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[Resolved]  MTNL Mumbai Landline & Broadband — Telephone & Broadband Not working from 10 days

I am using Mumbai's MTNL's Landline and Broad Band service from last 4 years and paying regular bills without fail for Both Landline and Broad band service provided by MTNL. I stay in Thane ( Maharashtra) and my telephone no is 25883792. From last 2 weeks i.e from 20th December 2009 till date( 3rd January 2010) our telephone is not working. I called several times to MTNL complaint centre and in last last week i called every day to file a complaint and get Problem resolved before new year but every time we call we get answer that "Your telephone no is under cable fault and your complaint is already registred and Docket no for complaint is 9658".

I have also called to MTNL's customer call center and try to get resolved the problem but they are saying that you have to Lodge complaint on 25882198 where we are getting same answer that this complaint is already registered.

We dont know when MTNL is going to solve this problem. i work in Mumbai and it is very difficult on working day to go to MTNL's office and submit written complaint.

Its been now almost 10-12 days now our telephone is not working only because of MTNL's Cable Fault but then also at the end of Month MTNL will ask us to pay full Months charges both for Landline and Broad band service Even though their system is not working because of cable fault and we dont know for next how many days it will not work. Is there any body in MTNL to look after these problems OR they are paid only for providing Very Very Poor service to customers. If this is the case in Metro cities like Mumbai- Thane then we cant imagine ther services in Villages? As MTNL is doing goody goody Advertisement fthey they are providing better and best service. Can i ask what type of service are they Providing? Why should we pay to these service providers? If MTNL's officers are not capable to provide better service these Non performing officers should Resign. Shall i have to pay full months rent even though i have not used MTNL's service for last 10 - 12 days till day?If yes Why? If No what action should i take if MTNL gives me full Months Bill?

Please revert and let us know how this problem is to be solved?
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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MTNL LANDLINE PHONE SERVICE — telephone is not working

I am having a telephone connection No.[protected]CA NO. [protected]) and broad band service. The telephone was installed in June 2008. The line have been dead since June, 2009 First week. There is no any reason for this. We had paid all the bills and there is no any outstanding bills. I had lodged a complaint on 09.07.2009 under complaint No.635 and made several visit to MTNL's DDA Extn. Pocket A/8 Commercial Complex office and registered complaints. But no action have been taken place till from their end and till the phone is remaining dead. Inspite of not working the phone they have also been raised bill for the Month of July for Rs.607/- towards instruments and broadband charge. Since I am private company employ I can not take leave to follow them frequently. For the last several days I have taken many leaves to visit their office. Kindly bring this matter to the notice of the concerned authority.

Thanks n regards,

My telephone is not working since last 8 days.
no. 26848835 Some sort of sound and cutting of ring
Please do the needful
sunjash t. pingat
My telephone is not working since last 5 hrs..
no. 25309399 Call Not Coming & Going
Please do the needful
Sachin Thakur

mahanagar telephone nigam ltd mumbai — Improper customer service

Dear sir,
I have a broadband on tel number 26613393 since i have taken the conection every second day the internet is not working anyway i get the bill for full month which i have to pay as per term and condition I have given so many compliant but till date there is no improvement
pls look into the matter and do the needfull

Thanking you,
shafiq khan

v.viswanathan — non working of landline and the broadband

The landline bearing the number[protected] in the name of V.Viswanathan is out of order since 20 th June-2010.complaint registered on 21st June, 2010. Line not yet restored til 4-th July-2010.
will the BSNl will do the needful

MTNL Mumbai landline & Broad Band not working for more than 15 days.
I have filed complain through landline (docket 6573) and also thorugh online (91159).
No responses are there. My phone no is 25868235.
my no. is[protected]. This is mtnl nangloi area number. I had comlained last two months but no body solve my problem. There is internet & hand set is not working. I already manytimes on customer care & also call line man but no body give me a response
I am using Mumbai's MTNL's Landline and Broad Band service from last 2 years and paying regular bills without fail for Both Landline and Broad band service provided by MTNL. I stay in Thane Bhayander West ( Maharashtra) and my telephone no is 28451969. Its been very offen its happening and now also our telephone is not working only because of MTNL's Cable Fault

