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Dear Sir,
I want to bring to your kind notice that the cruelty & misbehavior shown by ST bus Driver and Controller of your department.
I & my friend both were stand on old bus stand (Morba Road) Mangaon, at 10pm in the evening.
We came from Pune with whole day traveling and our destination was Sai, The bus came at 10.15 pm on the old bus stand and took the one passenger too, but we were away from the bus at the distance of 10 to 15 meters, as we saw the bus we run to take and shown the hand to the driver to stop the bus, but as conductor gave the ring/bell driver started running and never stopped the bus in spite of our gestures and reaching to near the bus. There was no bus at night up to 12.30 am after this bus.
We want to know, is this the rule after giving the bell/ring bus will not stop on the same place/bus stand and time like train or this driver made this rule.
Bus and Driver details given below:
Date : 03/03/2013
Name of the bus : Mumbai Borli Shriwardhan
Bus Number: 1885
Depot : Shriwardhan
Driver batch Number: 7915
Place of incident : Mangaon, Dist. Raigad, State – M.S.
After this incident we reached to new bus stand controller office to take the information about the complaint procedure against the same. Mr. S.B. Shellar (controller) gave us the details of bus and driver but instead of sympathy he asked us the cross questions like CID (police). Like why do you go to old stand? you had to stay here only, had you shown the hands to driver etc. Instead of arguing with controller we left the office immediately and went to old stand (Morba road).
We want to know your department appointed the controller for helping purpose or harassment, Is he has right to ask this questions to the public/passengers?
Thanks and regards,
Bilal H. Jalgaonkar & Husain A. Chilwan
Address : At Post – Sai, Taluka – Mangaon, Dist. – Raigad, State – M.S.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Respected Sir,
I m a regular Passenger From Murawadi ( Nagothane ) To Panvel, And i am Working in Panvel .
Today Bus No.MH 14 BT - 1943 Came from Nagothane Bus Depo to Murawadi Stop At 8.00am But The bus Driver Could'nt Stop the bus at that place When there are 2-3 passenger is weaiting for the bus including me because of this i cant reach the office at right time,
And this Think is Happen twice or Three time with me at the same bus And same Driver because of this my Office boss given me Late mark Memo .. this think is happen regularly with me n some of my friends n traveller of this route so i think that u have to take strict action on that or not happen it again with anyone ... And this think is not stop here now i tell u the careless And meaningless job of the Roha Bus Depo Maneger Today i called him from morning 10.30 to 12 O'clock bt he is nt present there to adress my Complaint or to take Action on that and the Inner Staff of the Roha Depo is giving Shameless comment on that .

Mr. Vidhyadhar Tadkar
Murawadi ( Nagothane )
Tal. Roha Dst. Raigad .
mail.Id ;- [protected]

ST Transport buses — Not following rules

I was traveling in a State transport Bus on Saturday. I bought a ticket till khopoli...!!!
The conductor asked me to get down at panvel...and asked me to take back the money...
At 9.30 in the night he left me at panvel with no where to go.

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation Bus — Dammage Bus

Dear Sir,
My name is shirish I am traveling maharashtra state road transport corporation's Bus Monday & Saturday Vaijapur ( Dist - Aurangabad ) to Shrirampur ( Dist- Ahemadnagar ) & Shrirampur ( Dist- Ahemadnagar ) to Vaijapur ( Dist - Aurangabad ) Weekly. Maharashtra state road transport corporation's Bus send to this root very damage bus, ( no window and bus body very damage ) traveling period I & other travelers felling very dangerous. So please provide a good quality bus or maintains bus.
thanking You

road — road & bus

Respected Sir, I live in chennai sithalapakkam village there is no proper Bus and Road facility to my place, our area People and Students are facing lot of problems travel to Hospital and School timing period, they are travelling thru share auto,the roads are very bad condition and there are many holes road completely damaged because of somany lorrys and tankers coming. the place is kancheepuram District, Tambaram Taluk, Sithalapakkam Panchayat & Post, sithalapakkam Village,chennai-600 073. Please come and visit the place and do the needful, all o[censored]s in our village will be thank full if this favor is done for us.



