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[Resolved]  Shree Om Sai Nath Car On Rent — Get your money through Affidavit of Support

Dear All,

The honorable judge has decided/guided/suggested the following:

1. Those persons who have given Affidavit of Support will get their routine returns/profit/compensation as per the contract/agreement for the balance period of 60 months.
2. Those who have made complaints will get their principal/invested amount as per the contract/agreement as specified for withdrawal of amount with the appropriate deduction.
3. Those who have not made any complaint or have not given Affidavit of Support a notice in leading newspaper all over India by the company/court will be placed for investors to decide to claim back their amount or carry on with the company and get their normal return/profit/compensation given pm for the balance period of 60 months.
4. The court is also going to give liberty to Mr. Roopesh Verma to run the company as per the earlier normal parameters of entertaining Investments & giving pm return/profit/compensation i.e. he can launch new schemes of investment & run the current scheme or both.
5. The court has also observed that their has been no evidence (still under scrutiny) as of now which state cheating, misappropriation of funds and intention/design to cheat though police/eow still on to it & the judge is still waiting for the same to be produced in the court.
6. As presented earlier by Mr. Dharmendar Arya who had submitted Balance Sheet, Profit & loss A/c (Audited as per Governments requirement) of last year & Advance payment of Tax 09-10 (September 09) to the court which has high net worth of 350 crores & surplus cash flow to take care needs of investors payment. Even they have pm turnover of 10-15 crores from resorts, car rentals & allied business the court is oblivious to it.
7. The court has also made it clear to the police/eow to present Mr. Verma in all conditions on 6th March 2010 so either the bail/release is granted if the police/eow does not substantiate the claims with evidence or otherwise. Also as it is a state v/s roopesh verma case the court will do all justice to the investors.
8. The complainant’s lawyers are trying to get verdict in their favour by putting unreasonable questions to Mr. Dharmender Arya and trying to sabotage his efforts to get Mr. Verma out & pay the money to investors as this will help them to get the maximum cut (10%) from their client but as very large no. of Affidavit of Support has reached & still reaching to Mr. Arya has helped the cause of Investors & the judge has supported the effort as it had given a clear picture of support to the company.

The above version only states that their has not been any concrete hard evidence submitted by police/eow to prove cheating, misappropriation of funds and intention/design to cheat by Mr. Roopesh and in contrast Mr. Rooprsh has already submitted their Net worth assets status proving his capability to pay as well as his intention to pay in writing to the court to all investors their dues to both category those who want to stay with them & those who want the refund as per the contract/agreement.

The Affidavit of Support has helped Mr. Arya to prove the point of investors support in favour of company and judge seems to be of the opinion that Mr. Verma is innocent and the company can run very well & pay dues to every investor.

As the court wants a list of the Investors the AOS has fulfilled that requirement and will play the first hand information for starting the returns/profit/compensation given per month to the supporter first; so I request every one to send Affidavit of support at the earliest to be the first among the rest to get the dues per month.

Even if we can represent ourselves as a team through the Investor Forum we can get the decision in our favour & can help restart of the company and get our per month returns.

Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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thx for update news where we summit the Affidavit and when?... i am always support to mr. verma... jai sai ram... kamal gupta... ([protected])
Pl.let us know that 1 affidavit is required for 3 cases in my name or 3 seperately. Also you may give ph.nos. of few key members. Thanks, DR.R.K.SHARMA [protected]
Dear Sir,

My name is Abhay Mishra from Mumbai and I have received your Affidavit format through mail that is to be filled and sent to Mr. Dharmender Arya – Advocate, 239, Lawyers Chamber, Patiala House, New Delhi – 110001.

I have been receiving the car investment and recently just before the incident my entire family and myself invested for the Resort. Unfortunately the initial payment is also not received. In this case can you please send me the Affidavit format so that I can send at the earliest. Pls tell me that 1 affidavit is required for all the family or different. Also tell me that as I hv investment in both schemes do I have to made different affidavit.

Moreover I am from Mumbai and holidays are going on for festivals, in this case the Affidavit will not reach before 4th march 2010 through post or courier, kindly tell me what’s to be done. Only concern is to make affidavit, once its made I will also scan and send at [protected]

Please do keep guiding me and mail me at the earliest. [protected]
Please guide me what to do as I was hold up with some medical emergencies for last 15 days.