Now from last 1 and half month i.e from 3rd October 2010 till date( 12th November 2010) our telephone is not working. I called several times to MTNL complaint centre but after askingand in last last week i for my contact number it gets disconected

We dont know when MTNL is going to solve this problem. i work in Mumbai and it is very difficult on working day to go to MTNL's office and submit written complaint. Please revert and let us know how this problem is to be solved? My contact no is [protected]

ED GOPAL[protected] [protected] edmbi
CETTM SIL T.K.[protected] [protected] cgmtrgmbi
DEV BHATIA M.D[protected] [protected] cgmdmbi
LS SIL T.K.[protected] [protected] cgmlsmbi
WS AGARWAL PEEYUSH[protected] [protected] cgmwsmbi
ADMN SAXENA A.K[protected] [protected] gmambi
ANP & C ASHOK KANT[protected] [protected] gmccimbi
BB TAKKAR A.K[protected] [protected] gmbbmbi
BD & CAM CHATURVEDI R.M[protected] [protected] gmcammbi
CC RAM SHANKAR[protected] [protected] gmcallcentre
CDMA MADAN MOHAN[protected] [protected] gmwllmbi
CEBW SHRIVASTAVA S.C[protected] [protected] cebwmbi
CENTRAL CHARU KRISHNA[protected] [protected] gmcmbi
EAST-1 AHIRWAR K.S[protected] [protected] gme1mbi
EAST-2 HONAKAMBLE J.G[protected] [protected] gme2mbi
FIN MANISHA MALIK[protected] [protected] gmfmbi
INSTL DAVE GUNJAN SMT[protected] [protected] gmimbi
IT DAVE GUNJAN SMT[protected] [protected] gmitmbi
LC ASOK KANT[protected] [protected] gmlcmbi
MKTG & PR JAIN AJAY[protected] [protected] gmprmbi
MM BALASUBRAMANIAN R[protected] [protected] gmmmmbi
MS-OPN SATYANARAYAN C.V[protected] [protected] gmogsmmbi
MS-PROJ SRISANKAR V[protected] [protected] gmpgsm
N MUMBAI SATYAPAL SINGH[protected] [protected] gmnmmbi
NORTH KUMAR G.V.R.S[protected] [protected] gmnmbi
OP DINKAR A.K[protected] [protected] gmopnmbi
PLG BALASUBRAMANIAN R[protected] [protected] gmpmbi
RC BAJPAI B.K[protected] [protected] gmrcmbi
SALES JAIN AJAY[protected] [protected] gmprmbi
SOUTH CHARU KRISHNA[protected] [protected] gmsmbi
TR SINGH A.P[protected] [protected] gmtrmbi
TRANS SRIVASTAVA A.K.[protected] [protected] gmtmbi
TRG1 RAGHAVAN R[protected] [protected] gmtrg1mbi
TRG2 SHEDHA M.K.[protected] [protected] gmtrg2mbi
TRG3 SHIVKAMY T.S. SMT[protected] [protected] gmtrg3mbi
TxP &C SRIVASTAVA A.K.[protected] [protected] gmtxpcmbi
VIG RAI S.P[protected] [protected] gmvigl
WEST1 TEWARY CHANDRAGUPTA[protected] [protected] gmw1mbi
WEST2 SHENOY V.N[protected] [protected] gmw2mbi
WEST3 MALHOTRA P[protected] [protected] gmw3mbi
LIMITED, COO[protected] gmbbmbi
A1 ADHIKARI P.K[protected] [protected] dgma1mbi
IR ADHIKARI P.K[protected] [protected] dgmir
LEGAL PATIL T.U[protected] [protected]
ANC1 RUFUS K[protected] [protected] dgmanc1
ANC2 HEGDE V.N[protected] [protected] dgmanc2
ANP1 PRABHU V.P[protected] [protected] dgmanp1
ANP2 PRABHU V.P[protected] [protected] dgmanp2
BB SETHI VANDANA SMT[protected] [protected] dgmbbmbi
INTERNET1 PATIL S.G[protected] [protected] dgminternet
