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[Resolved]  S. K. Soni Hospital Jaipur — Mis-Management in your Hospital, misbehavior with patients.

To : Executive Director, Soni Hospital, Jaipur.

From : Om Prakash Soni

Ref. : My earlier mail dt 19/07/2008 and teletalk of even date

Reg. : Mis-Management in your Hospital, misbehavior with patients.

Kind Attn. : Mr. MOHIT SONI

Dear Sir,

In my earlier e-mail dated 19.7.08 and subsequent discussion over phone on that day, I have pointed out some of the problems faced by us from Hospital staff as well some of the respected doctors working in/attached with the hospital. In continuation of the same I would like to bring following facts once again to your notice which may be of some importance for you as your Hospital has just started gaining some reputation and if things start going wrong at this stage it is certainly not good for any organization. I hope this mail will be an EYE OPENER for you as well as all other concerned.

For your information and ready reference I reproduce below the basic information once again-

Name of patient :Shri Deen Dayal soni, aged about 78 years

Admitted in S.K.Soni hospital : on 07/07/2008

Treatment given : Operated for spinal cord by Dr S R Dharker and his team on 10/07/08

Discharged from hospital : on 17/07/2008

Reviewed : By Dr S R Dharkar in Hospital on 31/07/2008

Other facts of the case

1. We heard very good reputation of your hospital and also the competence of Dr S R Dharker as a renowned Neuro Surgeon. Due to these reasons, we shifted the patient from SMS Hospital to your hospital.

2. While examining the patient in the outdoor before admission, Dr. S R Dharker asked us to call our mother (patient’s wife) without which, he will not perform operation. We had requested him that our mother is totally bed ridden and even not able to move. We 4 sons (of patient) are here and patient himself is in conscious stage, please don’t pressurized us to bring our mother. Our request was bluntly refused and we were told that either bring your mother or go to some other doctor. Ultimately, we had no other choice but to call our mother in ambulance from Sikar and presented before him. Dr. S R Dharker not only demoralized but made her hopeless by saying that he has no responsibility about operation of her husband. He may die, he may not be cured, and the problem may remain or may be even worse. This is the kind of treatment given by a literate person, who at the same time happens to be a SENIOR DOCTOR to an illiterate wife of a 78 years old patient.

It is also important to mention here that in our country normally doctors are placed equivalent to GOD and at the same time doctors are also expected to act and behave like that only. Unfortunately, Dr. Dharkar feels that he is even beyond the God and instead giving some hopes to patient and/or his attendants; he is harassing and demoralizing them. I understand doctor is not the GOD and he can only do his work but there are many ways of conveying the facts or the limitations of medical science and the treatment being given. If that is not done, what is the difference between a literate person who is a surgeon also and illiterate person?

3.The patient was covered under Mediclaim and We had furnished/provided complete details /papers of policy on 07/07/2008 itself within few hours of admission, required for cash less treatment, in spite of that we were asked to deposit a sum of Rs. 12000/- immediately. There was no follow up from your side with Insurance company/TPA for the same. We per sued the matter with the insurance company/TPA on 08/07/2008, got it confirmed and on 09/07/2008 Rs. 12000/- was refunded to us. When we had submitted documents for CASH LESS POLICY, It was at your part to take up the matter with the Insurer.

4. In the evening of 07/07/08, we were called By Dr. S R Dharker and asked to deposit Rs 35000/- latest by next morning, saying that he does not believe in insurance arrangement. I think it is between patient and the Hospital management and not at all fair on the part of operating surgeon to get involved in it or deal with patient directly like businessman. We had to assure him that the same will be deposited and there should not be any delay in patient’s treatment.

5. Again on the 7th evening, we had received information from a senior doctor of your hospital saying that Dr. S R Dharker has conveyed that “we are in mediclaim arrangement otherwise he could have operated on 08/072008- this means he had intentionally delayed the operation which was very crucial and required to be done immediately as per Dr. S R Dharker himself. Finally, operation was performed only on 10/072008.

6. We understand that it is Doctor’s duty to explain in detail what kind of operation he is going to do and what will be his steps i.e. the investigations, tentative date of operation etc. But nothing such had happened in our case and we were totally in dark throughout the period. Without proper examination and verification, Dr. Dharkar had informed us on many occasions that patient is having cancer and that too at secondary stage. This was not correct at any point of time. It clearly shows not only the casual approach but negligence as well irresponsible behavior of such a senior doctor.

