[Resolved]  Net4India — Hosting nightmare

Most important ... i forgot to mention never give your credit card or send money to them. You have no idea what you have to go through. Remember they are hosting company they have their means o[censored]sing your details for taking your money.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I completely agree with all. Net4 really sucks. They don't have any corporate guidelines. Their way of resolving the issues is one of the worst. Basically thye don't have any knowledge on domain hosting and e-mail. Never ever get in to Net4. I can give plenty of proof for this impression on Net4
Are you India? ... are you looking for a good honest hosting company to host your business or personal website then Net4India is definitely not for you.

Reasons why (this is from my own personal experience from the past 2 years with Net4india's apalling service)

a) Customer care - You call them they will answer you in a tone of what the heck do you want
b) Renewal - Try renewing your domain and hosting you will get a transaction failed email, i got 2 i have proof. Ofcourse i use my credit card to renew, and ofcourse i do have enough money in my credit card otherwise why would i try.
c) Domain name - Go through all the other complains in this website just type Net4india, you can see for yourself. They will register then they will inform you someone else took it. What crap is that?. Your money is all SWAHA
d) Domain name transfer - If you already have got a domain from Net4india like i do, you are in for a shock and awe terror style. They will under no circumstance will let you transfer until they extract money from you in some form. I was asked to renew first before transfer why would i want to renew when i want to transfer from the company as pathetic as Net4india. My website expiration date went past that is why i tried renewing but transaction failed then asking me to renew then transfer is plain stupid
f) Email confirmation - Always get email confirmation because they will not email you because it can be used as proof once you try raise an alarm of their illegal activities. I got emails for my issues until i was checking stuff with them, once i want to transfer my domain they stopped emailing Net4india keeps to their online ticket and reply. Not so trustworthy.
e) Net4india - Take my advice, dont register with these dudes. Use they are pretty cheap and super duper reliable. They host of major companies worldwide, i am not marketing here i use their service and they are very very very reliable. Now thats what i call American Standard of service.

Sorry my mother India we still got to learn honesty in our service especially companies like Net4india. If you need help or advice for hosting and domain name registry use the internet to search for good hosting reviews and use them or contact me i will give you advice free of cost no obligations, i dont run a service nor am i part of any organization i am just a user thats all.

I have also faced the same kind of problem, could you please suggest me out to host in a good data center, where i can have peacefull sleep.

bhaktib28's reply, Aug 28, 2021
Hi Prasad, I believe I can help you for your request. I am from ESDS Software Solutions Limited and we are a leading Managed Cloud Datacenter company. Please feel free to reach out to me any time at 9607006134 or [email protected]
Horrible!!! Worst than any Horror film in the world!


net4india sucks!

Oh… somebody save net4. Their frightening customer support, terrible control panel – everything- . I must say, some under 5th standard people are working for customer support don’t know what we want- novice people. They only know how to COPY & PASTE to send generic messages.

if you want to change whois info wait for at least 24 hours*, if you want to change Registrant info wait for AT LEAST 24 hours, to change nameservers, A record 4-6 hours – sucks!

* min 24 hours, we waited for more than 48 hours!
Big mistake i did.. I have registered with Net4india before reviewing them

[censored]ing support... hoot... hoot...even those folks dont know how to configure IIS.

Today i came to know the real face of Net4India.. God... i am in search of better Web Host
guys, they are bad in terms of support... we are an ad agency and we provide domains, hosting, etc also.

we were troubled with them too and since the last 6 months have transferred the business and buying to resellerclub.

off late they have allotted a support agent to our account and that has reduced my hassles to a great extent...