INTERNET2 PATIL A.R[protected] [protected]
BD CHELLIAH R.S[protected] 20514690 dgmbdmbi
CAM KALBURGI B.N[protected] [protected] dgmcam
CC-I SUBRAMANI M[protected] [protected] dgmcc1
CC-2 BABURAJAN C[protected] [protected] dgmcc2
ACCTS NATARAJAN K[protected] [protected] dgmacc
CSMS MANICHAVACHAKAM T[protected] [protected] dgmlccsms
FC NATARAJAN K[protected] [protected] dgmacc
FIN(MKTG & BUDVENKATESWARLU Y[protected] [protected] dgmfmktg
FMS NATARAJAN K[protected] [protected] dgmacc
FP CHANDRASEKARAN N[protected] [protected] dgmfpmbi
INTL.AUDIT SELVRAJ K[protected] [protected] dgmia
MA CHANDRASEKARAN N[protected] [protected] dgmfpmbi
IT-CM VERMA BHARAT BHUSAN[protected] [protected] dgmitmbi
IT-FCS KHARA SANJAY[protected] [protected] dgmitfcs
IT-DQS & PROJ[protected] [protected] dgmitprg
I-EAST SETHURAMAN G[protected] [protected] dgmie
I-HQ MATHAD S.R[protected] [protected] dgmis
I-WEST PRASHANT V.K[protected] [protected] dgmiw
FIN VENKATAKRISHNAN R[protected] [protected] dgmtr1
LC-C RAJEEV S.C[protected] [protected] dgmlcc
LC-M NORTH BALI S.R[protected] [protected] dgmlcmn
LC-M SOUTH BALI S.R 22070500 [protected] dgmlcs
MARKETING & PRSHASHANK MALVIYA[protected] [protected] dgmprmktg
MP KUPSAD BC[protected] [protected] dgmmp
SD TOMAR J.S[protected] [protected] dgmsd
BILLING-GSM SINGH HARCHARAN[protected] [protected] dgmbillinggsm
CS-MS CHAUDHARY B.B[protected] [protected]
FIN-GSM JAWAHAR K[protected] [protected] dgmgsmf
MS-NSS KESHKAR SANDEEP[protected] [protected] dgmpnss
MS-OPN MEENA S.L[protected] [protected] dgmgsm4
MS-PROJ SETHI SANJAY[protected] [protected] dgmgsm3
CBD BALSUBRAMANIAN K[protected] [protected] dgmcbd
FIN ARUMUGAM[protected] [protected] dgmifanm
SALES & CC SARKAR T.K[protected] dgmsnccnm
VASHI SACHDEV NANDLAL[protected] [protected] dgmvashi
BYCULLA/WORLISUBRAMANIAM R.H[protected] [protected] dgmbyc
FIN BHAT N.V[protected] [protected] dgmifa
PBD/SPK OZA NARENDRA KUMAR[protected] [protected] dgmpbd
SALES & CC BACHCHAN RAM[protected] [protected] dgmscsn
WADALA/SION SAMANT C.P[protected] [protected] dgmwdl
AT-QA LASKAR S.K[protected] [protected] dgmatmbi
DM1 YADAV D.P.S[protected] [protected] dgmdm1
DM2 VIJAYKUMAR M[protected] [protected] dgmdm2
OP BHAT S.V[protected] [protected]
PG&I KRISHNAMURTHY.N[protected] [protected] dgmopmbi
ENGG MUKHERJEE DEEPAK[protected] [protected] dgmegmbi
PLG BURHADE D.D[protected] [protected] dgmplgg
TFC PLG RAMACHANDRAN N[protected] [protected] dgmtpmbi
Bel-NMS SATYANARAYANA P[protected] dgmnrc
RC NARKHADE S.R[protected] [protected] dgmrmc
SALES PATIL PRASHANT R[protected] [protected] dgmsales
CITY/KLB BHARAMBE H.M[protected] [protected] dgmcity
FIN NARAYANA P[protected] [protected] dgmifas
FTN/CFD TIWARI SEEMA SMT[protected] [protected] dgmfinmb
DGM(CPR) CHATURVEDI G.S[protected] [protected]
SALES & CC CHATURVEDI G.S[protected] [protected] dgmcoop
BO VENKATAKRISHNAN R[protected] [protected] dgmbilling
CAO/ICB BALASUBRAMANIAN N[protected] [protected]
