[Resolved]  Samsung Refrigerator - Rt 27 — Unpleasant Odor from the fridge.

We purchased a Samsung Refrigerator ( RT 27 ) from Dass Electricals, Pune on 06/06/09. We bought the Samsung Refrigerator thinking that it will give us the quality product, but we are totally disappointed with its performance. When ever we open the fridge door, it emits an unpleasant order, that even fills the room where the fridge is kept. . We have been using fridges since 1974 ( first it was a Godrej and later it was a Whirlpool ) and never did we ever experience such bad odor coming from the fridges except when there was power cut for a couple of hours.We are keeping vegetarian food stuff only. When we complained, the Samsung Customer Care advised us to store the food items covered . We tried it out but that didnot help. A Samsung technician came and increased the thermostat settings. That also hasnot worked. He said that " You have to live with it ". !!!
Imagine living with a Refrigerator that emits an unpleasant order whenever we open its door, irrespective of pwercuts for next 10 years .
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Jan 30, 2017
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Dec 30, 2016
Samsung India Customer Care's response
Dear Customer,

Greetings from Samsung.

With the reference of your feedback regarding Samsung product, we request you to kindly share the mobile number and email address along with the reference ID given by customer care.

Thanking and assuring you our best services always.

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Similar problem of chemical odor from our Samsung, Twin Cool, French door fridge. We didn't notice it when it was new, then, about six months later, a strong chemical smell appeared that got into food, especially anything with high fat content: butter, eggs, cheese. That makes sense because these VOC's (volitile organic compounds) are chemicals that are "evaporating, " or flashing off and will bond with other esters or anything high in fat.

We cleaned the ENTIRE fridge, put in four boxes of baking soda. No real help. The problem went away after I turned the unit down to 38 degrees. That was maybe a year ago. Then, about 2 weeks ago, it came back with vengeance. I turned the unit even lower. Nothing. I'm sure Samsung will just act like we're crazy.

What do you do with a $2400 unit that "pollutes" the food it is intended to preserve?!
Upset2!'s reply, Feb 24, 2021
Did you ever get a resolution to the problem?
We also bought a Samsung refrigerator last summer. We noticed right away that it emitted a weird "chemical-like" smell every time it was opened. We thought it was just because it was brand new and that eventually the smell would go away. It hasn't went away and it makes any food that is not tightly sealed (juice, Kool-Aid, butter, etc.) taste like the smell.

Samsung Refrigerator — Door opens very tightly

I have purchase a new samsung ref. single door RA 21 The door of it opens very tight.Kindly check it.
I have purchased 2 new frdiges - one frome Kitchenaid and one form GE. Both have an unpleasant odor - don't know what to do - the odor makes me ill and when I eat food from the new fridge, I get stomach pains. I returned the first fridge hoping for a better fridge, but it has not happened-- I NEVER had this problem with any other frige --maybe it has to do with something electrical!!!
I have a very unpleasant odor in my new fridge. I returned the first one- -a side-by-side from Kitchenaid-- for an awful odor that did not go away. The second fridge, a GE, top freezer style, also has a bad odor . It makes me sick when I eat from it -could it be an electrical problem, or is there some chemical in the new refrigerators that is making me have stomach pains and mouth sores when I eat any liquids or fresh produce.

what is a person to do? when will the odor go away?
I have yet to get sick from the taste or odor, but I got a new GE fridge about 6 months ago. Recently, I noticed a "Plastic-y" smell coming out of the fridge whenever it gets opened, and the smell lingers on all the food and beverage containers hours after they come out of the fridge. It wasn't like this when the fridge was brand new; just started about a month ago. The only answer I get from GE is to use baking soda or charcoal in the fridge to absorb food odors. These are not food odors. Also, I had problems with different foods freezing solid in the refrigerator compartment when the control was set at 4 (1=warmest, 7=coldest), including bottled water, fresh eggs still in the shell, and produce that was on a shelf rather than in the bin. A tech from the appliance store came out and replaced the thermostat
I have a very expensive Samsung refrigerator and have LOVED it until a couple of months ago... We never store fish in the ref, but all of a sudden the cooler portion has a terrible fish smell. The cooler has been thoroughly cleaned several times, to no avail. Samsung says it is a maintenance problem, but can send a tech over to investigate (at a cost of course).

