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[Resolved]  Talwalkars Fitness Centre — Talwalkar's Gym cancelling membership

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Sriram enrolled with Talwalkar's Gym Jayanagar branch in Bangalore, discount coupon which says Rs.8500/- for annual membership and valid upto 30th June 09, with tax he paid Rs.9376/- on 28th June 09 and also got a receipt for the same for one year membership with them. However now Talwalkars, are telling me that the offer got over on 26th June though discount coupon says valid upto June 30th, now they are demanding an extra amount of Rs.11029/- to retain the membership otherwise the membership will be canceled. I got this discount coupon as I had registered himself on the website :, as I am an existing member of ICICI Prudential. This offer is given to the members of health active website. After receiving the coupon and my amount of rs.9376/- and also have issued a receipt for 1 year membership. Please give me a solution for this as soon as possible.

Thanking you,
Sriram Sankar.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I had taken a Talwalkar Sparsh membership at their Brookefield branch (Cosmos Mall) for Udwarthanam. From the day we began we were being given complimentary service due to mistakes from Talwalkars. We then reserved a future date 3 weeks away for our next set of 5 UVs. A couple of days before we were contacted and requested to change our dates. This obviously infuriated us and we decided to discontinue the program. Now, we're being told a refund is not possible. Is there someway we can get this back?

Membership noRG 1203/09
Talwalkars fit & active
Old madras road, big bazaar Bangalore
The manager
Talwalkars head office

Respected manager
Recently am used to getting a lot of harassment from talwalkars premises because your employees robbed something from bigbazr so security persons checking our (clients) bags, from basement (-1) or 6th floor you can lock our bags and avoid this activity. As far as am concern duties and responsibilities of a front desk are 1, to welcome the arriving clients, providing information service, receiving and processing spa reservations, dealing with complaint and handling them, communication and coordination with other departments instead of these qualities your front office girl (fahima) greets the client by name, I haven’t spoken her any words so far to her, she hasn’t introduced her who is she ?without eye contact she used our name it ultimate tolerable, we are educated clients we are not allowed this kinds vegetable market style harassment from your staffs,

The ability to communicate with a client is absolutely the most important trait of any trainers, and training is all about building successful relationships, it is impossible to build a successful and productive relationship if you are poor communicating with your clients, instead of it some new female trainers walking like police men and speaking like uneducated, so please provide (rds) registered dieticians, we request to provide registered (rds ) registered trainers and educated staffs, since trainers are not (rds )registered dieticians they are not allowed to prescribe specific menus for their clients, a trainer should address nutrition with tips and advice rather than a specific prescription unless certified to do so .

Since one more year I have been coming talwalkars, in this span of time I have seen number of good managers but now days you appointed new manager because of her lack of ignorance quality in the field, employees are stealing and we tolerated because your employees stealing activity
Finally it all problem because of your manager, we are working in software engineering department so as far as my view an office manager is an individual who oversees the running of a business, this individual will plan coordinate, and also oversee various business functions, which are performed by the other employees of the company or corporation, the office manager not only will supervise the work of other employees but they will perform a wide range of tasks themselves in their role as office manager, if you are going to carryings or this tolerance is part of your business, kindly refund the our money or provide peace full atmosphere, otherwise we all go through court, and I request your communication only through my mail id, thank you for spending and seeing your valuable time with us

Yours faithfully
I m one of d part of Talwalkar gym of Virar branch. I have one question dat is ur fitness trainer only for d personal training? I joined d gym before 2yrs n I found dat ur trainers are not attend to everyone. Even for mesurement also. Its such a drastic changes I ve seen from last 2yrs. I request u please insist ur gym trainer to concentrate on everyone. Its happen specially in evening batches. Please take care of it.

Please do the needful.

Thanks & Regards,
I became a member of talwarkar here in ahmedabad, in paldi branch back in january. I used the services for two days and paid 13000 for year. My job transferred to the place where i dont have talwarkar branch. I tried to resolve dispute of said fees and was asked to find somebody to use my membership. I have nobody who could use the services. I contacted them after six monthhs explainig the concern and ask for refund. These people do not respect customer and their money neither the limitation. This is a good way of making customer loose loyalty if there is any. They have still not resolved my issue and haven refund me a single penny. 13000 is not a small amount and all of you would agree to that. What would you do in such situation? Aren't they suppose to refund the money? Give your take on this...i find it noting but ridiculous.Just be careful when you negotiate with them.