TR VENKATAKRISHHAN.R[protected] [protected] dgmtr1
ID KRISHNAN V[protected] [protected] dgmid
IFA CHANDRASEKHAR. N[protected] [protected]
CC-3 THANABALAM D[protected] [protected] dgmcc3
TAX & IN DUBEY KIRAN Smt[protected] [protected] dgmin
FIN PILLAI N.N[protected] [protected]
CDMA-COMML NAIK P.P[protected] [protected] dgmwll2
CDMA-BSS OPN CHOUDHARY P.K[protected] [protected] dgmcdma
CDMA-PLG GUPTA S[protected] [protected] dgmwll
CDMA-PROJ RAHAT KUMAR[protected] [protected] dgmcdmap
ARCH BHAMBARDEKAR N.S.SMT[protected] [protected]
CIVIL East JAIN A.K[protected] [protected] dgmcsouth
CIVIL NM AHUJA P.B[protected] [protected] dgmcnm
CIVIL PLG AHUJA P.B[protected] [protected] dgmcplg
CIVIL South AMITAB KUMAR[protected] [protected]
CIVIL W GUPTA R.C[protected] [protected]
ELEC VIRMANI S.K[protected] [protected]
FINANCE ANTONYSWAMY[protected] [protected]
CUMBALLA HILL NAGRAJAN K[protected] [protected]
GMV/MBH KHOT A.M[protected] [protected] dgmintl
FIN VISWANATHAN A.V[protected] [protected] dgmafcmbi
MZN/MDV IRUDAYA RAJ V[protected] [protected]
SALES & CC ANAND R.C.[protected] [protected]
CHEMBUR DEVESH KUMAR[protected] [protected] dgmchem
FIN MOHANRAJ R.A[protected] [protected] dgmina-e1
GKP PUROHIT M.K[protected] [protected] dgmgkp
MANKHURD DEVESH KUMAR[protected] [protected] dgmmkd
POWAI BELAPURKAR A.K[protected] [protected] dgmpwi
S&CC PADMANABHAN M.V[protected] [protected] dgmccei
FIN NARAYANA CHARYULU N.C[protected] [protected] dgmifae2
MULUND NEMA A.K.[protected] [protected] dgmmul
S&CC SAMGAR P.B[protected] [protected] dgmsncce2
THANE-CHR SINGH R.P.[protected] [protected] dgmthchr
WAGLE EST PENDHARIK.A[protected] [protected] dgmwgl
TM MANI S.[protected] [protected] dgmtrg
TECH RAO L..U[protected] [protected] dgmtxtrg
TRANS PANDEY P.K[protected] [protected]
TM-E/NM SHASHTRI Y.V[protected] [protected] dgmtne
TM-M SONTAKKE R.L.[protected] [protected] dgmtmm
TM-W RAJGOPAL T[protected] [protected] dgmtmw
TxP & C
CT1 NEGI AJAY[protected] [protected] dgmct1
CT2 NAYAK R.V[protected] [protected] dgmct2
JP CHANDRAMOULI S[protected] [protected] dgmjpmbi
VIG BHIM SINGH[protected] [protected] dgmvigil
BDR/BKC/KHAR GUPTA M.K[protected] [protected] dgmbdr
FIN ANTONUSWAMY S[protected] [protected] dgmfinw1
SALES & CC BHAGAT A.K.[protected] [protected] dgmsccw1
VERSOVA/JOG MEGHWAL M.L[protected] [protected] dgmvsv
VPL/ADR SINGH D.I[protected] [protected] dgmvpl
FIN MOILY T.L[protected] [protected] dgmifaw2
GGN/GKD SALVI S.S[protected] [protected] dgmggn
MAROL PACHAURI D.K[protected] [protected] dgmmrlex
HQ RAI R.C[protected] [protected]
SKN/SKV RAM R.N[protected] [protected] dgmmrlin
S&CC RAI R.C[protected] [protected]
BORIVLI KATYAL S.S[protected] [protected] dgmbvl
FIN KUDALKAR S.S[protected] [protected] ifaw3
KANDIVLI RAWAT B.P[protected] [protected] dgmkvl
MALAD UPADHYAY A.N[protected] [protected] dgmmld
MIRA ROAD SINGH B[protected] [protected] dgmmrd
S&CC GUPTA D.R[protected] [protected] dgms&ccwiii

