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I am belong to jalgaon,I have purchaed mahindra duro two wheeler from pune, the reason for purchased from pune is jalgaon's dealer said you has to wait till one or two month, after enquiry in pune showroom they are ready to give the bike in minimum 20 days and after 20 days I received the bike also, but accessories rates are very high in pune I decide to purchase the accessories from jalgaon as jalgaon's dealer was told me when first time I went to his showroom that you bring your bike we will give accessories and fitting are free they told 1200 rupees price for all the accessories so I said ok, then after getting the bike i went again to that showroom they said you has to wait two days for accessories, then again i went to showroom but now they said it would get 4 or 6 months to get the accessories, if they don't having accessories they why they promise to give the accessories by hand, we ask for reason they said if you would buy bike from our showroom then we will give the accessories with bike, i went 5 or 6 times but the peoples are giving different reasons, one another question that if I want to servicing my bike from jalgaon then who will serve for me, company provides us free servicing but if we are getting such type of service then what should I do? if dealer saying buy bike from us and get all the accessories from our side at Rs. 1200/- each then what can i do? it is necesary to purchase another bike only for accessories if I am already have........... i would request to company or the area sales manger of jalgaon pls. take necessary action on the same.... because i have a new bike i want to purchase the accessories and most important is my servicing problem..... i can't leave my bike for servicing to such showroom where the importance did not have for the customer......
As per my knolwledge their is only one dealer in jalgaon city........... if I can get accessories from another city in jalgaon district pls. provide the details of dealers and their addresses....
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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No Spare Parts, No mileage, Not good Service, No accessories THIS IS MAHINDRA TWO WHEELARS ...ROMBA SOLID PHATKA TO THE CUSTOMERS...dikhta kuch hai, milta kuch hai...

one of irritate customer by Mahindra Duro
i had purchase 1 duro on 12/3/2010 from kishan tractors, jind (haryana) since the date of purchase i got problems regarding both shokers, stands & mileage. i complaint to the dealer & the company engineer mr.sudeep & others available at the scooter agency for many times. mr.sudeep has taken a trail of the scooter & assured that the shokers & stands will be changed within a few days & we will get mileage of 50/kmph. but i ma sorry to say that till date only rear wheel shoker has changed & no other parts for changed & i m getting the mileage of 25-30/kmph. only.
i m not getting any proper response either from the agency or from the company engineers. i therefore request you to kindly provide me the proper guidence & services. so that i shall be able to get the trouble free ride of the scooter. hopes for early & suitable action in the matter.

thanks & regards

ramesh chand sharma
28, housing board colony, jind(hry)
mob: [protected]
email: [protected]
hello mr.sharma
i m sanjay parmar from bhavnagar, gujarat. i have also problem in my duro like your scooter. i had purchase it[protected]. and i ride it 1000km but scooter give me mileage only 32km/ltr and also i took my scooter at company service station three times but they cant do anything anytime. i m very dipressed with this scooter because agency said me before purchase that the duro will give 50km/ltr average but they cheat about that i cant understand that what can i do. if you get any solution about that so pls mail me [protected]
Same here.. Wat tehy promised is 55KMPL but in reality am getting around 22KMPL. When I complained abt this to Company service station, they will come up with one or the other story and they will do something, they will kepp the bike over night in their service station in the name odf servicing and they say they have conducted Millage check post servicing and they are getting around 47KM.. Bull .

Forget abt millage, , , am not even getting the intial power which my bike had. I always use petrol from Shell which is said to be the best in the industry but then the same result.

And they kind of service they do... god same Mahindra... I was in love with my scoter and i feel now that my old Activa is much better than Duro.

The pathetic thing is, , No service center in B'lore has the contact number of their Regional Manager or somebody who can listen to our complaints. Hell with Mahindra Duro.

I had purchase Mahindra Rodio on 12/2/2010 from Nangia Motors (Nagpur). Since the date of purchase I got problems regarding Mileage, Petrol tank & getting problem while start the vehicle. I am complaint to the dealer & the company engineer & others available at the scooter agency for many times. Company engineer has taken a trail of the scooter & assured that the Mileage & stands will be changed within a few days. But I am sorry to say that till date only.
I am not getting any proper response either from the agency or from the company engineers.
I therefore request you to kindly provide me the proper guidance & services. So that i shall be able to get the trouble free ride of the scooter. Hopes for early & suitable action in the matter.

