[Resolved]  Microsoft Global Services India Limited — MGSI cheating Tech professionals with improper job title

MGSI, short form for Microsoft Global Services India Pvt Limited, at Hyderabad, India, advertises for Consultants, Sr. Consultants and Project Managers widely in major job portals. When one reads the JD, he/she will feel the power of the Microsoft and will apply. After you join the company(dont forget the hanky-panky interview process by unqualified and rough attitude 'employees'), you will be shocked to gauge your role. Technology folks, like Consultants and Sr. Consultants will get good oppertunity to learn and use new technology even before it bangs the market, however, those who get selected as Project Managers go through shock of life time. The Rectuiters dont tell anything specific of the scope of the job and you tend to get distracted by the M factor. My Cousin got so dejected to understand this after he was offered and he did not accept it later. Thank God he did not resign his old job. Beware!
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Aug 14, 2020
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Could you please explain in more details about "those who get selected as Project Managers go through shock of life time"? What were the problems?
boss this is one faltu an x employee i can vouch.basically coders are called managers, and they hire as business development managers and later change them to engagement managers, no plan and strategy.
and then there was retrenchment this year BEWARE
MGSI is a complete nonsense company.I worked there for 3.5 years and i found it to be very unprofessional.They are misusing M tag
MGSI is full of regional politics. There is lot of favouritism in air and awards are given out only to the top favourites. The Telugu folks will look down on the non Telugu ones by forming groups and speaking in telugu deliberately to insult other folks. MGSI is misusing the name of Microsoft by unethical employees. They have a concept of setup for success and setup for failure. If an employee is setup for failure, everyone will ensure that the employee fails for no fault of his and inspite of hard work. The PDRMs are the biggest non performing rogues who encourage favouritism and unhealthy compititions which leads to lot of cold wars in consultants. Further more the concept o[censored]tilization is very very gross.. If an average experienced professional is working for 8 hours and a fresher works for 14 hours, then the fresher gets more billing and is considered superior in the eyes of reviewers. This is holy . This happens only in MGSI
I read your Post and came to know about it. I also got an Email and a Phone call for the Online test. They told me that opening is for Hyderabad and all the Interview will be conducted in Delhi only. So can you Please tell me is it Really a Microsoft Company or Just it uses name of that Mentioning Microsoft Global Services. Is it a genuine branch office of Microsoft?
Please help me out as early as possible, because they have scheduled my online test on 13 the Sep 2010 at 7 Pm.
I hope you'll tell me something about this.Waiting for your reply.
Sanjay Suman
Do anyone know if MGSI is a Microsoft Corporation's branch or subsidiary? Or is it just a Hyderabad based company using name of Microsoft?
Thanks in advance.
Yogesh Patel
All so called Microsoft subsidiaries are bogus. They use the MS tag in India and spoiling the image of it. Even Bangalore GTSC is not an exception. Management is bogus and most of the managers are not eligible to be called as manager. Some of them are simple graduates with some experiences.
So god saves the good employees working now.
Hi All,

My interview is schedule on 30 Sept 2010. Shall i attend this interview? As i read all comments i feel that MGSI is not reliable, but i want to know more clarification on that, Please give me the proper direction. So that i would take the right decision. Waiting for your reply
i want to write online exam
Hi all,

I have a scheduled interview today at MGSI. I have no idea of MGSI at all. As someone has pointed it out, the job description is vague. I am into Testing field, and the JD I have got consists of all sorts of things, from functional testing to Automation testing, performance testing and white box testing. I am really worried now by reading all this. Is this not a good place for a technical person ?

Are ALL MGSI offices are like this or just the HYD one .. Please help me out.

Should I even appear for this interview ?
hello everybody.
My interview scheduled today. Shall i attend this interview? As i read all comments i feel that MGSI is not reliable, but i wanted to know more about this MGSI, Please tell me if you guys have any info. So that i would take the right decision. waiting for ur reply

i have scheduled interview tomorrow. shall i attend this online test?
I have the MGSI online test tomorrow.
I have been working too hard for this.
I currently work at Infosys. Should I go for MGSI at all?
Reading all your comments, I say "God forbid".
Please guide me for this.
Is there any one attended this interview recently. is this really Microsoft company? pleasesome one answer.
I work at MGSI and none of the above comments are true. There will always be employees who are unhappy that they did not get promotion or an award. The way the compliant is written doesn't sound like your cousin was in trouble, it more sounds as if you were part of it. If you did not join, it clearly indicates that you were informed about the role.