This is NOT a maintenance problem - it is some sort of manufacture/design problem... The unit is VERY expensive, and should NEVER emit odors like this. I am over 60 years old and have NEVER encountered a problem like this. I was insulted by the arrogance of Samsung over this issue!!!
Upset2!'s reply, Feb 24, 2021
Did you ever find out what the problem was? I am currently having the same issue.
I wanted to add my response and hope it helps others when purchasing a Samsung refrigerator it may apply to other models but I know it applies to Samsung. We have the Samsung French doors with bottom freezer. The refrigerator work as described until it came time to change the water filter. After changing the water filter we noticed a foul (rotten food odor) every time we opened the would gag you! We emptied out the refrigerator and freezer cleaned all parts with bleach water...still smelled, my husband removed all hoses and cleaned, as well as any other parts we could remove and not void the warranty...still smelled...checked all drains unplugged refrigerator drained and removed water filter and cleaned area around water filter...success finally, no smell! When changing the water filter (ours is in the middle of our refrigerator next to the crispers) unplug and drain the water line BEFORE you change the water filter failure to do so makes water run through out the refrigerator. The second time the filter was changed the smell returned (our son changed the filter while we were out of town with out following the above quidelines). Yep! The stench returned...had to repeat all steps listed above again!
We also have had the fish smell on a Samsung unit. It appeared out of nowhere. We never keep fish in the fridge and it is nasty!

Some days are better (and worse) than others. We haven't done anything but apparently doing nothing also doesn't make it change. We also thought it would go away but hasn't. Outside the fridge is no smell. It only happens when the door has been closed. Once opened the smell will dissipate and when you stick your head in the fridge it doesn't smell at all. We also have completely cleaned the fridge and no change.
kristen marie's reply, Nov 18, 2020
Have you figure out what is causing this? i am having the same issue and the mechanic in my apartment building pretty much belittled me and said that there is nothing wrong with it! I don't eat fish so there's no a fish smell inside of my fridge is not normal! when i had suggested it was something electrical in correlation with my ice makers( that does not work) he just continued to lecture me. I had shut off the ice maker and the smell had went away...
Same French door fridge with freezer. I'm allergic to mold, I am very sick from the smell
I have a relatively new Samsung french door refrigerator and about two weeks ago a terrible odor starting coming from somewhere inside the frig. I threw everything out and washed entire inside with vinegar.
The odor continues and the support folks at Samsung do not seem to have an answer. Can anyone help?
We have had the same troubling smell with a side by side Samsung. Wife thoroughly cleaned it with soap and water (threw out everything) and placed baking soda in it. A week later, with it still smelling, I cleaned it with lemon Lysol. Placed sliced lemons and baking soda throughout. The odor has returned! Even the ice has the problem. If you let the ice from the ice maker thaw out and drink it you can taste something. Hate to think we are going to have to buy a new fridge.
I have a Samsung model RF268ABBP manufactured Jan 2011, purchased in 2012 and it started to smell very bad. I haven't waste anything in it and I keep it clean. What I noticed is the holes for the dual cooling which appear to have a what looks like a Styrofoam backing has a yellow color to it. I pulled out the deli tray and the vent down there has the same color. So I guess its something with the air circulation system.
We have a Samsung purchased in 2011no problem until a month ago when the smell started and don't know what to do. Samsung customer service was no help as all they said was clean it again. Have a few Samsung appliances but this might be the last.
Because of the issue with this smell, I will never own another Samsung product again. TV, appliance, phone... NEVER! This issue REALLY ticked me off.

Fortunately, I believe I found the source of the smell in our refrigerator. As with other posts I've read, it's a putrid chemical smell. Like very rotten food but with a chemical kicker. After emptying the refrigerator my wife and I were scrubbing the inside and I began to sniff everything inside. I took the ice maker tray out and smelled the ice. It had that smell and it was strong. I knew it wasn't the water because the water in the filter didn't smell. I sniffed the ice chute in the door and it also had a strong odor. We cleaned it thoroughly, and at that time I removed the white rubber/plastic grommet that fits between the door and the ice maker. It smelled bad too. I washed the grommet with hot, soapy water and then dried it. I smelled it again and about puked. It smelled twice as bad after washing it as it did when I removed it. Without a doubt, that was the putrid chemical smell.

My theory is that it had some sort of coating, and after a couple of years of water and ice going over it, it starts to break down and emit whatever chemical it's made out of. It's not completely rubber or plastic, but appears to be very cheaply made. Our friends have the same refrigerator, same grommet, but have only had it for 6 months. Their grommet does NOT smell... yet.

Because the refrigerator circulates air inside, the chemical spread throughout all of the drawers and the foam "filter" at the back of the box. Any packaging made of cardboard or porous material absorbed the odor. Glass bottles even smelled but were easily washed off.