Please help me

Let pray to GOD that everything comes to good end

if faith me... if any invester shree om sai nath co. want to summit affidavit sopport to mr. rupesh verma... (dharmender arya)... before 6 march 2010:: please sent me your's full name and plan address from my email in ([protected] and some of rupees (rs. 500/-) in my a/c no. [protected] hdfc bank delhi... sorry for demand money if one and two person i can pay my self... kamal gupta ([protected])... jai sai ram... om sai ram...
Dear Investor Friend,

We are in the process of making database of investors in each sosn centre cities the data will contain

1. Name
2. City of Residence/Investment,
3. Email ID
4. Telephone No.(If one does not want to give telephone no. their is no compulsion).

This details will be circulated among other investors all across India for a free & fair interaction by emails or by telephone, if no. is given to share the information o[censored]se & then if investors decide they can move forward to make a forum for further action & decision at their end.

We would only be able to act as a mentor as of now but very soon we will take the appropriate action in the favour of the investors cause.

If you would like to be apart of the forum in your city, do send the above details for further planning & action.


LALIT D. SHARMA, NAGPUR, PH. [protected]

Dear Investor Friends, As the information is available on Internet that the next date is 3-8-10 for Mr. Amit Verma & 6-8-10 is for Mr. Rupesh Verma and Final date is 10-8-10 and still if no decission is to be taken than in my view we should collectively file a case at Delhi Court for which I visited personally at Delhi and appointed an Advocate to look and watch regarding the case. We will not let the Verma Brothers to escape. As stated by Mr. Amit Verma the Chairman of the sosn that he has resigned form the co. in Sept.2009, so what ? First of all we should get back our invested money till than the Hon'ble Court.should continue to seize his bank accounts and property as its belongs to investors. and under his supervision the rest invested balance money is to be released to investors. The complete Data must be available in the company's mother computer.Its my request to all of you that please get prepared a detailed statement of investments and returns so that the actual feagure of rest invested {Balance} money could be placed before the Hon'ble judge. We are united and defenetely will win the race by the Kind Grace of Shri Sai Nath Baba.Vaibhav Srivastava {Lucknow} my mobile no. is [protected]..
Dear Organisor of Investor Forum, I personally & on behalf of the investors of Lucknow are very-very thankful to your noble work & services which you render for the welfare of Investors.In your E.Mail through which you mentioned that in future you wo'nt be able to give us your valuable information regarding the court case procrrdings .WE THE INVESTORS OF LUCKNOW" are ready to extend our hands in your support FINANCIALLY and MORALY every time anywhere. So its my humble request to you that please keep on doing your noble work. Because the services for the betterment of Human Beings never goes in vain. And its my faith that people may or may not recognize but still there are some poeople who understands and so we are fully in your support and eagrly waithing to give our support in each and every manner. With Regards R.K.Nigam {Lucknow} My E.Mail I.D " [protected]" my (m) [protected].
can any one up date latest news about om sai car on rent

dear all,

can any one up date what is going on, any latest news, is there any hope to get our money, Om sai car on rent, they will return our money or not.
no one is responding any thing, that clearly reflect sos forum settled this case under the table. but i will fight this case, i am based at Delhi, if any one want to fight pl. reply on same. i will file new case to rupesh verma at Delhi.

pl. revert on same.

Dear All,

can any one revert, sos forum what are you doing, r u settle this matter under table
pl. revert my mil id

Dear All,

till time there is no response from any one, either they get amount or they forget invested amount, i request to sos forum member what happened you all respond very well till 2010 but now a days no one is responding on mail,

pl. let us know what is happening in case.

pl. advice.


Anand Bhardwaj
Dear all,

any update, pl. revert any one of you all gentleman


what is the latest on return of investment?

Latest update pl...
Sir, I am from Luck now I invested in 3 car rental scheme and 1 resorts scheme I was getting monthly installment but suddenly one day it was told that some one of axis bank has made duplicate cheque and company requested to submit document to get fresh chequeI was one of them as the process was continued suddenly I came to through news paper that office has closed can any one can guide how I can get my money.Abhijit acharyya . [protected]
Dear Sir,

we are invested in omsainath car on rent 12 lacks still now no updates from court case,

it is possible get our payment or not what we have to take next step

please give me update us


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