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I am Stay In Govandi. Everyday I used To Travel By The Bus. In Mumbai Everyday Passengers Are Increasing But Bus Frequencies Are Too Decrease. I am Travelling From Govandi MAHADA(Gautam nagar) To GHAKOPAR PIPELINE. in MAHADA bus Stop No BUS Drivers Are Stopping The Bus In The Stop. I am Requesting To u That Plse. Prvide good service.
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Aug 14, 2020
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General Manager
Best Bus

Today (28.07.2014) I am travelling in BEST bus No. 545 Bhandup to Seepz Bus No.MH.01 L9683. I was suffering by conductor. I have given him 20rs. & my ticket was 15rs. He asked me to give change 5rs.I told him i don, t have then he shouted at me & argued. & this happens in three times with this conductor only. I thing conductor should have change. & if he don't have, he can say honestly that he will give me later. But he didn't do that going to shouted at me. I am lady so can't reanswerd to him. & Then he gave me 5rs. but too argueing. Please tell him to behave properly with passengers.

Thanks & Regards,

BEST — BUS No 459 is not stopping at IIT POWAI

Hi ,

The bus 459Ltd is not stoping at Powai stop the one which is infront of MTLN office (near bhavani towers).Though the bus was not that croweded from two days driver are not stoping at the stop.
My complaint is similar to Imran's complaint, and
...I want BEST org. to take action on this, by giving memos to

such bus drivers, because they don't care about how



bus no.235 (MH[protected]

Time :-9.00 a.m.

Leaving from ANDHERI going towards Veera desai road

but the driver did not stop at Bhavan's college stop, and kept going

on and I had to leave the Bus while it was running at the speed of 20kms/hr.
Can any one help me to know where I can reguest to increase the frequency of the bus route 422 morning I take 710 bus from siccor palace Khar(W) to reach Powai Panchkutir stop its take appox 45 mint to reach but if I mis the bus then the later bus comes afteer 7.30 then its too late same with the route when comming back in the evening that time the buses are so irregullar that 1 bus follow the other bus immeditatey & the croud is pathetic for any woman to travel in such crouded bus is next to impossible I would request you start with more buses or start some special bus for ladies in this route as this route mainly covers the mulund station, Bhandup, Kanjurmarg, Powai IIT Hiranandani gardens, Powai Lake, Saki naka, Marol, JB nagar, chakala, Anderi bridge, Irla, Vileparle Santcruz Khar Bandra, there are so many lady commuter travelling everyday I dont think that BEST would run in losses if fw more bus are started in this route hope this suggestion is condidere by someone & provide their helping hands on the same so the commuters in 422 route have relief from the pain they are suffering now
I am Hitesh Kahndelwal working in a company in MIllenium Businee Park(Ghansoli).I am a daily travelller from Borivali to MBP by AS-700.
But this bus drops me at Thane(E) and from there I catch a train for ghansoli and again from Ghansoli Stn I catch a 525 Bus service for MBP. It takes apprx 2 hours 15 minutes daily journey for me. I talked to so many people in my bus. They also have to follow the same route.

My request is to start a bus from Borivali to MBP, then I think It could be beneficial for so many people who have to go MBP. As u know MBP, kopar Khairane, Airoli, Belapur Road, Rabale is private companies HUB. So It could be an advantage people who live in Western Suburbs(Borivali, Dahisar, Mira Road). Definitely A direct bus service will reduce our Journey time

The route you can look upon as:
Borivali Stn (E) ---- Dahisar Check naka ---- Ghodbunder road ---- Majiwada ---- Eastern Express Highway ---- Mulund Airoli Flyover ---- Airoli Village--- MBP.

This service can be benefical for people who live near to Borivali, Magathane, Dahisar, kashimira

Otherwise there is one more option You can look upon to
Please extend some services of AS-525 till Borivali stn (E) atleast in peak hours. in morning 7.30 am-9.00 am and in evening 6PM - 8 PM.
There are already two AC bus services from Dindoshi to MBP AS-525 & NMMT 123 bus servie and an ordinary bus service 525 and 523.
Definitely It could give the advantage to people who live near to borivali (E), Dahisar, Malad, Kandivali.
Atleast start some trial bus services I assure U, U will get a huge response with this service.

mumbai best buses — Lack of sensitivity

I travel in BEST bus almost 2.5 hrs everyday. Display tv on the bus repeatedly play 5-6 ads all the time. It is the most insensitive move of the government. It is complete lack of maturity.
Vishal Agrawal

I would like to bring this to the notice of any concerned authority who can take action against the below issue.

Our BEST bus drivers and conductors are just not honest to their job and not sensitive to the public. Very often I see the bus stop fully crowded and an empty bus just stopping for half a second, few meters away from the bus stop, and in the middle of the road while the public is trying to get into the bus and the bus just moves people still trying to get in and the bus still empty.