their services are slow since they do everything manually while other registrars have these simple processes like dns changes automated...
I AGREE... They really sucks by their poor services. How they can survive in this tech era with such a poor support and worst services. They are unable to UP the website in 3 days. How they can claim of 99% up time. Please don't go for Net4.
[email protected]'s reply, Mar 17, 2019
i am also frustrated by service of net4domain really worst really need to file complaint towards consumer forum and advice to every one be away from them
I am using net4india services since last 4 years and would like to say that i have never faced any problems.
In fact I have registered, renewed domains, made ns changes, made the whois changes plenty of time.
No problems at all.
And everytime I use credit card /online payment.
otherthing is about the reliability and transperency of the service.
Now tell me honestly, if godaddy is a good company then why do they advertise that domian for Rs. 350 and in fact when you visit their website to purchase it, you find it to be Rs. 499 . Now isn't this an example of cheating ?
Same the case with, in advertisment they claim a domain at Rs. 400 and when you go to book the domain they ask you to pay Rs. 100 extra for DNS, Rs 50 extra for ...and so on.
I never got such issues with Net4india. If they say Rs. 599 then it is 599 nothing else., as simple as that.
I managed to transfer one of my domains out of net4 without any issues. My other domains are also fine. Only, they dont offer any tools like control panel, mailing lists, stats etc. Help is lousy. The FAQs dont open at all. So called 24x7 is unavailable most of the time.
For each and every site like
znetindia etc.
every site has complaints in the web.
i confused, who is reliable.
everybody complaining about one company
eventhough the service is worst, the one thing i worry about is our domain name, we sould not loose it, b'coz its our asset.
kindly help (mail me [protected]
I completely agree with your experience. Even I am experiencing the same problem.
Let the tone be reserved but not so arrogant and neglecting.
Yes Belovers


They are bloody Cheaters... Their company moto is only CHEATING, CHEATING, CHEATING by Internet Users

Now iam speaking with some major journalists and it will be published in leading news papers very soon...

Because Newspaper flashes only get people to aware about the stupid and idiotic service with Net4india..

I modified nameservers of and to netfirm free hosting. After an hour, the customer opted for paid hosting. I could not change nameservers again for 36 hours - YOUR REQUEST IS ALREADY PENDING. With ANY OTHER registrar you may modify nameservers every minute a thousand times.
Customer could not upload files to for two days. I contacted customercare. They set up FTP and asked me to wait for 6-8 hours - maximum 24 hours. After struggling for two days, I was told that FTP required specific port and type setting. With most webhosts, you may upload files next minute after receiving login information. sent me two emails selling VIAGRA - eyewash, spyware script beneath - one email selling PhD/Msc/MBBS/BE/LLB/MBA degrees - - Domain registrar Net4India refuses to take action. Just check up malicious domains at Most NON-INDIAN domains were suspended IMMEDIATELY on complaint.
Net4India website has no postal address, contact information or Abuse Report link.
net4india are the on earth, the worse service provider in India.


Try to propagate the message on every social account which you have so that they don't get the single penny to earn.
yes you are absolutely right
Net4India is a malicious company sending millions of panicky SMS/Email reminders to millions of non-customers everyday. Their service is just primitive. Nameservers cannot be rechanged for 36 hours, 2-3 days propagation period, 12-hour ftp activation time, no refund after immediate deletion due to spelling mistake. They charge for three years and register domain for one year . I myself received a hundred reminders of my own domains from Net4India having no past/present business relationship with me. In retaliation, I offered:
Transfer incentive for Net4India customers : com/net/org/in domain transfer with one year renewal plus 1 GB hosting for first year with free mysql - Rs400
Also police complaint at
net 4 is bad service provider of india
I have pingdom and many other alert services they pop a mail when my website is down but Net4india services is pathetic..Out of 10 call they respond only of 1 and when raising ticket about website down they reply to my ticket when my website is up..Today again my website is down since from 5.54AM 20 aug 2014 and i am writing this complaint on 20 aug 2014 10:21 AM..

Its my company website and seriously we are loosing Online Business too much after investing heavily on google adwords..

Please Don't go with Net4india and if somehow you made your plan to go with Net4india don't purchase more than 1 year plan otherwise you will be writing a complaint like what am i doing now..
I have had a bad experience in now, I tried to renew my domain name 3 month in advance, but net4in not doing renewal, even I called them several time, hanging on phone almost 15min.. they are saying . their system under upgrading so my renewal will happened very soon. But even waiting 2month, same answer I am getting.
Then I smell the danger behind this game. Once my domain name expired and they can bargain with me with any amount to keep the same domain to me.
Then we decided to close the business with them and move to godaddy, they have simple procedure within 2 working day I got everything sorted out.
But the money I paid for net4in still with them, I requested for refund. As per them they will send cheque to my address, but it shows approval pending status in website..after several emails, calls, reminder.. finally all the mails to them getting “failure delivery” seems like they blocked me.
They are not bother about the customer.. they just need to robe money, this company is the worst ever I seen.
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