This is last chance for Mahindra Company & Nangia motors, the vehicle getting free all other problem so I am taking emergency action to company & Nangia motors.

Thanks & Regards,
Megha Rathe
The Officer In- Charge
Customer Care Division (Mahindra Two Wheeler)

Subject:- Complaint against the Local Dealer “Car Ghar” Guwahati (Assam).
With due respect and humble submission the following facts for favour of your kind information and necessary action.
That I have been purchased Mahindra Rodeo on 10/07/2010 vide Sale Certificate No. CG/158/10-11, Chasis No. MCDFR1B1VA1E38755 and Engine No. PFEAE289152.
That, on the very next day (11/07/2010) while I was driving the same Vehicle, some technical problem arises in the Engine i.e. pick up power decreased same I Have been complained to the dealer accordingly they have been send to me Mechanic to rectify the Problem. But he could not solve the problem again another day they send some other technician with all necessary spare parts which is also could not solve the problem ultimately returned back the Vehicle. And replaced another Mahindra Rodeo on 23/07/2010 vide Sale Certificate No. CG/158/10-11, Chasis No. MCDFR1B1VA1F44836 and Engine No. PFEAF303784.
It is necessary to mention here I am staying far from Guwahati and there is no any Service Centre or Dealer therefore it is very difficult to go every time at Guwahati. Unfortunately another replaced Vehicle also getting same problem, again I have been complained the Dealer, and they replied me on 12/08/2010 their Mechanic will visit to Shillong and Check and Service the Vehicle. Till date any how I am running my Vehicle with same problem.
That on 12/08/2010 the Technician from Guwahati visited Shillong to provide Service. On the same time my Vehicle also provided first free service, but they charged me Rs. 200/ Extra i.e. out of Engine oil filter paper etc. On the same day I told the Technician to drive My Mahindra Rodeo the pick-up of the same. Till date I did not Registered my Vehicle.
That with regard to Insurance paper and temporary registration paper did not provided me in time because of that I am facing problem with traffic Police. At the time of replacement of second Vehicle the particular Dealer/ Owner of Car Ghar Guwahati warned me he will not provide any service to me in future and he also used un-parliamentary word.
Therefore kindly look into the matter seriously, I am not fully satisfied with Vehicle as well as with behavior of Dealer/ Owner of Car Ghar Guwahati and I am also hopping with your reply and good suggestion.

Thanking You

Yours Truly
Mr.Chandra Khatri
Happy Valley Shillong-793007
Contact No. +91-[protected]
water gets into digital meter of rodeo and one more problem is of light is direct i take out my key then also light is on of spedo meter and all the battery gon what the hell is this by mahindra 2 wheeler
Hello I am Tushar Patel from SURAT(Gujarat)

I M FACING SAME PROBLEM. As i had purchased Mahindra DURO on 25th sep, 2010. Dealer had give assurity for the milage of 45 to 52 kms per litter...but acutal milage is just 25 kms per litter. When i had complained at showroom they replied that its new so innitialy not give milage but after service it will give. I had without passing run this scooter approx 700 kms within 20 days without meter chain inserted bcos of not completed the RTO registration prosses. So when i had asked for service they told me that meter chain insert today so after getting reading of 500 kms on meter chain we will give u 1st service...IS THIS RIGHT...???????
my email id : [protected]