In order to get rid of the smell entirely, you have to remove the back panel inside of the refrigerator that houses the fan and filter. I wiped down everything and left the panel out for a few days, spraying it with Windex and dusting with baking soda.

After 4 weeks, there is no smell. I threw out the grommet and am currently not using the upper ice maker. I plan on turning the ice back on, but have chickened-out so far, worrying that the smell will come back! It probably won't smell, but as much as the ice maker leaked before, I'm not sure what type of mess it will create without the grommet. Hopefully this helps!
We suddenly started getting a strong chemical smell from our 11 year old Whirlpool upright. Just a regular unit, no water, icemaker, or other complications.

My appliance guy says it's the smell of the inner insulation breaking down because the refrigerator got frozen up and the motor was running all the time — door slightly ajar. Once things got frozen up, the cooling couldn't get to the fridge, and the thing just kept running and running, thus the overheating.

We've thawed out the fridge and it working fine again - back to correct temps and cycling on and off. Now to deal with the strong smell, the repair guy says the only thing that works is to stuff the whole thing with newspaper and swap that out every few days for a couple weeks. Another repairman said baking soda mixed with vanilla on a plate. One for the freezer, one for the middle shelf in the fridge. Swap that out for fresh when it starts to smell like the odor — like in 12 hours. I'm just starting the process, so I'll see if it works for the smell.
Same problem with the Samsung model RF4267HAWP/XAA manufactured in October of 2013. Purchased November 29 2013. I replaced a 18 year old whirlpool unit that is now in my garage keeping beer and soda cold. That unit is almost 22 years old and still working. This Samsung is not yet 4 years old and has the smell problem. I suppose it's a good thing I purchased a 4 years service warranty on it. However judging from the above comments Samsung will just lead me along for the remainder of my service contract. I have many Samsung items from phones to television sets (3) as well as Bluray players. They better treat me right or I'll be done with them.When the French doors are open a very strong chemical odor is present in the refrigerator.
My recommendation -- NEVER ever ever NEVER buy Samsung appliances. My expensive RF263TEAESG model refrigerator: poorly engineered regarding the ice dispenser spilling ice to the back of the bottom freezer drawer making freezer drawer appear to be closed but not quite--- frost builds up -- you have to pull hard to open the door wide enough to reach your hand behind the drawer and remove ice that fell behind it. But that is nothing compared to the ODOR. Terrible smell as everyone has reported here. I think the same engineers worked on their dishwasher as it also smells. And it cleans terribly and NEVER dries thoroughly. I was told to help it clean and dry better, I am to run my kitchen sink water until it runs hot, then turn on the dishwasher. So, this "water saving" dishwasher only saves water when you first waste the water in your sink? Samsung, go back to doing whatever you did before you got into appliances, or fire your engineers and start over -- after you have given all your customers a giant rebate.
Samsung India Customer Care's response, Jun 7, 2018
Verified Support
Dear Sir/Madam,
Greetings from Samsung.
With the reference of your feedback regarding Samsung product, we request you to kindly share the mobile number and email address along with the reference ID given by customer care.
Thanking and assuring you our best services always.
Thanks & Regards,
Best Regards
Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd
bhatia73's reply, Nov 5, 2018
You are absolutely correct. It is a cheat company and manufactures the worst products possible
Same issue here. Samsung Model RF263BEAEBC/AA french door purchased 2014. It was frozen at the back of the unit and had to be defrosted and drained. Water was pooling under the crisper drawers and it was slowly not cooling. Repair guy came. Said fan unit was dead and he had to order a new one and to unplug and let it defrost. Cleaned everything out, sanitized the entire fridge and freezer because it smelled like FISH>
The fan unit was installed yesterday and the tech guy said the smell should dissapate as the unit starts cooling and circulating again. 2 days later the smell is still there. The kids are like "MOM!!! WHY DOES THE FRIDGE STINK LIKE FISH? I even changed the filter yesterday. It's the strangest smell. It's gotta be some draining thing or water stuck somewhere. I have no idea where to look.
I have a Samsung RF18HFENBSP
Purchased 2015. Upper fridge froze up, defrosted for 3 days. Even while the fridge was off, it smelled like fish. I Literally took every plastic / glass piece out and washed 3 times. I checked the drip pan and drain tubes and nothing. Turned it back on and cooled to recommended temps and fish smell still there. I do notice, the smell is stronger when the fan is on. The smell permiates everything so what's to say it hasn't permiated the styrofoam insulation? Oh, purchased from Brandsmart with their extended warranty. Their warranty company is useless. Came to my home and were on the phone with their boss who told them step by step things to do. PUPPETS. Samsung...I know you read these reviews. Can you please help!!

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