Maharashtra State road corporation — Passenger inconvenience

Dear Sir,
I am having complaint against st bus conductor.
28th jan 2011 in the morning 5 O' clock when I came on Sangli bus stand that time bus conductor was standing in front of Sangli to Boriwali bus, I asked him about reservation any reserved seats is tere in the bus, he didn't notice me I asked again two three times after that he told me "no". I asked him about station, is this bus going via Satara?, He replied again only 'no'. Because I am working in Pune and I wanted to reach before 10:30am, that's reason I reached early morning for a bus.
After some time I got seat and bus starts, and the same conductor came to my seat and asked for ticket I gave 225rs to him, and I said "give one swarget", he gave me one ticket which was 222rs ticket and he moved from my seat. This is very bad thing he didn't told about remaining 3rs, I asked him for 3 rupees he replied me wait rudely. Some time later my bus come up to Karad, and before 10 km from karad my bus Tyre remold was broke and it was brushing to mud guard, driver stopped the bus, and he told to us wait for some time we will repair it. We stopped under the bus, i think it was 6:30am. He came after some time and told us we need to change this bus in Karad, we moved towards the karad slowly slowly by 8:00am we reached to Karad.
Our bus was 2x2 express bus, and when we came on Karad bus stand the conductor told us hurry up sit in the any different normal bus firstly nobody was allowed to sit inside in different bus using same ticket, conductor request to different conductor for allow this passenger inside afer 30minut one conductor allowed us to sit inside it was normal red bus we took that bus and reach around 12:00pm to Pune Swarget stand this is very Irritating journey.
Please do something against this type of corrupted and misbehave conductors.

Respected sir I am Rohinee Rameshrao Bhamkar. I was travelling with my father on date 9/7/2014. bus no MH40N38238. The name of conductor is M.U. Gauhan. She is a corrupted conductor.She misbehaved with my Father and pulled him and then my father fall. The bus was from Amravati to Warud but she gave ticket only for morshi. she was arguing with my father again and again and talking in very bad manner.I want to take strong action against her. Please help me. I hope you will take any action. Thank you.
MSRTC Conductor giving bad words & charged to beat me first then tried to throw me out of the bus
The incident happened on 30th of July 2014 when we
(Myself, Mother, Father, Sister & Brother in law) got in the bus at
Parli Vaijanath city for Latur at around 4pm. Some male passenger were
siting on the seats which was reserved for females so my sister asked
requested them to vacant the seat for her & my mother but the
refused after which she reported the incident to bus conductor &
surprisingly he did not said any thing to him & also supported them,
after insisting for few times he started to shout at me with bad words
like monkey, c..., m... etc & when i told to stop he charged at
me for hitting me, also he stopped the bus & threatened to throw me
& my family out of the bus, it was very annoying when 2, 3 persons
where supporting him as he was of their caste.

Below are the details of that bus

Bus no.: MHI-20 BL2824, Nagpur to Latur bus cached at Parli Vaijanath at 4PM, conductor surname was Mr. Munde.

The ST bus driver overtook from the left side and barged into our vehicle... when countered he made a statement saying "why should i stop. While fellow motorist also told him that it was his fault. I want to really understand if there is any action taken against this drivers and/or if there performance is also tracked and recorded. Or they are god almighty when they get a govt. Job and can rule and work as per their fancies. This incident took place beneath bhayandar flyover.
Bus details:
Mh20 D 7913... distance bhayandar to thane.
I, Shri A.H.Meha, Age 64 and my wife Mrs.Vijaya A.Metha age 55 were travelling from Mangaon to Rabale police station by Bus No.3010(Mangaon-Nalasopara bus)on 21.09.2014.My reservation tkt. No. is 18436119 dt.21.09.2014 issued by Mangaon S.T.Stand Reservation counter.I requested well in advance, the bus lady conductor to stop the bus at desired bus stop(at Rabale police station)but she did not stop the bus.Even I requested the bus driver, but he also did not pay attention to my request.and the bus was taken 4 to 5 stop ahead.Sir, we are aged persons.I am sr.citizen and my wife is also aged.During night time at about 8.15 p.m. we compelled to walk about 2 k.m. with heavy luggage.The lady conductor behaved in a very rude manner.I hope you will take a strong action against conductor and Driver.Hope this should not happen with any passenger, at least with aged persons...The details are given below.