This is quite a disturbing scene, to see ladies, children, senior citezens struggling to get into the bus and the driver and the conductor just not being sensitive enough to just stop for some time till the public gets in while the BUS IS EMPTY.

This is a serious concern and a quite common scene and i request you to kindly address this issue.
Respacted Sir

SUB: In BUS NO 498 BEST TV Volume Is Verry HIgh

I M Dally Travel in best bus Nomer 498 national park To chandivali. but in best tv volume is verry high i m filing an ancofert
so i recuvest you as you possible please mainten volume to low

Thanks And Regards
Rajesh P Dalvi
4th floor Krislone House
saki-vihar Road

This complain is regarding the 459 bus service, I travel by this bus daily, this bus is from Malwani Depot Malad to Mulund, and the bus is always crowded, they have started 459 from Marol depot which should have been useful for public, but its just not helpful, I have always notice the bus driver driving the bus so slowly both the morning as well as evening, and all other buses and vehicles over taking the bus and going ahead. This effects the people who have to reach office or home on time, when we ask the conductor or the driver, they just do not answer properly and make noise and speak so rudely as if we are wrong, If there's traffic its understood, but if the road is clear then why are we facing this problem.
These 459 bus drivers (Malwani Depot to Mulund) drive so roughly, they r just not bothered about people in the bus. They don’t even stop at the bus stop, its very difficult for ladies, children to enter the bus, there are times when people fall as people are unable to enter or climb the bus. This is just not acceptable, why can't we have better bus service? This is a serious concern I request you to kindly address this issue.
my name is dilip gopale. living at madh island .i am working with abn technologies pvt.ltd. and also collage student .i daily used to travel by bus no : 271 from madh island to malad station . my complaint is regarding frequency of bus no 271 .in night time during 7.30 to 10.30 pm there is always very low frequency of bus no : 271 .i dont know what is problem????? drivers are always complaining about traffic but between madh jetty to malad station there is only 1 signal which is not more than 5 minutes .
during that particular time bus always take more that 1/2 to come on bus stand . and next to 271 bus stop there is bus no 273 stop which comes more than 2 times in 5 minutes
so that's not justice
dat means they are human and what we are?????????
plz take quick actions against it ??????
This is to inform you that we are struggling for the BEST bus from Golf Club Chembur between 5 pm to 7pm Bus No.367, 361, 369 to Kurla station for last 15 days because of mono rail work but at the same time we request you to make some alternate arrangement either to increase the bus or instruct the divers to stop the bus at Golf Club stop chembur because we find many a times the buses are not at all stoping this stop. we are waiting for buses 30 minutes, buses are not stoping at the bus stop then again we have to wait another 30 minutes for another bus to come.

please do realise our difficult and help us from this kind of situation.

hope you will look into this matter and help us.

Well Wisher

Mumbai BEST Bus — Taking few commuters

BEST buses are the integral part of the Mumbai city .....and if this does not work properly people will suffer ultimately......whatever situation is eventually "PUBLIC SUFFER" !

I travel from Andheri station to Bhavan's college daily .......today[protected] BUS No.249 (MH-01-la-6459)at 09:05 a.m. came on the stop took few passengers and ran away by avoiding remaining passengers. This makes no sense.......Bus is stopping but avoiding people to enter.

when i asked the conductor why he couldn't stop the bus at the bus stop ,he said ,"then how people got inside ,and so much rush is their if bus did not stop ....." Height of Arrogance......!

Kindly take actions against these conductor and bus driver as they were careless at their work


DO REPLY ME ON [protected]@yahoo.co.in. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! JAI HIND !!!!!!!!
Why is the common man at the mercy of BEST...Why do we have to BEG to these people to do something that THEY ought to do... And are there any guidelines for the ticket collectors..Or is it they can fine anyone whenever they wish to???

BEST bus Mumbai City — Arrogant behavior - BEST Service - Conductors, Drivers & ATO

Arrogant behavior

In morning, many BEST buses reunning on route no. 351, 165 from Sion to Mahalaxmi. The bus driver purpersly goes slow even though no traffic problem occure on this road in morning. Many of the time Conductors, Drivers & ATO given reason that they will reach at their place on decided time only not before that, but in this situation passenger face problem and they can't reach on decided place or on duty on his time because of slow driving. Many of the times Conductors, Drivers & ATO doing only time pass because they don't want to reach BEST BUS before scheduled destination time and nothing doing anything if any passenger complaint abouot the same. Sometimes they reply very arrogantly. They says, we are part of goverment and we will do only what we want. Nobody can do anything against us.
e.g. Bus Route No.[protected], 165.

I personly requested respective person please look into the matter to avoid unnecessary clashes.

BEST — Bus driver looking back and driving

To whom so ever it may concern,

Yesterday at the Sector - 14 bus stop at around 7.55 am, two BEST buses approached the stop one after the other. First one was 513 and second one was 501. Since i have to travel to Chembur Diamond garden, I started waving out to the 501. But the driver as many a time decided to take the first lane and skip the stop. So i went to the middle of the second lane and waved out to the driver right from the middle of the flowing traffic as it was necessary for me to catch the bus. But to my surprise, the driver was not ignring me but looking back and driving - and that too for a duration of 2 - 3 seconds.