I have sent them 10 emails including their corporate office and have visited the branch office a few times whenever i have got chance and in town
I am writing to complain about Talwalkars fitness centre located at Ulhasnagar I joined the club because of its brand name, credibility, saying it was the largest fitness centre in Ulhasnagar with first-class facilities, however, I was extremely disappointed to find that it did not live up to its promises...
Dear sir,
I am a member of the talwalkars gym ulsoor, bangalore since 2010.My mother in law is a founder member of the gym and that motivated me to join this gym. I have had a good experience in the gym until august 2012.I took up personal training at the end of august FOR TWO MONTHS.After three sessions my trainer hasina has not been coming to the gym ever since.I waited till the end of september and later the gym manager Tanzia replied to me saying that she is not able to track my trainer.She offered me another trainer called shilpa with who i was not convinced even after a demo session.I had taken up the personal training because i wanted to get in shape as my brother i getting married in november first week.But now since i am left with no trainer of my choice and no time, I request you to process my refund.My relationship with talwalkars has been good so far and I hope it remains the same in future.I hope talwalkars does justice to me.Looking forward to your speedy reply.


Sheetal Bafna
Talwalkars in Viman Nagar Branch, In Pune, Is looting people in the name of facililities as there AC is hardly ON and their sweepers are every time in the gym premises and are also a big problem when one is working out. They are cleaning and dusting and sweeping the floor in between and even after complaining them they dont listen and their Instructors are rude and moreover they dont even ahave a good body so howcome they are allowed to train other people. It is the most disgusting gym I have ever seen in my ten years of Body Building. I hope somebody takes action against them soon.
talwalkars branch Andrei east mumbai is the worst gym i have ever gone to, it is even worse than

300 per month gym anywhere, they have kept special timing for ladies from 11 to 3pm when rarely

only one female trainer is there for 15 to 20 ladies[other times she is having food, or chatting with

other trainers]other two to three trainers are giving personal training, lot of politics goes on, if

someone butters the only general trainer then only she will tell you something that too after

repeatedly calling her, if gets annoyed with you for some reason she wont even look at you

no matter you are doing any exercise in completely wrong way in which you can injure yourself

no onne will come to correct u even if they are looking at you.they pressurize you for personal

training, i dont even feel like giving a single star to this gym
i want complaint again bandra w talwalkar gym, tainer is giving bad words to me, i want to leave the gym, give money back . its worst gym never seen it
I took Talwalkar gym membership in March 2012 under 20000 Rs. refundable Deposit skim. and agreement was completed in March 2013. I notified them in writing in may 2013 that i don't want to continue membership please refund my deposit. now almost a year and i didn't got my money back. whenever i try to reach out to them either their phone is not reachable or they will not pick up. and if i go to their office they say its under process and we will call you back in a week. I am following up since last May no proper response. their are many members who are waiting for these checks. I want to file a complaint against Talwalkars for all these inconvenience and false skim.
i am a member of talwalkars gym banipark, jaipur

I am writing this with extreme dissatisfaction and heavy heart, I have been a member of Talwalkars
from the very beginning of this gym in jaipur, banipark..Earlier than that i was a member at c-scheme branch
and also for 2 yrs in pune talwalkars, but i never came across such staff member in Talwalkars so far.

I have made over 25 of my friends & relatives join this gym and keeps on recommending, whenever i get a call
from talwalkars asking me to recommend other people everytime they get 2-3 assured memberships just because
i have been a member since so many years.
Atleast being a loyal customer i can expect some politeness & courtesy from the staff but
the limits were crossed, today Mr. Shakti Singh Shekhawat talked in such a rude manner to us,
I decided to re-join this gym and worked out yesterday, today when i came he straight away said that
''Kal agar 12000 rupee nai laaye toh gym mat aana'' (if you don't bring 12000 tomorrow don't come to the gym)
Is this the way to talk with a client ??
A person managing Talwalkars, banipark branch is he even educated ???
How can Talwalkars being such a reputed brand appoint such people who don't even know how to talk.