7. Operation was done on 10/07/2008. After that when asked about the operation’s outcome, Dr. S R Dharker and his team was just saying that the operation was successful and it is good. We were not explained about the details of operation and kept totally in dark. Isn’t it duty of Doctor or hospital to explain details of operation as well further course of action but nothing of that kind was done. This is breach of Right of information Act also. It clearly shows the casual approach of doctor and hospital towards patient and his attendants.

10. During the course of treatment, all of a sudden, on 17th morning, we were asked to vacate the bed and take discharge from hospital, although the patient was not fully recovered till that time. When requested to keep for some more time, Dr. S R Dharker told that bed is not available hence we have to take compulsory discharge from the hospital. Even the patient also requested saying so far he is not even in position to sit please allow but all appeals and request rejected. This is VERY IMPORTANT and need your attention that to accommodate new patient, an existing patient, who has undergone a major surgery, whose lower limbs are not working, who is not able to even sit, who still need nursing care at hospital is thrown out of hospital.

8. Dr. Shankaran (a member of Dr. S R Dharker’s team) has allowed us to keep the patient in sitting position from 16/07/2008 for some time. On seeing this Dr. S R Dharker fired on us like anything and said “if you don’t obey my instruction, take away your patient and leave the hospital”. We do not understand what our fault was. Different instruction is given by different doctors and then the Head is firing on patient and his attendants.

9. One day Dr. Bhargava, one of the senior members of Dr. S R Dharker’s operating team, was on regular visit and patient asked him that he still not able to sit what will happen at home? I believe, you would not like to hear the reply given by a person of such a Nobel profession. The Reply was, raising finger to our elder brother, “kya ye log apni yesi tesi karayange- they will help you at home”- Do you think Dr Bhargava has got any right to use such type of abusing language. If you are not able to control such type of actions in your hospital, certainly public has to come forward and do something. You should not forget that doctors and Hospitals are running because of patients.

11. Finally, We were thrown out of hospital on 17/07/2008 as there was reported to be no bed available. Again it took a long time in final discharge and it was around 7.00 pm when staff dealing with insurance company left for the day, director’s room was locked, as a result email received from insurance company could not be taken out. We were in a very embarrassing situation, where to go and what to do? Then we approached to The Superintendent of the hospital and he was kind enough to help us out in getting out of hospital.

Due to all these we could start from hospital with serious state of patient in the night at 10.30 pm (travel distance was approx 150 kms) - Is it course of action of such a reputed hospital that too after paying such an abnormal charges.

11. Some C.T. Scan and MRI were done from outside before getting admitted to this hospital. These reports were not handed over to us in spite of our repeated requests. As a result of this, we are not in position to lodge our claim to insurance company.

12. During our review visit to hospital on 31/07/2008 Dr Dharkar told us that he had done his job successfully while there was no improvement of any kind except improvement in sensation. Dr Dharkar also told us that now if anything happens we have to go to some physician and not to him.

13. There were many complaints by patient even after that like loose motions, problem in urine passing, chest pain, no appetite. As suggested by Dr Dharkar, we approached to Physician at Santokba Hospital Jaipur and patient was admitted and remained there for 5 days. Here again we were advised by Doctors at Santokba Hospital to go to Dr. S R Dharker the operating surgeon, as all these problems are post operative problems.

14 On 22/08/2008, we took an appointment of Dr. S R Dharker on phone. We were asked to reach his residence at 7.00 PM on that day.

On arriving at 6.30 pm, we found that there was a long queue of patients and as such there was no meaning of appointment time so given. We waited for about 1.5 hours and our number came at around 8.15 pm .On seeing our patient on stretcher removed from ambulance, he got furious and fired us like anything, threw all papers and file on our face, we could not understand his behavior like this. After some time he cooled down and gave some flimsy reason for becoming angry which are as under:

Why there was prescription in photocopy and not the original given by him on review day. We were to explain him the reasons but were not given any chance to speak. We could not understand this attitude. Can a photocopy be taken for reading? The original prescription was submitted by us for insurance claim.

He told us that he sees patient of operation at hospital only and not at home? How could we know this thing? Why we had been given appointment at residence by his staff? On approach for appointment why we were not asked to come to hospital rather than giving appointment at residence.

Why patient was taken in stretcher to him- the patient’s lower limbs were paralised and there was no other way to move the patient. Dr S R Dharker knows this very well.

Ultimately he misbehaved again with the patient and not examined him and simply asked us to admit the patient to S K Soni hospital (without explaining what for and why)then and there he will examine the patient next day.

The patient, My father is so scared and humiliated, asked us not to bring him to DR. Dharker again even if he dies. If any thing happens to his life will Dr Dharker be responsible for the same. ?

