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[Resolved]  Mphasis An EDS Company — Sick leave not given

I was suffering through deacese called IBS in which I used to go to washroom 10 to 15 times a days as I was not able to digest anything that I eat. Doctor suggested to go through some haevy medications and not to take any kind of pressure or tension otherwise my decease can be increased and I might get a swelling on my intestine. I went to my operation maneger called Vartika Arya and explain to her everything that I was going through and supprisingly she refused to give me any kind of sick leaves as they had heavy requirment of advisors to take back to back calls. I literelly cried and told her I wud love to work bt my body is just not allowing me as I was loosing weight day by day. Then i asked her if she can give me services break or let me resign or let me do part time that was the max I could do. She refused all the options and asked to take calls only. Unfortunetly in the same week I got admitted in the hospital due to swelling on my intestine and kind of stomach infection. When my gardians called up my manager Deepa to inform abt the same she said "can't she come for two hours and go back to hospital?" That was the hight of inhumanity. Now they have asked me to join back or resign ASAP and I am still in hospital.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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EDS — problem

The customer care numbers they mentioned on their site are configured in such a stupid way that unless you are registered for phone banking, the menu doesn't allow you to go in and reach out any of the customer care representative.

How many we should call and waste our money??

This is not first time everytime i use to face same problem again and agian..

make systems properly

plz help I am phone is active songs Listing plz Deactivate this problum plz send my code to this problum solution inmy id

- [protected]


Mphasis — I don't credit card

hi i am sachin raybhan i applied for credit card befor 1 month i all redy sumbited all document as per your requirment so till date i dont have any credit card any phone i am very unhappy on your service
sachin raybhan

de — edsd

sir i applied pancard in hyd, my application no :[protected], till now i did not get any information till now, when iam checking the status asking 15 digit number, that no is not given to me.

Krti life science — not getting monthly statement before 10th.


It is very difficult for us to verify the statement monthly as we are receiving it at the end of the next month.
So make some arrangement for getting this statement before 10 th.
Please do the needful as earlier as possible.

Thanking you.
Krti Life Science
please let us no what action was taken against vartika aarya from eds mphasis
Archana should also metion how many un-authorized leaves she has been taking time and again and consistent issues with her not reporting to work on time, Also the discussion she and her family memebers had with the Ops Managers regrading helping her out with her medical condition by giving her medical leaves from 1st Nov- 20th Dec'09 and also give her a fixed shift on her return to work to help her with her medical complications even though the organization takes an undertaking from the employee to be ready to be working in shifts.
All possible options were given to employee including part time option to help her out but she was adamant as she did not want to lose on her vintage with the company by taking a part time as it requires the employee to resign and join back. Also it impacts the employees eligibility for any IJP's.

So she should understand that she cannot have the cake & eat it too. (if she was that seriously ill, she should have taken the option of "part-time"..which was offered to her...why didnt she opt for that.
It is very well mentioned by Vartika that Archana has taken so many un-authorized leaves however she has never bothered to mention that these leaves were taken due to non co operation from the management. If some one does not keep well and requires leave the management has a very humorous comment on this that first come down to work and then we will see what we can do for you.If someone can explain me how would anybody come down to work if the IBS is acute and the person has to attend the nature's call 10-15 times a day??? Moreover when Archana somehow managed to go to the office next day or day after and tried to discuss the matter with Vartika and find some solution to it she was promptly denied till the time entire family stepped into and argued for 6 weeks of sick leave. Archana is back on job after the sick leave however she has again started to deteriorate with her health just because the management is still planning like a FIVE YEAR GOVERNMENT PLAN to put her into a fixed shift which was supposed to be implemented from the 1st day of her joining after the sick leave.Not only this whenever Vartika is approached for any solution or problems faced by the employees on the floor she has a very typical templete ready to say ' LETS NOT TALK ABOUT THIS '.

I would just like to know ' WHAT TO TALK ABOUT ' ???

Vartika should also check the attendance that the leaves were not given from the 1st Nov'09 it was from 9th Nov'09.

I think this is the high time when companies like Mphasis should think 10 times before honouring people like Vartika Arya for the profile of Operation Manager. Being eligible for the profile by just competing IJP is now a decade old formula. If there is no employee centric management the company would never prosper and this is how they would keep on loosing loyal, hard working and faithfull employees and be a part of the' RAT RACE OF BPO ATTRITION '.

Last not but the least, So called Deepa, the acting team manager is so careless, unprofessional and inhuman to ask Archana to come down to work when she was acutely sick and her stomach was upset. She was in the hospital admitted and was on saline water for survival however the management just didnt get things in their head.

These are the only reasons why Archana has decided to resign and I am sure she will be quite happy not to work for such an organization or group of people in its management who doesnt even realise that we are STILL HUMANS and anything in this world is beyond our precious LIFE.
Is there someone in the company who take the onus and rectify the faulty system in the management???

Hope this blog does not remains a public entertainment material.
If an employee is working for 2 and half years with the organization would obviously expect progress in career. If I was only working for money I would have taken an option for the part time job. So its nothing to do with having a cake and eating it. ( However there is no as such phrase )

Now I have resigned and no one came to ask a reason for it. There are quite a few vintage employees leaving the company including managers and the management is being so smart that they are letting them leave and appointing vintage advisor as a process coach who would work on the agent’s salary and would do all the work for manager. The best part is that nothing is on the paper.
Is Vartika Arya still here to answer these?