This is dangerous... Please make a note of it and react.

King long AC bus,

Complain that BEST TV Add and programme running same all time and volume of that is creating problem for long journy. It is ragging on passenger that same time of adds and programme have to see and listen.
Please stop the service or provide alternative to stop the service or making volume off if not need or passanger request.

Or provide alternative way where all pasegnger complin against it and stop it permanantly basis.

Ms. D'souza — Frequency and rude behaviour of the Drivers and Conductors

Mr. Uttam Khobragade
General Manager

Dear Mr. Uttam Khobragade,

Sub :Frequency of the BEST Buses.

Congraluations for being appointed as the General Manager of the BEST.

i am a passager using the BEST services since the time I have learn to travel since 35 yrs and was happy to travel around Bombay. I am happy that the BEST has provided new buses with the wide doors and the resently with reserving 1st 6 seats on the right hand side for the ladeis and the Ladies Special bues running between Kurla Stn (W) and Andher Stn (E).

I have read online that BEST has got an santion of Rs.205.75 crore for introuding additonal 700 buses. Its a very good idea of adding new buses. But like to bring to your kind notice that buses frequency is not so bad but the only problem is during the peak hours time buses are not halted at the bus stops and this creates a ceaos at the bus stop. Men get into the running bus and the ladies are left standing at the bus stop for hours. Recently since last two months I have to travel on the Andheri Kurla Road due to change in job location and have noticed that buses do not halt and the KURAL KAMANI Bus stop during peak hours time between 9 am to 10 am. Especially Bus no.365 & 308 their fequency is bad and these Drivers and Conductors dont halt the buses. There are no other buses from Kurla going to the Internation Airport. If we asked them why the buses are not halted they give a rude answer eg. make complain to the CM and so on. Is this the way to behave with the passanger who have to report on duty on time

Since have to wait on the Bus stop for hours like to make a suggestion. I think the BEST can afford to place atleast one TC at a Bus stop so that action can be taken against such Drivers and Conductors.

Request you to please taken some action on this matter and oblige.

Thanking you,

yours faithfully,

Lady Passanger
Today(11.9.2010)I, alongwith my mother had the misfortune of travelling in AC bus no.505 from Vashi, APMC Market between 3.30-4pm. Our destination was Bandra(W).As soon as we got into the bus, the conductor complained that we need to show our hands inorder ensure that the bus stops at the stand.

When he came towards us, I asked him what did he mean by saying that and wasn’t it the driver’s responsibility to halt anyways.This triggered an argument.He argued with me asking if something was wrong with my head and why was I being angry at him, when all I asked was what did he mean by whatever he said. Did he argue because we were women and the only ones in the bus? I doubt he would have spoken the way he did if it were men who boarded the bus.Later, after taking the left turn from Kalanagar, the driver’s sudden brake threw my mother off her seat to the seat opposite to hers. The conductor then had the audacity to tell the driver that Mahatari padli (Old woman fell) and he repeated the same thing again, maybe with the intention of getting us provoked or maybe he thought we won’t understand Marathi. We kept quiet and didn’t say a word, though we extremely upset by the whole thing. When our stop arrived, the driver refused to open the door fully for us(only my mother and I was getting off at Bandra Station), giving an excuse that the door got jammed and refused to even try pushing the button, which obviously put me off. I asked the driver how is that when the earlier passengers had to get in and get out, nothing of this sort happened? He obviously had nothing to say. The conductor again started arguing. We exchanged few heated words. He did get personal, and yelled at me asking if I had mirchi(chilli) in my head.I hope you will agree with me when I say that such behaviour from them was anything but professional.I urge that action be taken and measures so that nothing of this sort happens with other passengers.

Me Jyoti. Roj Bus no.254 time 8.45 a.m chi bus nehmi pakdate. Pan jar ushir zala tar kadhi 9.00 vastat. Sagale 254 che driver station pasun last stop paryant passenjar la netat pan hya bus madhil driver net nahi ani passanjarla hadtud karto, misbehavior ne vagato tyacha no me thodyach divsat note karen. To swatala kay BEST cha dada samjatoy. Pasanjar barobar kas vagayacha kalat nasel tar gharich basav tyane.

BEST bus complaint — Increase bus service No. 341

General Manager
CGS Bus Depot

Dear Sir,

Please increase the bus services from CGS to Dindoshi bus depot Bus No. 341, The frquency of these buses is very poor (almost 1 bus per hour). It would make it convenient for a lot of people if you would do the needful.
there is no information of stop in best buses conductor is always busy in given ticket, pls install indicator to display name of stoppage, after paying the ticket amount legally, we have to pay fine of ticketchecker, because we dont now which stop will come after crossing the stop, ticket checker force us to pay amount

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