The concept of project manager is different in MGSI, unlike in other Indian IT companies, the project manager is the Head of a 200+ team and he is the boss. In MGSI Project manager is a pool of Project managers assigned to each project on a need basis and they don't control resources, they only monitor the schedule and cost of the project.
I have interview on sunday
Should i attend the interview ?
i am in 2 minds now after reading the review..

please guide me
tomorrow is my written. i'll go. they're paying good as per my experience. will share more of it!
what is this then??
somebody please tell me some topics to prepare for the interview.
Let me know please what all they asked in the interview.
Gone through some of the comments and after working here for around one year now, I can definitely say the complaints are just frustations and nothing else. I am not in agreement of the following comments and here are my two cents on those:

MYTH: Is this a genuine Microsoft company o[censored]sing the name of Microsoft?
FACT: It is Microsoft Services wing of Microsoft and MGSI is global delivery arm of Microsoft Services.

MYTH. Hanky-panky interview process by unqualified and rough attitude 'employees'.
FACT: The attitude of the interviewer here are worth appreciation. They encourage you all through the interview process to know what's best in you. Even if you don't know the answer, here interviewers try to know what would be your strategy in such a situation when you don't know the exact answer. How you will convince your client in such a situation. Technical acumen is just some percentage of the total aptitude the interviewer look for in you. Other includes your confidence, communication, collaboration with your team, your value proposition to the team, your innovation style and more. I never had any round with Microsoft guys where they stopped asking question after first two questions, which is usual in other services company in India (why waste time attitude).

MYTH: Those who get selected as Project Managers go through shock of life time.
FACT: Here in Microsoft Services, Project Managers are pooled resources for Projects and they don't have directs reporting to him. This is a change where the Project Manager might feel the change in terms of authority and sometimes power they enjoy over their resources. But when it comes to project, usually project managers are involved for the big and complex project and they get the best of industry exposure. So, it is for individual to decide that they want to enjoy the feel of power and authority like other services company or want to hone up their skills in core project management areas.

MYTH: MGSI is full of regional politics.
FACT: I am a north Indian and completely at ease with other employees. MGSI enjoys a diversity which you several find in any company. Here I have not noticed regional politics at all. When I compare this with my previous companies, I had to bother myself with those kind of politics.

MYTH: All so called Microsoft subsidiaries are bogus.
FACT: It is not that someone decide to think it as bogus and it will become bogus. Refrain yourself from such nonsense comments, as it shows your ignorance about the Micorsoft or for that matter any company I see. Check for authencity.

MYTH: Management is bogus and most of the managers are not eligible to be called as manager. Some of them are simple graduates with some experiences.
FACT: Usually you find in other services company that your Manager is your God and unless you please him you will not have a life worth staying there. Also you get used of getting screwed by your manager and your manager show his power and authority to you now and then. When you come into MGSI, you find Managers extremely friendly and you start thinking they are not worth being manager as they don't screw your life. Here your feedback counts for the appraisal of your manager and the idea of Management here is close by the book and quite successful here. You don't fear your manager by the fact that you report to him but enjoys the company of him thinking he is by your side whenever you need a helping hand. Completely different perspective from any service company in India.

MYTH: If an average experienced professional is working for 8 hours and a fresher works for 14 hours, then the fresher gets more billing and is considered superior in the eyes of reviewers.
FACT: Yes, this is true and this is how it should be. When you work for more hours, would you don't want your effort to be measured. If yes, then it is true for the freshers also. Don't you think they should be recognized and encouraged for effort they pay. When it comes to billing, freshers get utilization bonus according to their salary range and it is not flat, so when experienced resource works for a little time the amount he gets as utilization bonus might be equal to a huge time spend by a fresher.

I would like myself to be corrected if I have given any fact wrong. Please challenge yourself to prove me wrong on the above facts.

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