I am also facing the same problem. I have purchased Mahindro duro in chennai. the agent promised me the bike will give 50-55 km mileage per litre but i am getting only 28 km mileage per litre. When i have complain the same thing to the agent they have not responding in a proper way and they are arguing whether we have given in writting about the mileage. If any one having the solution how to sort out please call me or SMS me my number [protected].
hello i m imran from kanpur(u.p),
i want to inform u that i had purchase mahindra rodio from r.v.motors, near govind nagar, (mr.padam kaushal) assured me for the milage of 40 to 58 kms per lit.but actual milage is only 18 to 27kms per lit.and engine also produce some irritating sound.
when i had complained to mr.padam kaushal at showroom but his behaviour now changed and angree.
he replied that ''i cant help u any more''.he also says at the time of purchasing that"your vechile 1st service is absolutely free of cost"but he says that necessary spare parts r not avilable from company and when i forced to repair anyhow they charged me rs.1000+xtra charges.
he also said that he will not provide any service to me in future with unparliamentry words..
so please it is my request kindly look into the matter seriously, dealer behaviour is not satisfied.
Mahindra 2 wheeler dealer in mohali Om Kesar automoblie has very unskilled and unprofessional team in his company which spoil the image of mahindra 2 wheeler. i had purchase a mahindra DURO on 3rd july on 5th july when i complaint for noise in front shokers, they said the front shoker are not working properly need to be replaced.And my complaint is that the dealer give me the scooter after the trail of 20km, in that trail is any body did not notice any problem which i notice within 5 km.
I Shaik Ahmed facing mileage problem in Mahindra DURO onley giving 30 to 31 km for liter I am very bad luck I purchase DURO.
i also purchase a duro in last month, there are some engine problem. the engine is not soft as activa or any other moped bykes. duro is so bad vehical. i am sujjest to evry body . donot purchase duro or any other 2 wheelers of mahindra ever.
I parchas a duro last month 20/05/2011.after i go more then 10times for reparing for the problem stating off.iam totaly safring mahindra duro. I biy the duro with in 2days stating the problem when i go drive suddnley enigine will auto matic off.. Any body please send me Email Id for Mahindra mangear for Regding this Matter..
Warm Regds
mobile [protected]
Manglore Karnataka India
don't take Mahindra duro .i[censored] take by cycle better for Duro,
they are all correct please dont purchase mahindra two shows hell on the earth.
I want to inform u that i had purchase mahindra rodio from Akansha Enterprises, near Ashoka gardan, Bhopal .dealer (Mr.Mukesh Jamini) assured me for the milage of 40 to 58 kms per lit.but actual milage is only 18 to 27kms per lit.and engine also produce some irritating sound & speed meter is also be stoped.
when i had complained to mr.Thomas at showroom & your engineer Mr. Rahul Mishra. He replied I will help u. But they have not responding. & Mr. Rahul Mishra has swiched of your mobile. i am sujjest to evry body . donot purchase Rodeo or any other 2 wheelers of mahindra ever. What can you do for Me? Please reply emideatly .

Rimjhim gupta
email : rimjhim.[protected]
I belong to Nagpur. I have purchased Mahindra RODEO dop[protected] from Nangia showroom, Nagpur.From second day problem started of as per technician said it is air problem, after 15 days again same i faced & after they collected from my office & after 2 days delivery given but no servicing been done properly the vehicle only washed & same day in the evening vehicle again stop working due to petrol pop up problem as per technician said, there are many problem i have been facing.Now the latest news is that my vehicle stop working again & it is at service center from[protected].job card no. 3494, vehicle no. MH-31-DD-0642.
And had a word to the owner of Nangia showroom directly that i dont want this vehicle, one more intresting thing given call to Mr.Joshi, service officer bt he didnt speak with us yet, waited long time at service center also.
Now i am going to Consumer Forum & submit the complaint against Mahindra Rodeo Dealer (Nangia)with all service documents & also my original battery has been changed at service center itself & now i purchased new one on 9-9-2011.
I want to Buy Mahindra Duru Scooty, Because I Like Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. we brought mahindra tractors also.
But I Saw these complaints about mileage and so & so. Is The right choice for to By Mahindra duro..?
Reply Please

mahindra & mahindra two wheeler — Petrol card not given

While purchasing Two wheeler company promised to give Rs. 1200/- petrol card.
I spoke with customer care many times and always the reply is same that one call will come from comapny for confirmation of the consumer.
But already 07 months passed & still I neither have received my petrol card nor any positive response from company.
Now again company is advertising about Rs. 1500/- petrol card free on two wheeler purchasing.
It seems that company is deceiving consumer's & offering just to attract them for their vehicle sale.
Stubborn. No action . No reply. Enjoying customer suffering.

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