Bus No.3010(Mangaon Depot in Raigad district)
Batch No. of Conductor:-67832 (Name Asha Ghag)
Batch No.Driver:-50911

with regards.
hi i was travelling from malegaon to ozar on 1 oct 2014 bus no. MH 20 BE 2503 bus ws from jamner to nasik the conductor denied to stop at ozar and when i asked y he started misbehaving with me and i asked his batch no.he refused.
No body is taking action against these complains so don't write in this website.not satisfied
i was travelled 24/07/2015 pulgaon to arvi 15minutes letter bus stop sorta bus stand & surprise chiack two people are checked bus her told to me my age 65 Mr shaikh are told miss behave with me this man challange to my adhere card he started misbehaving with me bus no. given below MH 40 N 8471 DT 24 JULY i am comp lent agins mr shaikh please give me please detailed enquiry to ciniercitzen miss behave who gave the power of challage the eddhar card
Respected Sir,
I m a regular Passenger From Morshi To Amravati, And Iam Working in Amravati.
Yesdterday Dt.18/02/2016 Bus No.MH 40 N - 8216 Pandhurna-Amravati Came from Morshi Bus Depo to Maharastra colony Stop At 5.00 pm . We were away from the bus at the distance of 10 to 15 meters, as we saw the bus we run to take and shown the hand to the driver to stop the bus, but the bus Driver Could'nt Stop the bus at that place .When there are 4-5 passenger is weaiting for the bus including me. In this bus limited passenger will travell. That's what reason driver not stop the bus in this stop. Other passenger will be travell in private bus. This think is happen regularly with me n some of my friends n traveller of this route so i think that u have to take strict action on that or not happen it again with anyone.

Mr. Hemant Burange
Maharastra colony, Morshi, Dst. Amravati.
mail.Id ;- [protected]
On Solapur Pune highway we find that the buses halt at very low quality dhaba for lunch.
My question has the authority given permission to bus drivers and conductors to halt at such insecure places?
Have any one of you checked quality of food and rates therein?
The passengers have to suffer a lot of problems like urinals and such other facilities.
Hope you will look into the matter and take action.
I am also send hard copy of this letter to authorities concerned.
Dr Sunil Pawar

My wife is travelling from Pune to Nashik. Bus number 8577 (ASIYAD) which started journey by 7.30 am. Approx it should reach by 12.30 pm but it reached at Nashik 2.09 pm. & After shouting by my wife about his speed, then he again decrease the speed. So the result comes, her office time also banged up. This kind of service how can make good image of this department?

Swapnil Joshi
Myself Amar Jadhav from Phaltan.
I have complaint against MSRTC parel depo

I have booked a ticket for my sister in law on dated 28-May-20016
Bus is from Phaltan to Parel of Parel Depo & date of travel was 29th-May-2016
Bus timing:- 13:00
Ticket Number:[protected]
Passenger Name:- Pradnya Alande

Complaint:- We awaited for bus for almost 2 hours on Phaltan depo_ Satara Dist.
We discussed with enquiry team number of times for verification & every time we got reply that bus is on the way & will come shortly.

By 2:30 we cam to know that the service of said bus stopped long back & such bus is not running currently. Then we asked to transfer the ticket to another bus which further denied by station master & conductor.

The station master at Phaltan informed that you get another bus with fresh charges & you can get reimbursement at Parel Bus depo.

We did so but after checking at Parel depo_ Mumbai, they started telling that its not possible to refund & we need to get it from Phaltan Depo. Both depo masters not refunding the charges.

Pl let me know what to do.
Dear sir,
Solapur to latur is 3hrs journey but Bus 14 BT 3043, DRIVER WE JUST REACH HALF WAY to UJANI HE TOOK 30 MIN BREAK AT PRIVATE SHIVSHANKAR HOTEL, without bothering about passengers valuable time, and after questioning he left.
But this is we facing to every bus passing on this way. We want mahamandal should take strong action to save our valuable time due these hotel owner and driver relationship.
Hope complaint will work out.
Note bus from biloli aagar, shikar shingnapur to biloli
महोदय:- मि रविकिरण तांबे MOB NUMBER : [protected] राहनार यवत ता, दौंड पुणे
यवत ते स्वारगेट रोज एस टि ने प्रवास कर्नारा प्रवासी असुन
माझी विनंती आहे एस टि यवत मधे बस थांब्यावर थांबावि रोज एस टि रोड वर थांबते. व काही एस टि थांबत हि नाहित
त्या बाबत मि स्वारगेट डेपो ला तक्रार केलेली आहे पन त्याच्याकडून मला काहीही rply निवारण झालेले नाहि सदर लेखि प्रत आपनास सादर आहे

मला आपल्या कडून माझ्या विनंती वर विचार कराल हि अपेक्षा

रविकिरण तांबे
Dear Sir,

I have traveled on 31/10/2017 from Pune to Kolhpur the bus started at 11.00 am from Pune. After reaching Kolhapur I requested the driver to open the dicky but he misbehaved with me. Kindly take stern action against him.
My seat number was 3 and 4. My mobile number is [protected].

Shrikant Deshpande

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