I have been facing so many issues since last one year after conveying them to manager also i didnt see any
improvements moreover Today Mr. Shakti gave such a cheap reply

when i told him that there is no one in the female changing room to turn on the steam, he started laughing and
said ''madame aap mujhe bula lena, main ON kardunga''
Seriously how can you appoint such cheap people who don't even know how to talk with a women, who can't
talk respectfully with a women.
Will i call Mr. Shakti in the female changing room ??? how disgusting is that

I tried to explain him that you could have said this politely and there is a way o talk with clients, instead of accepting his
mistakes he told me that ''i don't have trust in you people, you guys may run after using my gym for 2 days''
seriously, do we belong to a slum that we wanted to see ''WHAT IN LIFE A GYM IS'' ??
we have been using Talwalkars brand from last 5 years and we will run in 2 days ??

I mentioned that there is no maid in the female changing room since 7 months now, he replied to me i can't find a maid
if you can search then please do. Is this my task to search a maid for Talwalkars ?

As i keep on recommending people to join this gym, 3-4 friends of mine didnt join just because of the rude attitude of
Mr.Shakti, they just didnt join because when they came to ask about charges etc Mr. Shakti talked like as if some
beggar has come to their gym.

On Saturday i went to the gym at 5:10 pm and my brother at around 4 pm, from that time till 7 pm there was not even a
single trainer at the gym to guide, when i asked at reception there was a housekeeping guy who said meeting is
going on, even if meeting is going on atleast there should be one trainer to guide, Trainers are least interested in guiding
they just keep on chatting and guiding clients to convince them to take personal training or buy some product.

Two months ago my female friend took a massage appointment at the gym and she gave money, Mr. Shakti didnt cut
any receipt of it or gave any receipt to her and kept money in his pocket, Now i don't know what he did ot not but this
is what i saw.

All other managers are so polite and understanding but Mr. Shakti is truly uneducated and cheap, Mr. Trilok, Mr.Anant and
Mr. Manohar has been very helping and understading always but this single person just spoiled all the faith and respect
i had for this brand, this year i will leave my membership forever and i can assure you atleast 20 people with leave with me.

It will be no pain for me to bring a bad name to this brand atleast in my area as today whatever he said had a very harsh impact on our mental status and it ruined our self respect to the core because of which we are deeply hurt.

Now it is my Humble request to you, to appoint some better manager who in true terms know
how to maintain customer relationships and knows how to talk and most importantly knows
how to manage a gym rather than talking cheaply with clients.

Whatever fees the gym charges today becomes unjustified and extorting by the attitude of such
uneducated staff member like Mr. Shakti.

I already suffered a reputation loss beacuse of the way of talking of Mr. Shakti
which is irrecoverable.

Just because i feel that Talwalkars is a reputed brand and it will take care of its loyal customers,
I hope you will look into the matter at the earliest with a serious concern and appoint someone
truly educated.
Talwalkars - Navrangpura Branch Ahmedabad worst gym and worst staff. In fact the Branch Manager - Renu Singh also don't have any manners to talk to their clients. I will recommend this gym to anyone.
Talwalkars - Navrangpura Branch Ahmedabad worst gym and worst staff. In fact the Branch Manager - Renu Singh also don't have any manners to talk to their clients. I will never recommend this gym to anyone.
Dear sir,
i didnt get any change in my body after prsnl training of 4 months
I took Talwalkar gym membership in March 2012 under 0000 Rs. refundable Deposit skim. and agreement was completed I took Talwalkar gym membership in March 2012 under 20000 Rs. refundable Deposit skim. and agreement was completed in March 2013. I notified them in writing in may 2013 that i don't want to continue membership please refund my deposit. now almost a year and i didn't got my money back. whenever i try to reach out to them either their phone is not reachable or they will not pick up. and if i go to their office they say its under process and we will call you back in a week. I am following up since last May no proper response. their are many members who are waiting for these checks. I want to file a complaint against Talwalkars for all these inconvenience and false skim.

I, Sumit Arora (with id: 4091179) is a regular member of talwalkar gym Ambala city branch and I have a yearly membership of nutrition plan.According to your terms I will get atleast 2 sittings a month but it's been more than 6 months and they gave me only 2 sittings.neither they have a dedicated dietician who can guide me all the way.
I am completely not satisfied with the service you branch is providing.Neither the staff sitting at your front desk is listening to my regular complaints.
The way they talk to me and to other members is just hopeless, their behaviour is ridiculous, this way your team will not get new members for you.
On my regular verbal complaints they have not taken any action, so I am writing a written complaint here.please take a strict action as early as possible.
I am waiting for your reply on that otherwise I am bound to take some action against the gym.

Sumit Arora

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