Please note that Dr Dharkar had not examined the patient, misbehaved, threw papers on his face but at the same time he made no mistake in charging fee. Even for abusing a patient he had charged Rs 300/- as his consultation fee rightfully.

13. Our experience during the stay at S.K. Soni Hospital about Dr S.R Dharker is as under:

A) He is arrogant, not listening to anybody.

B) He is proud (GHAMANDY). He feels that he is the best and nobody in the world can do whatever he is doing. Whatever he does, people have to listen and obey. Means he is even above the GOD.

c) Dr Dharkar is greedy and interested only in extracting money from needy patients, may be consultation fee or operation charges. He is least interested in the interest of patients, their problems or well beings.

d) He is misbehaving all the time with attendant and patients and not in a position to control himself, getting furious on account of small small things. It proves that, maybe he was a good person, a good surgeon who was equivalent to God for patients but now time has come coz of age, he has lost all his control. At no point of time he is serious about wellbeing of patients.

f) He has no respect for patients/attendants or their age.

We hope you must have understood the whole situation faced by us. We are also confident that you are aware of general mis-behavior of Dr Dharkar earlier also but due various reasons, best known to you no action could be taken or you are keeping mum in your own business interest.

Any way, I request you to please give copy of this mail to Dr. S R Dharker and ask him to apologize with us and to patient for his misbehavior. He may please be advised to improve his behavior or else should take rest, worked enough.

If this will not happen perhaps we may drag him to court of Law for his mis behaviour and negligence in performance of duties.

We would like to put now everything on record and if no satisfactory reply is received from your side, these mails will be available for public view at different sites at Internet on Mouth shut .com and many consumer protection sites and Google .com. We will also mark copy of these mails to all news paper sites as well Rajasthan Patrika and Bhasker at published in Rajasthan.

Wait for Justice and action in the best interest of patients and hospital too.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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i have seen your site its very nice about sk soni

hitesh singh

sk sons — abusing

I sushil kumar doing job in vikas puri i use route no. 671 from pitampur to krishnapark ext.
one time condector are abusing by for fare bus No. DL1P-A7832
I am agree for this complaint of sushil I also came from Mudhwan chowk (Pitampura Gaon) to District Centre in this bus Rout No. 761 and This Conductor of this bus always treat misbehaive to all passenger who journey by this bus. Bus No. DL1PA7832, Kindly take a suitable action of this passenger problem.

I am agree for this complaint of sushil I also came from Mudhwan chowk (Pitampura Gaon) to District Centre in this bus Rout No. 761 and This Conductor of this bus always treat misbehaive to all passenger who journey by this bus. Bus No. DL1PA7832, Kindly take a suitable action of this passenger problem.


Noble Hospital — Theft in hospital

Mishap happened on early hour of 25/10.

I was staying in the hospital as an attendee to my grandma who was admitted in the ICU, as i got some official work to do so I took my laptop to do it during night. I was awake the whole night and duuring early momring some were around 5AM - 6:30Am my laptop got stolen from the hospital room (103), I immediately contacted the reception who told me that not to worry can see through hospital installed CCTV camera but the operator will come at 10Am only, I (I dont no why) trusted them and wainted for the concerend person to turn up. Mr Shekhar Admin. Officer came to duty around10:15AM and told as that please wait for few minutes then he will take as to the camera room but after one hour he told as that CCTv has been switched off for the past 3 days... and told us to give a written complaint to the hospital addressing G3 Police station so he will follow it. I gave the letter nad he too had forwarded to the police.

the problem here is the hospolital did not took any initiative even to call and cross check there stafff they are simply acting as if nothing has happened, I am sure it must be one of hospital staff who would have taken my laptop and they are trying to cover it up. No Proper explanation given.

I even went to police station but no action seem to have taken place.

Its not just the laptop which got missing along with it was many confiential official and personal details.

Laptop was Toshiba Satellite M14 - Accessiories, Exteranal Harddrive, chargers

PLease take the necessary steps.
I dont know much about SONI Hospital, but definitely I have alraedy heared popularity of Dr.S.R.Dharkar, a famous Neurologist.

I think here is no need to tell about a particular Dr.But according a human being a Dr.should must be a soft-hearted, well natured, and in resulting It keeps and gives moral support to a patient and their caretaker.

