that date within 15 days I have to do the payment else i will loose the booking! Can anybody help me? Can I go to Consumer Court? Please guide.
I completely agree with all the buyers comment the Lodha Builder as well his full staff is a big cheater because I was also cheated in buying a 2 BHK flat in Lodha Heaven and paid a penalty of 1.25 Lakhs to Lodha.
The builder Deepak Lodha speaks like a DADA and I request all the buyers of Lodha Heaven who have spent extra money on buying a flat to combine together and take this matter to court & media and teach the lesson to the person Deepak Lodha.

Prem Mehta
Dear All Above,

Myself booked a 1BHK flat in Casa Rio Victoria G 806 in may 2012, got all documents only allotment letter is missing and still I have not received.

I have got registration done->Loan Sanctioned --> bank has paid 7lacs towards demand for 1st slab but they don't allow you to physically go and see the status of construction.

Like it happened with you guys even I had to pay Delay payment charges but I was aware of it.

I am just concerned weather you have got possession or not My possession date is Sep 2013.

Sarfaraz Khan
Dear friends

Better inform all your friends who ever is planning to purchase a flat in Lodha . because they are only fooling the customer by extending the date . I had a flat in Electra and the date of Key was on 31st January 2013. till date there is no sign of handing over the key and your r not allowed to visit the location for which 98 % of the money has been paid in advance .

Right know we are staying in an rented apartment and having a dream some day we may receive the flat .

Hoping for the best.

We have suffered.please you be safe by falling in the well.


We have also booked in CBG. I am also unsatisfied with them. As they do not allow the site visit of our project giving foolish reason i.e. safety reason. Infact they can show us the similar building in the same township which is ready but they do not agree for that also. Bcause of this we are losing trust from them. Infact i have spoken to then regarding this as i know many people are facing same problems and suggested them they can allot some date in a month for site visit and same can be communicated us so that we can see our project where we have put our money. Regarding leakage problem i have heard lots of complain from the people staying in thane project of lodha near majiwada. Due to all this now i doubt of their quality in work as they are not allowing us for site visit. Hope so management to think this seriously by word of mouth the image can come down in this competitive world.

I booked flat in LODHA group in Dombivali, Casa Bella Gold Platina building. They have to give me possession on January 2013 now saying August 2014.
I paid all there payment on time even in some cases with interest. Now when I am asking them for compensation they are refusing for the same. I am looking for compensation with 18% rate of interest. Please help me to fight with LODHA. My details are kkingle@gmail.com, mobile no. [protected].
I booked a flat with Lodha in Casa bella on apr 2009 and am yet to get posession. The agreement says that I shall receive posession by apr 2011 but am still waiting. A couple of months I received a letter again deferring the possession to jan end 2014! 5years Can you imagine!! These guys charge us interest at18percent; have no problems constructing their super premium houses but when it comes to Casa projects they face material and labor issues.

Regarding instalments I have faced many problems with my lender Sbi sending them cheques by courier. If These reach them on a Saturday or Sunday there is no one to receive them and they are returned and the interest for delay in payment is charged back to me.

Recently I read a newspaper article "builder sells houses based on railway station that does not exist." Which again was about how they sold the Casa project claiming Usarghar railway station which does not exist. The authorities were contacted by the reporter who replied that Usarghar station is not in their project pipeline. Which means they do not intend building such a station in the future.

The only way to fight them is to get together and put up a strong court case.

My details are deeptiy@gmail.com
just and advise dont buy the house you will regret big time threaten from the security person based on religion and also you cant imagine what nightmares you will get with there ### services
My self Mohamed Ismail. have booked flat in Lodha lakeshore greens.

I have requested them show my flat as my self want to confirm whether all works are completed as committed by lodha.

But lodha denied to show my flat.

whereas almost 95% payment paid by me on time .still they chase for balance payment and not even bothered to consider my request.

moreover they threatening me for additional payment for interest amount. such adamant policy is very disappointing.

most of investor in this project are middle class family and lodha is taking advantage of their inability

I will not recommend my relatives and friends to book on Lodha

Also I will spread this message to all as musch as possible.

investing in this project is one of worst decision in my life .Mohamed Ismail [protected]

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