Is Vartika Arya the only option for Manager Operations in Mphasis ???

Try and find some good person and SAVE the company.
Kya baat hai...ab toh vartika gayi kaam se !!!
Hello Everyone,

This is 1 of the employee working on the same floor, the reason i am not disclosing my name because m still working with dese carnivores( vartika ) so called opts manager & ya archana i hope & pray dat u'll recover soon but i wonder when will vartika recover ?? she is mentaly sick

just 1 mesaage to her(vartika) "auntyjee get well soon "

Aray ek baar jaadu ki jhhappi de ke try maar le...shaayad kuch ho jaaye !

Par sambhal ke haan.
Hi Anand & Archana,

Just wanted you to answer as few questions:- 1 ) Is Business charity or a P & L Balance sheet? 2) If Vartika Arya is a devil are you a Saint? 3) Vartika Arya has been in this position for quite a long time, archana you have worked for Mphasis or your process for 21/2 years did you not release that there are no humans in this Co or process you worked for ? 4 ) Are you guys trying for Mercy plea from people?

5) What do you understand by having your cake & eating it too? I do not think you are matured enough to understand this.
Archana you need to think before you start doing things, i do not beleive that you can clap with 1 hand, how have you helped your company/ process how many times you have taken un-schedule leaves . How many times you have achieved your so called process SLA's. If Vartika A does not deserve to be where she is neither do you what makes you feel so proud of you. THINK MPHASIS IS A COMPANY FOR PEOPLE & MGMT IS NOT BECAUSE THEY HAVE CLEARED IJP'S THEY ARE THERE COZ YOU CANNOT BE THERE.
Namaste Anamikaji,

I am not a saint but sensible enough to understand that the girl is standing in front of me
Who is shivering, crying and going to loo ten times a day is sick enough to get a sick leaves which is also advised by a doctor. I have taken unplanned leaves only because of my health. I wonder if you know anything about Irritable bowel syndrome which I am going through. It’s one of the most painful decease and a Modern science doesn’t even have any medication for it.

If management was co-operative enough to discuss my problems I would have never thought o[censored]sing this blog. Things could have sort out inside the door. I was given sick leaves only when my family members came to talk to management

It’s nothing to do with mercy. It’s about making people realize how management is handling things when the responsibilities are given. You should be able to make out by other comments on the blog which people have written that what I meant to say is agreed by other people too.

I understand a literal meaning of having cake and eating it (Hindi version) but there is no such phrase in English honey!!

IJP in Mphasis is comments on that…….. !!! everbody knows on the floor what I meant to say.

First of all learn the entire happenings which has taken so far into this issue. I am sure you were not into the discussion which took place among Rajiv, Vartika, Archana and me. I can see very well how the management ( Vartika Arya ) has been exploiting their profile because I have occasionaly interacted with them time to time in the due course of Archana's sickness and corresponding leaves.

The other thing is that never ever use the terms which has nothing to do with this issue. I can make you understand the business and its profit and loss along with revenue as well. No matter what the heck we do in this world to earn bread and butter still there has to be humanity and care of people working for you and it has to be always employee centric.I know it better than anybody out here because I own a business which has more employees than the Banyan project. You must be an employee somewhere or possibly in Mphasis or any Vatika's well wisher however you'll have to invest billions of hrs to understand the business ethics.

We have never intended for mercy because its not pleading. Its the agony and frustation.The best say to this is that Archana has already resigned and she is never going to step back.

And try not guage maturity level when you are not even BORN in the business and management vertical.If Vartika or you have a better understanding for the unknown phrase used, it shouldnt have been used rather. This shows how matured you guys are who doesnt even know where and what to comment.

Lastly, learn to find the W's before stepping into any conversation otherwise just stay out of it.
... Very well said by Anand that there has to be humanity and care of people working for you and it has to be always employee centric because employees are the real asset of it especially the service industry, what else do you have and one thing I want to say to this lady (Anamika) that its not the MGMT (her word) who pays salary to employees, the EMPLOYEES generate revenue for themselves.
... About Archana, she was shivering and crying so these guys should have considered the criticality of it, I agree boys and girls working with BPO take unauthorized leaves to go out but you can not generalize that every is like that, anyone could make it how ill she was still they stick to their old mind games, they do not have the vision mate thats why they believe vintage can be replaced by new ones but would they stay with you after training, where would you bring the loyalty from. Such a waste of the position they are at.
Well, I think Ledership and Mangement is responsible for this issue, Aanad and Archana request to you do not blame Vartika A for this issue.She is not the only culprate its the whole process and every one involved in mangement (hr, team leaders, opps managers, center manger and program head), One of Mphasis value says they are people centric... Are they? management has given leaves from 9th Nov'09 untill 20th Dec'09.the comments writen by Vartika shows she is immatured, and if she is reporting manager then what else can be expectated.
Everyday more then one complaint and attrition shows the image of management and employee satisfaction.complaint like, transport issues, rape, physical and mental harrasement, poor quality food and salary issues is common these days.
We have two options either take whatever is coming to us or change it.third option is to quit.Archana has quit and i want others to take ownership and change the work atmospher beocz we are also responsible for such issues.
Archana and Anand wish you all the best.Archana take care and get well soon.
Vartika Stop eating too much and start thinking little bit.

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