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[Resolved]  Tommy Hilfiger — Tommy Hilfiger Showroom Refuses to Refund the Money for a Recentely bought Watch Which does not work

I bought a Tommy Hilfiger watch from Tommy Hilfiger Showroom in Metropolitian Mall (MGF), Gurgaon. I bought the watch for Rs 6749 (At 25% off, Actual MRP is Rs 8995) on 28-July-2008.

My Model No is TH 1790612IDAfter using it for just about 4 months, the watch suddenly stopped working. Since this is a new model which works with your hand movement & pulse & does not require cells, I took it back to the same tommy showroon only to find out that they will send it for repair & i will either get a new watch or the same watch after repair after 15 days.

To my utmost shock, i got a call from tommy showroom asking me to collect the watch since it cannot be repaired. In fact that girl told me that tommy is having problems with all models which works without cell.

When i asked for the refund, I was simply told that i have to buy something else from them only & money will not be refunded.

I bought the watch because that was the only watch i liked from tommy & there is no way that i compromise just because they will not give my money back. This is so god dam absurd. They should not sell such watches if this is the case. I have seen other showrooms as well who are happily selling the same watch.

When i tried to explain the concerned person at tommy showroom that i dont like any other watch & want my money back, She became extremely rude as if i am asking for her money. Its my hard earned money & how can i let it go just like that.

I never expected such 'CHEAP' watch material & disgusting staff from a brand like Tommy Hilfiger, that too when i am paying a hefty amount of Rs 6800 for a watch.

My watch has been handed over back to me by simply saying that either buy something else or buzz off.

I have wasted my hard earned money & loads of time, but of no use. I have now decided to simply file a suit against them, Not only to get my money back but also, to get compensation for wasting my time, my money & above all for all the harrasment by the tommy hilfiger's unprofessional staff.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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I completely agree with the comment on the watches, and you know why? Because I actually worked at a Tommy Hilfiger store and witnessed the people come in a mont after their purchase, because their watches didn't work properly. I don't work their anymore, because apparently not lieing to customers about the dependability of the product make you a bad employee. Well then I'm guilty, of being honest and not making people spend money for nothing. You know I got fired for that. Yup, and the worst part is, that of all the things that I did wrong which could have been used against me, my boss lied about it. She invented new things, so now, in their 'dossier' about me, the Tommy Hilfiger company has a bunch of lies. I oculd vent all day about how borderline this company is with their employees sometimes, but it would be useless, because I'm just one person, a number to them in fact, and I'm worthless. Well isn't that fun. Just to tell you although it was with my 60% employee rebate, I bought a pair of 80$ slacks, that after a few weeks, got undone at the seam, the hook fell off and never wanted to stay back on, and that really did shrink when I washed them. Men's polo shirts shrink too, I know, my boyfriend has a few that are now too small. The only good things to buy in that store are the hoodies. yup Tommy hilfiger is the biggest rip off since fancy labels came to be.

Tommy Hilfiger — colour fading

i bought one shirt and one tshirt from toomy hilfiger, kolkata- india
in one two washes the colour faded.
i have given the shirts back to the store. they told me that they will get back to me within a wee but its b almost been a month now. and i have received no feed back yet from the tommy hilfiger store. this is the way to treat customers. its highly unprofessional from their end.

Tommy Hilfiger — Watch Showing Incorrect Time


I bought a Tommy watch on 19th July and a week later it started showing incorrect time. That problem continued and I have given the watch for servicing and I am still waiting for the watch.. It is terrible disppointing. I need some help i paid INR 7600 for the wtach.

Sachin Krishna
even i am currently facing the same problem, they want me to buy any watch from world of titan but i seriously like any of em compared to my watch
i want to know what you did.?
reply me on [protected]
Even i got same problem with my tommy watch that i am not getting acessiories like BELT of my tommy watch my watch worth 8999/- is now waste...
Then i bought tommy shoes worth 7999/- with in 24hr they were scrued up ok.. then i bought one tommy denim worth 3999/- the most uncomfortable denim i wearied in my life.
So if any one who read this complain please reply me as soon as possible. tommy hilfiger please don't spoil your goodwill in india ok give good quality goods in india ...

ph no. [protected]
i have similar situation, not only they didn't honer the warranty, they are going to charge me for shipping and handling for returning my broken watch, any body know number for Tommy Hilfiger corporate number, they don't even take any calls on the number they posted on their website
FEB 7, 2012
I can completely relate to the story, a similar instance happened with me. i had bought a pair of glasses from Tommy Hilfigure in Saket, for my husband as our first aniversary gift, and asurprise gift, while buying that and selecting the glasses i asked that if it can changed since my husband may or may not like them. I was told infact assured that they will change it. I went home happily after spending 6900 for the glasses.
As per my husband didnt like them much. Since it was december we went for our long vacation and new year and family reunion commitments. We thought that we should visit the store once and see if they have any better style in glasses.

When we entered the showroom, my husband liked one watch pricing around 8125, and they said they cannot change becoz they have no exxchange policy on accessories. I was shocked and surprised that why was i not informed about the same when i was purchasing and moreover i was ready to pay the difference. I had the bill the tag on the glasses, but the salesmen were just trying to pass the buck and refused that they will be thrown of their job, the cant change the invoice. I told him look internationally this never happens, with the customers. When u buy something ofcourse u never buy with a thought of buying and getting it exchanged, we dont have time to waste. After all this he gave me the owner of the franchise store. I spoke to the onwer he said he will try he sounded quite positive but somewhere i knew that he will not do it becoz these franchise store make there own policies and thats why the brand TOMMY HILFIGURE is suffering. He said he will let me know tomorrow evening and then when i called him the nest day he said he said he is positive but will call me in the morning, i kept on waiting, then again i called him he didnt answer my call today and just an hour back i recieved an sms that he cant exchange it, because of their company policy.

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