MTNL-Broadband — Broadband & tel not working

I have a MTNL connection No. 26534723 along with unlimited broadband connection. This not functioning for the last almost 2 months. When I call them they first said that due to commonwealth games few places are dug up and it is being rectified. Now I am being promised restoration everyday by evening but the evening never comes. Automatic complaint does not accept complaint saying that complaint is already registered. The Line man of our area Mr. Pandey promised to fix the line by every evening which has not happened till date. Meanwhile the bills come in and I continue to pay on time.

MTNL — telephone and broadband not working

Dear Sir,

My number[protected] has not been working for last three days and the internet is also not functioning. Please do the needful ASAP.

To the Director .I am using MTNL broadband tel number 23871190 i have complain several time
Since last 15 days for my static IP address problem its not work i am too bad position
I am only one and my business i control my staff and other people by from
Camera now since long time no problem has solve also i have several time complain
To number 1504 but no good response also one time they given me other number
For complain 23893300 and 24326837 still my problem has not solve due to this
Problem I have no Faith in MTNL service too poor service we have in our country
Also I have make mistake I am taken MTNL broadband service i hope privet
Company they give better service as they have control but government company
Have no control, better i have change to privet company :-) TOP URGENT
So please i need help to solve problem urgent action my
Contact number [protected].
Best Regards,
MY Tel.25168471 CA.No.[protected].
I had wrote to you but i am not received any answer Mail or email from you. why I should not get in time bill?.
dear sir,
myself cynthia colasco, daughter of joseph colasco, who was working with MTNL. frequently my phone is going out of order and even after complaints no use. pls look into the matter. house no is 28115883 which is out of order now. my mob no is [protected].
My residential landline 25483175 has a history of "DEAD" conditions.If a review of the operations of past year is taken the statistics will tell the same. The history of docket Nos also will give some value.We had left many times for it to remain DEAD as it starts by itself many times.
During the month of March and April 14 initially a complaint with Docket No 1286 was registered.This time instead of telephone becoming operational the docket No vanished.Again new complaint was registered with Docket No 4266 The nature of complaint is indicated as CABLE FAILURE and is standstill for more than 10 days or more.
MTNL had an acronym "MERA TELEPHONE NAHIN LAGTHA" and they are living upto this.
Question is how many times a cable fault can occur and phone becomes non operational due to any faults. Why a customer should suffer for MTNL efficiencies.N VENKATARAMAN Mob: [protected]
Dear sir,

MTNL Mumbai landline & Broad Band not working for more than 05 days and the internet is also not functioning. Please do the needful ASAP.

I have filed complain through landline (docket 6660) and also thorugh online (6945).
No responses are there.

My phone no is 28696042.

Thanking you,
Namrata Ravindra Chudnaik
From : S.S.Onkar
604, Tilaknagar Kalpana chs chembur
( p) :25278800/[protected]

My BB conn is not stable & gets frequent disconnecton resulting into lot of inconvenience & mental agony. Even after repeated complaints there is no improvement.Therefore it is requested to look i to the matter to set right connection in d present condition it is v. difficult to work on internet..

Comp details : Dt Dkt No
1) 10/3/16 5275
2) 18/3/16 6852
3) 6/5/.16 1390
4 11/5 5104

Number and Internet not working for last 2 months

I am still charged and have to pay the charges. But there should be some sort of compliance to check the consumer is not billed or cheated at any given point of time. Gurpreet Taneja

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