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SJR Group is the #1 fraudulent builder / developer in Bangalore. They lure customers with the promise of below market rates. All of their current projects are delayed by at least a year. They have refused to pay delay charges. Some of their projects are yet to START even after 1.5 years of launch, and taking customer's money.
Flats / Apartments by SJR have only 50% carpet area, i.e. a 2000 sqft 3BHK flat / apartment (SBUA) will have only 1000 sqft of carpet area.
They are known to go to the customer just before the project competion and claim that the area of the flat / apartment has increased, and demand payment for the same.
Since most projects are delayed by 1-2 years, customers pay up fearing even more delay if they go to court.
They promise a lot of amenities, but fail to deliver on most of their promises. The specification of the flat / apartment shown at the time of purchase varies wildly from the actual result. (Smaller area, less amenities, low quality work)
Stay away from these builders - they are out to fleece the unsuspecting public. Some of their current projects - SJR Equinox, SJR Fortius, SJR Verity, SJR Brooklyn, SJR Park Vista, SJR Spencer, SJR Redwoods, SJR Eastwood, SJR Eternity
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I was planning to buy a flat in SJR Luxuria, until I read these comments. Can someone who has already booked there share their experience?
I am new hunter for a flat in Bangalore. As my plan, first, I have started searching for negative things which could happen in my expedition and then searching for an ideal flat in next step. I could see a lot of complains against a lot of reknown builders/companies at many forums. Thanks everybody for posting and sharing thier experiences. It would really help others in making decision...
Another scam
Another ripoff by SJR GROUP.
completely agree, SJR is complete Fraud and cheat Builder
i agree with this. They have cheated me & took away my intial payment made to SJR. they even took money from other customer selling my flat without my knowledge. I am planning to file a police complaint against them. The new customer whoever may be is requested not to pay the balance amount as i still hold the flat. All the marketing executives are fake & irresponsible they are the big frauders in bangalore after Godrej Properties
This complaint is posted in a way as if SJR is the only builder at fault. Complaints about delay, non-transparency, poor quality of construction, deviation is rampant amongst all reputed Bangalore builders. Everybody knows that if you have to invest there is no 100% guarantee that all things will happen as per the paper. You should be happy if you are getting 90%. I think SJR gives at least that 90%.
SJR has not done not even 20% of what they told they do for SJR eternity. They given khathas, which are fraud. Now there is a civil suite filled on the eternity site titles. I feel better to stay away from them.

I am happy to report some positive feedback on my personal interaction with SJR. My case in consumer court was settled out of court by the grace of the good offices of Mr. Bhoopesh Reddy. All interactions were very professional, and all remaining works in my apartment were completed to my satisfaction. A couple of finishing issues which i had forgotten to point out were also completed. Very professional and custimer friendly behaviour was demonstrated by all SJR personnel, with a special mention of Ms Sukhi who came personally to my home to deliver the keys.

Eveything that I had agreed uopn with SJR was meticulously followed, and SJR gratiously agreed to most of my requests around finishing works pending in my flat, assiatance for registration etc. The whole process was very smooth, and everyone i interacted with was courteuous.

Albeit a bit delayed, my issues with SJR and my case in consumer court stands resolved. Every assistance was given to me in the completion and registration of my apartment, and i have come out plesantly surprised, and very satisfied.
presently i am facing lots of issue with SJR, and 100% satisfied with all complaint, SJR commitment towrds flat delivery is very disappointing and frustrated
carpet area
maintenance charges
quality of construction
cracks in wall (new apartment)
service charge %
club house charges and lot more.
anybody purchased flat in sjr luxuria can share their experience with me
I am very happy to see consumers getting their dues from these Real Estate developers
I am planning to buy an apartment in SJR Primecorp Pavillion.
But looking at such overwhelming negative feedback on the internet regarding SJR group.
Looks like I have to defer my decision.

What has SJR Group done to resolve these issues ?
yes this builders are fruad builders

they have cheated lot of people

is there to any body help me
I filed a case in Consumer Forum and was able to get some justice. Link to copy of order is at
SJR is a very cheap minded builder, He doesn't even fulfill the promises made by him in the begning of the project. Quality of the flats will be worst. We bought flat in SJR Equinox, Electronic city. He has built up a commercial building next to it and leased it to HCL. They(SJR) have put up 50 AC compressors for the server rooms. These compressors are crreating the noise and we are not able to sleep in the night. The concerned people of SJR are not ready to take any action due to financial expenses. We are in a big mess. The tenants are vacating the flats. Its a dead investment for us. I never recommend SJR for any one. THey lure customers with low prices, however, they know how to save money with poor quality and with false promises.
Dear All,

I suggest you to file complaint against SJR builder with respective to the issue. By doing so you be helping other people like you who are getting targeted by such fraud builders.


SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( is the worst real estate company in bangalore due to the following main reasons, we have faced:-
1. Their sales executive "Meenakshi Patro" wrongly sold one flat in Fiesta Homes in Electronics City, Phase-2, Bangalore - 100 by claiming that there will be No EMI Till Possession (NMI) which they also advertised over internet, in their site office. But once the booking was done, she and her manager "Manisha Dey" told that No EMI will only be till Dec 2014 and if there is any delay, I need to pay for rest of the period. So, when originally it is that only after possession, EMI needs to be paid, it got changed suddenly to if there is a delay of one-two-three years, I need to pay EMI for all the time as they will collect 90% payment in the start itself from the bank.

2. SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( Sales executive used to suggest that she can come to my house too for collecting the checks and signing the booking agreement but once the booking was over, she does not even picks the phone, nor replies mails or smses. So, NO RESPONSE UNLESS ANY SALES IS THERE. FOR ANY SUPPORT, YOU CAN FORGET HER. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR.

3. My nightmare with SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( continued when before booking, they sent a bank person to my home who saw ALL documents and told everything is fine and NOTHING else is needed. While, after paying the booking amount, this bank person (who was NOT having either the bank card or employee id or employee no., even after asking multiple times..) started asking for this and that documents. That too for many days he never used to pick the phone and whenever by any other phone, I was able to reach him, he simply asked for another document. I kept providing all he asked for but still it went nowhere in almost a month. Only help SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( EXECUTIVES provided was keep calling for second installment of payments from my end EVEN when the bank loans where still pending. At last he asked for my other property (along with the current flat) as MORTGAGE against loan WHEN I WAS TAKING A HOME LOAN FOR GOD SAKE. I flatly refused that then canceled my booking with SJR Primecorp Bangalore (

4. My main trouble started after that. SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( manager "Manisha Dey" started telling me to take the flat without loan or this or that way which I politely refused as I was not ready to deal with such UNPROFESSIONAL PEOPLE and just want to be out of this whole group in a good way.

5. While booking flat, SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( executive Meenakshi Patro first told me that "Sir, aapko 4-5 baar office aa kar follow up karna padega magar 45 days mein pura refund meel jayega". But After cancelling the booking after following up for more than 2 weeks, she and her manager told it will take 60 days for refund (Company Policy, which they were not able to provide any supporting documents). AFTER THAT MEENAKSHI PATRO stopped picking up my calls, smses, emails completely. Once by mistake she picked and told she is busy with launch of another project. I asked what about the existing client who got lured by all the good talks and sales pitch. You should help them too.

6. Even after sixty days, their account person meenakshi govindraju, simply kept delaying by saying, director is not in town, director is in meeting, manager is not there etc. THEY WERE NOT GETTING TWO MINUTES OF TIME, JUST TO SIGN A CHECK FOR REFUND.

7. At last when in evening SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( account executive, meenakshi govindraju, smsed me that it will take one more week, I losed my patience as I had my own pressing needs and was completely pissed of by requesting and saying "pls" to these people. I visited their office and asked them for my refund. That time their manager and account executive and sales person all told that it will surely get done tomorrow. I requested them that I am facing lots of problems and thus it will be great if you can refund my own money on an urgent basis which is already delayed.

4. Next day I received a call from her manager Maneesha Dey, saying that "I have created a nuisance near another client (they were more concerned on new clients than helping a old client) and I came to office after office hours (which was solely because I received the sms from there account officer only after the office hours say it will be again delayed). So, THEY WILL NOT REFUND ME MY MONEY". I have never listened such arrogant and illegal line in my whole life. I requested her so many times over phone that I just want my refund and go out of all this but she started saying so many different things and refusing to return my own money as refund. For collecting payments, in case of a single day delay they charge huge interest amounts but for refunding, only thing we get is No Call Picking, arrogant behavior, excuses as to how they can delay the refund and at last BLATANTLY REFUSING TO REFUND AT ALL.

I am quite embarrassed to get associated with such an unprofessional company and I need help to get my own payment refunded back in a good man's way. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE WANTING TO BUY A HOME FROM GOOD PEOPLE WITH GOOD FEELINGS.
Bren Palms - This is our experience with Bren Palms, the new project in pre-launch phase near Kudlu gate.

We were initially very interested in the project as the location was good and the builder is reputed one. We contacted the sales representative and got the cost sheet from him. The plan, amenities all seemed good but when we checked the cost sheet and split up, we found the VAT and service tax charges to be exorbitant. Then we did an internet search for current VAT and service tax rates and found them to be far less than what was in the cost sheet. We then went to Karnataka government commercial tax website and confirmed the VAT rates mentioned in the forums. Here is the link to the same

Max VAT is supposed to be 5.5% and service tax 3.09% of base cost (square foot rate and amenities excluding car parking).

We then met the sales representative and provided all these numbers asking to explain why their rates were high and how they arrived at the figure. He initially said VAT is 14.5% and car parking charges will be included in service tax calculation. We asked him to provide the proof for the same. But we didn't get any. Later he called us and connected us to another sales person. This sales person agreed that car parking charges are excluded from service tax and VAT was 5.5% last year but has been doubled in budget 2013. We later found that what he said is also false after checking this news article

We forwarded this link to him and we got no response on this. We didn't want to proceed any further in buying this apartment as we didn't want to be fooled knowingly by someone and lose our hard earned money towards an unjustified and unfair pricing.

Hope they will correct this in future. If they don't, it is up to us to be aware of the facts and be cautious.
You are right...even I went to sir site. I was feeling that their carpet area is 50% only.. If they say its 1490 I wont feel they give 75% of they say...very small flat...if you search properly and look all property you will make out flats are very small.

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