But due to a blind curiosity to achieve everything fastly and the goal in a short period everyone is lossing their temperament and being misconducted from a right path of life, and even Drs are also part of this fact.
we also faced problems from s.k.soni hopspital [protected]
I DO AGREE WITH ALL THE LINES WRITTEN IN THIS TEXT, BECAUSE THE SAME EPISODE HAPPEN WITH ME WHEN I ADMITTED MY MOTHER BHAGAWATI AMETA IN THE MONTH OF SEP2010 WITH THE SAME DR. SR. DHARKAR JI for the treatment of spinal compression. He did the surgery but did not even meet us after the no. of request. He is hopeless loose fallow in the medical profession. My mother was admitted for seven days.
He is he person who have very much of impatient and he treat the patient and the attained like layman. He always show his arrogance. I think their must be a obligations of soni hospital management hence they are taking him (DR DHARKAR) after such type of serious complaints.
I agree above mention fact these are common complain from dr dharkar dr bhargave is a former student of dr dharker
While reading your complaints about Dr S.R Dharkar. This is for sure he is eligible for a good lesson which should be given by Patients family members. You must have lodged an FIR in the Police station about the negligendce in the treatment & misconduct with the patient. If the police will do nothing then atleat the news will come in media about the doctor.This will prevent some other patients to become victim of the devil Dr. Dharkar. The most corrupt community in India is Medical professionals. The Income Tax must raid every doctor & dig out the black money they have earned by sucking the blood of poor patients. I have worked as a medical rep for 6 years & used to meet doctors daily. They take either cash or expensive gifts from the Pharma companies & then prescribe their medicines. I really hate this community...! although few are good & i respect them but maximim are corrupt & they try to earn money dead body too. GOD WILL PUNISH THEM ONE DAY !!
This is very bad attitude of doctors. I am surprised to hear this kind of behavior from a respected doctor.

I am curious to know that whether Soni hospital responded for this or not..

I'm a native of Jaipur and resides in Delhi. I know that Soni Hospital and its doctors stinks beyond repair. They all suck money, grab hefty commisions from the drug manufacturers and are simply good for nothing.

I personally had heard of 2 cases at Soni Hospital.

I believe that AIIMS, New Delhi is the best option. AIIMS has got some of finest, humble and polite neurosurgeons.

SONI for sure will loot you and rob you. Most of the folks are not aware that AIIMS will not charges for the surgeries which are done at the routine departments. SONI will prescribe you a conpany specific drugs. WIll perform un-necessary surgical procedures and will loot you.
Need to remind them Doctors Oath:-

I shall NOT prescribe unnecessary medicines and tests to my patients;
I shall NOT give false counseling;
I shall NOT overcharge and accept cuts and gifts;
I shall NOT rape tiny tots with mercury laced innoculations or vaccinations, for they pollute the blood stream leading to serious diseases like AIDS, Cancers, Autism, etc;
I shall NOT prescribe lethal drugs, like anti-retrovirals, chemotherapy, or give ECT to my patients;
I shall NOT indulge in human organ thefts to the detriment of my patients;
I shall NOT be afraid of any authority and fabricate medical records or give false evidence;
I shall NOT exploit students studying under me;
I shall NOT manipulate findings or results to win grants.

I,[protected], further solemnly affirm that:-
If I cannot treat a disease, I shall not say that AIDS, cancers, diabetes has no cure. But will tell the patient to try other systems of medicine.
I shall treat health practitioners of other systems with respect and not tell deliberate lies to prove my importance.
I shall study Holistic healing modalities to increase my knowledge and wisdom.
I shall not even by mistake say that "HIV=AIDS=Death" or cancers cannot be cured.
I shall not frighten my patients with unnecessary comments, opinions or advice.
I still remember what Hippocrates said, namely, "Let diet be your medicine" and shall accordingly prescribe fresh fruits, vegetables and good diet to my patients, rather than tonics, syrups, synthetic multi-vitamins, specially to children.
I shall NOT perform surgery, unless it is absolutely must and will not indulge in rackets like amniocentesis, caesarian section, silicon implant or liposuction.
I shall work to ban the useless and cruel animal experiments in the name of medicine.
I shall participate in periodic workshops, seminars, conferences at my expense or on scholarship (no pharma funding) to educate myself and speak from my conscience if I am called upon to speak or preside.
Finally, I shall not consume alcohol, smoke tobacco, or take other narcotic and psychtropic substances. As far as possible, I shall also not take animal proteins.
I realize and aver that a great responsibility of people's well-being is upon my shoulders and I shall carry on my onerous task with utmost dedication.
This I swear in the name of God on this solemn Doctors' Day and I shall repeat this oath daily lest I forget that I am in a divine profession to heal the world
its my humble appeal to attendents / patient to unite and lodge a complaint with police as well as medical council of India. a doctor may be very good or a little less good, but he should be a good human. also, any inhuman behaviour should not be tolerated, what so ever reason may be.

so please unite and take appropriate action against the surgeon as well as hospital.

ph. [protected]

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